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Ghost Shields are barriers made of solidified ecto-energy. It is a sub-power of Ecto-Energy Constructions. This is Danny's and Vlad's primary defensive ability.

Sub-power(s): Power Absorption


Some ghosts have the power to generate ghost shields at will, to block foes' attacks. These shields typically take on a spherical or flat shape centered on or around the user. Ghost and Half-ghost can manipulate their own ghost shield to look different. Fenton Works, the Guys in White, and Valerie have ghost shield generators that generate shields that function similarly to this power. Human-made ghost shields can also be used for containment, trapping/containing ghosts in their place. Skilled ghost, like Vlad can shape their ghost shields into dome shaped bubbles to briefly trap humans and half-ghost.


  • Protects users, buildings, or vehicles from/against attack, including physical attacks.
  • Human-made ghost shields (and sometimes ghost) can use their Ghost Shield to contain/trap ghosts in their place.
  • Some human-made ghost shields can weaken ghost powers, prevent half-ghosts from transforming into their ghost form.[1] but it apparently only applies if they attempt from human to ghost while if they are in ghost form they can continue staying in ghost form.
  • Rare instinct that happen is a ghost shield can absorb the powers used on the user after the original power has been projected from its original source.


  • Ice Shield: A ghost with cryokinesis can create a shield made of cold energy to protect against fire attacks.
  • Reflective Shield: Also known as a mirror shield. Can reflect attacks such as ghost rays and physical attacks. Often used by Vlad Plasmius.
  • Electric Shield: Electric ghosts like Technus who has electrokinesis can create electric ghost shields that can be used to electrocute enemies in addition to defense.


  • Immense power from attacks of other/certain ghosts like Danny, Dark Danny, and the Hydra could break apart ghost shields.
  • Wulf is the only ghost known to be able to penetrate a ghost shield by drilling through them using his claws and spinning at high speeds.[2] However, this is only shown with an artificial ghost shield not a natural ghost shield.

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