Intangibility Fusion is the ability to fuse together objects, and/or people that are separate or opposite to one another. It is a sub power of intangibility.


The user of this ability can fuse together objects and people in order to make them one.


  • In case that a half-ghost is separated from his ghost half, this one can fuse back with his/her human half in order to become one again.
  • Fuse with some other ghost in order to become one person, like Dark Danny does with Vlad's ghost self.
  • Fusing an object inside somebody in order to make it unreachable and untouchable whether it is a human or a ghost.
  • a halfa's ghost half to fuse back with their human half and/or another ghost half in order to become one whole again or create a new ghost/being.


  • User must make sure that at least one of the two parts is immobile in order to make the fusion.

Known Users

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