S03e11 weak in the knees
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Opens on a black screen.
Vlad (offscreen) File 10-4-O-6-VM. (A clip of Valerie and Danny fighting plays) Stop. (The video pauses) Analysis. (Cut to Vlad watching a screen) File 1-O-4-O-6-VX. Stop. Analysis. File 18-74-MI. Analysis. File 24-16-SM. Stop. File 32-99-IM. Stop. Analysis. Conclusion?
Maddie program I'm sorry sweetheart. Inconclusive data. Experiment cannot be completed without mid-morph sample.
Vlad Bah! The equipment I gave Valerie to fight ghosts has been monitoring Daniel for months and I'm still missing the one piece I need. (snaps fingers) You know what to do.
Three Danny clones Yes father.
Vlad Father. Ha! I do so love that. Now say it again the way I programmed you to.
Maddie program (On five windows at once) Jack Fenton is an idiot. I am glad I serve you. (More windows appear) Jack Fenton is an idiot. I am glad I serve you.
Vlad laughs manically.
Theme song plays.
Sam Ugh darn it.
Tucker 18th hole Sam. I beat ya here, I win.
Sam growls. Tucker swings and misses. He gasps.
Sam That's one. And two. Three. Four. And five. Ha! (Tucker growls)
Danny Boo.
Tucker (Screams) Danny knock it off.
Sam Yeah you were supposed to be here an hour ago. (To Tucker:) By the way, that still counts.
Danny Uh sorry I was late. But you'll be happy to know that the ghost king won't... be... okay. I overslept.
Sam Ugh Danny. You have got to start being more considerate.
Tucker Yeah dude. Lately you've been treating us like sidekicks instead of friends. And when you get into a fight, we're the ones who take the beating.
Danny Oh come on. Name one time.
Flashback to fight with Skulker at a molasses factory.
Cut to the trio pushing Cujo back into the ghost zone.
Danny In in in. Get in.
Sam and Tucker groan as Cujo licks them.
Cut to the Lunch Lady about to step on them.
Danny Look out!
Sam I hate this. I hate this a lot.
Danny Okay, okay I get it. I'll try to be a little more considerate. (Ghost sense goes off) Starting tomorrow.
People scream and run away as a ghost covered in a bedsheet flies about.
Tucker What kinda ghost haunts a miniature golf course?
Sam Well, there is a Box Ghost. Obviously all the good haunts have been taken.
Danny (laughs) Seriously, a bed sheet? What do ya got under there?
Danny pulls off the sheet, revealing a skeleton, and gasps. The clone pins Danny down.
Skeletal clone Change back.
Danny What? Get off me! (Destroys the ghost, and most of the golf course, with a massive ghost ray) Gotta get out of here.
Manager Trashin the golf course, huh?
Tucker But we didn't do it.
Manager Really? Anybody else you wanna pin the blame on then?
Sam and Tucker (Look up and see Danny fly off) No.
Danny (over the Fenton Phones) Guys, I'm sorry. But I stuck around somebody could have figured out my secret identity.
Tucker Sorry doesn't get us out of having to clean up this golf course.
Sam And sorry doesn't clean it either.
Danny I know. I know. And I appreciate it, but--uh--Can I help you?
Sam (over the phone) Yes!
Danny No! Not you.
Dani Not so loud. I'm Danielle. Your third cousin once removed. I ran away from home. Hey, you got any food?
Danny Uh, I gotta go.
Sam (over the phone) Of course you do!
Dani (Burps and sighs) You wanna be an astronaut? Do you know they only chose one hundred people
Dani and Danny every two years to go into the space program.
Danny Yeah I knew that. How did you?
Dani Dumpty Humpty. Those guys rock.
Danny Yeah, I know that too. You had enough to eat?
Dani (nodding and smiling) Mhm.
Danny Then it's time to talk to my parents.
Dani No!
Danny Look, you say you're my cousin and maybe you are, but we still have to call your parents.
Dani I said no!
Danny Hey! Come back! (Finds his room empty) Man she's fast. (Flying out of his room as Danny Phantom) Okay, she's a twelve year old girl. How far could she possible have--(ghost sense goes off) (Chuckles annoyedly) Swell. After the bedsheet ghost, what's this gonna be? A spooky bat on a string?
The clone growls before punching Danny into the ground.


Man you look like I do on a bad day, but I'm gonna make you look worse!
Dani Hey! Leave him alone!
Danny Get out of here.
Dani Forget it. I know who you are. And I came a long way to find you. And I'm not leaving now. (Transforms)
Danny How--?
Dani Do you wanna ask questions? Or you wanna kick some butt?
Danny Night's getting weirder and weirder. And I have a lot of questions. When we get back my parents are--(Dani pretends to faint) And I guess we'll have to answer those questions tomorrow.
Next day at school.
Dnany So I hid her in the guest bedroom in the Ops Center and she was gone before I left for school. Are you guys okay?
Tucker Dude we rebuilt a miniature golf course from scratch yesterday. How do you think we are?
Danny Guys, I'm sorry.
Tucker Broken record...
Danny No, I am. I'm sorry. But I was busy with a super-powered cousin I didn't even know I had.
Sam And this must be her.
Danny Can you excuse us for a second? (Quieter to Danielle) Look, you can't just come in here and use your powers like that.
Dani Aw cmon. It was funny. Maybe it'd be funnier if I messed up that guy.
Dash Bummer. Today's apple juice day.
Danny Wow. You like NASA and you already hate Dash. Maybe we are related. How about you tell me how you got those powers in the first place.
Dani and Danny gasp as their ghost senses go off.
Dani Shall we?
Danny I-I still have questions.
Dani Let's catch that thing. And after that you'll learn everything.
Sam and Tucker Three. Two. One.
Mr. Lancer (barging in) To Kill a Mockingbird people. Who started this?

 points at Sam and Tucker.

Sam and Tucker We'll get the mop.
Dani Race ya.
Danny (Chuckles) You are on. (They race a bit) No sign of her. I am totally winning.
Vlad Are you? Are you really?
Danny What? Vlad?
Vlad Of course fool. Who else?
Danny Aren't you at least gonna make some stupid crack about my father? Or a lame come on about my mom?
Vlad No dear boy, funny joke around Vlad isn't here today.
Vlad starts the attack with a blast from his hands; Danny counters with his own. Pull back to a long shot of them, at opposite sides of the screen. Their beams cancel out in the center.
Danny (Struggling) (To Dani:) Help me. Do something.
Dani Oh I am.
Danny I-I don't understand.
Dani Did I do good daddy?
Vlad You did excellent, child. I could not wish for a better daughter. (Laughs maniacally)
Cut to Sam and Tucker taking out the garbage in detention
Sam As soon as we get rid of this trash I'm gonna find Danny and give him a piece of my--
Sam and Tucker gasp as they see Vlad fly off with Danny.
Sam Danny!
Tucker Aw man. I should've know that girl was bad news when she dumped all that food on us.
Sam Uh Danny did that, too.
Tucker Yeah but he's our friend. We have history.
Mr. Lancer (Offscreen) Manson. Foley. (On screen) Can you tell me why you're not still in the cafeteria?
Tucker (Whispering to Sam) We have to help him.
Sam Why aren't we in the cafeteria? Umm, because we're meeting Danny and totally ditching school.
Tucker And there's nothing you can do about it... old man!
Mr. Lancer Old man?! (Chasing after Sam and Tucker) You two are in a world of trouble. (Stopping) Ow. My hip.
Danny You've been spying on me? Okay, I've said it before and I'll say it again. You really are one seriously crazed up fruit loop.
Vlad A fruit loop would have been able to make his first million with a series of invisible burglaries. A fruit loop would never have thought to overshadow enough millionaires to become the riches men on the planet. I. Am. Not. A. Fruit. Loop! And I am not a villain. All I wanted was love. (Opens pod with the good clone) It's taken months, and the good clone still needs more time before he can accept your DNA.
Danny So those ghosts...
Vlad Bad clones. Mistakes. And I would watch a hundred more failures devolve into ectoplasm to get the perfect half clone ghost son.
Danny Oh yeah. (Chuckles) Nothing loopy about that.
Vlad Are you under the impression that you're getting out of this? I need a DNA sample of you mid-morph to complete my work. (Snaps fingers)
Danny Get out of me.
Vlad And then you will be obsolete.
Fade to Fentonworks
Phone rings.
Jack Sweetie, can you get that?
Sam (To Tucker) Shhh.
Maddie (sighs) And we wonder where Danny gets his ability to push things off on his friends. (Answering the phone) Hello? Mr. Lancer? (Gasps) They what?
Tucker Man, Lancer seemed mad.
Sam Maybe you shouldn't have called him "old man".
Tucker The Booo-merang?
Sam It's still keyed into Danny's ectoplasmic signature, remember.
Jack Sam! Tucker! Get out of that thing!
Sam What? I can't here you over the roar of the rockets. (To Tucker) Could you activate the roar of the rockets please?
Jack You kids are in a world of trouble.
Sam (Throwing the Booo-merang) Okay. Find Danny. (To Tucker) Tucker, follow that stupidly named tracking device.
Back at Vlad's cottage in the woods.
Vlad Well?
Maddie program Subject is still resisting morph, dear heart. (Turns up dial) Containment chamber beginning to overload. (Explodes) Oopsie. Has overloaded.
Danny flies away.
Vlad Agh! I will--Danielle. How-how long have you been floating there?
Dani Am I an imperfetion? A mistake?
Vlad What? Haha dearest, I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about the other clones.
A clone leaves the pod and dissolves. Dani shrieks.
Vlad I know. It's horrible, isn't it? That's why I need Daniel's DNA. To stabilize you. My greatest creation.
Dani Really?
Vlad Uh huh. But here's what I need you to do.
Cut to a mountain scene with birds flying and cawing.
Sam Where are we?
Tucker Somewhere near the Wyoming-Colorado border. Hey look there's a jackalope. And there's a mongoose.
Sam Tucker! Dive!
They both scream.
Tucker Sweet. Can we take the same route back?
Danny Which way should I--(Screams as he gets blasted by a ghost ray)
Dani You're not goin' anywhere. Stop fighting. I know you're too weak to beat me.
Danny I'm not gonna fight you. Every time I fight a clone they turn to goop.
Dani (looks down and sees her feet melting) (she shrieks)
Danny But you're not mindless like those other clones. I don't wanna hurt you.
Dani Then let my father have your morph DNA. So he can save me.
Danny He's not going to save you. He's using you. You're nothing but a mess he's not gonna clean up.
Dani You're a liar! (blasts Danny) And I'm going to prove it.
Danny wakes up in a pod
Dani All secure, dad.
Vlad I still don't know how I'm going to get him to morph. Unless... Unless you could overshadow him for me, dear. Force the transformation.
Dani But the last clone that tried that melted. What if it's too much?
Vlad Oh it won't be.
Dani But what if...
Vlad (Snapping) You. Exist. To serve. Me! Just do it!
Danny gasps.
Dani You are not the boss of me. (Releases Danny)
Vlad No! No!
Danny You're helping me now?
Dani You wanna ask questions? Or you wanna kick some butt? (They transform and knock Vlad backward into the wall, knocking another pod right down onto him)
Danny (Chuckles) Nice.
Maddie program Prime clone destabilized, lambchop. (As she says this, the clone begins to melt into ectoplasm) Degeneration happening, sweetness.
Vlad No! No! No!!
Dani I can do this.
Danny You don't have to. Cover your ears and get behind me. (Releases his ghostly wail)
Maddie program Systems damaged. Going critical. Losing coherence. And I never loved you. I love the Jack program.
Jack program Vladdie!
Danny Out of power. But worth it to take this place down.
Dani Get away from him.
Vlad I don't think so girl. You don't dare use your powers again. And he's beaten. This is over. (Gets hit with the Booo-merang) Oh what stupidity is this?
The Spectre Speeder crashes in and knocks into Vlad. Tucker runs out and puts the Spectre Deflector on him.
Danny Man am I glad to see you.
Sam Of course you are. We're here to help you. And apparently so is your cousin.
Vlad I can't focus my powers.
Dani Which means I don't need mine to do this. So, dad. (Punches Vlad) Stay away from my cousin.
Tucker Do you have any idea how much trouble we're in right now? And for what? Not even so much as a--
Danny (Glomps Tucker) Thank you! (Glomps Sam) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, you guys! I'll never take you for granted again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Tucker Okay dude. Easy.
Sam Yeah, apology accepted already.
Danny And I wouldn't have gotten out of this without you Danielle. Danielle? Where'd she go?
Maddie, Jack and Mr. Lancer You are in so much trouble!
Jack Skipping school. Stealing and wrecking the Spectre Speeder.
Mr. Lancer Calling me old man.
Maddie Tucker. Sam. When I call your parents you are gonna be grounded- (Suddenly changes demeanor) ...but there's no need to call their parents really, right?
Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jack, and Mr. Lancer What?
Mr. Lancer Now just wait a minute- (Suddenly changes demeanor as well) No she's right. I mean, you can always build a better and more cool version of your... ship thing. Right?
Jack Hey that's true! I'm gonna start building a cooler ship thing right now. (Runs off)
Sam I didn't know you could overshadow people from a distance. Thanks.
Danny I- I can't. I- I didn't.
Dani And the best part is, I didn't have to waste any energy on your dad. It's Dani, with an "i". And don't worry. You'll see me again.
Danny Tucker! Sam! Wait up. Did I say thank you?
Sam Only about a million times.
Danny Um, did I say I appreciate--
Tucker We're your best friends, dude. It's not necessary.
Danny Well, (chuckles) seriously. Thank you for--
Sam and Tucker Enough!
Dani laughs as she flies off.
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