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A human is a mortal, sentient creature who is a member of the species Homo Sapiens. Humans are the dominant species of Earth, the human realm that parallels the alternate dimension known as the Ghost Zone.


Humans are prevalent throughout the show and appear in every episode. Most of the main characters, like Sam and Tucker, are humans, as are the background characters seen throughout Amity Park and elsewhere in the human realm. In general, there are humans everywhere in planet.


Humans in Danny Phantom are near-identical to their real-world counterparts.

Unlike ghosts, humans have no innate supernatural powers or unique energy. However, they are capable of recreating a few powers through the use of technology, such as ghost rays and intangibility.

They are also susceptible to ghosts using powers on them, such as a ghost overshadowing them, yet those with strong wills can sometimes resist these attempts.[1] Humans are capable of becoming ghostly through at least a few means; by imbuing them with powers through power granting, being possessed by ghostly beings, or gaining access to ghostly artifacts.

Most humans are skeptical of the existence of ghosts until they have a personal encounter with them, especially those that live outside of Amity Park. Those in Amity Park are generally aware of ghosts but are afraid of them and will run screaming when a ghost invades.

Other humans, such as the Fentons, Valerie Gray, and the Guys in White, dedicate their lives to studying and hunting down ghosts.


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A half-ghost is a human whose DNA is infused with ectoplasm. These humans possess many of the powers and abilities that ghosts do. Danny Phantom, the protagonist, is well known to be a half-ghost.

Not every human can become a half-ghost. For instance, if Sam or Tucker had gotten caught in the Fenton ghost portal accident, it would have likely killed them.[2]

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