Ghost Sense is the ability to detect nearby ghosts. It is a sub-power of Cryokinesis.


The user can sense nearby ghosts. When the ghost is near the user breathes out a cold blue mist, and inexperienced users sometimes shiver as well. The only ghost known to have a different color (red) as their ghost sense is Dark Danny, though the reason for this is unknown. The ability only works on the human plane, and is inactive when the user is in the Ghost Zone.

The ability is activated involuntarily, and half-ghosts with this power can use it even while in human form. Occasionally it activates with the presence of each new ghost.[1]

It is a sub-power of cryokinesis. The temperature of the mist is a result of the ghost's cryokinetic abilities being released involuntarily. The user maintains the ability even if they master control of their cryokinetic abilities.


  • Artifacts may block this ability, such as Dora's ring.
  • Adversaries can disguise their presence by keeping the environment cold, such as Penelope Spectra setting the thermostat in her office to a lower temperature.
  • Does not activate in the presence of humans being overshadowed.[1][2]
  • Does not activate in the presence of half-ghosts. This can be seen during Danny's interactions with other Dani Phantom and Vlad Masters, as his ghost sense did not go off even if Dani[3] or Vlad[4] are in ghost mode.
    • The only known exception to this rule is Dark Danny's ability to sense Danny Phantom.

Known Users

Natural Ability

Via Object(s)


  • Ghost Sense is a reference to the Marvel superhero Spider-Man's "Spider-Sense," which allows him to sense approaching danger before it happens.


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