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A ghost hunter is a vigilante who pursues and captures ghosts for one of a variety of reasons. While most ghost hunters are human, some ghosts and half-ghosts are also hunters. While quite rare during the 16th centuries, witch hunters are very common in modern times.


In "Memory Blank", while exploring his parents' laboratory, Danny accidentally activated the newly-built Fenton Ghost Portal, causing his molecular structure to become infused with ectoplasm. This causes Danny to become half-human and half-ghost and gain an array of ghostly superpowers.

In "Mystery Meat," Jack begins the episode by giving Danny, Sam, and Tucker a basic lesson in ghost hunting.

The hunters met up while testing their new abilities, and figured out how to stop Lunch Lady Ghost, not without some mistakes and complications along the way. Danny Phantom gained confidence in himself. However, the Lunch Lady captures Sam and flies away.

Danny uses his intangibility to escape the office with Tucker. Tucker, with his enhanced meat-sniffing abilities, finds a meat storage room where the Lunch Lady Ghost is torturing Sam by attempting to force her to eat meat. Danny goes ghost again and fights the Lunch Lady Ghost, but she again turns into a giant meat monster. Danny and his friends escape, but Danny is exhausted from the fight and passes out in midair while carrying Sam and Tucker.

The next day, the Lunch Lady Ghost again turns into a meat monster, this time even larger than before, and summons meat minions using the meat from Tucker's protest. Danny goes ghost again and battles her and her minions. During the battle, Danny loses control of his powers, and he accidentally turns back into human form. The minions take this opportunity to grab Danny and throw him to the ground. Danny quickly changes back just in time to phase through the ground, and takes Jack's Fenton Thermos. Danny uses his powers to activate the Fenton Thermos and captures and defeats the Lunch Lady Ghost. Afterward, Danny decides not to tell his parents about his powers.

After their battle, the trio continued to fight any ghosts that escaped the Ghost Zone by through ghost portals such as the Fenton Ghost Portal and even natural ghost portals, along with doing heroic acts outside of fighting like saving a school bus filled with young children. While Danny and Sam developed romantic feelings for each other, they only acted as friends and partners, due to not admitting their feelings. 


Ghost hunters have a multitude of reasons for their hunting activities, some well-intentioned and some not. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • capturing ghosts and studying them for science.
  • destroying/eliminating ghosts from the face of the earth.
  • protecting humans from antagonistic ghosts.
  • for sport.
  • for profit.

Skills and abilities

While most ghost hunters lack any supernatural abilities (with the exception of Danny and Skulker), many possess a variety of skills that are useful in ghost hunting, including:

  • Knowledge of ghosts, including their strengths and weaknesses
  • Knowledge and skill in using ghost-hunting weaponry and equipment
  • Knowledge in hand-to-hand combat (varying from basic fighting to martial arts mastery)
  • Other specialized skills (such as Tucker's knowledge of technology)


While ghosts and half-ghosts who hunt and fight other ghosts have supernatural powers to aid their quests, they and humans usually use a variety of ecto-weapons and other equipment designed for ghost-hunting. Some examples of these tools are:

  • Fenton Thermos: The Fenton Thermos can capture ghosts, allowing hunters to later dispose of the caught ghosts into the Ghost Zone.
  • Ghost Assault Vehicle: The Fentons' RV has a wide array of blasters and other weapons.
  • Fenton Finder: Jack and Maddie Fenton use the Fenton Finder to track down a ghost's location.
  • Fenton Wrist Ray: The wrist ray is a small device that shoots an ectoplasmic energy ray.
  • Skulker's suit: Since Skulker is a small blob-like ghost, he wears a suit of armor equipped with ecto-weapons to hunt down other ghosts.
  • Blood Blossoms: Blood Blossoms are flowers with anti-supernatural properties that were used in the 1600s as a primitive ghost trap.

Known ghost hunters

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