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Johnny 13's bike is a motorcycle that Johnny 13 is always seen with, or riding on.


At the beginning of "13," Johnny speeds through the Ghost Zone on his bike, accompanied by Kitty and his shadow, towards the Fenton Ghost Portal in the hopes of making it to the human realm. He's successful at the cost of having to leave Kitty behind. From there, he spends time riding around on his bike in search of a proper host for Kitty. At the carnival, he grabs Jazz out of the way of a derailed chain of rollercoaster cars and sits her on his motorcycle. Later in the episode, Johnny parks his bike outside Fenton Works while he's inside with Jazz. Even later, Johnny and Jazz cuddle up against his bike during their date on top of a hill.

In "Lucky in Love," the headlight of Johnny's motorcycle illuminates Danny and "Paulina" when they almost kiss as Johnny pulls up to confront Danny about stealing his girlfriend. Johnny steals away Paulina onto his bike and attempts to take her elsewhere to talk, but Danny rescues her back. Johnny rides back to them and, upon seeing the two kiss, uses the Fenton ghost portal device mounted on his bike to open a portal to the Ghost Zone and leave through it.

Later, during Kitty's flashback, Johnny leans against his bike while checking out other girls. When he later is distracted by more girls while riding his bike with Kitty, Kitty turns herself, Johnny, and his bike intangible so they won't crash into a meat truck. Once safe, Kitty flies off the bike, and Johnny stops and orders Shadow to track her down.

Later, when Danny pleads with him to take Kitty back, Johnny is once again leaning against his bike. Johnny agrees and later appears on his bike as he rides up to Danny and Kitty on their picnic date. Near the end of the episode, Johnny and Kitty ride the bike through another portal made by the Fenton device into the Ghost Zone. Danny follows through after them and destroys the device on the bike, which upsets Johnny.

At the beginning of "Girls' Night Out," Johnny is seen on his bike throughout his scene with Danny when he was blowing off steam from his latest fight with Kitty. The bike is seen again when Kitty attacks Johnny, chasing him around the park.

In "Livin' Large," Danny apologetically blasts Johnny off his bike and uses it to reach the other side of the Ghost Zone where the Fenton Portal is located.


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