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A ghost portal is a gateway between Earth and the Ghost Zone.


The ghost portals appear as discs of energy extending sideways. A portal can be created by a large output of ghostly energy, such as the amplified energy extracted from the ecto-filtrator.

As physical gateways, ghost portals provide humans with a direct passage into the Ghost Zone. The use of ghost portals also allows individuals to obtain their intangible abilities in the Ghost Zone, as well as to bring material objects with them.

Artificial ghost portals

  • Fenton Ghost Portal
  • Prototype Ghost Portal
  • Vlad's Ghost Portal: Vlad Masters has his own ghost portal in his mansion. Just like the Fenton Portal, Vlad's portal has an ecto-filtrator that must be cleaned every six months. The portal has been destroyed [1][2] and has been moved or rebuilt in a different location.[2][3]
  • Maddie's Ghost Portal: In the alternate timeline seen in "Masters of All Time", Maddie created a ghost portal of her own in Vlad's mansion.
  • Fenton Bazooka: The shots from this Fenton weapon generate temporary ghost portals. [4]
  • Unnamed ghost portal device: This small device remotely creates portals between Earth and the Ghost Zone at the push of a button. Sometime between "13" and "Lucky in Love", Johnny 13 stole this device from the Fenton Works' lab and mounted it on his motorcycle for his own use. At the end of the episode Danny destroyed it.
  • The mirror in locker 724: This portal's only known users are Poindexter and briefly Danny, though with minimal effect. It originally only functioned as a window and port of access for Poindexter's telepathic abilities. After coming in contact with Danny it activated as a portal through which Poindexter could cross (and Danny only once).

Natural ghost portals

Wulf tearing a hole between Earth and the Ghost Zone.

There are numerous natural portals between the Ghost Zone and Earth that lead to various locations and time periods, such as the Salem witch trials, the Bermuda Triangle, and the rings of Saturn. These portals can be located through the use of the Infi-map.[5]

Some ghosts, such as Dark Danny, Wulf, and Clockwork, have the power to create ghost portals at will.

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