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The episode opens with a view of a crowded schoolbus in Amity Park, driving along the road. Danny is in ghost form with a tail, flying high over the bus.
Danny One good thing about ghost powers: No fighting the schoolbus crowds.
Danny is shown flying on a red-tinted screen. Skulker is watching him through ghostronic binoculars.
Skulker There he is, the prey that got away. I hope you've enjoyed your freedom, child, because Skulker has returned to finish the hunt.
An absurdly large double-barreled blaster cannon glowing blue in the muzzles sprouts out of Skulker's right shoulder. We see Danny through its sights—and we also see a blast from somewhere else knock Danny out of the field of view.Danny crashes into a water tank atop a building.
Skulker What? A weapon was fired? By someone other than me?
A flying red-and-grey streak forces Skulker to duck. The streak heads for the water tower where a soaked Danny Phantom is just getting up.
Valerie Thought I'd forgot about you, ghost?
Valerie shoots at Danny, but misses and hits the supports of what's left of the water tank. Danny flies above her.
Danny Nope. But I bet you forgot about that.
The water tank topples over, narrowly missing Valerie. Either she or her ultra-high-tech hoverboard dodges, and she pursues Danny as Skulker watches.
Skulker They both seem formidable. Maybe I should hunt the girl. [Danny pushes Valerie back with a beam past Skulker.] Of course, I have sworn a blood oath to have that ghost boy's pelt on my wall. [Now Danny is the one retreating again. Skulker follows both of them using the jet wings in his armor]
Danny Look, I don't want to hurt you!
Valerie [Reaching behind into her pack] What makes you think you can!
Valerie pulls out another gun, one that hasn't been seen before. A barrel longer than the casing it came out of extends, and then it sprouts eight more barrels around itself. She fires it through Danny, and his body forms a huge squiggly circle around where the bolt went through for a moment. Recovering, Danny fires back an especially strong two-fisted blast.
Skulker [hovering invisibly] I should force a contest between the hunter girl and the ghost boy. And to the winner, the honor of me using their skull as a tetherball!
Valerie's battlesuit has taken some hits, and her hoverboard is smoking now. Danny looks very angry and is about to release a powerful blast—but then we hear the bell at Amity High ringing. The camera pulls back to show they are, in fact, over their high school.
Valerie Later for you, punk!
Danny I'll be waiting, creep!
Skulker watches as Valerie flies off to land behind the bleachers on the athletic field, where she changes back into her school clothes. Her hoverboard splits in two with half going into each shoe. Danny, invisible, phases into a boy's room to change. Then they both run for their first class, colliding in front of Health Sciences.
Valerie Watch it, punk!
Danny You watch it, creep!
The classroom door opens, and there's Ms. Tetslaff, the beefy gym teacher.
Tetslaff Fenton! Gray! Congratulations! You two stragglers are paired up for a special Health Sciences project. [The teacher picks up something from just inside the classroom.] I now pronounce you man, wife, and child. [tosses a flower sack with a happy face and wearing a diaper; Valerie and Danny manage to catch it.]
Danny I am so not kissing the bride!
Valerie What makes you think you can!
The scene changes to the hallways of Casper High, several couples with flour sack babies are panned past, then the camera zooms in on Sam and Tucker. As they walk with their flour sack baby [Hereafter FSB], they pass Danny and Valerie. Danny leaves Valerie behind with their FSB to run and join Sam and Tucker and continue walking and talking with them while Valerie struggles alone with her FSB by her locker.
Danny Let me get this straight: We need to take care of a flour sack and pretend it's our baby?
Tucker It's supposed to be something about shared responsibility.
Shot widens to reveal Dash Baxter with a flower sack baby.
Dash Kwan! Go long!
Dash throws the sack to Kwan like a football. Kwan runs far down the hallway as if he was running for the goal line.
Tucker Well, some of us.
Sam The only thing it teaches me is how pointless this assignment is.
Valerie is struggling with her sack, and accidentally drops it on the floor.
Danny Not to mention dangerous! Now I've got to spend a week playing house with an ecto-hating ghostophobe.
Sam Don't worry, Danny. Valerie doesn't know your secret, and as far as you go, you don't know hers.
Sam turns and walks away, leaving Tucker and Danny glancing at each other. They catch up with Sam in a moment.
Tucker Besides, she can't be gunning for you if she's taking care of your little flour sack of love! [Hugs the FSB and starts singing] Danny, Val and baby sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S—HEY!
Valerie snatches off Tucker's beret and stuffs it in his mouth.
Valerie You dropped your hat.
Sam, Tucker, and Danny have stopped to look back at Valerie with her sack.
Tucker Come on, Sam! Our child doesn't need to see this kind of negativity. [turns and walks away]
Sam What?! [turns to Tucker and follows him] Tucker! It's a flower sack!
Valerie comes up to Danny and dumps the sack at his feet.
Valerie I'll make things quick! I don't like you, and you don't like me!
Danny Fine! I'm glad we worked that out!
Valerie So, I took the time to chart out our responsibilities.
Valerie brings out a pie chart labeled “Baby Care”. A tiny sliver is labeled “ME” and the rest of the pie is “for DANNY”.
Danny And by “our” you mean “mine”.
Valerie Look. Unlike you, I'm busy. So busy my grades are in the toilet and I really need to pass this class. [sound of baby crying] What is that?!
The FSB is playing the sounds of crying. Danny picks it up. The needle on a gauge on the side jumps from “calm”. to “CRANKY”..
Danny You can't just set it down. These things need constant motion.
Valerie You see? And it's that kind of parental responsibility that's gonna get me a good grade. Or else! [Walks away leaving Danny holding the bag.]
The scene changes to outside the Nasty Burger. Danny is still holding the bag and it's still crying.
Danny I've been a parent all of one day and my grade is probably already down to a C-minus.
Sam Life could be worse. You could be that guy.
Shot of Nasty Nat, the costumed mascot of Nasty Burger, being tormented by four nasty little boys.
Tucker Oooh! Nasty Nat! Let's get a family photo with him. Family photos raise your grades. [Pushes Danny and Sam toward the mascot.]
Sam You're taking this way too seriously!
Skulker is skulking on the roof of the Nasty Burger, watching. He turns away to do some monologing.
Skulker Hmm. Going to need the right bait to lure those two back to battle.
Materializes a cage with various ghosts he's captured.
Skulker Too scaly; too frightening; you I plan on feasting on for dinner—Yes! You'll do. [pulls the Box Ghost out of the cage.] You'll do.
Box Ghost I am the box ghost. I—
Skulker puts a spider-like gag on the Box Ghost. Then Skulker brings out something looking very much like the Fenton Fisher. Back on the ground, Danny manages to take a couple of snapshots of Sam, Tucker, and Sack with Nasty Nat using only one hand while holding on to his crying sack.
Tucker You want me to take one of you? Family photos boost your grade.
Danny That would require having the whole family. But Mommy is too busy with her job to pull her weight and keep this kid quiet!
Sam and Tucker Danny! You're scaring the baby!
Sam Which that is not; that's a flour sack.
Danny [Danny's sack farts.] Oh come on!!
Sam Just be thankful it's only flour.
Danny [sack farts again] Then why does it smell like beans?
Tucker It's the little touches that bring the baby to life. Here. Allow me. [Takes the sack from Danny.]
Tucker takes off his pack which unfolds into a changing table.
Danny Where'd you get all this stuff.
Tucker I announced the birth of our ten-pound sack of joy on the internet. The online geek community can be very generous.
While they talked, Skulker dangled the Box ghost on his fishing line behind Danny and Tucker but in front of the customers inside the Nasty Burger. Danny's ghost sense finally registers, so he turns around and notices the Box Ghost.
Box Ghost [Just after his gag falls off] Beware! [The customers in the Nasty Burger finally realize they've seen a ghost.]
Danny Ah man! Can you watch the kid for me?
Tucker What do I look like? A baby-sitting service? [Danny hands Tucker a two-dollar bill] Come to Uncle Tucker and his baby-sitting service.
Danny runs around to the back of the Nasty Burger and runs into the mascot.
Nasty Nat Watch it! [Runs off.]
Danny  Sorry, It Was An Accident. Jeez, Is Everybody a jerk this week?
Danny transforms without  his signature "going ghost" and flies up to take a look around.
Danny Now where's that lame-o Box Ghost?
Valerie Only lame-o ghost I see here is you!
Valerie shoots a rocket into Danny, causing him to crash into the Nasty Nat drive-through robot.
Robot [half-destroyed] Welcome to Nasty Burger. May I take your order?
Danny blasts the robot, finishing its destruction.
Danny Oh, she's too busy to watch the kids, but when it comes time to kick my butt, she's front-and-center. [to Valerie] Don't you have anything better to do?
Valerie This is what I do! [fires and hits, causing Danny to fly past Skulker]
Skulker At last! People hitting people. Is there anything more beautiful?
Valerie fires a salvo of five rockets which all land at the Nasty Burger. One of them hits the pole holding the sign up, and it begins to lean over toward Tucker.
Tucker My baby!
Danny Tucker!
Danny flies down to Tucker and makes both of them insubstantial before the pole snaps and falls. No harm comes to Tucker, Danny, or their FSBs.
Tucker Thanks! But this is gonna cost you extra.
Danny You can bill me later. Right now I've gotta stop this fight before anyone gets hurt.
Danny turns invisible, goes behind some SUVs, and comes out as Danny Fenton. Valerie looks down with her binoculars at the scene. Part of the scene is Nasty Nat (not the robot) on the ground, unmoving, surrounded by panicking people. She also sees Danny Fenton close by.
Valerie No ghost kid. I better get out of here before this gets any worse. [Flies off]
Skulker Oh, this is ridiculous. I could have skinned them both by now.
Tucker I ought to bust you for child endangerment. [Gives Danny his sack back and picks up his own sack to cuddle it.] There, there now. Daddy's here. Daddy loves you, yes he does.
Sam Uh, Tucker [taking the sack from Tucker] Point of information, it's a sack of white powder you almost got killed over. [But then Sam smiles at the sack, moistens her finger with her tongue and rubs off a smudge.]
Tucker I'm gonna have to charge you extra, Danny. Hazard pay, and all.
Danny [Handing a five-dollar bill to Tucker] Fine. Whatever. Right now I just want to find Valerie and give her our kid. And a piece of my mind!
Danny turns to leave, but runs right into Nasty Nat, up and around again.
Danny Please move! [Shoves Nat aside]
Somehow it's daytime again and Dash and Paulina are now outside the Nasty Burger.
Dash [in his football uniform] I can't take the kid during football practice.
Paulina [in her cheerleader uniform] Hello? You have protective padding. All I are have are pom-poms.
Tucker I couldn't help overhearing you, and I think I have the solution to your child-care dilemma.
The scene changes to Valerie Gray's Apartment. Valerie is doing chinups from some ugly pipe in her ceiling. Around her are all sorts of evidence of her obsession, including clippings of articles about “the Ghost Kid”, photographs, his image on her computer, ectoplasm samples, an arsenal of weapons on one wall of her room, and a “Most Wanted” poster with Danny at the top of the list.
Valerie [to herself] You can run, ghost boy, but you can't hide.
Persistent knocking brings her to the entry door.
Danny Valerie? It's Danny. And Junior. You're taking the kid. Now.
Valerie But. My job.
Danny I know all about your stupid job.
Valerie What? [kicks a forgotten gun near the door out of sight.] Who told you about that?
Danny It doesn't matter. Free ride's over. Now get your lazy butt in gear and start pulling your own weight.
Valerie Danny, wait, please! If I flunk Tetslaff's class my dad will kill me! [The FSB farts in Valerie's face.]
Danny Great! Then you might think about changing that diaper.
Skulker Clearly the sack is very valuable to both of them. Which gives me an idea...
Skulker becomes invisible, flies over to Valerie's apartment, and steals the sack out of Valerie's hands. Valerie immediately arms herself. Skulker then appears before Danny in the corridor outside Valerie's place with the sack.
Danny Skulker! What are you doing?
Skulker Framing you. [Yells at the sack, which starts crying]
Danny Skulker! No!
Skulker throws the sack to Danny, then turns invisible and phases through the ceiling. And, of course, just after Skulker disappears, Valerie comes out of her door in her battlesuit. And Valerie sees the ghost boy holding her stolen FB .
Valerie Hand over the sack, ghost, and nobody gets hurt!
Danny Wait! It's not what you think!
Valerie begins firing in the hallway. Danny keeps holding the sack with both hands, turns invisible, and flies up through the ceiling. Instead of her usual blast-a-hole-and-fly-out-through-it technique, Valerie comes out through the open window in her place on the top floor seconds after Danny left her, and she gets right on his six, firing some more.
Danny (over his shoulder as he flies with the sack ahead of his body) You don't understand. This is all a trick. By a ghost named Skulker.
Valerie stops firing but keeps Danny covered with even more firepower. They come to a random stopping place directly over a plot hole to parley.
Danny See? I'm putting the sack down, right here. You don't want to hurt me, and you don't want to hurt this, right? (points to the sack).
Valerie (retracting the extras from her gun) Why do you even care?
Skulker No hitting? Why is there no hitting? I'm changing the rules of this hunt. [presses a button on his wrist]
Doohickeys pop out of the ground around Danny and Valerie.
Valerie I knew it! It's a trap!
Danny No, it's not me!
The doohickeys zap them with electricity, or perhaps ghostricity.

Cut to Danny waking up next to Valerie (still suited up) after being knocked out. He and Val discover they are handcuffed together, and the handcuffs are glowing with some kind of blue energy.

Skulker Greetings, prey. Having failed to determine which one of you is the superior challenge, I've decided to hunt you both at the same time.
A long shot showing Skulker's Island, which like many ghost zone venues is an island floating in space, surrounded by scattered purple doors. Skulker's Island is mostly jungle on top, with one outcropping featuring that has the face of a skull. The camera zooms in, twisting...

Cut to Skulker looming and gloating in his huge armored, gadgeted battlesuit in front of Danny and a screaming Valerie.

Valerie [screaming] AAAH!!! UHHH!!! HELP!!! What is this place?! Who's he?! What's going on here?! (flinging Danny around by his handcuff as she wildly gestures and turns about).
Danny Okay, in order: This is the Ghost Zone; that's Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter; and other than you dislocating my shoulder, we're about to be hunted like animals.
Skulker [producing a ridiculous array of weapons from his suit] I'm offering you a sporting head start, prey. I suggest you take it.
Danny [as they are running away] Less freaking! More running!
After dodging a flying net and spinning bolas, Danny tries to fire back with his free hand. It glows, but doesn't do anything else.
Danny Oh, man! These handcuffs must cancel out my all my ghost powers!
Valerie [stopping and reaching down] My rocket grenade launcher!
Danny No! Don't! It might be—
A compartment hidden in a tree opens and a lot of darts shoot out. The pair drops to the ground. The darts all seem to miss...
Danny Booby trapped. See, that's why I took the time to explain the whole Ghost Zone's greatest hunter thing.
They hear Skulker roaring.
Valerie Get up! He's coming!
Danny [dart in butt] I... can't... move.
Skulker Spectral paralysis dart. The effects are only temporary. But this will not be. [pulls out a large two-handed gun]
Valerie drags Danny along as she runs away.
Danny [as Valerie is dragging him behind her] Well, on the bright side, she's finally starting to pull her own weight.
Cut to a park in Amity Park where Tucker is pushing a carrier through a park. The carrier is made of four prams fastened together and mounting a large banner between two poles advertising “Flour Power Day Care"
Tucker [raising phones in both hands to his ears] Flour Power Day Care, please hold. Flour Power Day Care, please hold, Flour Power Day Care. Yes, we do accept your parents' credit cards.
Tucker [to Sam, taking down phones for a moment.] This baby sitting racket is a gold mine!
Sam That's great, but aren't you worried our own sack might get neglected?
Sam and Tucker's sack baby looks like it might fall out of the one-shoulder-strap sling Tucker has it in. Then it does fall.
Tucker No. Why?
Sam [picking up the “baby”] While you're just so busy, why don't I just take her off your hands for a few hours [cradles and rocks the “baby”]
Tucker Her? Now who's taking this way too seriously! [takes the “baby” away and puts it on top of another sack in one of the prams] You're bonding, aren't you?
Sam No! I am so not bonding. I just thought I'd give you a break, that's all
Tucker Well, thanks, but no thanks. [bringing up a phone and turning away] No better advertisement for business than a full carrier. [Taking into phone as he starts walking away pushing the carrier with his other hand.]
Sam You're right, it's just a stupid school project.
Tucker [to phone, oblivious to Sam] Yes, we do offer diaper cleaning. Flour Power Day Care...
Sam looks down at her “baby” rolling away with the other sacks Tucker is using hoping to make even more money.

Cut to Screaming Valerie bursting out of some jungle foliage as chase music plays, pulling Danny along. Skulker comes out of the same foliage as the shot ends.

Shot of Danny's face, now off the ground.

Shot of Danny's free hand closing slowly with a creaking noise as he grunts with effort.

Shot of Valerie dragging Danny up to the edge of the island. Valerie stops, Danny stands up, and they booth peer down over the edge.

Cut to Skulker stopped somewhere behind them, holding his gun at the ready.

Skulker No way out, whelps!
Valerie There is one way out!
Danny What?! No! Listen to me!
Valerie dives off the edge of the island, dragging Danny with her. Skulker reaches the edge seconds three seconds later. After falling quite a bit, she deploys her hoverboard from her boots. Danny falls down on the board as Valerie stops its “fall”. Valerie starts moving under control.
Valerie He might have got my weapons, but he didn't get everything! [Except the missiles and the guns built into the board, which are plainly visible]
Cut back to Skulker deploying his wings and jets and taking off to track them down.

Cut to Valerie and Danny racing along on her board.

Danny Could you slow down for a moment? This is the Ghost Zone, and I am a ghost. I can help us both.
Valerie Why should I trust you?!
Danny points to the glowing handcuff connecting him to Valerie.
Valerie Fine. I'm open to suggestions.
Danny Head for a door. Any door! Sometimes they're portals between the Ghost Zone and Earth.
They fly to a door and Valerie opens it. They see a railroad track leading straight to the door.
Danny Not that door!!
An Old West-style steam locomotive is rushing toward them. It opens a mouth revealing fire behind huge jagged teeth. Both of them slam the door closed.
Valerie Then maybe you should be a little more specific, huh?!
They fly to the nest door, enter, and close it behind. Skulker stops in front of the door three seconds after.
Skulker I can smell how near they are. Sweat. Fear. And...(sniffs) beans. One of them must have had a burrito.
Cut to Amity Park. Tucker returns home with his carrier-and-rolling-advertisement but without Sam. He's set up his phony-baloney “day care center” in his parents' garage.

Tucker begins putting each of his customer's sack's in their own cradle to be rocked by a pulley system rigged from the washer, so they won't start getting “cranky” without any effort on Tucker's part. Each cradle has the payment for it's sack baby clipped to the top.

Tucker puts a sack into a cradle with a ten dollar bill.

Tucker Nighty-night, Alexander.
Tucker puts a sack into a cradle with a twenty dollar bill.
Tucker Sleep tight, Andrew.
Tucker puts a sack into a cradle with a one hundred dollar bill.
Tucker Pleasant dreams, Benjamin. You're my favorite! I mean, of course, except not counting—huuuuh!
There are no sacks left in the carrier.

Cut to Sam's Room. Sam has obviously taken their sack baby from Tucker's carrier while he was oblivious. She's put a wig on it like her hair. Sam has drawn eyes like hers, and now she's using her own lipstick to give her baby a mouth.

Sam Aren't you adorable? You are now! Yes you are! Now!
Cut back to the ghost zone. As eerie music plays, Valerie and Danny fly through a void with no purple doors but many floating islands. Valerie lands her board on one and retracts it into her boots. Danny flexes a little.
Danny I can move again. Thanks for the save back there.
Valerie Yeah? Well thank you for nothin'! [points at Danny accusingly] It's your fault I'm stuck in this freaky ghost world!
Danny [Picking up a rock] Right. [begins beating on the handcuffs cable against a bigger rock.] Because clearly the maniac who cuffed and dragged us in here didn't have anything to do with it.
Valerie Man, I'm just gettin' paired up with all kinds of jerks in my life!
Danny What do you mean by that?
Valerie Nothing you'd know about, ghost! Some dweeb's been givin' me all kinds of static at school! Because of this project we're both supposed to be doin'.
Danny Uh, maybe you weren't pulling your weight?!
Valerie [picking up another rock to hit the cable with] Or maybe he has no idea what my life is like! A job! A second job!
Danny [sympathetically] Two jobs?
Valerie I gotta catch ghosts like you and raise money for college! I coulda been paired up with anybody, but I got stuck with insensitive [strikes cable much harder] uncaring [another hard strike] Danny Fenton! [breaks the rock she was using as a hammer.]
And now each cuff join to project a hologram, and an all-too familiar voice is heard again.
Skulker Greetings, panicking youngsters. As much as I would enjoy following the smell of beans through the infinite realms of the ghost zone, I believe I have something you want right here. [Holds up the sack baby]
Danny & Valerie We have to go back!
Danny Even though I have absolutely no idea why that sack is so important.
Skulker laughs evilly.

Cut to Sam's Room in Amity Park.

Tucker What have you done with our child?! Give him back! [takes the “baby” from Sam, puts a beret on it.] It's obvious Tucker Jr. needs a strong father.
Sam No way! [snatches the “baby” back.] Lilith needs to be raised in a nurturing environment. Not some overcrowded baby barracks!
Tucker Oh my gosh! The other babies! Gotta go! [kisses “Lilith”] Bye! [kisses Sam!] Uhhh...
Sam Tha-at never happened!
Tucker You got that right! Daddy's gotta run!
Sam Don't forget to pick up milk!
Cut back to the Ghost Zone and a different establishing shot of Skulker's Island.

Cut to Valerie landing and folding up her board back into her boots.

Cut to Skulker watching them.

Skulker That's it, come to my trap.
The sack baby starts crying. Skulker drops it, then picks it up again.
Skulker What is this thing?! And why will it not cease it's infernal racket?! [Squeezes the sack as if he were strangling it.]
Danny and Valerie are on the scene now. Skulker throws the bag down and is about to blast it, but Danny and Valerie jump in front of him, grab it, and start running away. Skulker, of course, starts shooting at them. Valerie activates her hoverboard again, and they dodge Skulker's fire.
Danny Go high!
Valerie [a few dodges later] Go low!
They charge Skulker and use his handcuffs as a tripwire, knocking his feet from under him.
Danny Hey, I think we finally got this teamwork thing down!
Skulker recovers and grabs them off the board by the handcuffs.
Valerie Just in time to get our butts fried!
Skulker Now, before I destroy you both, I must know what is so valuable about this package.
Valerie It's not the package that's valuable, it's how you take care of it that counts!
Danny And dude! You are a horrible mother!
The sack baby farts in Skulker's face, blinding him. Another one of Valerie's guns is lying beside Danny, tied to the usual glowing cable, just like the one on the first booby-trapped weapon.
Valerie Wait, what are you doing!
Danny Giving Skulker a taste of his own booby trap!
The trap fires pointy red cones which Danny and Valerie avoid by hugging the ground. Skulker, twice as tall as either, and still standing, does not avoid his own trap, and soon looks like a pin cushion.
Skulker I can't see... I can't move... [topples to the ground with a CLANK!]
Danny Please, don't get up on our account.
Danny takes the key from Skulker and unlocks the handcuffs. Then Danny and Valerie walk out of the scene, leaving Skulker alone.
Skulker Ok, now my nose itches. A little help here? Anyone? Please?
Danny comes back with the sack and makes it fart in Skulker's face again.

The scene changes to The Foley's kitchen. Tucker Foley comes home through the kitchen door where his mom is baking.

Tucker Hi, mom!
Mrs. Foley Cookie, dear? Just made 'em fresh for the big bake sale.
Tucker [picking up a fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookie] Thanks, Mom.
Mrs. Foley No, thank you son for picking up all that flour for me.
Tucker spits out his mouthful. All the flour sack babies he was being paid to look after are ripped open and empty
Tucker Nooooooooooo!
The scene changes back to the Ghost Zone. Danny and Valerie emerge from the jungle foliage somewhere near the edge of Skulker's island into a clear area.
Valerie [Holding up what's left of the flour sack baby] At least it's stop crying. I guess I was kinda harsh on you before. I never thought a ghost could be anything but trouble.
Danny That's because you never bothered to get to know one. Truce? [holds out hand]
Valerie stares at Danny's outstretched hand.
Valerie For now. Get me out of this ghost world, and we'll see how long it lasts.
Danny Zone. It's more of a zone.
Danny But, if you insist [goes ghost and invisible] We're going to have to do it my way, though! [overshadows Valerie]
Danny flies Valerie's body off off Skulker's island to the Fenton Portal. Inside the deserted portal room, he turns invisible and flies out through ceiling, and out of the building into the full-moon night sky over Amity Park. He flies Valerie to her room in Elmerton. Setting what's left of her flour sack baby down as he kneels on her bed, he presses some control on the left glove of her battlesuit, and the suit goes wherever it goes when Valerie de-activates it. Then Danny, still invisible, comes out of Valerie's body, and Valerie collapses onto her bed, curling up, asleep.
Danny Now to get out of here before she—oh, man! You gotta be kiddin' me!

Danny has just noticed the Nasty Nat costume is on the floor of Valerie's room. As Danny picks up the costume, Val wakes up. Danny hides behind the costume as he turns back to Danny Fenton.

Valerie What?! Who's there?!
Danny [revealing himself] Uh, sorry. The door was open and uh, according to your chart it's my turn to take the baby, and—
Valerie Gimme that!! [jumps out of bed and grabs the costume from Danny] And you'd better not tell anyone, I mean it!! You'd better not!
Danny I won't tell anybody! Wow, this is like the worst job ever. I didn't know this was the job you were talking about.
Valerie [walking away with the costume] That's because you didn't bother to get to know me. [puts the costume down on her bed.]
Danny Yeah. You're right. And I'm supposed to be the good guy.
Valerie Huh?
Danny Uh, nothing, nothing. So, uh, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?
Valerie (holding up what's left of their sack baby) You can start by not getting mad.
Scene change to Casper High. Voice over of Ms. Tetslaff addressing her health class over an establishing shot of Casper High, then switching to the classroom where she is speaking.
Ms. Tetslaff Fenton! Gray! Your flour sack is a disgrace.
The camera switches from an image of the sack in Ms. Tetslaff's hands to a view from over her shoulder, showing several sacks in worse shape among the students as the shot pans over to Valerie and Danny.
Ms.Tetslaff But seeing it's not part of a cookie, I'm giving you a “C”.
Ms. Tetslaff Manson, for exemplary parenting skills, if questionable taste in makeup, I'm awarding you an “A”.
Ms. Tetslaff [thrusting her head just a few inches in front of Tucker's face] As for you, Mr. Day Care...! 
The scene changes to show a long line of couples lines up in front of a banner reading "FLOUR POWER DAY CARE GOING OUT OF BUSINESS". Tucker is handing out refunds to each couple.
Tucker Gonna miss you, Alexander! [next couple]  And Andrew! [next couple] And especially you, Benjamin!
After the last couple gets their money back, Tucker takes down his banner and as he rolls it up Sam comes to him, with her flower sack baby in a snuggle sack.
Sam Cheer up, Tuck. You can still visit Lilith on weekends.
Tucker Sam, it's just a flower sack. [throws the banner over his shoulder].
The park Sam and Tucker in is right next to the Nasty Burger, sign now repaired
Nasty Nat Hey! Watch where you're throwing that! Show a little respect, huh. [The banner is draped over the mascot.]
Sam Wait, Danny?
Sam goes to Danny, followed by Tucker.
Danny Yeah. The other day I was such a jerk to uh, the person who wore this thing. I figured I give that person the day off.
Sam Aw, you're not half bad, Danny. Maybe someday Valerie will figure out the other half isn't either.
Danny I didn't say it was Valerie.
Sam You didn't say it wasn't. Relax. I'm sure she's finally enjoying herself.
The camera dissolves into a zoomed out shot which then pans over to a horizon with a mountain. Then a cut to the Box Ghost in high-speed retreat from someone firing pink energy bolts at him.
Box Ghost Wo-o-oh!
Valerie You're goin' down!
Box Ghost You cannot catch me! For I am the Box—owww!
[End of episode