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A ghost hunter is someone who pursues and captures ghosts for one of a variety of reasons. While most ghost hunters are human, some ghosts and half-ghosts are also hunters.


In "Mystery Meat," Jack begins the episode by giving Danny, Sam, and Tucker a basic lesson in ghost hunting.


Ghost hunters have a multitude of reasons for their hunting activities, some well-intentioned and some not. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • capturing ghosts and studying them for science.
  • destroying/eliminating ghosts from the face of the earth.
  • protecting humans from antagonistic ghosts.
  • for sport.

Skills and abilities

While most ghost hunters lack any supernatural abilities (with the exception of Danny and Skulker), many possess a variety of skills that are useful in ghost hunting, including:

  • Knowledge of ghosts, including their strengths and weaknesses
  • Knowledge and skill in using ghost-hunting weaponry and equipment
  • Knowledge in hand-to-hand combat (varying from basic fighting to martial arts mastery)
  • Other specialized skills (such as Tucker's knowledge of technology)


While ghosts and half-ghosts who hunt and fight other ghosts have supernatural powers to aid their quests, they and humans usually use a variety of ecto-weapons and other equipment designed for ghost-hunting. Some examples of these tools are:

  • Fenton Thermos: The Fenton Thermos can capture ghosts, allowing hunters to later dispose of the caught ghosts into the Ghost Zone.
  • Ghost Assault Vehicle: The Fentons' RV has a wide array of blasters and other weapons.
  • Fenton Finder: Jack and Maddie Fenton use the Fenton Finder to track down a ghost's location.
  • Fenton Wrist Ray: The wrist ray is a small device that shoots an ectoplasmic energy ray.
  • Skulker's suit: Since Skulker is a small blob-like ghost, he wears a suit of armor equipped with ecto-weapons to hunt down other ghosts.
  • Blood Blossoms: Blood Blossoms are flowers with anti-supernatural properties that were used in the 1600s as a primitive ghost trap.

Known ghost hunters

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