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The ghost ray[1] is the power to attack from a range by releasing ecto-energy. It is the first energy-based attack shown in the series, and is Danny and Vlad's signature power and primary offensive attack. This ability seems to be common for most ghost.

Sub-power(s): Energy Strike, Energy Absorption, Ecto-Energy Constructions, Exorcism, Thermokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Electrokinesis, Photokinesis, Ghostly Wail


The user releases a blast of ecto-energy from his or her hands, eyes, and/or other body parts. These rays can range in power from simply knocking back a person to severely injuring or destroying an enemy. Ghost Rays are capable of reflecting off surfaces and refracting through a magnifying glass. Ghost rays are also shown as having melting abilities and force ghosts out of people they are overshadowing. This power is able to destroy most human-world objects and can be manifest in several other forms that are common as Thermokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Photokinesis, or a uncommon form as Cryokinesis.

Some humans' weapons that use ecto-energy mimic this power in appearance.


The coloration of a user's ghost rays varies from user to user, and some users can shoot multiple colors. It is possible (but unconfirmed) that there is a relationship between the color of a ghost ray and the user's power level. Green seems to be the most basic and rudimentary version and Red is the most concentrated and powerful version. Colors seen (from apparent but unconfirmed weakest to strongest) include:


  • Beam: User releases a continuous stream of energy.
  • Blast: User releases a burst of energy over a target area.
  • Wave: User releases a stream of energy that travels in waves along a surface.
  • Constructs: Users can shape their energy into various constructs such as weapons and tools out of solid ecto-energy. They use it for Containment to trap opponents in construction, Protection by creating a protective barrier (commonly known as a Ghost Shield), and Weaponry if one is not present or within reach.
    • Projectile: User releases energy as a thrown or launched energy projectiles such as an energy box, sphere, disk, ring, or a crystal meteor.
  • Energy Strike: User generates an aura around his or her hands, feet, or other body parts to enhance his or her physical strength.
  • Repulsion Field: User sends out a pulse of energy in all directions to repel large groups of attackers.
  • Ghost Tornado/Ecto-Twister: User can combine their supernatural speed and ghost rays to spin at high speeds, creating a ecto-tornado. Similar to a real one it can deflect any incoming ectoplasmic energy attacks and causing huge wind gusts that can suck their enemies in and throw them to other places.
  • Charged Attacks: User can build up power in order to make their standard and special attacks stronger and deal more damage. They can also charge any powers they may have and use it to disintegrate other ghosts molecule by molecule.
  • Ecto-Cutting Energy : Users can use ecto-energy to cut objects that are as hard as steel by concentrate his natural ecto-energy into their hands.
  • Blinding Light/Flashing Energy Ball: User can combine their Photokinesis with Ghost Rays, to create a ball of energy that turns into a powerful blinding light, useful for distracting enemies.

Known Users


  1. Danny Phantom named this power.

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