Immortality is the ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan and protects ghosts from a natural death (though they may still be killed through unnatural means).


It affords the user immunity to the effects of aging and diseases, thereby granting the ability of outliving humans. Immortality does not mean the ghost is invulnerable, as they can still obtain wounds, such as cuts and bruises. Furthermore, these ghosts are either immune to aging or at least age at a much slower rate than humans.


The Vulture Ghosts were also immortal (as Vulture Ghost #1 stated that they were at least 2008 years old) and maintained the appearance of old age vultures.

The ghost Pariah Dark is immortal, as he is stated to have been around for centuries, and has maintained the same appearance.

The Fright Knight survived for centuries, with no debilitating side effects, inside the pumpkin.

Desiree survived for many years, without aging, inside her lamp.

Clockwork has been overlooking time since the origin of the universe, meaning he will still do it until the end of time.


Ghosts of this ability cannot be killed through natural means, but can still die through ghostly means.

Known users

All ghosts possess exhibit immortality, as it is inherent to their physiology.


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  • It is worth noting that "immortality" in the world of Danny Phantom is not immunity to death.

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