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"Will you be my friend?"

Klemper is a minor recurring ghost antagonist in Danny Phantom.

He is always seen begging for friends. Like the Box Ghost, he usually appears for comic relief.


In "Fanning the Flames," Danny fends off Klemper's attempts to befriend him while mapping out the Ghost Zone. He eventually gets the upper hand in their fight and traps Klemper in a frozen wasteland behind a refrigerator door. When he lands there, he sees a penguin and asks it if it wants to be his friend, causing the penguin to waddle away.

At the end of the episode, Klemper follows behind Ember on a path of frozen islands after Danny banishes her to the Ghost Zone. He continuously chants Ember's name, which annoys her to the point of ironically making her yell "Stop saying my name!" at him, despite her earlier desire for the whole world to chant her name.

In "Reign Storm," Klemper flees the Ghost Zone with other ghosts after Pariah Dark destroys their homes. Later, when the ghosts gather to help Danny fight Pariah's soldiers, Klemper freezes a group of soldiers and the Box Ghost wraps them in bubble wrap. After Klemper pushes the trapped soldiers down a hill, he asks the Box Ghost, Now will you be my friend? to which the Box Ghost responds with, Never!

In "Secret Weapons," Klemper is first seen at Floody Waters, freezing over the water park with his breath. When Jazz tries to attack him with the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick, she calls Klemper Friendly Fiend and blocks his balls of ice with the bat. However, she slips on the icy ground and accidentally hits Danny into a frozen water slide, allowing Klemper to escape. Later, Klemper tries to befriend Vlad in his lab, but Vlad rejects him and throws him through his open ghost portal when he hears the doorbell ring.

Klemper appears three times in "Phantom Planet." First, he flies past Danny's window while being chased by Masters' Blasters. Then, he is seen in the net Danny uses to round up ghosts, and finally he is seen on the tower at the end helping to turn the Earth intangible.


Klemper is large in stature and has icy blue skin, blond hair, and red eyes. He wears striped pink pajamas. His speech is somewhat slurred.


Despite Klemper's hulking size, he is often childlike. He has a deep desire for friends, but his needy demeanor and social awkwardness cause him to remain alone and desperate.

When provoked, he retaliates with ice-based attacks.


  • IntangibilityInvisibility, and Flight: Standard ghost power.
  • Cryokinesis: Klemper can breathe icy-cold energy and throw balls of ice.
  • Superhuman strength: Klemper was strong enough to easily overcome Danny in their first fight.


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  • Klemper is one of the few ghosts in the series who is neither a villain nor a hero.
  • Klemper bears several resemblances to Casper the Friendly Ghost. Both are ghosts of children who want to make friends, and Klemper's ice powers could be a reference to how Casper died of hypothermia. Jazz even refers to Klemper as the Friendly Fiend in "Secret Weapons".
  • Even the Box Ghost hates Klemper.


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