Open up in the ghost zone.
Danny Okay Fenton. You've looked evil in the face and defeated it time and again. You can do this. We turn left at Skulker's island then right at Walker's jail. Or is it left at Walker's jail and right at Skulker's island?
Sam Um are we ever going home? Or are we still playing lost in the ghost zone?
Danny We're not lost. My expertly drawn map tells me exactly where we are. We just hook a u-turn around this swirling vortex of infinite pain and we're home. Oh wait that's a thumb print
Tucker If we don't get back soon I'm gonna die of starvation. I've already missed my 4 o'clock feeding.
Danny Would you guys quit complaining. If we're gonna become a better ghost fighting team we need to know the enemy's territory inside and out so we, uh, don't get lost.
Two ghosts fly by.
Sam Hey. Ask them for directions.
Tucker And snacks. Ask for snacks.
Danny No, let's just follow them. They're bound to lead us somewhere.
Sam Ugh. What is it with you guys not asking for directions?
Tucker Now I missed my 4:05 feeding. If I don't make it, tell my PDA I love her. The cell phone meant nothing to me.
The two ghosts fly into the tunnel leading into the Far Frozen.
Danny See? These guys seem to know their way around. We'll be out of here in no time. (Crashes into ice).
The Specter Speeder crashes into ice, and Danny, Sam and Tucker fall down a hole.
Danny Is everyone alright?
Sam Besides being lost, almost killed, and now having no way home. (Screen flips to show the Specter Speeder is upside-down.) Stellar.
Danny Oh man. My dad's gonna kill me.
Frostbite comes up from behind, growling.
Sam He's not the only one.
Theme song
Scene opens with Frostbite growling, ready to attack Danny.
Danny Good boy. Nice boy. (Danny dodges Frostbite's fist). Lay down. (He shoots a plasma blast, knocking Frostbite back and trapping him in a cage of icicles). Very good. Next we'll work on fetching the paper.
Frostbite throws one of the icicles at Danny.
Sam and Tucker Danny!
Danny fires a plasma blast, breaking apart the ice. Then Danny fires another plasma blast at Frostbite, who counters with ice rays from his eyes, freezing Danny's plasma blasts. Frostbite throws one of the frozen plasma blasts, causing a pile of snow to dump on top of Danny. Danny digs himself out of the snow.
Danny (Looks up and sees an icicle in Frostbite's shoulder.) Wait a minute. (Shoots out the icicle with a plasma blast.
Frostbite (Growling is abruptly cut off) Huh? The pain. It's gone. (Lifting Danny out of the snow and into a giant hug). Hahaha thank you.
Sam Aww a boy and his snow monster.
Tucker Is there a greater love to be found anywhere?
Frostbite To whom do I owe my debt of gratitute. (He brushes the snow out of Danny's hair) You? The savior of the Ghost Zone.
Danny Me?
Sam The savior?
Tucker Of the Ghost Zone?
Frostbite Oh Great One (Frostbite gets on his knees) behold your humble servant Frostbite, leader of the Far Frozen.
Danny Uh (Danny laughs nervously) I--uh--
Sam Excuse me, your majesty, do you think you could talk it--him--whatever into helping us?
Tucker Yeah, I need nourishment. Stat.
Frostbite (Standing up) Yes! It is my honor to assist the Great One and his servants. (Frostbite lifts up the Specter Speeder)
Sam Servants?!
Danny (Frostbite lifts up Danny) Silence, oh Sam of the Very Vegan.
Frostbite To my village shall we go and a great feast shall we have.
Scene changes from Frostbite walking with him on his shoulders to an ice cliff. The camera pans right passing over a wooden table with a few bones left on it and a yellow banner with a picture of Danny's face on it as well as the words "All hail the Ghostzone savior!", two yetis wearing googles work on fixing the Specter Speeder with wielders and two other yetis carrying spears stand guard in front of the entrance of a cave. Camera pans in on the entrance
Frostbite This shrine is dedicated to you oh Great One!
Scene fades to a few pictures of Danny inscribed in the cave wall
Camera pans towards where Frostbite,Danny,Tucker and Sam are standing,backs turned. Camera closes up on the drawing they're staring out depicting Danny fighting a familiar crowned figure
Danny So this is why they think i'm the Ghostzone's savior,(Places his gloved hand next to the drawing) because i defeated the Ghost King! (Danny's hand moves upwards to another picture in which Pariah Dark is being pushed into an object by Danny) That's me trapping him in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep!
Camera pans out to show Tucker,Danny and Sam staring at the wall
Sam Wow, in the world of freaky,hairy, frozen people with bad breath, you're a legend!
Camera pans to left as Frostbite moves towards them
Frostbite It is my hope that our humble tribute pleases you (bows) oh Great One
Danny This is all swell Mr.Frostbite but we're kinda lost and--
Frostbite (Excitedly) Excellent!
Frostbite runs down into the cave followed by the trio until they reach a room where maps are hanging on the walls,several knick knacks are scattered and a purple glowing treasure chest with claw shaped lock sits on a pedestal in the middle of the room. Frostbite places the hand of his arm of ice into the lock causing the golden chest to open and a scroll to hover and the air
Frostbit Behold,the infimap!
The camera cuts to the confused trio
Tucker,Sam and Danny (In unison) infimap?
Frostbite We have guarded it for millenia.
Frostbite presses a claw to the bottom of the glowing map causing it to unravel,exposing the green patterns and odd markings on it. Camera cuts to Danny's stunned expression before cutting back to the map
Frostbite It can lead the wielder to any entrance of the Ghostzone
Taps a part of the map with his claw and several purple holographic doors appear in the room
Danny Any entrance? I thought our portal and Vlad's portal were the only entrances
Frostbite Your world has many natural entrances to the Ghostzone that only the infimap can reveal. For example...
A screen appears displaying a green glowing triangle hovering over the sea
Frostbite An area you call the Bermuda triangle
An airplane flies into the green triangle and the camera cuts to Sam
Sam That explains all the mysterious disappearances! Everything that comes in comes to the Ghostzone!
Frostbite V.O Travelers pass quickly through until they find their way back --
Scene changes to some place in the Ghostzone where three ghosts fly across the screen. Then a triangular shaped portal appears and the plane from earlier flies out into the Ghostzone. The two pilots glance at each other before turning their gaze forward again as another portal appears directly in front of them
Frostbite Yet not necessarily from the time period in which they left
The pilots fly through this new portal. Almost immediately they fly into a pterodactyl causing the plane to shake and the pilots to look at each other terrified before looking down at their surroundings. Several dinosaurs are roaming the straw covered ground overlooked by a volcano.
Danny So it not only takes you through Earth but time too?
One on the pilots pulls on the tiller causing the plane to swoop around the volcano back towards the portal.
Frostbite The Ghostzone is constantly shifting. Entrances can appear in many different periods . Most remain open for only a short time before closing forever
The portal fizzes out of existence and the pilots stare wide-eyed with shock at the place where it just was as the plane flies towards the sun. The scene fades to a close-up of Frostbite's face
Frostbite In the wrong hands,the map could be very dangerous.(Camera zooms out to show everyone,Danny steps forward, and takes the map) And you must not stray from it's indicated path which (Close-up on Frostbite) is why i'll be escorting you home.
Danny (Sam and Tucker stand by the side,holding a part of the map) Wow,thanks! Which way do we go?
Camera flickers back to Frostbite
Frostbite The map can read your mind.(Puts paw to chest) I shall simply speak where i wish to go and the map will take us there
Camera returns to the trio
Danny You mean if i say 'take us home',it'll take us-
The map immediately glows purple and a white dotted path line moves across the map from one area to the symbol resembling Danny's portal. The camera pans out to show the trio encompassed in an area of green light before the map jerks them away and through the cave at an extremely fast speed
Frostbite (Attempting to grab onto the map only to come up empty handed) Wait!
The map and the trio, who are going so fast they are represented by a green streak, fly out of the cave, down the steep descent, over several feet of snow,zooms past two yetis who turned their heads at the commotion, off the Far Frozen's island and hurdles into the Ghostzone,passing several floating landmasses as they do so and then the scene cuts to them being catapulted through the portal into the Fenton lab.
Tucker Wow,that was better than the Vomit Vortex at Floodywaters!
Camera pans left to Danny who stops examining the map to look at Tucker and transforms
Danny (Speaking in Sam's direction) See? I promised i'd get you home
Camera pans left to Danny who takes the scroll out of Danny's hands
Sam Frostbite didn't seem so keen on letting this out of his sight. We better get it back to him
Camera cuts to Danny who tilts his head slightly to the right
Danny We will,Sam. But who says we can't check it out a bit. After all, i am (puts hand to chest) the savior of the Ghostzone
Tucker (Leaning slightly on Danny) Besides,who's gonna know?
Scene cuts to an establishing shot of a large house during before zooming in slightly. The scene is soon replaced by a checkerboard just as a piece is toppled and someone moves a horse chest piece. The camera zooms out slightly to reveal the person to be Vlad Masters sporting his usual look.
Vlad That's check and mate,Maddie
Camera cuts to a small,thin white cat sitting on the opposite chair who meows. Camera zooms out to include the whole sitting area
Vlad I'm afraid that was a fair move.(sighs) That's thirteen games to nothing. Once again i rule.
Vlad gets up from his purple armchair, looking dejected, as he stares outside from his window
Vlad Oh Maddie, I'm bored.
Maddie the cat jumps on the windowstill, pacing back and forth as Vlad strokes her
Vlad I rule at chest, i rule at life, i rule this backwater city,but it's not enough! I know i'm destined to rule greater things than just Amity park.
Maddie meows attracting Vlad's attention
Vlad Splendid idea!
Grabs the remote control that was sitting on the table with that's next to the sofa and lounges on the couch as Maddie jumps from the floor to the table to the couch
Vlad Watching tv to view others less fortunate then myself is the perfect pick me up!
Looks up at Maddie who's rubbing against Vlad's head
Vlad And remembers,if anyone asks,you're my sister's cat
Maddie meows as they both turn their attention forward and Vlad presses a button
Vlad Now,let's see, shopping with Segafrances
The camera switches from Vlad to the tv and Michael Jackson is seen being escorted by two policemen through a crowd of people
Vlad Embarrassing celebrity arrests
Vlad presses a button and the screen of the tv goes staticky before showing Fentonworks
Vlad Ah, illegally spying on the Fenton family! My favorite!
Vlad presses another button causing Vlad's tv screen become static before showing Jazz reading a book in the Fentons' front room.
Vlad Being the mayor has it's advantages!
With a press of a button,we get a glimpse of the Fenton's kitchen before the Fenton's ghost lab. The camera flickers back to Vlad and his cat
Vlad I wonder what lame invention Jack has come up this week
Vlad tips his head, looking at Maddie the cat before the camera switches back to Vlad's tv. Danny runs into the lab with the curled up scroll and transforms into his Phantom form. Sam and Tucker run in to stand by his side as they look at the map. Cut Vlad who's staring at the screen shocked
Vlad It can't be!
Vlad practically flies from the couch to the bookshelf grabbing a purple book with a green decoration on the spine. He opens the book to a page with an illustration of the infimap and the name of the object below
Vlad The infimap does exist and Daniel found it before I did! Drat!
Danny (On the screen) We take a quick trip,come home and send the map back. What's the harm?
Vlad walks up to the TV screen
Vlad You'll go nowhere without me knowing your every move!
Vlad presses a button on the remote and the eyes of a robotic Vlad bug that has been sitting on one of the walls of the Fenton lab flashes and it's wings unfold from it's shell. It flies down to where the trio is standing which is now right in front of the Ghostzone. It's eyes focus on Sam's purple spider backpack and the words "Hiding place confirmed" flashes across the screen in blue. It lands on the bag and slides down into the mouth of the spider which actually a pocket. The trio stare at the map
Danny Map take us to... Hey where do we want to go anyway?
Tucker I dunno. Anywhere would be-
The map glows purple and the dotted arrow line begins darting everywhere on the map. The trio are encompassed in a purple aura before the map launches into the Ghostzone dragging the yelling trio with it first through several stone rings, in which we can see Pariah's keep in the background, and over a yellow river
Danny According to the map this is the river of revulsion.
Tucker Why is called that? Besides the smell I mean.
As they come to the end of the river, a green lump monster with red eyes comes into sight. It burps,causing the trio to be knocked backwards by the purple gas before the map drags them on through the green realm that is the Ghostzone. From there they enter a canyon looking place where the sides are pink with thorns sticking out.
Danny This is Carnivorous Canyon. The place is one big-
The walls shake and the map quickly jerks upwards.
Danny MOUTH!
They fly out just as the walls of the gigantic mouth slam shut. The trio glance at each other terrified before Danny unravels the map and they land by a non triangular portal outlined by purple stone
Danny Well,it's not exactly the Bermuda triangle.
More like the Demro Decahedron
Tucker bursts out laughing while Danny and Sam stare at him confused .
Tucker Just a little Ghostzone- geometry humor
Sam Well it's not on the path. Frostbite said not to stray from the path
Danny Oh just for a second or two! We go in, look around, and get out before it closes! I promise!
The trio jump in the portal which teleports them to under someone's bed
Little boy Mom, are you sure there's no ghosts [Danny, Sam, and Tucker exchange a glance] under my bed?
The camera cuts to a calendar with the date 1942 written in large,red letters. The camera cuts to show a boy in a nightcap, a woman wearing a white bonnet and a pink nightdress enters the scene, and sits on the bed
Mom Of course not,Billy. Remember what President Roosevelt said, ' We have nothing to be afraid of besides fear itself!'
Danny goes intangible and pokes his head through the bed in full view of the people
Danny Actually,it's ' Nothing to fear but fear itself '
Thes child and woman scream in terror. The scene cuts to Sam,Tucker and Danny flying out of the closing portal.
Sam Great,we scarred a child for life!
Camera zooms in on Danny
Danny I just wanted to make sure she didn't mess up the one historical quote i actually remember!
Danny unravels the map
Danny Well,are you guys up for finding another hidden-
The white path arrow immediately scurries across the map to the next path,yanking the trio with it into a portal that appears right at that very second for them to fly into. Cue the camera showing on establishing shot of an old,colonial town. Camera pans to the right and zooms in on an old clock tower. Cut to the inside of said tower. Camera pans left, just as a ghost portal opens up, ejecting the trio who flies forward and Danny phases through the wall. They float down besides the wooden door to the cloak tower. The trio peer at their surroundings from behind the structure
Tucker Cool,it's Thanksgiving!
Two pilgrims walk forward, one being a man wearing the buckled hat and the old black and grey clothes as he walks next to a women wearing a bonnet and a pale dress while carrying a basket .
Sam No it's Salem, Massachusetts back in the sixteen hundreds. The paranoid villagers used to punish completely innocent people because they thought they were witches
Tucker (Camera cuts to Tucker) How?
Sam Oh no big deal, they just burned them to the stake
Sam had barely finished saying this when a mob carrying pitchforks and torches rushes by on their way to a burning stake with a scarecrow dressed as a person. They tie the scarecrow to the stake, toss some wood underneath it before standing in front of it with torches at the ready. The camera focus on a random villager holding up an hourglass
Random Villager Nice job,Joshua! That was your best time yet!
The camera changes back to the trio who are now standing behind the random villager in full view.
Tucker I'm a big fan of barbeque but that's taking it too far!
The camera pans over to Danny
Danny Let's bail! The longer we're here, the more chance we have of messing something up.
Danny turns around to leave just as Sam marches forward angrily towards the villagers.
Sam Can't you people get a life!
Sam walks into a rope trap which immediately snaps,yanking Sam upwards and trapping her. Her backpack falls of and onto the ground. Camera cuts to Danny and Tucker's panicked reaction
Danny and Tucker Sam!
Sam (Struggling against the net) Let me go! I'm not a witch!
A crowd of villagers with pitchforks gather below including one whose white hair tucked in a ponytail and facial look extremely familar
Villager with ponytail Don't listen to her!
Takes off hat to reveal that it's actually Vlad in villager clothes .
Vlad She is a witch!
Vlad approaches Sam, holding a torch threateningly.
And you know what we do to witches around here.
Close-up to Sam whose face is pressed against the rope of the net,terrified. Cut to Sam being tied to something brown. The camera zooms out to reveal she's tied to a stake and is being carted off to be burned by horse and carriage with the pitchfork and torch cradling crowd yelling. The camera focuses on Vlad whose watching calmly .
Vlad Ah, mob mentality. Such a soothing sound.
Cut to Danny and Tucker hiding behind a wooden structure
Danny The portals going to close soon ! How the heck did Vlad find us anyway ?!
Tucker glances down
Tucker Bingo!
Camera focuses in Sam's purple,spider backpack where the beeping Vlad bug is visible .
Tucker Tracking device
Close-up on Sam's yelling face
Sam I'm not a witch! Are you people that paranoid! Oh wait, Salem,sixteen hundreds,duh
Danny hands Tucker the infimap before flying into the air to rescue Sam . Cut to Vlad
Vlad Right on cue.
To the villagers ,pointing at Danny .
Vlad Behold! An evil spirit comes to rescue his dark mistress!
The crowd yells angrily pointing their pitchforks when someone hidden by their orange cloak jumps from the crowd before uncrossing their arms causing their cloak to flow down to reveal a person with an extreme likeness to Jack Fenton. He lands firmly on the ground displaying the basket full of red flowers he's carrying
Jack-like villager Stand back i pray thee! For i, Jack Fentonnightinggale, Salem's greatest witch whacker shall vanquish this demon!
The camera cuts to Tucker
Tucker Deja vu!
John Fenton Nightingale runs around the stake, spreading the red flowers in a circle around same
John Fenton Nightingale This should vanquish quite nicely!
Cut to the flowers that fall to the ground and began emanating dark red swirls
Danny Are you kidding with the -
Slams into a painful barrier created by the flowers before crashing to the floor.
Danny W-what was -
Cut to John Fenton Nightingale making a sandwich with the flowers and eating it.
John Fenton Nightingale And it doth make it tasty treat! Ah, my innards are now ghost free!
Cut to Vlad clapping his hands
Vlad Well done, John Fenton Nightingale!
Vlad stoops down so he's at eye level with Danny whose still on the ground
Vlad It's called blood blossom ,dear boy. An ancient anti-ghost remedy. Sort of like a primitive specter deflector. It's delightfully quent.
Vlad grabs Danny of the ground by his shirt and lifts him high into the air so all the crowd can see.
Vlad Observe! The spirit is vanquished!
Shoves Danny into the circle of blood blossoms,ignoring his screams. Danny falls to the ground withering and yelling in pain before Sam
Sam Danny!
Tucker runs forward to help Danny and Vlad snatches the map out of his hands as Tucker runs past.
Vlad I thanketh thee
Tucker stops short of Denny realizing what Vlad had done. Tucker whirls around as Vlad transforms and begins to fly off. He picks up Sam's backpack, removes the tracking bug, and throws it at Vlad so it lands on his cape before Vlad turns intangible. Vlad phases through the wall of the clocktower to stand besides the portal. He unravels it so several purple doors appear.
Vlad Incredible! It's even more beautiful than I'd imagined! And if the legends are true-
Close-up on Vlad
Vlad Take me to my destiny!
The path arrow darts across the map before quickly stopping at a location. It surrounds Vlad in a pink aura before Vlad and the map vanishes through the portal. Cut back to screaming Danny
Sam Tucker,you have to get Danny out of the circle!
Tucker runs forward and drags Danny out of the circle of blood blossoms however Danny still continues to scream and thrash .
Tucker It's still hurting him!
Cut to Sam whose still tied to the stake
Sam Then get rid of it!
Tucker How?!
Sam has a flashback to John Fenton Nightingale eating the blood blossom saying "Doth makes it a tasty treat!"
Sam Your cast iron stomach! Tucker, you've got to eat all the blood blossoms!
Cut to Tucker, the background turning bright blue to illustrate his shock
Tucker Me?! I've never eaten a vegetable in my life!
Cut to Danny whose screams become louder .
Sam Quick,there's not much time!
Tucker looks back and forth before stuffing a flower into his mouth while holding his nose. He crawls forward, picking the flowers off the ground and eating them while Danny screams in the background. He slowly makes his way around the circle till he reaches Danny,eats the last blood blossom and collapses next to his friend who is no longer in pain
Danny Thanks Tuck
Tucker You owe me for this one (burps) dude!
The villagers surround them withy pitchforks, planning on spearing them
Tucker And you can pay me back right now
Danny grabs on to Tucker and flies them far above the spears before zipping over to Sam and phasing her through the ropes. They fly through the clocktower and land right next to the portal.
Danny Vlad has the map, he could be anywhere!
Cut to Tucker who's pressing some buttons on his PDA
Tucker Fear not! All i have to do is calibrate my PDA to his tracking device frequency, and we can follow him where ever he goes!
Cut to the PDA which shows a smaller version of the Ghostzone including white dot representing Vlad. Danny grabs on to his two friends and they fly through the portal. Cut to them flying in the Ghostzone with Tucker tapping away at his PDA
Sam I'm curious to see how a body that's never eaten any roughage reacts when 30 pounds of it is suddenly introduced
Cut to Tucker who smirks at Sam's barb
Tucker Don't get your hopes up Sam, we Foleys can handle anything
Tucker's stomach lets out a growling noise
Tucker And we'll talk about it more once i hit a restroom
Tucker's PDA starts beeping
Tucker He's in there!
The trio fly into a portal surrounded by a roman-like arch structure. Cut to them jumping out of a portal and into a colosseum
Sam Whoa,we're in Roman!
Cut to Tucker whose hands are on his stomach
Tucker They had bathrooms, right?
Three identical heralds sitting among the rows,carting golden horns blow into their instruments signaling the arrival of the ruler
The heralds All hail Vladius Plasmiudius!
A giant poster with a silhouette of Vlad's head rolls down with "Vlad" written in red. The crowd raises their hands high in admiration and the trio looks up. Floating in front of two flames is Vlad wearing a wreath of golden leaves
Vlad You're alive?! Unbelivable!
Cut to the trio on ground level
Danny Not as unbelievable as this! What have you done here,Plasmius?
Vlad Welcome to my destiny,Daniel! It seems i was meant to rule after all! Funny, all i had to do was float a bit and these Romans hailed me as a deity!
Cut to a stone statue of Vlad dressed in a toga surrounded by four torches decorated in gold.
Danny Stay as long as you want. Just give me the map,you don't understand how powerful it is!
Vlad You dare lecture me about power?
The camera closes up on Vlad who floats forward, his head angled towards the ground
Vlad Release the lions!
Cut to a wooden gate that are pull upwards just a lion leaps out of the clearing, one for each of the four gated doorways. Danny draws his friends close as the beasts stalk near, surrounding them
Tucker Now I really have to go to the bathroom!
Danny stands terrified, his arms stretched in front of his friends as the lions move closer. Vlad flies out of the arena and onto a throne of blue and gold while clenching the infimap where the camera focuses momentarily
Vlad Ah, looks like someone forgot to feed the kitties this morning! Oh well better late than never!
One of the lions runs straight at the trio, mouth agape and jumps into the air only for the trio to go intangible and phase into the ground, the lion landing where they were just a moment ago. Cut to Vlad
Vlad I love a good mauling, don't you"
Vlad turns to an armored guard on his right for a response, only to be answered with the guard swinging an axe at Vlad, destroying the top of throne however Vlad floats high above it's reach. The guard removes his mask to reveal it's Danny
Danny I'm more of a pummeling guy myself
Danny phases through the suit which collapses between Sam and Tucker as he flies up towards Plasmius. Plasmius shoots ectoplasmic energy blasts at Danny from his fists. Danny dodges past the blasts which damage several of the buildings behind Danny. However then one of the blasts makes contact and Danny is thrown backwards
Vlad You can't stop me, Daniel. The map shall take me to every realm and in every realm I shall rule!
Danny Some ruler! You just set your entire kingdom on fire!
Danny gestures at the ground behind him with his thumb where several purple flames created by Vlad's ectoblasts are consuming the buildings below. Plasmius glances down where angry Roman citizens are pointing and yelling at him
Roman citizens He's destroying the city,we shall destroy him!
Vlad Very well, you might have thwarted my plans here, Daniel but many other kingdoms await my genius!
Vlad unrolls the map so it blocks the camera for a second before it flies him off towards the portal with Danny on his tail. Sam and Tucker gasp and run towards the portal as Vlad and Danny disappear through it causing them to dive in. The portal closes behind them leaving the pouncing lions clawing at the ground. Cut to Sam,Tucker and Danny floating alone in the Ghostzone surrounded by doors
Sam and Danny (To Tucker) What now?
Cut to Tucker typing on his PDA.
Tucker Up there!
Tucker points to somewhere off screen and the camera cuts to an old wooden cabinet among the purple glowing doors. Cut to a brown pillared structure decorated with red symbols. A man wearing a orange uniform falls to the ground in front of a familiar form, behind which we can see several other similarly dressed injured people. Pan up to show Vlad's pink glowing fists and face
Vlad I've defeated all your best warriors, now take me to your palace!
Cut back to the orange dressed warriors clenching part of their bodies in pain or struggling to get up
Vlad My rule will begin immediately.
Unknown voice Still one more you must vanquish
Cut to a figure shrouded in black robes standing atop a gong with a sword at his side behind the wounded warriors who have turned to look.
Vlad Too easy.
Vlad slams his sword to his ground before dragging it with such force that a large portion of the stone floor ruptures and flies towards the gong causing the warriors in it's path to scurry out of the way frantically. The figure,on the other hand,leaps high into the air and out of harm's way, tipping his head as he does so his familiar green eyes can be seen. Vlad then emerges from the dust stirred up by his first attack and proceeds to slice this person into several pieces with no resistance confusing him. That is until Vlad looks up to see Danny hurtling towards him clutching his sword after having phased through the costume. Vlad raises his sword blocking Danny's first attack and sword play commences until their swords lock together with each trying to rival the others strength and push them back. However they both break the lock by dropping to the ground onto the two largest pieces of the destroyed stone among which a broken vase is seen. The warriors immediately surrounded Vlad, pointing sharp swords and a spear
Leader warrior You have dishonored our priceless treasures, we shall never obey you!
Cut to the broken vase by danny's feet, camera pans upward to a smiling Danny
Danny See what happens when you play ball in the house?
Vlad clenches his fists and lets out a frustrated yell
Vlad Try as you might,Daniel, you will not stop me from achieving my destiny!
Vlad flings the map open and it flies him through a new,convenient portal. Danny pauses at the edge of said portal to call for his friends
Danny Come on, guys
Sam peaks out from behind a pillar and the camera pans left to an outhouse with a moon symbol, where after a flushing noise, Tucker emerges, pointing his thumb behind him.
Tucker Wow, the toilet paper had my fortune on it!
A hand, probably Sam's as it's wearing a black wristband, grabs Tucker and the scene changes to show the Wright brothers airplane flying low above the color muted landscape. However flying not so far behind is a familiar halfa.
Vlad If i can destroy the world's first airplane, then man will never fly and i can rule the world from the air!
Vlad flies above the aircraft and shots an ectoblast through both layers of the right wing. The plane instantly starts losing altitude much to the pilot's terror. Cut to Danny flying through the air and invisibly supporting the faltering airplane till it safely reaches the ground. The crowd cheers and a man wearing a bowler hat goes up to congratulate the pilot .
Man Congratulations,Orville!
Photographer Smile boys!
Cut to Vlad, floating in the air and frowning as a photographer takes a picture of the Orville brothers standing in front of the plane with Danny standing invisibly behind the two men. The scene then changes to show Vlad hurtling through the ghostzone with the trio tailing him.
Vlad Fiddle faddle! Everywhere i turn you're there! It's like having ectoplasmic gum on my shoe! Very well, since you intend to plague me no matter where i go...
Vlad shots a pink ectoball at the trio which entraps them
Danny Just give me the map, Plasmius!
The camera pans left to Sam
Sam It's not meant for you!
Vlad Oh, but that's where you're wrong. This map is going to take me to my destiny or i will destroy it forever.
Close-up of Vlad's face as he speaks to the map
Vlad Now map if you know what's good for me, and for you, take me to my destiny!
Vlad holds the unfolded map over his head and speeds off temporarily leaving a pink zigzag in his wake. Cut to Danny whose fists glow in the pink ectoball as he prepares to shoot an ectoblast while speaking to Tucker
Danny I can get us out of this, but where'd he go, Tucker?
Cut to Tucker pressing buttons on his PDA before looking up surprised
Tucker Oh,wow
Cut to Vlad emerging from a green portal indented in the side of a snowy wall
Vlad Yes,free to finally rule in peace!
Cut to Vlad's face,his mouth agape and eyes wide in surprise before the camera pans over a familiar empty tundra.
Vlad B-But there's nothing to rule here!
Cut to Vlad swooping over the snow,angrily
Vlad Nothing but ice, snow and hoplessness!
Vlad makes a sound of disgust when suddenly a large shadow looms over him causing him to whip around
Frostbite I disagree
The camera pans up to show Frostbite with two other yetis backing him
Frostbite And i'd appreciate the prompt return of our map.
Frostbite holds out his paw for the map. Cut to Plasmius
Vlad Ha! Your map? That is funny!
Vlad holds up the infimap pointing at it with his other gloved hand
Vlad This map is mine, you abominable snowfreak! Forever!
Cut to Frostbite and the two other yetis whose eyes start glowing icy blue and the word fwash appears to describe the impact. Cut to Danny standing outside the repaired Specter Speeder
Danny Sorry that got so out of hand
The camera zooms out to encompass Frostbite and his people who are standing behind him before going for a close-up of Frostbite's face
Frostbite No need for apologies,Great One and no harm done. The map is mysterious. Though it can take you where you wish to go, it sometimes take users to where it feels they need to go.
Cut to Danny
Danny Like how it brought it brought Plasmius here so you could get it back?
Zoom in on Frostbite, whose expression turns into on of affirmation and satisfaction. Cut to the repaired specter speeder with Tucker in the driver's seat and Sam sitting next to him. The door remains open for Danny.
Tucker Let's get home. This time I inputted the directions into my PDA.
Danny takes a few steps towards the specter speeder before stopping and turning slightly
Sam,Tucker and Danny (In unison) Thanks for everything!
Cut from inside the Spectre Speeder with Sam, whose leaning ahead so as not to be hidden by Tucker, to Frostbite, who smiles and raises his arms.
Frostbite Thank you, Danny Phantom, for everything we still have.
Frostbite grasps his hands together in the shape of a heart and the rest of the surrounding yetis mimick this gesture of gratitude
Frostbite Here you are always welcome.
Danny floats into the Specter Speeder and Tucker waves at the Yetis
Tucker And thanks for letting me use the restroom but two words of advice; seat warmers.
Tucker points at them with double finger guns and the door closes. Cut to the boosters on the Specter Speeder, which power up and shoots the vehicle up and out of sight. Cut to a side view of a Yetis face
Unnamed yeti Will they ever return?
Frostbite Indeed he will. He shares more in common with us than he realizes
Fade out from the group of yetis to city hall as a pigeon flies joins two others in top of the building. A large crowd talks below as a man, wearing a grey pantsuit and blue striped tie, emerges. He walks up to the podium
Man As deputy mayor, it gives me great pride to dedicate this status of the new mayor to the town of Amitypark.
Camera pans over the crowd, which cheers and a few citizens save their hands in excitement. The camera moves over to the trio and Danny's family. Danny facepalms, seeing Jack's excitement over a statue of Vlad. The deputy mayor pulls the red cover off the statue. Cut to the crowd, which cheers in happiness. Cut to Jack Fenton, whose wiping fears from his eyes.
Jack It's so lifelike! I feel like it's looking right through me. As though it understands my every emotion!
Jack Fenton sobs into his hands. Cut to the "statue" which is really a clearly alive Vlad imprisoned in ice. Vlad's eyes move back and forth to emphasize that he's alive. Cut to the trio.
Sam You think Vlad will ever find his destiny?
Danny Maybe
Close up on Danny's smiling face
Danny But for now, I'd say his dreams are on ice!
Cut to ice Vlad. A pigeon lands on Vlad, who follows it with his eyes. A second one lands on his left shoulder. Then a third one lands on his head, turning his butt to the camera, implying that he attends to defecate on ice Vlad. Cut to the trio. Danny lets out a sound of surprise and disgust.
Tucker Oh,boy, that reminds me!
Tucker rushed through the crowd, which splits apart to let him through. He runs into an outhouse
Tucker Curse you, vegetables!
A circle wipe envelopes the screen
End credits
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