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The following is an alphabetized list of gadgets developed by the ghost-hunting company Fenton Works. Like Vladco, it specializes in the manufacture of ghost-related devices.

Fenton Works gadgets

The Fentons have created a wealth of commercialized products that are intended to help them with their goals of capturing and defeating ghosts. Most of these gadgets are used primarily by Maddie and Jack, though Danny has been known to borrow some of them from time to time. Most, if not all, Fenton products rely on ectoplasm as their power source.

While all of the inventions work, Jack and Maddie occasionally assume they do not or are malfunctioning when the inventions react to Danny.


S02e11 ecto converter.png

It uses a ghost's ectoplasm as a power source, with no regard for the ghost's safety. As far as Jack and Maddie are concerned, if they "hear the ghost screaming, they'll know that the device is working." It was originally installed in the Fenton RV, until it was stolen by Skulker to be used in the Ecto-Skeleton. It was later destroyed along with the Ecto-Skeleton in "Secret Weapons."


S03e11 Ecto-Dejecto.png
S03e11 Ecto-Dejecto wideshot.png

A serum that Jack devised to weaken a ghost's power, but instead, it did the opposite, making the ghost stronger, as shown in "D-Stabilized." Danny later used the serum to reform and stabilize Dani.

The intent of the serum's creation was to weaken a ghost's power, to the point they would eventually disperse. However, like many of Jack's inventions, it never worked as was intended. Instead of weakening ghosts, it strengthens them, to the point it can stabilize unstable ectoplasmic beings (such as ghosts, half-ghosts and half-ghost clones). The serum is administered either with a hypodermic needle or as a small, localized spray.

At some point prior to "D-Stabilized," Jack developed this serum as a non-conventional way of harming and weakening ghosts. 

In "D-Stabilized" Jack tests his new invention on several ghosts, but each time it drastically strengthens them, to the point that the containment chamber overflows. Later Danny tries to help stabilize Dani, remembering his father's invention. He uses the aerosol-based formula to spray on Dani and stabilize her structure.

Ecto-Exodus Alarm

S02M01 Ecto Exodus Alarm 2.png

An alarm to detect ghostly invasions of the 'real world'. This alarm can produce an ear-piercing wail that temporarily distorts the senses of nearby specters. In "Reign Storm," the alarm was sounded when the wave of ghosts moved to the human world once Pariah Dark was released.


S02M01 Danny going ghost ecto skeleton.gif

A battle suit that increases the user's natural abilities 100-fold. It is controlled via a neural interface. When Danny used it in his ghost form, he was able to transfer his powers to the suit. Its outer casing design altered to Danny Phantom's suit colors and logo. After Danny used it in the final battle against Pariah Dark and was knocked unconscious, it was stolen by Vlad. In "Secret Weapons", Vlad hires Skulker to steal bloodstream nanobots, the Fenton Ecto-Converter, and Technus's lightning rod to upgrade the Ecto-Skeleton to remove its negative effects. He also forces Jazz to don the suit and battle Danny, after which they activate the self-destruct on it.


S03e05 landing by the ecto stoppo power refier.png

It is a Cannon that removes/negate a ghost's powers, including ones that a half-ghost possesses, in order to stop any ghosts from using their powers. When used on Danny and Amorpho, they were unable to transform and slowly began to lose all of their ghost powers. It also can be reversed if hit by it again.

Emergency Ops Center

S01e01 first shot of Fenton Works.png

The Emergency Ops Center is a special observatory built on the roof of Fenton Works. 

Fenton Anti-Creep Stick

"But it's a bat with the word 'Fenton' on it!"

The Fenton Anti-Creep Stick is merely a regular baseball bat with the name "Fenton" printed on it and has no anti-ghost properties. First seen in "13," wielded by Maddie.

Fenton Bazooka

S01e17 Jazz in Maddie's jumpsuit blasting ghosts.gif

This device is a large blaster able to shoot damaging beams of energy at the target ghost. It is able to completely destroy weaker ghosts.

It was temporarily fitted with a portable ghost portal device. When shot, it created temporary portals to the Ghost Zone that suck in nearby ghost entities or ghosts that are hit directly with a shot. This was only seen in "Public Enemies."

Fenton Blimp

S02e03 Emergency Ops Blimp.png

This is the Emergency Ops Center, detached from the house and attached to a blimp with Jack Fenton's face on it. It is first seen in "Pirate Radio." It can also transform into a jet, as first seen in "Reality Trip," when Danny and his friends were using it to find the reality gems. They later used it in "Torrent of Terror" where they lured Vortex back to Amity Park.

Fenton Booo-merang

S02M02 Jazz boomerang.gif

An offensive weapon, invented by Fenton Works, is a metallic boomerang, with green details and a green dial in the center of it. It locks onto a ghost's unique ecto-signature and seeks it out wherever it goes. It is powered by an internal power supply/source that can last for at least or over ten years. As usual, Danny's parents are puzzled when it locks onto Danny. Sam thinks it has a stupid name as she described it as a "stupidly named tracking device." It appeared in "The Ultimate Enemy" and "Kindred Spirits."

Fenton Crammer

S02e13 Jack with the fenton crammer.jpg

It can shrink/grow not only ghosts but also humans and inanimate objects as well. It only appears in "Micro-Management," when it is accidentally used to shrink Danny, Skulker, and Dash. When a ghost is shrunk with it, their powers gradually get weaker and can become disabled completely unless the ghost is returned to normal size. Maddie suggests calling it the Specter Shrinker.

Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle

"Every button in this baby is a ghost's worst nightmare."

An RV with many built-in ghost-hunting gadgets.

Fenton Finder

"You would have to be some sort of moron to not notice the ghost directly ahead."

A device that uses satellite data to locate ghosts. It has an attitude and makes sarcastic comments when Jack doesn't see the ghost it finds. It was seen in the first episode and again in "Splitting Images."

Fenton Flush

S03e11 Fenton Flush.png

A lever on the ghost containment cell which literally flushes all ghosts inside of it back into the Ghost Zone through the Ghost Portal.

Fenton Foamer

S01e13 Danny aiming the Fenton Foamer.png

Ejects green anti-ghost goo which clears an area full of ghosts. Most notably used in "Fright Night." It was used again in "Masters of All Time." When alternate Maddie hid it in the closet and alternate Vlad used it to restrain and capture Danny and Jack.

Fenton Ghost Catcher

"It's like an Indian dream catcher except it expunges ghosts and not dreams."

This is a ghost/overshadowing-removing device that separates humans that pass through it from ghosts that are possessing them. It separates ectoplasmic energy from people (when ghosts have overshadowed them), objects, or places It resembles a huge dream catcher; the net/web in the center is designed to act as a filter. The device has two sides, "merge" and "separate." It appeared twice in "What You Want " and "Identity Crisis".

Fenton Ghost Fisher

"Coated with a special high-test ectoplasmal resin that ghosts can't break."

First seen in "Parental Bonding" — a high-tech retractable fishing rod "used to go fishing for ghosts." The Fenton Ghost Fisher looks like a normal fishing pole with a glowing fishing line. The pole is collapsible into the handle, leaving a small metallic cylinder. The line is coated in a specially-tested ectoplasmic resin that ghosts can't break or escape from, though on several occasions, powerful ghosts have broken it. The line also tends to jam on Jack frequently, usually when he wants to use it against his son, Danny. Skulker, apparently, stole one as he is shown to have one in "Life Lessons". It also appeared in "Parental Bonding", "Shades of Gray", and "Public Enemies". 

Fenton Ghost Gloves/Ghost Gauntlets

S01e05 Tucker with the gauntlets.png

In the Alternate Future

They are large, ectoplasm-powered metallic gloves that are so powerful that no ghost can break their grip.  In "Splitting Images," Tucker uses the gloves to grab Sidney Poindexter (in Danny's body) and shove him back through locker 724 into his own realm. Jack used these to overpower Vlad Plasmius in "The Million Dollar Ghost." Later, in "The Ultimate Enemy," Vlad somehow obtained the Fenton Ghost Gloves; using an extra feature of claws, in which it can exorcise and surgically remove ectoplasmic entities from certain beings via retractable ecto-charged laser claws. It's not shown how Vlad managed to get them. He uses these to separate Danny's ghost and human halves. Then, Danny's ghost half steals them, tears out Vlad's ghost half, and fuses with it, becoming Dark Danny. Later, Vlad later uses them to remove a time medallion from Danny's body that Dark Danny had made permanently intangible. Danny used these against Dark Danny in their final battle.

Fenton Ghost Peeler

S01e09 Jazz suited up.png

The user gains anti-ghost body armor and a ray that strips away ghostly disguises and harm ghost or simple human clothing. Jazz has used this on more than one occasion, notably to rescue Danny in "My Brother's Keeper" and later to reveal Dark Danny when he was posing as his younger self ("The Ultimate Enemy"). Sam uses it in "Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island" and "Girls' Night Out."

Fenton Ghost Portal

S01e04 Fenton Portal.png

An artificial portal to the Ghost Zone, created by Jack and Maddie Fenton. Danny got his ghost powers from this portal.

Fenton Ghost Shield

S02e03 ghost shield over ship.png

The Fentons' own ghost shield. It has been used to protect Fenton Works, Casper High School, Youngblood's pirate ship, and all of Amity Park.

Fenton Ghost Weasel

S01e19 the ghost weasel.png

The Fenton Ghost Weasel is a vacuum cleaner device designed by Jack Fenton to vacuum up ghosts, first seen in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale." It is a ghost vacuum device created by Jack to contain ghosts, similar to the Fenton Thermos, albeit a little larger. It appears to hold only one ghost at a time, as it does not hold Technus and a large amount of lab equipment. Also, when Danny was held inside, he was uncomfortably crammed inside, showing that it does not have the minimization technology the thermos has.

In "Masters of All Time," Maddie uses her own version of the Ghost Weasel in the alternate timeline and calls it the "Maddie Weasel". It appeared in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," "The Million Dollar Ghost," and "Masters of All Time."

Fenton Grappler

S01e01 Jazz under net.png

A special net-gun that supposedly ensnares ghosts; though only used on Jazz by accident.

Fenton Helmet

S01e12 Fenton helmet.png

In "Teacher of the Year", Danny uses this device, as a controller to play "Doomed". Later in the episode, Danny phased into this device and used it to put himself into his video game and overshadow his avatar, granting it his ghost powers.

Fenton Phones

"...communicators that filter out ghost noise."

First seen in "Fanning the Flames," Fenton Phones serve both as a ghost noise filter (to prevent the wearer from falling under the influence of "ghost noise," such as Ember's song), and as compact walkie talkie-like accessory for Danny, Sam, and Tucker. They were used in "Fanning the Flames" to, as Danny said, "filter out spectral noise" so that he, Tucker, and Sam could communicate. It appeared in "Fanning the Flames," "Teacher of the Year," "Flirting With Disaster," and "D-Stabilized."

Fenton Rocket

S03M04 Fenton Rocket.png

A spacecraft designed by Maddie and Jack and funded and built by Vlad Masters to deal with the Disasteroid. It is equipped with asteroid-busting drill missiles, which Vlad intentionally sabotaged to make Jack look foolish and himself a hero. Only seen in "Phantom Planet."

Fenton Rod

Long pole-like staff. These were used in Pirate Radio where Danny and his classmates used them to save their parents from Youngblood and Ember. It shown their capabilities include firing lasers and melee attacks, as both the Zombies and Skeletons were killed by being whacked or decapitation by shotgun blast as demonstrated in "Pirate Radio" when a few were killed through shots by the Fenton rod. Danny also demonstrated the rod can split from a Bo-staff to two Kali sticks to stick-fight or show an armature version of Eskrima.

Fenton Skateboard

These were used in Pirate Radio where Danny and his classmates used them to save their parents from Youngblood and Ember.

Fenton Specter Deflector

S01e17 specter deflector.png

It is a belt that repels and weakens any ghost that comes in direct contact of the person wearing it. It can also be put on a half-ghost to disable some of his or her powers.

Fenton Stockades

S01e11 empty Fenton Stockades.png

A metal chamber with spikes inside, similar to an iron maiden. In "Fanning the Flames," Jack threatened to put the kids in it if they didn't focus on their test but ended up being put in it by Maddie. From the looks of it, it seems to be some sort of punishment tool. Its applications to ghost-hunting are unknown, though, given its outer tech-like design, it is possible that ghosts cannot phase through it, therefore can be trapped inside.

Fenton Submarine

S02e07 submarine exploring the ship.jpg

A watercraft with many built-in ghost-hunting gadgets. Only seen in "The Fenton Menace." It can also transform into a motorboat when Danny and his family were using it to escape Youngblood.

Fenton Thermos

"It's supposed to trap ghosts but since it doesn't work yet it's just a thermos. A thermos with the word "Fenton" in front of it."

A device that traps ghosts by sucking them into it. It has the appearance of a thermos. Danny often uses this device to capture ghosts he defeats so that he can send them back to the Ghost Zone.

It fires a blue beam of light that can suck in and capture any ghost, regardless of their size or shape, such as a super-powered Desiree and a reality-warped Freakshow. It is shown that the thermos has no effect on humans or other non-ghost creatures, though it can capture half-ghosts in ghost form. It can hold multiple ghosts at once. Some ghosts are so powerful that they can resist and even break free from containment: Dark Danny was shown trying to escape the thermos he was trapped in during his last appearance, and the reality-warped ghost Freakshow destroyed the thermos he was in. The thermos is also capable of closing ghost portals.

Fenton Wrist Rays

"The perfect accessory...of pain."

A wrist-mounted ectoplasmic energy ray weapon, only seen in "Claw of the Wild." It quickly became a favorite of Sam's.

Fenton Xtractor

"Maddie, the Fenton Xtractor doesn't hurt humans... unless it gets in your hair..."

A vacuum-type device that extracts a ghost from a human. It is suggested by the internet game Ghost Sweep that this was going to be Danny's primary ghost-catching device. A later version was made, known as the Fenton Ghost Weasel.

Genetic Lock

S01e14 genetic lock.png

This controls the door to the Fenton Works ghost portal, only opening when a Fenton scans their finger. First seen in "13."

Ghost Gabber

"It translates the strange sounds ghosts make and turns them into words you and I use every day!"

This device translates ghosts' wailing sounds into human-understandable language.

Ghost Shredder

No image available.png

It is seen briefly in "Forever Phantom." The full capabilities are unknown, but it is heavier than most other Fenton Works ghost hunting equipment due to the extra blades Jack added to it.

Jack o' Nine Tails

S01e17 Jack o nine tails.png

A cat o' nine tails, modified for ghost catching, with an image of Jack's face in the center of the tails. When it connects with a ghost, its tails wrap around and electrocute it. It can also form a spinning buzz saw blade. It a weapon to capture ghosts. It appeared in "Maternal Instinct," "The Million Dollar Ghost," "Memory Blank," "Pirate Radio," and "Boxed Up Fury."


S01e20 jumpsuit lasers.png

Both Maddie and Jack are almost always wearing their blue and orange jumpsuits. Both outfits are equipped with retractable ecto-guns (seen in "Control Freaks"), a hood with goggles and several pockets, which can hold other Fenton inventions. In Maddie's suit, she also wears a pair of goggles, which can fire off beams of energy at her targets, (seen in "Maternal Instinct"). Apparently, Jack starts to develop a skin rash if he's wearing something other than his jumpsuit. Jack has blue-green goggles but prefers not to wear them (however, he wears them only twice, in "Fright Night" and "Control Freaks" with red goggles (similar to Maddie's)). They have also made jumpsuits for Danny and Jazz. Danny's is a white and black jumpsuit which after his accident becomes his costume with colors reversed and became part of his ghost form. Jazz's however is similar to Jack's, as he hoped she'd be, as he put it, "swimming in my end of the gene pool." As such, she wears one of her mothers' in "Maternal Instinct" since they are the same size and it makes her look like a miniature version of Maddie. Danny wore one of his dad's jumpsuits (seen in "13"), though it appears to be too big on him. The hood and goggles that Jack and Maddie wear make them look like Batman and Catwoman from DC comics.

Maddie Modulator

S03e03 Maddie shows off new invention.png

This device is one of the few known to have been developed exclusively by Maddie. "It alters spectral frequencies and completely reverses their effects." In "Girls' Night Out" it was able to reverse Kitty's banishing kiss that made all of the males in Amity Park disappear. When Kitty fired a kiss the modulator was then used to reverse the effects making all the males appear.

Specter Speeder

S01e11 Tucker rocking out to Remember.png

It is a vehicle designed for travel in the Ghost Zone. The vehicle possesses various weapons and scanners that can detect Real World items. It can be used as an alternative vehicle instead of the Fenton RV, and is able to convert to an amphibious mode for underwater travel as well as fly in space. It was totaled in "Kindred Spirits" by Tucker's "no point" landing. Jack has plans to build a new one. In the video game version of "Urban Jungle", they introduce the "Fenton Flier" which according to the game is the rebuilt Specter Speeder. The Speeder is indeed rebuilt by the time of "Infinite Realms," but it is once again destroyed, this time by Skulker and several other ghosts in "Phantom Planet."

Wraith Wrangler

S03e11 wraith wrangler.png

A lariat that can snare ghosts, much like the Fenton Fisher, but is much thicker and harder to break. Maddie uses this to capture all the ghosts that Jack accidentally makes stronger in "D-Stabilized."

Unnamed inventions

Unnamed double-bladed beam sword

S01e17 Maddie twirling anti-ghost staff.gif

Maddie used this weapon, a green double-bladed beam sword similar to a lightsaber, in "Maternal Instinct" to fight off Vlad's mutated ghost animals. It has not appeared since.

Unnamed ghost evaporation device

S03e17 unnamed Fenton Works device.png

It "evaporates every ghost being within Jack's cell phone calling range with no roaming charges." It is a large device, comprised of multiple pieces of equipment that require a minor adjustments in order to fully work. It is bicycle-powered.

Unnamed ghost portal device

S01e16 ghost portal device.png

This small device remotely creates portals between Earth and the Ghost Zone at the push of a button. Sometime between "13" and "Lucky in Love," Johnny 13 stole components for this device from the Fenton Works' lab and jury-rigged it into said device mounted on his motorcycle for personal use. In the end of Lucky in Love, Danny destroyed the device.

Unnamed ghost storm tracker

S01e13 ghost storm tracker 1.png

This device is similar to the Fenton Finder, in that it acts as a ghostly GPS, though this one is more specific to ghostly storms. In "Fright Night" Jack and Maddie use it to track down the center of Fright Knight's influence on the town.

Unnamed hot dog cooking gadget

"Great. You've figured out how to put the 'Frank' back in 'Frankenstein."

In "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale", Maddie tried to make hot dogs with a new gadget, but it brought the sausages to life.

Unnamed lipstick blaster

"It's a lip stick and an ecto blaster."

In "Doctor's Disorders," Tucker uses this weapon to break Danny free of the ghost-proof restraints. Jazz later used it in The Fenton Menace to blow up Youngblood assistant.

Unnamed magnet device

"It's a waffle iron?"

In "The Fenton Menace," Jack attempts to sneak this device on the GAV, after Jazz's explicit instructions to have a ghost hunting free weekend. The function and purpose of the device is unknown.

Unnamed sleeping bag capsules

S01e17 sleeping bag pills.png

In "Maternal Instinct," Maddie was carrying these during her trip with Danny. As part of setting up camp in the middle of the woods, she used this invention, requiring only one drop of water on each capsule in order to expand into an adult-sized sleeping bag.

Unnamed spinning table

S02e07 Danny shaking after being spun.gif

Jack and Maddie used this device in an attempt to "spin the crazy" out of Danny in "The Fenton Menace."

Unnamed turkey cooking device

S02e10 young Danny and Jazz watching microwave.gif

Seen in a flashback in "The Fright Before Christmas," the Fentons attempted to use this device to cook a turkey for Christmas. However, the turkey came to life and attacked them.

Unnamed V.R. training device

S02e13 Jazz takes off the helmet.png

This device is comprised of four controllers (two on the hands and two on the feet) and a helmet (similar to the Fenton Helmet) with a visor. It provides a virtual reality ghost training environment, but it is also working as exercise equipment. Jazz used it in Micro-Management. It unknown if the Fenton's modified the Fenton Helmet or if this is another invention.

Unnamed wrist laser

S01e15 Maddie shoots laser at Danny.gif

Unlike most of their blasters, this device shoots a continuous stream of energy. The power pack is attached to one's belt and the actual blaster is strapped to one's wrist.


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