S03e11 weak in the knees
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The episode opens with an outside shot of the Danny Phantom. Camera zooms in and fades to a shot of Danny Phantom flying up a building being pursued by Johnny 13 riding on his motorcycle. Johnny's motorcycle's headlights fire blue ecto-blasts from its headlight at Danny Phantom. Danny flying in hot pursuit, two arms bent. Danny swings and fires a couple of ecto-blast at Johnny 13, who dodges those blasts. Johnny 13 continued to purse Danny Phantom. From a building above, Shadow peeks down.


So, Johnny! You work alone now? Finally ditched that stupid...(Danny gets grabbed by the Shadow in both hands and is tackled off-screen, Danny screams.) SHADOOOOOOOW!
Shadow stretches itself across two Poles, making slingshot across the roof and launches Danny onto a couple of roofs until he hit a Vlad Masters billboard. The smoke parts to reveal a slightly bruised Danny Phantom on the billboard. He opened his eyes in disgust. Danny lying in the cracked hole in the billboard.
Danny Ugh. Talk about urban blight!
Two hands suddenly grab him by his shirt from off-screen and pulls him up out of the billboard, then holds him up by the shirt. Johnny, still on his motorcycle, is riding next to Shadow, smirking in victory.
Danny What do you want, Johnny?
Johnny 13 Relax, kid, relax. I'm just blowing off some steam. Me and Kitty had a spat. What do you do when you and the gloomy chick have a lovers' quarrel.
Danny What? W-We never... I-I mean we aren't... Look, Johnny, you can either go back to the Ghost Zone willingly or I can make you go.
Johnny I'm digging that tough guy act, little man. But don't worry, I'm gone.
Danny And [points at Shadow] take The Dork of Darkness with you.
Shadow growls at Danny Phantom, then puts him down.
Johnny See ya on the flip side, kid. And thanks for the game.
Johnny and Shadow take off. Danny, in an attempt of getting payback, discreetly fires ectoplasm from his finger and stings the backside of Shadow, who continues to fly off. Cut to Danny. In the foreground, Skulker is hiding behind a water tank, observing Danny's fight. Danny Phantom then takes off. Cut to Skulker.
Skulker My turn.
Cut to Skulker looks down at the photo of his girlfriend in a pink picture frame. Ember McLain is in the center with her hands on her hips. Then, crushes it with his bare hand.

Scene change:  Ghost Zone. We see rows of purple doors and bizarre staircases. A trio of female ghosts and a male ghost are standing on a floating rock island. Cut to a close-up of the girl trio looking down at the male ghost. Kitty is on one side with her hands on her hips, Penelope Spectra is in the middle with her hands on her hips, and Ember McLain is on the other side crossing her arms and leaning back, her guitar hanging behind her back. Cut to Bertrand. He smiles nervously and blinks twice. Close-up of Kitty.

Kitty Let me get this straight, Johnny and Skulker just took off for Amity Park to blow off steam because Ember and me had a fight [gets up close] with them?
Bertrand What do expect? [To Kitty] You told Johnny that his bike wasn't as important as you were, and [to Ember] you told Skulker he was a lousy hunter.
Close-up at Ember.
Ember [raises her hands] He is! He can't even find the T.V. remote.
Penelope Spectra Uhh, why didn't you go with them?
Bertrand They didn't invite me. Why else would I tell you where they went?
Cut to Kitty.
Kitty Ooh! This makes me so mad!
Kitty blows a blue ectoplasmic kiss towards Bertrand's face. His eyes flash red, and the kiss mark vanishes. Cut to a far-down of Bertrand. He cries out as his body turns blue with the thick aura of ghostly energy. Suddenly, his body has blue energy flowing down it in small ripples, the aura of excess energy becoming transparent; his black silhouette fades away and disappears. Cut to Ember.
Ember What was that?
Cut to Kitty and Spectra.
Kitty What? You think you're the only one who can drive men away?
Ember [Sarcastically] Funny. So, where'd he go?
Kitty I don't exactly know.
Spectra And I don't exactly care.
Kitty All I do know is if he stays gone for 12 hours, he's gone for good. Unless, I do this.
Kitty blows a blue ectoplasmic kiss in the air, then Bertrand reappears. Bertrand stands up and holds his hand up to steady his head, disoriented.
Spectra Drat! We've still had eleven hours and fifty nine minutes.
Bertrand Ooh, is there a twelve hour sale somewhere?
Cut to Ember.
Ember Ladies, nobody walks out on us. Pucker up, Kitty, we're going to Amity Park. [All girls laugh.]
Title card reads Danny Phantom in Girls' Night Out with the subtext "Beware the Kiss of Death" Opening credits follow.Fade to Fenton Works sign. Pan down to Jack, Maddie, Jazz, Sam, Tucker, and the RV. Cut to a close-up of Jack, wearing a soda hat and a fishing vest.
Jack Danny! Chop, chop, boy! We've got a busy day!
Jazz Fishing is a busy day?
Jack Ah, you betcha, baby. Floating, napping, and eating snacks out of a cooler. It's not for the weak.
Danny walks out, and everyone looks over to him. Cut to Danny’s lower half, his hands carrying a box and fishing line. He has green sneakers and a fishing vest. Pan up to show the rest of him. He also has a beige hat, and holding fishing gear.
Danny It's a guy thing, Jazz. You wouldn't understand.
Jazz [Danny walks pass her] Thank goodness.
Jack I think I'll bring along the rest of my famous Flapjack Fentons. [Sticks a fork into his front pouch. Cut to a close-up of his three layer pancakes with two strands of hair sticking out from the top.] Anybody wants some more?
Everyone looks disgust.
Jazz No thanks.
Sam Already ate.
Tucker Allergies
Cut to Jack taking a big bite of his pancakes. Cut to Danny getting on the seat of the RV. Cut to Jazz, Sam, and Tucker walking down. Jazz is holding the Fenton Thermos.
Jazz I told Danny not to worry. If anything ghostly happens today, [Jazz flings her arms around them] we three will handle it.
Sam Uh, [Shoves Jazz away] we two will handle it. Like we always do.
Jazz You just can't accept that I'm apart of your ghost-fighting team, can you?
Sam Who says you apart of our team?
Jazz I rest my case. [hands Danny the thermos] Here you go, Danny. Just in case.
Danny Jazz, c'mon, I need to know that you guys can get along.
Jazz Me?! How is this my problem?
Sam Don't look at me, I'm already on the team.
Jazz glowers after Sam's comment. Cut to Jack and Maddie, who is putting a hand on Jack's face.
Maddie Have fun catching the disgusting fish with Danny, sweetie.
Jack I'm just glad Danny and I finally get some... ugh [pulls a book from his front punch that reads, "Father/Son Relationships For Stupids!", and reads it] Quality bounding time with his old man.
Maddie Duh, me too, but hurry back.
Jack puts two hands on Maddie's shoulders, so she’s leaning under him. They are kissing each other. Love hearts are flying out. Jack lets go so they both stand up and turn, with Maddie looking dazed.
Jack Ah, we'll see ya tonight. [holding up a picture frame] If ya miss me, [gives the frame to Maddie] just look at this.
Maddie looks dully down at the photo of the Jack, trying to look hot.
Maddie Gee, thanks, hon.
Jack [Burping.] Oh, boy. Those Flapjack Fentons are yummy. Even later, bye.
Right after he says this, Jack drives off.
Maddie [Raising her arms] Finally!
Maddie runs off into Fenton Works.
Cut to a shot of Skulker on a building. Pan left to see the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle driving off.
Skulker Hmm, a road trip? [pulls out a blaster.] I love moving targets. [Looks down a photo of Ember] We'll see who's a lousy hunter.
His jetpack suddenly pops out and turns on, blasting him towards the RV. The photo flies away burning, half burnt away. Jazz turns with stopping to walk up her stoop.
Jazz I'll be right out, Ghost Getters.
Sam, Tucker Ghost Getters?
Jazz Yeah, I'd thought we needed a cool name, since we're kind of Danny's sidekicks.
Cut to Tucker.
Tucker We're not really sidekicks.
Pan right to Sam.
Sam And that's not a cool name.
Cut to Jazz.
Jazz Just wait for me. [Pulls out a chart] I've made a chino chart of ghost-hunting duties for us, while Danny's away. [giggles. She opens the door goes inside. The front door to Fenton Works is slammed shut behind her.]
Cut to a weirded-out-looking Sam and Tucker. Sam and Tucker exchange a glance. They take off from the sidewalk in clouds of dust. Cut to Tucker and Sam running toward the camera on a blue-air and gray-ground action background, their fists moving forward and backward. Cut to the staircase. Jazz walks inside. Jazz pokes her head out into the doorway. Jazz stands in the darkness at the foot of the stairs, with light spilling in from the doorway. Jazz's shadow looming over the wall.
Jazz Mom!
Cut to a red button. Maddie presses the red button. It beeps. Cut to a panel opening up on the wall. A bunch of Fenton inventions on shelves pop out of it. Maddie brings out a backpack with two signal dishes.
Jazz I was going to go with Sam and Tucker, if that's okay.
Maddie Oh, sure, honey. I'll be testing out this baby all day. [Shows Jazz her invention]
Jazz I'm glad you have a chance to work on your own inventions, instead of always having to fix Dad's. [Puts down her hand.] What does that do?
Maddie If i'm right, [pushes a button, then waves of sound emanate from the signal dishes] it'll be able to alter spectral frequencies and completely reverse their effects.
Jazz And if you're wrong...
Maddie ...It'll make a nice bowl for popcorn. [She and Jazz walk away]
Cut to a scene of a park. Sun shine. There is a fountain and a bunch of benches around the fountain. Some of the people seen are having a good time. Scene pans right continuously to reveal more love spirit. Brittany, a woman with a purple crop top and a striped skirt,and Johnny 13, on his motorcycle. Three people are in the back. Cut to a closer look of Brittany and Johnny 13. Johnny and Brittany gaze dreamily at each other. Suddenly an ecto-blast knocks Johnny 13 off-screen. Brittany looks after him in surprise. Cut to Johnny, whose face is in the dirt.
Kitty [off-screen] Johnny! 
Johnny Oh, boy.
Johnny's eyes go wide, then turns to find Kitty, whose hand is still glowing, Spectra, and Ember standing in the park behind him. Cut to Johnny 13's motorcycle. Johnny jumps on it and drives off, in a hurry. Cut to Kitty, who charges after him. Cut to Spectra and Ember.
Spectra I'm liking her more and more.
Cut to a view of the park. Some of the people seen are having a good time. Suddenly, come in the Johnny 13, as he drives a bolt of ecto-energy land, the people fear as Kitty passes by in a flash. Tucker and Sam walk through the Amity Park park archway. They stop and look back in surprise, Jazz appeared behind them, wearing a tactical vest.
Jazz There you are. Any signs of ecto-activity, Ghost Getters.
Tucker Okay, that's gotta stop.
Sam Jazz, I know you dream of being one of Danny's sidekicks.
Cut to a action background, it is blue.
Jazz Ghost Getters!
Sam Whatever. But Tucker and I have been doing this awhile and we've got it under control. You don't even have the proper equipment. You, at least, need a Specter Deflector. [Pan down to Sam’s waist where she's wearing one.] Like this.
Cut to Jazz and Tucker.He lifts his shirt and holds out the Specter Deflector in his hand and gives it to Jazz.
Tucker She can have mine, it makes my shorts ride up.
Cut to Jazz's waist where she’s standing as she affixes it to herself. Jazz smirks in victory at Sam.
Jazz Face it, Sam. I'm as big apart of this as you are.
Sam As big apart of what? Nothing's happening
Suddenly, there is a loud crash, startling Jazz, Tucker, and Sam
Jazz Wrong!
Cut to Johnny's motorcycle half destroyed and smoking. zooms out to show Jack wielding the Fenton Peeler and Maddie looking on. Johnny' motorcycle sitting on the ground, burning away. Spectra and Ember fly by in mid-air. The camera pans right to Johnny on his back and Kitty standing over him.
Kitty So the minute we have a fight, [Cut to Kitty.] you come here to flirt with some meaningless human girls?
Cut to Johnny.
Johnny Aw, babe, c'mon, y-you know you're the only meaningless girl for me.
Kitty's face angers. Cut to Johnny.
Johnny Wait, that didn't come out right.
Cut to Ember. She sees Dash and Kwan standing behind her. Cut to Kwan.
Kwan Whoa, Ember McLain! Sweet! [Points to himself] I'm your biggest fan!
Dash [Shoves Kwan offscreen] No, [Points to himself] I'm your biggest fan. That one song, ya know, where you sing and the guitar's really loud. I love that song
Cut to Ember and Spectra. Ember glowers and Spectra has her hand on her chin and fixes her sunglasses.
Kwan I love it more. [Shoves Dash off-screen] Go back to listening to boy bands.
Cut to Dash.
Dash You promised never to tell anyone that.
Cut to Kwan. Ember and Spectra stand behind Kwan. Dash tackles Kwan off-screen. Cut to Spectra
Spectra Ugh, it's unanimous, men are useless in this world, too.
Cut to Spectra and Ember. Zoom out quickly to show boys gathering around the duo. Their eyes widen. Everyone fights in clouds of dust, leaving Spectra and Ember standing in the center, all two of them look bothered.
Johnny Kitten, wait, I can explain!
Cut to Kitty.
Kitty Explain this, you-you man!
Kitty puts a hand on her mouth again. Cut to Ember and Spectra with her face buried in her hands. Ember is looking at Kitty from afar.
Spectra Somebody, please, make them all stop!
Ember Lets just [raises an arm] turn up the volume.
Cut to Kitty with her mouth buried in her hands. Kitty blows a blue ectoplasmic kiss. Cut to Ember. She raises her arm and strums once, a red vortex of sound coming out from her strings. Cut to the ghost kiss. It flies through the air with a blue light trail as the wave passes over it. It grows bigger, all blue and music notes. The kiss glow brightly, growing, and explode in a cloud of blue light. When it clears, the components that went into its making flies to the air. Cut to a scared Johnny. He widens his eyes with fear as the wave passes over him. His eyes are all red and glowing. Suddenly, his body disappears. Cut to the two angry jocks, tackling each other. Their eyes are all red and glowing. Suddenly, their bodies disappears. Cut to the trio. Tucker's eyes are all red and glowing. Suddenly, his body disappears.
Jazz Does he do that often?
Sam I wish... Tucker?
Cut to an aerial shot. The wave passes over it. Cut to a couple. The man's eyes are all red and glowing. Suddenly, his body disappears. Cut to three more. The two men's eyes are all red and glowing. Suddenly, their bodies disappears. Cut to two people. A broadcast is on. One man's eyes are all red and glowing. Suddenly, his bodies disappears. The woman kicks the empty chair out of the way. A picture of words is flashed onscreen. It shows 'BREAKING NEWS'. Cut to an aerial shot of the ladies standing in front of the park. The ghost girls are in astonishment with the duo standing behind them. Cut to Kitty.
Kitty Wow! What did you do?
Cut to Ember playing her guitar.
Ember Made some improvements. Music really adds a whole new dimension.
Spectra Well, I love what you've done with the neighborhood.
Cut to Ember.
Ember Lets just turn up the volume.
Cut to Ember, adjusting one of the dials.
Cut to the dial. It’s on a purple musical note. On it are a purple vortex, a purple flame, a purple heart and a purple skull. She clicks it to the vortex. Cut to Ember leaning over. She raises her arm and strums once, a red vortex of sound and blue music notes coming out from her strings, filling the screen. Cut to the shocking ladies. Their eyes are all red and glowing as the wave passes over them. Cut to a few ladies. Cut to a few more. Cut to much more. Everyone starts walking up to the area to approach the ghost girls. Cut to Jazz and Sam. Belts beeping. Sam is still equip; carrying a Specter Deflector around her waist and her body is facing the back while her eyes are turned toward Jazz in the side. Jazz is equip as well, both her hands holding a human detection device, she’s staring at the screen. There’s a vest worn around her as well. Cut to a view of the human detector’s monitor. On a blue grid diagram, a grid-version of two human images . It shows TEAM READING: 02 on the top. On the human detector itself are two red buttons and a blue grid diagram below. Cut back to Jazz, hunched over the small machine in Jazz’s hands.
Jazz I'm not getting a readings on Ghost-Getters 02!
Sam You mean Tucker. I don't thinks this is just about him, Jazz.
Walking is seen as ladies pour into a crowd.

Cut to Ember and her friends above the hypnotized ladies in the air.

Ember Women of Amity Park, we have a proposition for you!
Cut to Jazz and Sam, who are bothered by this
Sam Oh, wow! So not good!
Close up of the sun, then pan out to the lake where Jack and Danny are sitting down on a wooden boat and casting fishing lines into the open lake. Cut to a sign. It says "AMITY PARK CITY LIMITS- YOU'RE SAFE FROM SPELLS NOW THAT YOU'RE AT LAKE EERIE. Fortunately, that safe place to be is now protecting them with no way being influenced by spells. We end up seeing them fish. 
Jack Ah, good 'ol' Lake Eerie with two E's. So what do ya think, Danny.
Danny Eh, creepy. Also with two E's.
Jack Which means we'll have all to ourselves. So, while we wait for the fish to bite, [Jack takes the book out and reads it.] what do ya say we... eh-- do a little father/son bonding - spend some time getting to know each other better.
Cut to Danny.
Danny Are you reading that out of a book?
Jack Heck, no! Now tell me what's new with you? How's that you and--monkey! Remember that time with the, eh, and the all you can eat planter thing. Hey! How are you and that Sam person doing?
Danny looks surprised.
Danny What!
Jack You know, the gloomy girl you like...uh, like.
Danny She... uh... I don't know if I exactly like... uh... well maybe I--[ghost sense goes off] Ooh, never thought I be so happy to see a... [Danny looks up to something shocking.]
Cut to Danny’s head from behind in the foreground. Skulker is seen floating above him. Danny looks up to see a Skulker floating above him. Cut to Skulker.  He holds up a hand and a wrist blaster comes on top of it.
Danny Scratch that. [takes a fighting stance. He bends his elbows and is about to take flight ] Okay, [Jack tuns around to look at Danny] I'm going- [Sees Jack behind him. Pauses] Eh to need better bait [Points one finger upwards]
Jack I hear that! Where are all the fish anyway! I mean this lake is like a ghost town!
Danny looks up at Skulker. Skulker dives at Danny with his gun aiming at him.
Cut to Jack, who is sleeping with his mouth open and snoring. Danny's head pops up from offscreen, and he notices Skulker racing towards him. Cuts back to Skulker, who is flying straight at Danny, and he pulls out an absurdly large quadruple-barreled missile cannon in the muzzles sprouts out of Skulker's jet wing. Danny grabs a box and throws the fishing items in the way. Missiles hit the items and an explosion of debris occurs, causing a blue smokescreen. The sea splashes down, only soaking Jack, thus waking him.
Jack Rain? Better cover the nachos.
Jack bends down in the boat. Skulker begins pursuing Danny wielding a ridiculously large four-barreled missile cannon. Danny crouches down.
Danny Sorry, dad.
Danny rocks the boat around until it tips over, causing Jack and Danny to dive into the sea. Danny goes ghost and pursues at the ghost. Cut to Skulker as he regroups.
Danny [Off-screen] Hey, ugly, you're scaring the fish!
Danny shoots an ecto-blast at Skulker, who dodges the shot.
Skulker I don't fish, [changes his left hand into a claw and charges up a ghost energy ball] I hunt! [releases a blast that knocks away Danny away. This time it doesn't keep him from hitting the ground and sliding up a wall.]
Skulker stomps his foot; the camera is at floor level next to him.
Danny What do you want, Skulker?
Skulker My girlfriend says I'm a lousy hunter. [charges up a ghost energy ball and aims it at Danny] And hanging your pelt on my wall will change her mind.
Danny Wow!
Skulker Frightened now?!
Danny No. I can't believe you have a girlfriend.
Skulker Now that just plain hurts.
Danny Not as much as this!
Danny does a kick that slices through Skulker's left forearm, which exposed sparking wires. He does a flying kick that sends Skulker hitting a tree. A bird's nest falls on Skulker's head. A bird attacks Skulker. Cut to Skulker, left running away from the bird. Danny takes off flying offscreen. Cut to Jack flipping the row boat and getting in it.
Jack Danny!
Danny dives in the lake and transforms into Danny Fenton in the background.
Danny It's cool, Dad. I'm alright.
Jack Danny!
A fish sprouts out of Jack's shirt and smacks his face before jumping back into the sea.
Jack Repeat after me "It was this big."
Cut to Ember strumming her guitar. Cut to a far-out shot of Ember on a sound-stage. Cut to the hypnotized ladies. Their eyes are all red and swirling.

Cut to Sam and Jazz.

Sam I bet every other woman is under Ember's musical mind control.
Jazz Those ghosts are up to something.
Sam No kidding. What was your first clue? When all the men vanished?
Jazz Go ahead and hide behind that layer of unappealing sarcasm. [points to herself] This ghost-getter's taking action.
Sam What're you gonna do? Think of a really lame name for the ghost, too.
Fade in on Fenton Works and into the basement lab. Cut to the staircase, Jazz and Sam walk downstairs. They stop, looking with surprising realization. Maddie is wearing the hood of her blue jumpsuit and works on an experiment. She has a welding tool that is sending out sparks. Sam and Jazz stand behind her.
Jazz Mom, have you been down here the whole day?!
Cut to a wall of the Fenton's various inventions; the mother stands over to it.
Maddie Uh-huh. [pulls up her goggles] I'm making real progress with this ecto-wave... thingie. Well, except for the name.
Sam The anti-ecto walls must've protected you from the ghost spell.
Close-up of Maddie's face.
Maddie [gasps and zoom in] Ghosts?!
Sam A ghost kiss has made all the men disappear. We've got to figure out how to bring them back before they're gone forever!
Cut to a ridiculously large single-barreled blaster pistol on the wall of inventions. She goes back to the shelf and grabs the ridiculously large single-barreled blaster pistol.
Maddie No thinking, Sam. Action! [walks past Sam and Jazz] Lots of ghosts splattered everywhere!
Jazz Mom, no! [Maddie stops] Sam's right.
Sam I'm sorry, could you say that again?
Jazz I mean we need to approach this logically.
Sam Exactly! And I have a plan!
Jazz So do I.
Sam: [closes eyes and raises a hand] Jazz, trust me, mine will actually work.
Jazz scowls.
Sam Now, [The team huddles up] if we split up, we can each take a ghost.
Cut to Jack, who is sleeping and snoring. Danny looked across the lake in search of Skulker.
Danny I know you're up there somewhere.
Suddenly, a water tornado swirling around rapidly. The tornado swirls them up. Danny looks at the bottom, transforms into Danny Phantom, and dives into the lake. Cut to underwater, Danny dives underwater. He stops, looking with surprising realization. Pan out to show Skulker is wearing a jet pack on his back as one whirlpool jet pack.
Danny Whoa! This girlfriend, I can't imagine, really got you angry! Have you thought about just getting a lonely-guy cat!
Cut to the back of Skulker.
Skulker Already have one [turns around and thrusts his gun out] on my wall!
Danny, who is off-screen, shoots an ecto-blast back, hitting Skulker's left gun and causing him to scream and look away due to its instability. Close-up of Skulker's terrified face. Cut to Danny. He flies at Skulker and punches him out of the lake and fly away. The tornado splashes down, only soaking Jack, thus waking him.
Jack What the-- [looks at Danny].
Danny whistles nonchalantly and reeling in.
Danny [Points one finger upwards] Rain storm.
Cut to Jack, looking up at the sky. Cut to an aerial shot of the sky.

Cut to Jack.

Jack Man! Nothing knocks me out faster than processed cheese spray.
Jack sprays cheese, from the can, into his mouth. Jack falls asleep. Danny pulls his hair back.
Danny Whew!
Cut to a sign. It says 'THE SPECTRA SHOW'. We shift to the live cooking show, where an audience of women are clapping. A camera woman is watching the show. Cut to the stage where Spectra is behind a table.
Spectra: Welcome back. It's time to mix up another fabulous anti-man delicacy. Today's dish's called [bring out [a plate of what seems to be manicotti in his hands] wo-manicotti.
Back in the stands, all the other women start cheering. Pan right to a door with a sign above it that says BACKSTAGE. Maddie manages to walk out the backstage door, and she peek leans against the wall. She wears a fedora hat, a suit with long coat, and a black sash. She pulls her sleeve, raises her communications watch, looking down at it.
Maddie I'm in position.
Cut to the watch. It was divided only by a vertical line. In the middle, the slant is even. Sam's image resolve on the left. She's wearing a green shirt
Sam Me, too!
Jazz's image resolve on the right. She's wearing a purple shirt.
Jazz Me, too! I mean... Roger!
Woman Roger!? That's a man's name!
Maddie Uh... [Points one finger sideways] Look, a shoe sale!
Woman Where?
Maddie puts her hand on her shoulder. She used a pressure-point and the woman passes out on the floor.
Maddie Now to take out that ghost.
She walks up to Spectra. Cut to Spectra.
Spectra I'm going to need a volunteer. [Looks at Maddie] Oh wonderful, you.
Two security guards show up, remove Maddie's fedora and coat, an put an apron on her.
Maddie But... I really don't... 
Spectra puts arm around Maddie.
Spectra Not to worry. You'll have the help of our in-house homemaker...
Maddie Oh no, only one thing could make this worse.
Pam shows up and waves to Maddie. Close-up of Pam.
Pam Hi, Maddie.
Close-up of Maddie.
Maddie And that would be it.
Scene change: Boot camp. We see monkey bars. Sam, in a army outfit: green shirt, green camouflage pants, and black boots, climbing through the bars, running through the tires, and slides on the ground. She passes Kitty, in her army outfit, holding a stopwatch. Kitty presses a button on her stopwatch.
Kitty Not bad. I've been looking for someone to go a few rounds with Helga.
Sam brandishes the Fenton Thermos.
Sam Helga?
She looks around. Cut to a punching bag being knocked into the ground. Pan out to show a large woman.

Close-up of Kitty.

Kitty She's run out of sparring partners.
Helga seizes Sam's shirt. Sam cries out as she lifts her into the air. Sam tries to aim the thermos, but she chews it
Sam I guess it's good to have a little iron in your diet once and a while.
Helga hauls back and punches her.

Cloe-up of Ember's mouth.

Ember (singing) Hey girls (echoing) It's girls' night out (night out, night out, night out)
Pan out to a stage with large amps and a purple banner reading “EMBER” in dark purple letters. Cut to the cheering crowd away. Cut to Ember playing her guitar.
Wooooaaaaaaaaah! (Come on, girls! Let's do this!) (Whoo! All right! Come on!) Hey girls, we're a lot of fun. (Doo wap, wap). We'll show all of you l'il schoolboys how it's done. (Doo wap, wap). We got the looks that you're all after. We got the moves that make you cry. (Make you cry). If there's a chance of causing laughter
You wanna kiss, baby, don't even trrrrrry (--trrrryyy--rrrrrryyyyyyy).
Jazz brandishes the Fenton Thermos, gets noticed and grabs the microphone. She sings badly. Ember scowls. The crowd toss garbage at her. Jazz's head pops out.
Jazz You're all just jealous!
A bag covers her head. The scene opens on a fade-in into the Fenton Works' kitchen, where Jazz, Maddie, and Sam are sitting at the kitchen table. Cut to Jazz who is covered in garbage.
Jazz I smell like I slept in a garbage truck.
Pan to Sam.
Sam You? Ow! I think my organs are loose.
Pan to Maddie.
Maddie I can't believe your mother said I had poor meal presentation. So I didn't use the parsley spray. Is that a crime?!
Ember (Offscreen) Women of Amity Park!
Maddie, Jazz, and Sam run into the kitchen wall. Maddie pushes a button on the wall.
Maddie Three to the Op Center! [sniffs] Ugh, and one to a shower.
Jazz Thanks, Mom.
A clear tube drops down from the ceiling and sucks them upward. They exit into the Op Center through the tube, emerging from it. Everyone rushes up to an open window.

Cut to outside Fenton Works. A bus with large amps drives up in front of it. Cut to an entire crowd of cheering women. Cut to the hypnotized ladies. Cut to the female trio.

Sam We've only got two hours left before the spell becomes permanent.
Close-up of Jazz.
Jazz I've got a plan that could work.
Sam Uh, Jazz, why don't you let your mom and me handle this?
Jazz Right, because your first plan worked out so great!
Sam At least I didn't come up with the name Ghost-Getters!
Maddie Girls! Sam, let's hear what Jazz has to say.
Jazz It was Kitty's kiss that made the men disappear, right? So if we get her to blow another, and Ember hits that same cord on her guitar, we can reverse the curse and break the spell.
A cartoon clip appears above Jazz's head. Kitty is blowing a kiss through Ember's guitar. Ember plays her guitar which bring the men back. Cartoon ends.
Sam Yeah, but the spell makes men disappear. How do we get' em back?
Jazz [Hits a button on the wall which activates a clear tube dropping down from the ceiling, bringing the Maddie Modulator.] With the Maddie Modulator!
Maddie Ooh, great name honey.
Jazz, wearing the backpack walks up to Maddie and Sam.
Jazz If this can reverse spectral frequencies like you said, all we have to do is aim it at Ember's guitar and reverse the kiss at it travels across town.
Sam Okay, but how are we going to get Kitty to blow another kiss!
Maddie [Pan to Maddie.] She'll need to think there are still some males left in town.
Jazz Exactly. One of us is going to have to dress up like a boy.
Jazz and Maddie simultaneously look at Sam.
Sam Oh, c'mon! This is because I wear boots, right?!
Cut to Lake Eerie. Cut to an overhead view of Danny and Jack on their rowboat.
Jack Hmm, don't think they're biting anymore.
Danny Anymore?
Close-up on Danny. He looks up at the sky as his ghost sense goes off. He looks down. Below him, a giant red sea monster rises and pops from the lake. The lake monster flings Danny and Jack in the air before landing in the lake. The lake monster chews the raft. Pan out to show Skulker riding on the beast.

Close-up on Danny.

Danny New pet or is this the girlfriend I've been hearing so much about?!
Cut to Skulker.
Skulker You'd be surprised the creatures I find when I'm hunting.
Skulker stomps on the monster's head. Jack sprays cheese at the beast. The beast dives down to swallow up Danny.
Jack Danny!
The monster swims away. Jack pulls out his fishing rod.
Jack Drop my kid, you Jurassic jerk.
Casting line at the lake monster, which hangs from his mouth. Jack ziplines in the air and hits Skulker head on.
Jack You call this rough?! I am the reigning champ of the fudge festival rodeo!
Skulker splashes in the lake. Jack pulls out a can of spray cheese.
Jack Eat hot cheese, Bonney!
Jack sprays cheese into the monster's eye. The monster hits the ground and slides up a wall.
Jack Danny?
Danny Dad?
Jack uses the fishing pole to hook Skulker's helmet.
Jack Oh. Too small. Better throw it back.
Danny Dad. That was awesome. You know, for a fisherman you're not a half bad hunter.
Jack Ah thanks son. This sure has been a fun day. I just wish I knew why they call it Lake Eerie.
Back in Amity Park.
Spectra Give me a "no"!
Kitty Give me a "men"!
Ember What does that spell?
Crowd of women No men!
Sam, dressed as Danny, walks up.
Sam This whole day is going to require years of therapy.
Jazz Ghost Getter number 3 is in position. Ghost Getter number 4, let's go.
Maddie Why am I number 4?
Sam [Trying to sound like a guy] Hey ladies. Looking good. Anyone care to join a handsome guy like me in a masculine game of catch, um, er, sweating?
Spectra What is this? I thought your kiss eliminated all the men.
Kitty I only blew the kiss at Johnny. It's her guitar.
Ember Hey!
Sam [Trying to sound like a guy] Gee I'd love to stay and watch you ladies destroy yourselves with bickering but I've got to get to a, uh, burp off, er, something. [Sam runs off]
Spectra Kitty. Blow another kiss. And this time, get it right.
Kitty Better amp it up again in case there's any other men you missed.
Kitty blows a kiss towards Ember's guitar. Just before it hits ember strums and pushes the kiss forward.
Jazz Now!
Maddie Time to dish out some justice.
Maddie activates her device and hits the kiss, reversing it and returning all the men.
Dash Uhhh. Why are all these women armed?
Kitty What's happening? I see...boys!
Spectra Look!
Sam reveals she is a girl. She activates the Fenton Peeler and Jazz and Maddie join her, ready to fight.
Spectra We've been tricked. Kitty, another kiss.
Jazz Nice peeling Ghost Getter number 3.
Sam You're pretty handy with that bazooka yourself.
Jazz Mom!
Sam Buh bye.
Jazz Hey. My plan worked!
Sam Nice job...Ghost Getter number 1.
Maddie Like daughter like mother.
Jazz Mom. [sniffs] Pee you.
Cut to Fentonworks kitchen where Maddie is removing the garbage stuck to her.
Maddie Welcome home guys. Catch anything?
Jack Only a sea monster the size of Cleveland!
Maddie Well you're gutting and cooking that. Did you have a good time with your father Danny?
Danny Actually yeah. Dad's not so bad when you get to know him.
Sam [offscreen] That moment when you dove behind the car.
Jazz Not nearly as cool as when you--Oh mom. We're getting ice cream. Want some?
Maddie Anything but a banana split sweetie.
The three girls laugh and Jazz and Sam walk off. They resume talking.
Danny Ice cream? Together? They're actually getting along? What are they under a spell or something?
Jack Okay what did we miss around here today?
Maddie Nothing special. I'm just glad you're back.
Jack Me, too. Now, can you help me stuff this thing in the freezer?
End of episode
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