Multiple Episodes

  • "Casper" in Casper High School is a reference to Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • "Amity" in Amity Park is a reference to the 1977 book The Amityville Horror.
  • Jack Fenton's name is a reference to Jack Torrance, who also had a son named Daniel, from the 1977 novel and 1980 film The Shining.
  • Danny's ghost sense is a reference to "Spider-Sense," a reflexive power of the Marvel superhero Spider-Man that allows him to sense approaching danger.[citation needed]
  • Several stores in the Amity Park Mall are allusions to real-world stores and restaurants:
    • Abyss is a parody of Gap.
    • Burger Land is a parody of Burger King.
    • Pizza House is a parody of Pizza Hut.
  • Danny Phantom appears to have a lot of striking similarities to the PBS series Martha Speaks:
    • Helen's father has the same first names as Danny Phantom, while his father (Helen's grandfather) is overweight like Jack Fenton, while Helen's mother resembles Paulina. The series's antagonist, Otis Weaselgraft, also resembles Jack and Vlad Plasmius.
    • Ronald, Alice Boxwood's older brother, is similar to Jazz Fenton in that they are both stereotypical older siblings and enjoy psychology.
    • The various scenes in Parental Bonding where Danny's pants drop down are parodied in the Martha Speaks episode Martha in the Doghouse.
    • The episode Helen's All Thumbs has a plotline similar to Teacher of the Year.
    • In the Martha Speaks episode "Martha Treads the Boards", Helen's dad (named Danny) has to play a meat-eater while her mother plays a vegetarian, parallel of Danny's relationship with Sam and her vegetarian beliefs.
    • Haunted houses and ghosts mentioned in multiple episodes could allude to Fenton Works and the Ghost Zone. There is even a Halloween special called "Night of the Phantom Scarecrow" where Helen's dad plays a large role.
    • The minor character "Mrs. Bumblecrumb" from the Martha Speaks episode "Martha's Life in Crime" resembles Penelope Spectra.
    • There is a reference to Cujo in Part 1 of "The Martha Show".
    • The Martha Speaks episode "Maestro Martha" has an almost identical plotline to Fanning The Flames, with both featuring music being used to put spells on people, as well as "Myth Me?" and Boxed Up Fury both referencing Greek mythology.
    • The antagonists' clothes during the PBS Kids outro of "The Penguin Always Rings Twice" resemble Jack Fenton's usual clothing.
    • Burger Boy, from the final episode of Season 4 of Martha Speaks, may be a parody of Nasty Burger. Furthermore, Helen's dad makes a large order.
    • However, considering that Martha Speaks first aired more than a year after Phantom Planet did, it is much more likely that Martha Speaks is referencing Danny Phantom.
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