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Ecto-Exodus Alarm


Fenton Anti-Creep Stick

Fenton Bazooka

Fenton Booo-merang

Fenton Crammer

Fenton Finder

Fenton Flush

Fenton Foamer

Fenton Ghost Catcher

Fenton Ghost Fisher

Fenton Ghost Portal

Fenton Ghost Shield

Fenton Ghost Weasel

Fenton Stockades

Fenton Wrist Rays

Fenton Xtractor

Genetic Lock

Jack o' Nine Tails


Maddie Modulator

Wraith Wrangler

Unnamed double-bladed beam sword

Unnamed ghost evaporation device

Unnamed ghost portal device

Unnamed ghost storm tracker

Unnamed hot dog cooking gadget

Unnamed lipstick blaster

Various unnamed devices

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