Fade into Fenton Works. An image of the Fenton Ghost Catcher standing ominously inside the lab. Shifting to the right, Danny sits at his computer with Sam and Tucker on either side of him.

On the screen, a picture of Ember's head as well as her full body, labeled with her name appears.

Sam [off screen] Ember?
Danny [now on screen, with Sam and Tucker at either side] Ghost Zone.
Danny clicks an "X" on Ember's file and it falls into a spinning portal icon labeled "G. Zone".

An identical file appears for Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter.

Tucker [off screen] Skulker?
Danny [clicking X] Ghost Zone. (The spinning portal icon is shown up close again for a moment.]
View shifts to behind the computer.
Sam Box Ghost?
Danny, Sam and Tucker Who cares?
The Box Ghost's head and hand pop out of the open Fenton Portal.
Box Ghost Hey! I have feelings too, you know! [Portal closes]
Danny [typing on keyboard] All enemies captured, and accounted for [close up of Danny's face], which means, as promised [Danny puts his arms out at full extension to his side as Sam and Tucker smile at him], the 100% ghost-free [showing a table full of pizza, soda, and other various snacks] weekend o'fun starts now. [He presses the "Enter" key.]
An image comes up on his computer showing a red bar maxing out and a anthropomorphic hard drive clutching its stomach.
Danny (confused) Hard drive full? Well, hang on, I'll just delete some old--[he clicks on a folder labeled "Personal" with his Danny Phantom D-P logo hybrid as the cover, and out comes a picture of Paulina in a seductive pose]
Sam [crossing her arms, frowning] Niiice.
Tucker [puts up his right hand, which is holding his PDA] I am so downloading that! [A red beam shoots from Tucker's PDA to the bottom of Danny's monitor, and a "Downloading..." bar comes up, loading to 100% and showing "Wireless Download Complete" before the picture appears on Tucker's PDA.]
The view shifts back to behind the computer.
Danny [clearly embarrassed, looking at Sam] Uh, haha, how'd that get there? [On the screen, Danny moves the cursor towards a purple skull icon.] Oh, hey, look, uh, here's something I can delete--[Tucker looks up from his PDA worriedly]--this old version of Doomed. [He places the Doomed game over the trash bin]
Tucker Danny, wait! That's the video game where you trapped--
Too late. The trash can begins to flash green and expand in the middle with green cracks coming down the edges. It breaks and out comes Nicolai Technus, ghost master of technology. He initially appears green with a motherboard-like skin, before the screen flashes and his full form appears on the screen against a totally green background.
Technus (laughing) I, Technus, am free at last! (Danny, Tucker, and Sam all stare horrified at the computer screen as Technus slams into the left side of the monitor, then the right, before flying straight towards the front and hitting the screen). Well, freeish. But, even from the confines of this computer, (the monitor, keyboard, mouse and webcam all begin to hover and glow green), I, Technus, will rule once more! But first--(he presses a palette logo at the bottom of the screen, which pulls up the picture of Paulina and a painting program on the left side. Laughing, Technus grabs a black paintbrush and paints a mustache and glasses on Paulina.)
Danny (pointing at the computer): Hey, do you know how many digital collectibles I had to trade for that?
The CPU then flies out from under the desk towards Danny. Danny then quickly goes ghost to get on the defensive, but is knocked backwards across the lab after getting nailed. The disk drive of the computer then opens and shoots out wires, which wrap themselves around Tucker and Sam. Tucker's PDA flies out his hands and lands on the desk underneath Technus, who continues to laugh maniacally.. On the screen comes "Wireless Synchronization On".

Getting an idea, Danny grabs the Fenton Ghost Catcher and flies over to the computer. Swatting the monitor with the ghost-expulsion device, Technus is forced out of the computer and lands several feet away in the air. He charges up his ecto-rays and blasts the webcam, which begins to shoot a red ray across the floor, moving closer to Danny's tied up best friends. Danny looks worried.

Technus Technus: Too bad you can't expunge me and save your friends at the same time, eh?
Danny Then I'll just have to be in two places (He begins to contort his face as he prepares for the attempted duplication) - at once!
Suddenly, Danny's torso stretches horizontally and a second head appears. Suddenly the second head sprouts a smaller head out of its scalp, which then sprouts a fourth head off its tongue. Tucker and Sam gasp, before Danny's body begins to spout grotesquely mutilated versions of himself that includes eyeballs on feet, arms growing from his mouth, heads growing on his fingers and mouths where his eyes should be.
Sam Oh, for the love of Pete, here! (She jumps just as the laser passes them, which pulls on the cords binding them and pulls the computer out of the wall socket. The computer and everything else shuts down, falling onto the floor. Technus looks worried before turning into green ectoplasm and phasing into Tucker's PDA on the desk. A download bar runs through and says "Evil Download Complete".)
Sam (pulling the last off the cords off of herself and Tucker) Weekend o'fun starting yet? (Danny's hilariously failed attempt at duplication ends as he snaps back into himself - still in his ghost form).
Danny Phew. It's starting now.
Technus (on Tucker's screen) Indeed it is! But first--(He still holds the same paintbrush from earlier, and the same picture of Paulina. You can probably guess what happens next, as he paints the same mustache and glasses.)
Technus laughs maniacally again and the screen goes noisy before the scene fades out into the opening theme.


A close-up of an arm with a purple watch featuring a black skull at 12, a black spider at 3, a black cat at 6, and a black bat at 9. The watch is revealed to be Sam's, who appears to be annoyed, judging by her expression.

Sam is standing next to the stairs outside Fenton Works with Danny sitting on the steps. Tucker pulls up on his electric scooter.

Tucker Sorry I'm late. My PDA's (Tucker reaches down to grab his PDA) acting wonky.
Sam (confused, her eyebrows raise) Wonky?
Danny walks up to Tucker.
Danny Maybe you should just junk this thing and get a new one.
Technus's face flashes on the screen, laughing maniacally. A green volt shoots out of it and shocks Danny.
Danny Ow! (Looking at Tucker) It was just a suggestion!
Technus laughs on the screen again before disappearing in video noise.
Tucker Looks like we're gonna miss the movie. (He looks disappointed)
Sam Unless we find some way to ignore all speed limits, red lights and certain laws of physics.
Danny (frowning for a second, he smiles relievedly.)
Cut to a shot of a street in Amity Park, with several buildings on the right side but no other activity at the moment. That ends quickly when two screaming civilians, a woman and a teenage boy, come running over the other side. Moments later the Fenton RV with a beeping red light and siren comes flying over, catching air and landing before quickly changing direction. The RV dodges cars on both sides of the road, nearly going on its side multiple times.

On the inside. We see Danny, Sam and Tucker hanging on to their seats for dear life.

Tucker Couldn't you have just flown us?
Danny The way my dad drives. This is faster.
Jack Are you kids sure there's a ghost in that movie theater?
Danny Absolutely. And if not you can pick us up in 2 hours and 6 minutes.
Sam Previews.
Danny 2 hours and 26 minutes.
Cut to the front where Jack is looking down at a display screen with a GPS.
Jack Good thing I installed the Fenton onboard computer to plot our clearest route.
Cut to Tucker holding his PDA. The screen has TV snow momentarily before Technus' face comes on screen. A red beam shoots out of Tucker's PDA, transmitting Technus to the GAV. Cut to the GAV navigator screen where Technus comes on screen holding a paintbrush. He laughs then turns around to a picture of Jack on the display screen. He paints a mustache and glasses on the picture before spreading his power to the whole GAV. Green electricity crackles on the dashboard, the steering wheel glows green, and green glowing seat belts wrap around everyone.
Danny Um, dad. Is this some new safety feature?
Jack Safety features? Why safety features are for punks.
Cut to the street. The GAV is glowing green and is flying above the road. Technus continues to take over the GAV. The front windshield transforms into his face and the Fenton logo is replaced by a T logo. Residents watch as the GAV flies over everyone. Cut to inside the GAV where all of them are screaming and strapped to their seats.
Jack Hang on kids. I'm deploying the Fenton ejector.
Jack reaches over and pushes the eject button, which bears his face. All of the seats are ejected from the GAV right before it crashes into an electronics store. Danny, Sam and Tucker float down holding on to parachutes.
Tucker Next time your mom's driving.
Behind them Jack is screaming, falling without a parachute. He hits the pavement, and then the parachute deploys. Cut to the electronics store as lights flash and people run out screaming. Danny springs into action, allowing his parachute to cover his body so he can go ghost. He phases through the parachute and into the store. Inside the Technus-controlled GAV is crashed into a wall of TVs. A green skull appears on each TV. Once all of the screens are filled, the images join together to form a giant green skull which then transforms into a Technus head. Danny stares in shock as Technus' face appears on all of the TV screens and monitors around him. The devices float in the air and one by one get attached to the crashed GAV.
Technus Hm. Plasma screen. Surround sound. I don't know what this thing does. Ooh these are on sale.
The GAV is covered with new electronics. It begins to transform with a pulse of energy that knocks Danny backwards. Danny gasps as he looks up to see Technus' new form.
Technus Behold! The new Technus 2.0. Now with pop-up blocker.
Technus fires a ray at Danny that pulls him up to his face(s).
Danny Sounds like the same old Technus to me. What do you say you shout out your plan and we get this thing over with.
Technus Technus 2.0 does not reveal his secrets. [chuckles] Go on. Try me.
Danny Um. Boxers or briefs?
Technus (Screaming in Danny's face) None of your business! See?
Technus grabs Danny from the levitation ray and throws him. Danny breaks through the wall and lands in a dumpster. Technus 2.0 flies out of the building and towards a city. Danny opens the dumpster and watches him leave. Cut to FentonWorks at night. Danny is picking out garbage from his shirt while Sam and Tucker sit on his bed.
Danny I promised you guys a ghost free weekend-o-fun and now I gotta spend it tracking down Technus. I just wish there was some way I could do both. (Looks up smiling) And maybe there is.
Danny goes ghost and flies down through the floor. Sam and Tucker exchange a confused glance. Danny phases back up through the floor carrying the Fenton Ghost Catcher.
Danny The Fenton Ghost Catcher. Expunges all things ghostly.
Sam Danny wait. You don't need to do this. We don't mind spending the weekend fighting ghosts with you.
Danny I mind. My ghost fighting life and my personal life are always interfering with each other.
Tucker You have a personal life?
Danny Well I will now.
Danny goes through the Fenton Ghost Catcher, splitting himself into Danny Fenton (referred from here on out as Fenton) and Danny Phantom (referred from here on out as Phantom).
Phantom (looks down at himself) At last!
Phantom takes a sheet off of Danny's bed and wraps it around like a cape.
Phantom I'm Danny Phantom.. Full time superhero.
Fenton Yeah. Sure. Whatever. And I'm gonna partay as Danny Fenton. Full time, uh, fun dude.
Sam This has bad idea written all over it.
Tucker I call the fun Danny.
Tucker grabs Fenton's arm and drags him out of the room. Cut to Phantom in front of the mirror with Sam behind him.
Phantom Say, you wear an awful lot of black for a superhero sidekick. Have you considered switching to bright primary colors?
Sam Tucker wait up!
Sam bolts out of the room. Phantom practices smiling and looking serious in the mirror. Cut to the movie theater with Fenton, Sam and Tucker. Fenton has his legs on the seat in front of him.
Fenton [chuckles] Now this is more like it, dudes. No responsibilities, no ghost fights, no lame superheroics.
Fenton accidentally tips his cup, spilling his drink into the aisle.
Sam No manners
Tucker You gonna wipe that up?
A man walks past and slips on the spilled drink.
Fenton [chuckles] Looks like that guy's butt already has it covered. (burps loudly)
Sam and Tucker Danny.
Fenton [chuckles] Lighten up guys. It's a free country. (The man stands up behind him.) Besides, what can a guy with a wet butt do to us?
Sam Not much. (Sam and Tucker smile nervously) Unless he's the manager.
Fenton Woah. Bummer.
Cut to the exit of the theater where Fenton, Sam and Tucker are standing on the sidewalk.
Manager And stay out!
The manager slams the door shut.
Fenton No prob. I'll just phase us back in.
Fenton grabs his friends' hands and runs to the door. The three of them slam into the door and fall down.
Fenton Woah. I can't go ghost.
Sam That's not right. We should go back to the lab and check this out.
Fenton Or...we could go bowling. Who's up for bowling?
Tucker I am! I call the fun Danny!
Tucker grabs Fenton and runs off. Sam starts to go after them before pausing.
Sam Uhhh.
Cut to Phantom flying through the night sky, making superhero poses whenever he stops.
Phantom Now this is more like it. No distractions, no cumbersome secret identity. More time to dispense my unique brand of ghostly justice.
He hears people screaming and looks over. Cut to Technus 2.0 grabbing a power line next to a stopped trolley.
Phantom Leaping lightning rods! This looks like a job for Danny Phantom!
Phantom strikes a superhero pose before winding up his fist and flying towards Technus. He bounces off a glowing green shield around Technus 2.0.
Phantom You felonious fiend. Your ghost shield prevents me from painfully pummeling you into a pulp. Too bad for you, Danny Phantom is only half ghost.
Phantom strikes a pose and tries to go ghost. The rings pass over his body but he remains in ghost form.
Phantom H-hey. I can't turn human.
While Phantom is distracted Technus hits him with a ghost ray.
Technus Neither can I, but you don't hear me shouting it to the heavens. I don't do that anymore.
Montage of Fenton and Phantom leading different lives, each action moment paralleling one another. The last scene of Phantom becomes a clip on TV which Jack is watching at breakfast.
Jack Great gobs of ghost goop! Danny'll want to see this!
Jazz stands in front of Jack to keep him from going anywhere.
Jazz He's not here. (Maddie pops her head in, looking skeptical) I-I mean, Danny's probably still asleep.
Fenton walks behind Jazz with a "hang loose" hand gesture.
Fenton Sup?
Jack Danny!
Jazz Danny?!
Jack pulls Danny to look at Phantom on the news.
Jack Get a load of this.
Fenton Ghosts? Who cares? (Slips out of his fathers grip) Going to meet Sam and Tucker at the pier.
Jazz (Confused and frantic) But you--. But he--. But I--. Agh! That can't be Danny!
Jack I'll say. No son of mine says "who cares" about ghosts.
Cut to the pier. Fenton, Sam and Tucker are riding the roller coaster.
Fenton Oh man. This is the life. I wish I could stay on this ride like [chuckles] forever [chuckles].
The coaster suddenly stops.
Sam And you may just get your wish.
They look down and see Phantom struggling to fight Technus as he drains a nearby power plant. Technus stops zapping electricity, turns around and grabs Phantom and flings him towards the pier. Phantom screams as he flies past the rollercoaster.
Tucker Why couldn't you wish for super models?
Phantom (Popping up from behind Sam and Tucker) Did someone say super?
Sam Oh somebody kill me.
Phantom flies back to Technus 2.0 who is now surging with electrical power.
Technus Haha! Tremble before the power of Technus 2.0
Phantom Wait a minute. Electric street car. Power line. Generator. You've been recharging yourself all night. Technus 2.0 is a wattage wasting wastrel.
Technus shoots an ecto blast from his chest at Phantom, knocking him back towards the the rollercoaster. Phantom stops and hovers mid-air by the stopped rollercoaster cars.
Phantom Relax citizens. Danny Phantom is on the job.
Phantom smiles with a cliche look, his teeth sparkling. He flies back towards Technus. Sam and Tucker look concerned and turn to Fenton who is leaning back, unfazed.
Sam Danny, shouldn't you do something?
Fenton What? He said "relax".
Cut to wider shot of the rollercoaster cars. Jack pulls up in the Specter Speeder.
Jack Hop aboard son. Your old man's gonna show you how to catch a ghost.
Jack leans out of the Specter Speeder and grabs Fenton, whisking him inside. He backs up the Speeder to talk to Sam and Tucker.
Jack You kids'll be safer down there.
Jack pushes the rollercoaster car forward and it runs down the track, the passengers screaming as it rolls down.

Cut to Phantom flying towards Technus 2.0. The Specter Speeder cuts in front of him. Phantom halts and gasps at seeing the giant blaster coming out of the top of the Speeder, aimed directly at him.

Fenton Dude. Uh, Dad. I-I don't know about this.
Cut to the Specter Speeder's monitor as the targeting system scans the area in front of it. Jack slides over the controls to Fenton.
Jack Okay. Now you're gonna want to nail him right between the eyes. [The target locks on Phantom.] Now waste him!
Commercial break.

The Specter Speeder is locked and loaded, aimed at Phantom who is frozen in shock. Jack has a hold of Fenton's hand as the targeting system confirms it's aimed at Phantom.

Jack Take the shot son. Make your old man proud.
Jack puts Fenton's hand on the control. Fenton nervously glances at Jack and quickly jerks the Speeder to the side, sending the blast next to Phantom who just barely dodges it. Phantom looks back at the Speeder and sees Fenton falling out of its open door. He rushes down and catches Fenton just before he hits the ground.
Phantom Dueling dopplegangers. Have you lost your half of our mind? [Lands on the ground.]
Fenton Dude I'm not the one wearing a bed sheet.
An ectoblast lands between the two Dannys, sending them flying in opposite directions. Cut to show Jack in the Speeder, the giant blaster still crackling with energy.
Jack I'll save ya Danny! [Cut to Jack in the Speeder.] Wait, they're both named Danny. Now that's gonna be confusing. I'll save ya son!
Cut to outside the Speeder as it continues forward. Behind it, Technus.20 drives up and fires two ectoblasts at the vehicle, sending it spiraling and crashing onto the pier. The Speeder is smoking and Jack is unconscious inside. Fenton and Phantom run up to the vehicle as Technus 2.0 drives up to them.

Cut to Technus 2.0's point of view, looking at Fenton and Phantom.

Technus Buckup copies of yourself? [Cut to outside Technus 2.0] Why didn't I think of that?
Technus 2.0 turns and drives away. Fenton and Phantom share a look of determination and take off running. Phantom grabs Fenton and flies after Technus 2.0. Behind them the rollercoaster slows to a stop. Tucker is happy and Sam looks scared, her hair is a mess.
Tucker That was awesome. Let's go again.
Tucker hops out of the car. Sam frowns at him.

Cut to Phantom carrying Fenton.

Phantom That rampaging robotic rogue is heading for the power plant. We have to stop him before he consumes this city's energy supply.
Fenton What do you mean "we"? That's your job. Uh, besides I can't go ghost.
Phantom No. But you can get past the ghost shield human.
Cut back to the crashed Specter Speeder. An engine revs off-screen and Jack, riding a small motorcycle, jumps over the Speeder and drives towards the Dannys.
Jack Hang on Danny!
Cut to Technus 2.0. Phantom flies over him and drops Fenton onto the back of the vehicle.
Fenton Cool ride.
Phantom [Flying up behind Fenton] Focus! [Flies in front of Technus 2.0] You want fire power? I'll show you fire power!
Phantom fires an ecto-blast at Technus 2.0's treads, knocking him off balance. Inside the "vehicle" Fenton is also knocked off balance, but quickly rights himself and starts pushing all of the buttons on the console.
Fenton Now let's see how else we can drain his batteries.
Cut to outside Technus 2.0. Colorful lights and white flood lights turn on, giant speakers pop out and start blasting music, and a Jack Fenton Rocks banner drops down. Technus' green glow dissipates.
Technus I'm powering down? But how?
Phantom Bingo!
Phantom fires an ecto-blast at Technus 2.0 and knocks off a tire. Technus flails as he is thrown off balance and out of control. Phantom turns intangible, flies in, and back out, now carrying Fenton. They watch as Technus 2.0 reaches the edge of the pier.
Technus No.
The screens on Technus 2.0 turn to static, then turn off completely.

Cut to behind the "vehicle." Fenton and Phantom land and push it over the edge and into the water where it sinks.

Fenton Uh, okay. When dad asks me "who trashed the van" I am so not covering for you.
Fenton turns and walks away, but Phantom flies over and lands in front of him.
Phantom And that's the sort of irresponsible attitude that makes you such a disappointment to our family.
Fenton Uh [chuckles] hello. [chuckles] Not our family. My family. You're the full time superhero, remember?
Phantom Then perhaps it's time we fuse back together!
Phantom turns intangible and flies into Fenton. He glows with a green aura and struggles for a moment. The green aura dissipates when he opens his eyes, revealing Phantom's green eyes. Fenton stands up with the superheroic pose and facial expression of Phantom, signifying that it is now Phantom overshadowing Fenton. Jack, Sam and Tucker ride/run over to him.
Jack Danny! You alright son?
Fenton/Phantom turns around, hands on his hips and comic book-eque lights flashing behind him.
Phantom (overshadowing Fenton) I've never felt better in my life.
Sam and Tucker share a concerned look with Jack.

Cut to Fenton Works and zoom in.

Phantom (overshadowing Fenton) [Off-screen] Curse this infernal messy room. [Standing up, hands on his hips] This looks like a job for…the vacuum cleaner!
Fenton/Phantom grabs the vacuum cleaner and agressively runs it across his room, running and then riding it like a skateboard.
Sam Danny something's up. You're definitely not yourself since you fused back together.
Fenton/Phantom stops cleaning and faces Sam.
Phantom (overshadowing Fenton) Of course I'm myself. I'm more than myself. [Hands on his hips] I'm--
He starts shaking and a green aura surrounds him. Fenton reaches his hands into his chest.
Fenton Dude. Get out of [throwing Phantom away from himself] me!
Fenton holds a hand to his chest and Phantom lands in front of him.
Phantom No! We must become one again.
Fenton We didn't become one dude. [Turns to the mirror.] You overshadowed me. [Inspecting himself in the mirror.]
Phantom You're right. Something went horribly awry when I used the Ghost Catcher to duplicate myself.
Sam You didn't duplicate yourself. You split yourself in half.
Tucker But in theory another trip through the Ghost Catcher should straighten out this mess.
Sam and Tucker lift the Fenton Ghost Catcher and carry it over to the Dannys who are standing next to each other. They lower the catcher over the two, and the Dannys glow with a white light.

Sam and Tucker stand up and gape at the Dannys.

Tucker Or, it could make it ten times worse.
Cut to a front view to show two human Dannys, both dressed in his normal clothes, one with blue eyes and one with green eyes. Jazz comes into his room.
Jazz Danny, dad wants you to--ahhh!
Jazz turns around and runs out screaming. They both look scared when Jack calls upstairs.
Jack [Off-screen] Danny. What's going on in there?
Tucker Quick. [Pushing both Dannys into the closet] Hide!
Sam No. Just one of you.
Tucker [Raising his hand] I call the fun Danny!
Tucker grabs one of the Dannys as Sam runs over.
Sam I call the [Tucker turns Danny (Fenton) around to face Sam.] --Darn it.
Jack [Off-screen] Hey.
Fenton, Sam and Tucker panic. Tucker ducks into the closet and Fenton and Sam lean against the closed closet door.
Jack What's the Ghost Catcher doing in your room? You march that back down to the lab [Fenton walks past him, holding the Ghost Catcher] right now son.
Fenton starts walking downstairs and Jack turns and walks into Jazz's room. Maddie walks out of Jazz's room and goes into Danny's room. Inside his room, the closet opens and Phantom, Sam and Tucker are left staring at Maddie.
Maddie [sighs] I swear I don't know what's come over Jazz. Danny please be a dear and show her you're alright.
Phantom I'm more than alright. [Strikes a superhero pose] I'm Danny Fenton!
Maddie clasps her hands and squees for a moment, then realizes that her reaction was odd and drops her hands and looks away. Sam and Tucker exchange a look.

Cut to aerial view outside Danny's room. Fenton is carrying the Ghost Catcher down the stairs. Phantom strolls past Maddie, who is still facing inside the room, towards Jazz's room. Just as Maddie turns to go down the stairs Tucker takes off his beret and shoves it in her face.

Tucker Hey. Does this smell funny to you?
Cut to Jazz's room where Jack is consoling Jazz. Phantom walks in.
Jack I thought I told you to take that Ghost Catcher down to the lab.
Phantom Fear not paunchy patriarch.
Cut back to Maddie, Sam and Tucker. Maddie shoves Tucker's beret back at him.
Maddie Tucker I don't have time for this. And you really should do something about that problem dandruff. [Sees Fenton carrying the Ghost Catcher downstairs] Danny the Ghost Catcher can wait. You need to talk to your sister.
Fenton Ugh.
Fenton puts down the Ghost Catcher and turns to go up the stairs. Sam and Tucker watch, terrified, as Phantom strolls out of Jazz's room, Jack in tow.
Sam and Tucker Danny! Hide!
Phantom jumps to hide behind Jack and Fenton jumps over the railing.

Jack is confused at their reaction and Maddie is upset.

Tucker Um, ready or not. Here we come?
Doorbell rings. Jack and Maddie run downstairs.
Jack I'll get it
Maddie I'll get it
Jack and Maddie open the front door to find a policeman. He turns to gesture something on the street.
Policeman This your vehicle ma'am?
Cut to the street where a tow-truck has a sopping wet, deactivated Technus 2.0. Maddie glares at Jack. He smiles nervously.
Jack H-hey. It's...back from the shop. [smile drops]
Fade to the lab where Fenton, Phantom, Sam and Tucker are staring at the Fenton Ghost Catcher.
Fenton [chuckles] Okay. Uh from now on you hide and I will be Danny.
Phantom I think not. You were Danny all day and did a pretty poor job of it.
Jack and Maddie start walking down the lab stairs, and upon hearing them Sam and Tucker casually stand next to Phantom, using their bodies to hide Fenton.
Maddie Good news kids. We recovered the RV's black box data recorder.
Jack This baby'll show us exactly how that ghost took control. Just as soon as I download all its memory into the Fenton main frame.
Jack holds up the cable and walks towards the mainframe. Fenton goes around Sam and Tucker, and Fenton and Phantom step forward to stop Jack.
Fenton [simultaneously with Phantom] Dude. No!
Phantom [simultaneously with Fenton] Dad. No!
Jack plugs in the black box and it immediately starts sparking with green electricity. Technus' face appears on the monitor. It emits a green glow, which then spreads across cables throughout the lab and all the way up to the Ops Center. Fenton Works glows with a green aura as Technus takes over. The destroyed Technus 2.0 GAV crackles with electricity and floats up to the top of the Ops Center. Cables snake out from Fenton Works and plug into the vehicle. Electricity crackles through as Technus' face re-appears on the screens.
Technus [Speaking from the GAV monitors] Hahah. Excellent! My upgrade is complete. With the technology in this house I can drain all the power from this city. And then…then world! Nobody heard that, right?
Back down in the lab they all watch in horror as the cables and wires throughout the lab glow green. Some of the cables come to life and wrap around Jack, Maddie, Sam and Tucker, encasing them in an egg-sac of cables.

Fenton and Phantom are side by side in the lab, both in a fighting stance.

Fenton and Phantom Going ghost!
Both go ghost and look down at themselves in confusion.
Fenton [simultaneously with Phantom] Hey. I can still do that?
Phantom [simultaneously with Fenton] Woah. I can still do that?
Phantom I'll save everyone. You deal with the house hijacking horror.
Fenton flies up to go to the roof, but slams into the ceiling instead of going through it.
Fenton Ow. Would it be too much to ask for all of my powers back?
Fenton turns and flies up the stairwell. Phantom takes a fighting stance. His fists glow green as he charges up an ecto blast, aimed at the bundle of cables.
Phantom Eat ghost ray you evil electrical extensions.
A robot starts towards Phantom to attack him.

Phantom's fists lose their glow as the ecto-blast dies out.

Phantom Fizziling phantoms. Are my powers diminished as well?
Phantom jumps over the robot and lands by the bundle of wires. He reaches over and turns it intangible. Jack, Maddie, Sam and Tucker fall out in a heap on the floor.
Phantom At least that one still works.
Back outside, Fenton Works is glowing green and crackling with electricity. Up on the Ops Center, Technus rips up cables off of the building, but before he can do anything one of them is blasted out of his hand. He looks over to the source of the blast. Fenton is floating nearby, his fists glowing with ecto-energy.
Fenton That's for totally ruining my weekend-o-fun dude.
Technus Oh I'll ruin more than that whelp.
Technus extends his hands, which are glowing green, towards Fenton. Three blasters come up from Fenton Works, aimed at Danny, and blast him. He screams as he is shocked and knocked off of he roof.

Cut to the front door where Jack, Maddie, Phantom, Sam and Tucker are running out of Fenton Works.

Maddie [To Phantom] Wait. Where's Danny?
Fenton (in ghost form) crashes onto the road behind the Fentons. Jack and Maddie turn at the sound and see a dazed Danny Phantom on the pavement. Behind them, Phantom turns human.
Phantom I'm right here mother.
Jack [To Phantom] Wait a minute. Weren't you just--
Jazz [Waving her arms and shouting from her room] Mom. Dad. Danny. Other Danny.
Jack and Maddie Jazz!
Jack and Maddie run back towards the front steps of Fenton Works.
Technus [Dropping sparking cables] Mmmm that was tasty. Now let's see what I can do with all that power.
Technus fires ecto-blasts at the street, causing giant cables to burst out of the ground. The cables twist and bend in the air before slamming down onto the ground. When four are stable on the ground, Fenton Works is torn out of the ground, now mobile using four cables as legs. Technus and Fenton Works walk away.

Fenton, Phantom, Sam and Tucker get to their feet.

Phantom We have to stop Technus before he [goes ghost] takes over the whole city.
Fenton [chuckles] Good luck dude [chuckles].
Phantom I only have half our powers. We must do it together. It's your duty.
Fenton H-he said "duty."
Phantom [Grabs Fenton] We have to stop him.
Fenton [Brushes off Phantom] Tried it. Didn't work. Back to bowling.
Tucker It'll be fun?
Sam And you'll get to hit stuff?
Fenton Sweet.
Phantom You go inside and get the Ghost Catcher. I'll keep Technus busy.
Phantom takes to the air but quickly comes crashing back down.
Fenton Uh how about we all go inside.
Cut to one of Technus' legs wrapping around electric cables, knocking out the power on the whole block. As he continues on a rampage, the four teens are flying invisibly to catch up with him.
Technus No one can stop me now.
Phantom [Phasing through the roof] No one maybe.
Fenton [Coming through a hatch on the roof] But how 'bout two?
Two of Technus' laser cables aim at the Dannys, but are taken out by an ectoblast from Fenton.
Technus Two or two thousand. You still can't get past my ghost shield.
Technus fires an ectoblast at the top of the Ops Center, activating the ghost shield.
Fenton Uh dude. That only works if we're outside the ghost shield.
Technus No matter. My upgrade is extremely adaptable.
Some of the cables come to life and attack the Dannys. They manage to evade the first attack, Fenton flying away and Phantom turning intangible. A cable catches Fenton, who is unable to escape without his intangibility.
Phantom I'll save you!
Phantom tries to fly but, again, crashes to the ground. Technus fires an ectoblast at Phantom, levitating him to be next to Fenton. Technus extends one of the screens to address Phantom face to face.
Technus If you wish to split your focus you must learn how to multitask.
Sam and Tucker burst through the door carrying the Fenton Ghost Catcher.
Tucker Multitask this!
Sam and Tucker swing the Ghost Catcher to pass through the screen talking to Phantom.
Technus What? No!
The Ghost Catcher's net passes through the screen and falls to the ground. A green swirl of energy surrounds the GAV. Cut out to Fenton Works walking down the street. It suddenly stops, the ghost shield drops, and the cables holding it up retract, putting Fenton Works back on the ground.

Back up on the Ops Center, Fenton and Phantom are released from the cable and telekinetic beam, respectively. They look over and see Technus' ghost form appear.

Technus Then it's time my ghostly form had an upgrade as well. You cannot defeat me.
Technus flies away.
Fenton and Phantom Oh yes we can. [The Dannys grab Technus' tail.] Together!
Fenton and Phantom drag Technus backwards. Technus slips from their grasp as the two Dannys fly through the Ghost Catcher's net. Fenton and Phantom pass through the net, but only one Danny comes out the other side.
Danny We did it. No. I did it. Alright Technus. It's just you and me now. Me. The one and only Danny Phantom.
Technus Technus 2.0 will escape to fight another--
Technus tries to take off but, once again, Danny grabs his ghostly tail and holds him back.
Danny Shouting out your plans again? That is so 1.0.
Tucker takes a Fenton Thermos out of his backpack and throws it at Danny who catches it one-handed. He casually flips it open and aims it at Technus.
Technus [getting sucked into the Thermos] I'll be back child. [Echoing before the Thermos closes] Count on it.
Danny caps the Thermos and Sam walks up to him.
Sam Way to pull yourself together Danny.
Tucker How'd that last pass through the Ghost Catcher do that anyway? [Reads the labels] Side 2 merge. Side 1 separate. Duh
Danny Too bad I can't pull together that fun weekend [turns human] I promised you guys.
Tucker You kidding? This was a fun weekend.
Danny Really?
Danny, Sam and Tucker lean on the railing on the top of Fenton Works and look at the view.
Sam We're your friends, Danny. Kicking back or kicking butt.
Jack, Jazz and Maddie walk onto the Ops Center platform.
Jazz One Danny. Then I'm not nuts. I'm not nuts!
Maddie Oh it's that sweet? That's exactly what you said when you proposed to me.
Jack And you still said yes. Who's nuts now, huh? Good to see you're in one piece son.
Danny, Sam and Tucker Tell me about it.
Jack Now to work on putting the house back.
All of the Fentons, Sam and Tucker are leaning on the railing.
Danny Um dad. Maybe that could wait until after the summer.
The shot pulls out ot show Fenton Works on the beach.
End of episode
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