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Kwan is a football player and Dash's best friend. Like Dash, Kwan bullies Danny around, but acts nicer than most of the other popular kids in Casper High.


Kwan is a 9th-grader and a member of the football team. He also picks on Danny and other unpopular students with Dash, But he can sometimes be nice.

In "Shades of Gray" Danny accidently spilled coffee on Valerie and she asked Kwan to beat him up but he replied kindly "Accidents happen" with no intent to attack Danny until Valerie peer pressured him to do it.

In "Fanning the Flames" Dash and Kwan hugged shouting "Ember we love you! At the same time

In "Public Enemies" one of Walker's Police crew members overshadowed him

In "Lucky in Love", he loses his popularity because Danny starts dating Paulina and there isn't enough room for more members in the popular group. Joining up with Tucker and Sam, Kwan embraces them with happiness, while they don't share the same feelings. Eventually, Star decides to be with him, even if it means sacrificing her popularity, and he regains his dominant position once Danny and Paulina break up.

In "Memory Blank" he was shown with Dash stuffing weaker kids into a locker until pleading for his life when a kid turned into a ghost thanks to Desiree when the kid wished that they knew what it felt like.

In "Doctor's Disorders" he was shown with the ghost bug inside of him that gives everyone bitten ghost powers and he was looking at Danny and he turned into 8 clones accidently and freaked out and they all ran away terrified while Danny couldn't even make 2 at the time.

In "Reign Storm" he was shown with Dash while he threw a football at Danny and while Dash and Kwan passed him Danny with rage fired his ghost ray from his fingers and melted a street sign and they both tripped over it. He was also seen in the lunchroom later in the episode ready to beat Danny up with Dash until Danny won the fight with Dash

In "King Tuck" it started off with him along with everyone else not paying attention to him while Kwan was helping Dash with his debate against Tucker. They rudely covered up his signs until being chased by Hotep RA. Later in the episode when they we're at the Museum Kwan dared Tucker to look in a mirror which would open the kings servants, RA. Later in the episode when Tucker turned evil at the school debate he was out of everyone else terrifies at what Tucker was doing and after Tucker teleported them to a desert where Tucker ordered him and everyone else to work on the Sphynx. Kwan fearfully said that nobody could even make it to 30 years old and panicked that everyone was doomed.

After finding out Danny's secret identity in "Reality Trip," Kwan and the other popular kids help Danny and his friends escape.

In "Girls' Night Out" he was seen with Dash both arguing over who's Ember's biggest fan and Kwan with rage shoved Dash and told him to go back to listening to Boy Bands which he made a promise to Dash to keep it a secret resulting in them fighting. He was also one with all of the other men in Amity Park that got teleported away

In "Urban Jungle" a small moment was shown of him taken over by the Mind Vine by Undergrowth mind controlled working to cut down a powerline.

In "Claw of the Wild" he and the entire school went on a camping trip that had monsters and Walker's goons all over the woods and Danny and Tucker was roommates with Dash and Kwan and Dash was having a conversation with him while kicking a ball on Danny and Tucker. Later Dash with fear went inside the lunchroom of the camp site saying "The monster ate Kwan!" but he was only captured by Walker.

In an Alternate Timeline

It is unknown what job Kwan has, but he is seen in "The Ultimate Enemy" when Dark Danny attacks the future Amity Park with his newly developed Ghostly Wail. Kwan has the build of an adult, and he wears a glasses and a white lab coat, which hints that he has become a scientist at the Axion lab but it is never confirmed.


He is of Asian descent with short black hair and sea foam green eyes. He is very muscular and fit, he usually wears the standard uniform of the jocks: a red-and-white letterman jacket, with a black t-shirt underneath and light blue jeans and white shoes.


Kwan is light-hearted and unusually friendly, but still mean enough to bully unpopular students and find enjoyment in it, just not nearly as cruel or despicable as Dash. He seems to be more rational than Dash, but when pressured, he almost always gives in to Dash's orders. Kwan has been shown to actually care about Danny and his friends, but he doesn't push it too far for fear of losing his popularity and rank in the in crowd. He can be pretty heartless as well, breaking up with his previous date Valerie when another girl becomes available, and constantly harassing Danny Fenton and, on Dash's request, Tucker Foley.

Ghost Powers

  • Duplication (briefly): In "Doctor's Disorders," while infected by an ectoplasmic bug, Kwan was easily and spontaneously capable of creating eight whole duplicates (to Danny's great dismay) that share one mind, like most duplicates users. But they all ran away when they each saw each other. Later in the same episode they demonstrated that they all could work together with a whole new meaning to the term a 'one-man' team. After Tucker spread his cologne in the entire hospital, everyone including Kwan lost their ghost powers and his duplicates disappeared, before they started to "burn out, into little withered husks".


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Season 2

Season 3


  • According to Dash in "Claw of the Wild," Kwan has an amazing bladder and can hold it for an indefinite long amount of time (Dash didn't say because Sam asked him not to finish the sentence).


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