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Lance Thunder is the weatherman for the news station. He often talks about how he should not have been hired for the job. He is constantly harmed during work, usually because of ghosts, and commonly screams "NOT THE HAIR!" when that happens.


Lance Thunder is Action News' weatherman, but as ghosts became increasingly present in Amity Park, he occasionally reports on ghost activity.

Season 2

In "Reign Storm," Action News reports on the increased ghost activity via the Ghost Emergency Broadcast System. As a work-around to report on the ghosts, Lance's initial report from within the studio was of the "ghost weather." He reported the ghosts' presence on the same green screen and map used for weather reports, however his broadcast was cut short when an army of ghosts invaded the studio and attacked him.

Four hours after the town was sealed off, he was sent out into the field to report on the progress of the drill attempting to free the town. He was unaware that the camera was on for a few moments, and the news caught him lamenting over reporting on the drill rather than safely reporting the weather inside the studio.

In "The Fright Before Christmas", Lance was reporting in the field as part of "Tree Watch." He didn't get a chance to update the news, as he was attacked by the trees moments after being on air.

In "Reality Trip", he is reporting on the nation-wide search for Danny Phantom, as seen from the diner's TV.

Season 3

In "Eye for an Eye" he reports on the destruction of Vlad's mansion, and covered the live news when Danny pranked Vlad at his hotel room.

The only time he is seen reporting the weather is in "Torrent of Terror." After Vlad's stunt of ending the drought, Lance happily shares the good news and makes several duck puns in reference to the nearby ducks enjoying a pond. Later, when Vortex unleashes his maelstrom Lance points out that the terrible change in weather is Vlad's fault and claims to quit before being dragged away in a massive gust of wind.

Despite claiming to quit in Torrent of Terror, he is still an employee at Action News. In "Boxed Up Fury", Lance was once again reporting in the field amidst a chaotic ghost attack. It is once again implied that this was against his will because immediately after being scorched he ran to the studio's doors but was locked out. He referred to the Box Ghost "a ghost with an inferiority complex who just wants attention."

In "Phantom Planet", Lance reports on the Fenton Rocket's attempt to destroy the Disasteroid, and Danny Phantom's return. For an unknown reason, he is working as a correspondent on two different stations, News 2 and News 7 respectively.


Lance is fairly tall and of stocky build. He has a suit with blue tie that has straps on it, blond hair and blue eyes.


Lance tries to maintain a pleasant attitude while being filmed, but this tends to slip when he is in the line of fire. He has expressed displeasure for being forced to report from outside the studio. He is likely rather vain as he usually exclaims "Not the hair" when being attacked.


  • He was offered a job in Chicago but turned it down to either work, or continue to work, in Amity Park. [1]
  • Before becoming a weatherman, Lance pursued an acting career.[2]


Season 2

Season 3


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