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The following is a list of goofs, errors, and mistakes in the series Danny Phantom. Note: There is a difference between a goof (a mistake made by the directors/writers) and intentional gag shots (a mistake made by a character, or a "mistake" made on purpose as a joke or reference).

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Season 1


Mystery MeatParental BondingOne of a KindAttack of the Killer Garage SaleSplitting ImagesWhat You WantBitter ReunionsPrisoners of LoveMy Brother's KeeperShades of GrayFanning the FlamesTeacher of the YearFright Night13Public EnemiesLucky in LoveMaternal InstinctLife LessonsThe Million Dollar GhostControl Freaks

Mystery Meat

  • After the intro, when Danny's eating breakfast and his hand disappears, his spoon is empty but when his spoon falls into the bowl, it's full of cereal.
  • Before the fight with the Lunch Lady, during Danny's transformation, as the circles reach Danny's shoulders, his hair is already white and he wears his gloves. However, his eyes are blue.
  • After the Lunch Lady says, "See this is why you need meat, you're all skin and bones!" she throws Danny. Danny goes intangible but still bounces on the ground as if he is tangible.
  • Danny is a ghost when he activates the Fenton Thermos, but a human when he closes it. This may just be because he used up so much energy activating it that he was forced to transform back to a human.
  • Sam’s clothes:
    • The oval on her shirt and her leggings are green during the fights with the Lunch Lady in the kitchen and in the hallway.
    • Her leggings are missing when Danny first transforms in the kitchen and when he accidentally changes back in the hallway, right before he is grabbed by the Lunch Lady.

Parental Bonding

  • After being thrown through the bleachers, Paulina can be very briefly seen still wearing the amulet, even though Sam is the one currently wearing it.
  • Sam wardrobe malfunctions:
    • When Sam sarcastically states to Danny at the mall, "Does he have to take off his pants and act like a dweeb or will either one do?" and she's shown up close, she has pupils and her tank top has sleeves.
    • When Tucker and Sam leave for the dance, Sam is wearing purple pumps with her dress. Later at the dance, she can be seen wearing her usual combat boots.
  • In the picture of the amulet that Sam finds on the Internet, the charm is on a long chain instead of a choker.
  • In one scene, Danny puts down his sandwich to stare at Paulina, and right after, one of the bite marks on the sandwich is gone.
  • When Sam calls Paulina shallow at the beginning of the episode, Danny who was standing beside her in the frame before has disappeared.
  • During one of Danny's transformations, he is seen without his ghostly glow but he regains it just before he takes off.
  • In the mall, as shoppers are running away because of the dragon ghost (Paulina), one of them is seen to be transparent like the dragon.
  • Before the camera turns to Paulina there are no napkins on the table they are at, but when the camera turns back on Danny, Sam and Tucker, there are napkins there.
  • While in the mall, the shot after Sam told Danny if Tucker had to do the same as he did, Sam's chair is empty, but in the following shot, she is back.

One of a Kind

  • In the opening scene, when the Box Ghost is thrown by Danny into a pile of boxes, he knocks them over/scatters them even though he's intangible at said point of time.
  • When Skulker is threatening to throw Danny into the Ghost Zone, Danny's eyes are momentarily blue although he is in ghost form; later on, when Danny flies through the ceiling to get to his room, Sam momentarily has pupils.
  • When Sam is telling Danny's parents that Danny is upstairs lifting weights, her eyes cross.
  • When Mr. Lancer was talking to Danny at the end of this episode, Danny closes his eyes halfway and his eyelids are yellow.
  • The gym uniforms shown in this episode are sleeveless- the ones in future episodes have sleeves. The shorts also lose their white stripes and become solid red, and the shirt gains a CH logo.
  • After the commercial break, Skulker's hair is blue, unlike his natural electric green, although it may be because of the lighting.
  • In the end credits, during the showing of the voice actors, it reads "One of Kind" instead of "One of a Kind".

Attack of the Killer Garage Sale

  • When Jack leaves to get the Unlodger, he runs away from the stairs. Yet after the ghost fight, he returns to the basement by coming down the stairs.
  • When Danny hears Jack coming downstairs, he cries, "Dad!" yet his lips don't move, although he may have been thinking it (a similar 'goof' occurs later--interestingly, with Danny again--in "My Brother's Keeper").
  • When Tucker is asking Sam about what she can buy with her money, in one scene the N of the popcorn machine label is backwards.
  • When Jack and Danny take the ectoplasm-infected technology to the shed, the moon in the background is a crescent, yet later in the episode, the moon is full.
  • Even though Technus' battlesuit is destroyed in this episode, he is still somehow seen in it again in a later episode.

Splitting Images

  • When Sam lowers her eyes on after she hears about what happened to Paulina and some of the other kids she is temporary given pupils.
  • During the title card, Poindexter has pupils, but is not shown with pupils throughout the episode.
  • The locker numbers change throughout the episode.
  • After Danny is trapped in locker 724 and breaks out, the locker door opens from the left, not from the right where the hinges are.
  • When Poindexter (in Danny's body) throws Danny into locker 724 in 1950s Casper, both lockers 724 and 725 (directly below it) close. When Danny steps out of the locker with the mirror in hand, both lockers open again.
  • When Sam is talking to Tucker on the football field, her badge is sometimes missing the green frog under the red circle.

What You Want

  • When he goes ghost before battling Desiree for the first time in the beginning of the episode, Danny's arms are seen already in ghost form, yet being completely white with black outline. But when the rings pass over them, they don't change except the gloves' lengths being corrected and the black outline on the gloves turning grey. (But this might jut be the color/lighting of the scene that gives his arms this effect).
  • When Danny walks away from the well after failing to summon Desiree, he's in human form. Yet when he turns around due to being alarmed when Desiree is about to grant a typical million dollars wish to a guy, his hair is already grey when he makes his eyes turn green in the close-up. He had only just turned around, so he should not have been able to do that so fast.
  • Throughout the episode, Desiree's eyes are red. Yet on the title card, she is shown flowing out of the lamp in a gas form with green eyes.
    • Additionally, this episode always has her smoke form as green with none of her true form's features. Yet on the title card, her smoke form is dark purple with said eyes. And her smoke changes to pink in Memory Blank.
  • Inside the movie theater, the crowd of movie-goers is composed of multiple duplicate background characters. For example, two Mias, two Rebeccas, etc.
  • Danny tells Sam that he and Tucker will head over to her house after they are done at the mall, but they are at the movie theater.
  • Danny's ghost sense should have gone off in the theater, since Tucker (after gaining his ghost powers) was in there as well.

Bitter Reunions

  • When the mini ghost portal is shooting at Vlad, it disappears, but when the shot goes back to Vlad it reappears.
  • Eye goofs:
    • When Vlad comes out of his silhouette when the Fentons first arrive, Danny's eyes change to the same turqoise-ish color as Jazz's while the former is complimenting Maddie, but then change back to his regular blue once Vlad urges them in.
    • When Danny gets electrocuted in Skulker's net, you can see his eyes through it and they appear to be blue despite him being in ghost form.
    • When Harriet is talking about how she'll talk about ghosts as part of her job and make Jack's, Maddie's and her career, Maddie's eyes are momentarily the same sky blue as Danny's. When she looks up at Jack, they turn back to their usual purple.
  • According to Skulker's PDA (that is really Tucker's), Skulker is supposed to check out a book on the purple-back gorilla (a reference to "One of a Kind"). This should not be so because it was part of Danny's extra credit assignment during that episode, which he had already handed in, although this could just be a glitch still in the PDA Skulker had yet to fix.
    • Also, the PDA's tone was changed from the "William Tell Overture" in "One of a Kind" to a standard ringtone.
  • While Danny is trapped in the box, Plasmius splits into three before his eyes before merging back into one. While he does this, he tells Danny that "I could train you, teach you everything I know." But although he merges before finishing the line, his voice still sounds like there are three of him talking.
  • When Danny is trapped in the box and Vlad reveals himself as another half-ghost, Danny's eyes are green in the close-up even though he's human. When it zooms out they are blue again.
  • When Danny transforms into Phantom after being released from the box, his mid-morph ring is not large enough to surround his entire body, and it ends up going straight through his arms.
  • During Danny's transformation after he is released from the box, his right glove is longer than the left and it looks like his entire hand & arm is white. When he flies to help Jack, its length is corrected. This was most likely caused by the goof above this one.
  • There is a slight inconsistency with Jack's location at the end of Vlad's overshadowing of him. When "Jack" (Vlad) says, “If you live to tell the tale, remember that big, fat Jack Fenton did this to you!", he is shown to be floating. However, when Danny shoves Vlad out of Jack, Jack is shown to be standing on the ground. Yet, as Danny shoves Vlad through the wall, Jack is shown falling to the ground from somewhere high off-screen.
  • When Harriet spits out the ladle after Jack (overshadowed by Vlad) throws her through the punch table, her lipstick briefly disappears.
  • After the Dairy King ghost releases Danny from Skulker's trap, Danny asks for his aid in defeating "Plasmius" even though Vlad Masters had yet to reveal his alter ego's name until later in the episode.

Prisoners of Love

  • Although in this episode it clearly states that "real world" inhabitants and items are intangible in the Ghost Zone, some other episodes seem to ignore this and show normal interactions between human-world and Ghost Zone people and objects.
  • When Danny blasts the present into the Portal the note was still tied and went through with it, yet a few seconds later we see it falling to the ground.
    • And later in Walker's Prison when we see the present again the note is back.

My Brother's Keeper

  • When Jazz sees the ghost wasp for the first time, she reacts as though she has never seen a ghost before, yet in the previous episode, "Prisoners of Love", she witnesses the Box Ghost. However, this may not be a goof, since she might not have taken the Box Ghost as such, or maybe thought she saw something else.
  • After Danny threw Spectra into the dumpster, he suddenly turned intangible and cried "Jazz!", however, his mouth didn't move when he said it.
  • When Spectra has Danny against the wall, she also knocked the Fenton Thermos out of his hands. However, moments later it reappeared on his back.
  • When Spectra drops Danny, the Fenton Thermos and the shoulder strap it was attached to disappear briefly.
  • As Danny is complaining about his punishment for the fire alarm being set off, you can see Tucker as a dark shade of brown in the background. A few moments later in another shot, he is in the same pose but a much lighter brown.
  • When Danny is shooting his ghost ray against Bertrand, when he discovered their real identity, Spectra temporary has pupils.
  • When Danny pulls Jazz out of the auditorium to save her from getting vaporized by the sparklers, he is intangible (and thus should be unable to hold solid objects).
  • When Danny is zooming in on his ghost sense on Tucker's PDA, at the closest shot the students in the background disappear.

Shades of Gray

  • In the last shot of Tucker in the net, he doesn't have branches in his hat.

Fanning the Flames

  • When Danny, Sam and Tucker come to Ember's midnight concert, they are intangible as they come up out of the ground. Neither Sam nor Tucker are touching Danny as this happens. Normally, Danny needs to be in contact with someone to make them intangible along with him.
  • The first random fact that Tucker blurts out is "The volume of a sphere is equal to the square of the radius of the base times pi times the height." This is actually the volume of a cylinder.
  • At Ember's midnight concert, there are numerous times when her hair tie is the same color as her hair with only its outline black, rather than its usual complete black.
  • Twice in this episode, Sam briefly has pupils: when she was gawking just before being hit by Ember's love spell, and when she threw Danny's hands down during their argument in his room. Although the first one could've just been because of her panicking as the love spell came at her, as characters in all 3 of Butch's shows are known to sometimes have their eyes look different as they stare at something bad coming at them, such as Dark Danny gawking without pupils as Danny wailed at him.
  • When the teens are put under house arrest, Jack incorrectly calls his iron maiden "stockades".
  • When Danny and Sam phase through the wall of the music store, Danny's ghost glow is missing for a second. Additionally, his eyes are briefly blue instead of glowing green.
  • After Paulina insults Sam's Fenton Phones and calls her and Danny lovebirds, Sam is shown as being much taller than Danny.
  • When Danny, Sam, and Tucker go to kill the power at the midnight concert, all three of them have a Fenton Thermos.
  • The settings on Ember's guitar change throughout the episode.

Teacher of the Year

  • After Technus escaped into Danny's ear phones, you can still see the battle armor glow even though he no longer possesses it.
  • Despite the fact Mr. Lancer appears to be a language arts teacher instead of a vice-principal, math equations can be clearly seen on the blackboard in the scene where he gives Danny his "F".
  • Mr. Lancer mentioned that Danny will stay after school to study with him until he can take the test again, but when Danny is alone in the classroom, the clock reads 12:00 instead of 3:00.

Fright Night

  • While Danny Phantom was on Netflix, the episode's title was misspelled as that of the character, Fright Knight.
  • When the sword starts with the transformations, just before Lancer enters, Sam has pupils.
  • During the episode, Fright Knight's sword changes various objects into monsters, including a stop sign. When the stop sign monster transformed back into its original form, it turned into a lamppost.


  • When Ember is waiting in line to leave the Ghost Zone through the Fenton Portal, her guitar head is missing its blue flame.
  • After Kitty says, "I got to go back into the Ghost Zone before I completely fall apart," she vaporizes away since she doesn't make it back in time. However, she is later seen "alive" in the episode.
  • When Tucker hands Sam the PDA, her eyes are the same color as Tucker's eyes.
  • When Johnny visits Jazz during the night she invites him to 'Come up to listen to CD's', but after they pass Jack and Maddie's room they're in the lab - which is in the basement of the house.
  • When Danny calls Tucker and Sam (after flying off with Kitty's ring) he acts as if he hasn't seen Tucker's new goth hairstyle but he already did earlier in the episode.

Public Enemies

  • According to Bullet, all the escaped prisoners (except for Danny) have been captured, which means even the Lunch Lady Ghost, Skulker, Technus, and Desiree have been captured. However, Technus could not have been recaptured, because of the events in a previous episode.
  • It seems that when Walker and Bullet possessed Dash, both their voices are heard, but when Bullet possessed The Principal, her voice can be heard.
  • When Jack is holding up the sign bearing the name of his ghost-hunting team, it is spelled "ghost keteers". However, when they sing their "battle song" they spell it out as "ghost kaateers".
  • At the school assembly, the unnamed boy with purple hair's hair is colored black.
  • When Paulina is on the pipes, when she backs up, the pipe she's holding onto disappears.

Lucky in Love

  • When Sam says, "I knew it," she is seen with pupils.
  • When Johnny and Danny were fake fighting, Danny goes intangible and smacks Johnny on the back of his head. Despite being intangible (and thus passing through solid objects) Johnny feels Danny's smack.
  • When Danny helps Paulina get a strike in bowling with his powers, the ball moves back to the middle of the lane away from the gutter before Danny touches it.
    • Also during the bowling party Danny, Paulina and the others are wearing their normal shoes instead of wearing bowling shoes, which is against the rules.
  • At the Nasty Burger after Sam crushes the napkin dispenser while talking to Kwan, it disappears from where it landed on the table in front of her.

Maternal Instinct

  • During the close-up of Vlad before he goes ghost after Danny regains his powers, Vlad has pupils.
  • When Vlad Plasmius is looking at his ghost animal experiments as Danny turns them against him, Vlad's eyes have black pupils (in contrast to being fully red normally).
  • When Jack uses his 'Jack-of-nine-tails' for the first time it has 10 tails not 9.

Life Lessons

  • When Dash is arguing with Paulina about not being able to take care of their flour sack, he's wearing a white football uniform. But when the shot changes to show Tucker offering them a solution, Dash is wearing his normal red-and-white letterman jacket.
  • When Skulker was hit with the paralyzing needles he shouldn't have felt it and shouldn't have been paralyzed, as Skulker's "body" is really a robotic suit.
  • During the episode, Valerie sometimes has a ghostly glow, especially when she is in her ghost hunting suit.

The Million Dollar Ghost

  • In the opening shot there is a sign that says "Wisconsin 60 miles" next to Vlad's mansion. However the mansion is in Wisconsin. [1]

Control Freaks

  • Principal Ishiyama's name is misspelled on her desk as "Ishyama".
  • When Danny overshadowed Mr. Lancer in this episode, he is in his human form, but when he comes out of his body, he's in his ghost form missing a leg.
  • When Danny saves Sam from falling from the tightrope, the audience is shown to be full of normal people and no goths.
  • The second time Danny catches Sam, she shares his ghost glow.
  • Freakshow's right earring appears and disappears during the episode.
  • When Danny first walks out onto the tightrope as the "Grim Reaper," his hand are bare. The shot after that is of Freakshow, and then directly after is of Danny as he climbs on top of the scythe. In this shot, you can see his white gloves have appeared on his hands.
  • When Danny cuts the tightrope holding Sam, he cuts it from the edge of the rope. When Sam falls, the rope is cut in the middle.
  • When the news shows Danny and the ghosts robbing a bank, when Danny is only part way through the vault, his eyes are green.
  • When Danny locks the door to the janitors closet, the knob is on the left side.When the picture zooms out again,the knob is on the right side. When the door is seen after Sam says "Lancer let us out" the knob is on the left side.
  • When Sam's shadow is shown in the Circus Gothica train, her shadow is facing the wrong direction.
  • When the Fenton and Manson parents say "But you're all still grounded" and zooms out Maddie has blue skin instead of peach, also Pamela (Sam's mother) has pink accessories while in the previous scene she had white ones.
  • The Fenton and Manson parents ground Danny and Sam, the Foley parents should've ground Tucker too.

Season 2


Memory BlankDoctor's DisordersPirate RadioReign StormIdentity CrisisThe Fenton MenaceThe Ultimate EnemyThe Fright Before ChristmasSecret WeaponsFlirting With DisasterMicro ManagementBeauty MarkedKing TuckMasters of All TimeKindred SpiritsDouble Cross My HeartReality Trip

Memory Blank

  • If Danny had no memory of his powers, Sam shouldn't have gotten the Fenton Thermos when fighting Nightmerica. However, she could have taken it at Danny's basement (when he regained his powers) when she went to fight Desiree.
  • When Desiree confronts Danny in the water fountain, just after Danny goes ghost, you can see that he is bobbing up and down as though he were floating. In the shot directly before and directly after this, you can clearly see that his feet are in the water and touching the bottom on the fountain.
  • When Danny is looking through Sam's scrapbook when she is trying to convince him that she is his best friend, he is flipping the pages the wrong way (left instead of right)
  • When there's a close-up of Sam's face as she says "I gotta.", the pink lipstick and blush she was wearing are missing and she is wearing her regular purple lipstick instead.
  • In theory, the Fenton Thermos shouldn't have worked at all until after Desiree returned their memories. In the first episode "Mystery Meat" when Danny traps the Lunch Lady, he is clearly seen to somehow charge up the Fenton Thermos with his ghost energy to get it to work; but since Sam had wished he had never met her, he would have never gained his ghost powers and therefore been unable to activate the thermos.
  • During Danny's fight with Femalien, they land in what appears to be a storage room or an office. However, in one shot, Lancer's desk and the chalkboard from Mr. Lancer's classroom are clearly visible. However, in the shots afterwards, it once again appears to be a storage room.

Doctor's Disorders

  • When Spectra spins Danny (on a stretcher) towards the "DNA extractor machine" his eyes are momentarily green - in his human form. Then they turn blue again.
  • When Sam screams and Danny comes in, there is a moving medical machine in the background. Sam doesn't have any thing attached to her so it shouldn't be moving. When Danny puts Sam back in the bed after she involuntarily floats up, the machine is gone.
  • When Danny is on the stretcher, it shows him looking around. It shows his feet and there is clearly no restraint, just an ectoplasmic energy glow.
  • When Paulina opens her locker door, there is a picture of Phantom on the side where he doesn't have his entire glove. In the next shot where a ghost bug lands on Paulina's hand, Phantom is wearing his entire glove.
  • When Spectra pins Danny to the ground with her foot and the Jack snot DNA is kicking in, it pans up to show her gloves missing. Once she gets off Danny for the countdown to power, the gloves are back.

Pirate Radio

  • After Danny does the "come closer" hand gesture to the oncoming ghost pirates, the camera zooms out and when closely observed, Tucker and Sam both share a ghostly glow.
  • There is an incoherence on the note left by Danny's family. First it says "Your mother, sister and I", suggesting it was written by Jack, but then it is signed as "Love, Mom & Dad".
  • When we first see Ember, she is playing her guitar left handed, but the next scene she is playing it right handed.
  • While the Fenton blimp is flying away from the Emergency Ops Center and Sam is talking about it looking like Jack, she has pupils.

Reign Storm

  • In the opening sequence where Vlad tries to steal Pariah Dark's Crown of Fire, it is on his head, who is in the sarcophagus, but in the flashback, the seven ghosts are seen taking his crown off before putting him in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep.
  • When Vlad goes to steal the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire, the wall to the sarcophagus is open. When Danny goes to fight Pariah, he has to destroy the wall to reach the sarcophagus. Although it is possible that Pariah or the Fright Knight sealed the wall previously, or it could be that Danny and Pariah were fighting in a different room.
  • Technus appears briefly in this episode in his form from "Teacher of the Year" despite still being trapped in the Doomed video game until the next episode, "Identity Crisis."
  • When all the ghosts gather round in the sporting goods store while Danny and Skulker are fighting, Ember's guitar is missing its usual blue flames.
  • When everyone is arguing about who should wear the Ecto-Skeleton, Maddie is seen with her hood off before she is knocked out. Seconds later, when the screen shows everyone unconscious, she has her hood on.
  • When Vlad transforms back after being defeated by Pariah the first time, his ring disappears as he becomes his Masters form. Likewise, while the ring was in his right hand, he later clutches it in his left in the next scene he appears.
  • There are six Ancient Ghosts at the beginning of Skulker's story, but seven by story's end.
  • After Danny beats Pariah, the Skeleton Fighters poof into thin air, yet a news broadcast says that residents are continuing the cleanup and they show a trashcan full of bones.
  • After Skulker's story, Ember mentions that Pariah had already destroyed their homes. Danny remarked that he did that without the Ring of Rage. When it cuts to a close-up on his head for when he says that they have to keep the Ring from him, he has no ghostly glow.
  • After the Fright Knight finishes his warning, Valerie (who was lying unconscious on the ground at Vlad and Danny's feet before) is missing.

Identity Crisis

  • This episode shows that Technus has been trapped in the "Doomed" video game ever since "Teacher of the Year". This means his appearance in "Reign Storm" is likely a goof.
  • When the Ghost Catcher was first shown in the episode "What You Want", Ghost Danny is able to rejoin with Human Danny again without any extraneous effort; however, in this episode, when Super Danny tries to fuse with Fun Danny, the latter merely gets overshadowed by the former. This may indicate that the effect becomes stronger after some time, or simply that the effect can vary.
  • When Danny splits himself, his ghost half's hair and cape constantly wave as if there was wind - even when there's no wind at all.
  • After Danny deletes "Doomed" In the background of Technus it still says the game is there.
  • Both Dannys are in ghost form under the Fenton ghost shield, but Danny was unable to go ghost under the shield in "Pirate Radio." However, it could be possible that Danny couldn't go ghost while in human form and can stay ghost in the ghost form.
  • When they're stuck at the top of the rollercoaster when Danny Fenton leans back after Phantom flies away, his shirt has the original red oval, instead of the "no entry" circle.
  • The Fenton GAV's black box is colored silver, however black boxes are supposed to be colored (e.g. bright orange) to make it easier to find in wreckage.

The Fenton Menace

  • Sam and Tucker are not able to see Youngblood when he shows up as the Fentons are preparing to leave, though both are just as childish as Danny.
  • When Jazz is trying to make Danny go to class when he's in the hall, when the screen is off Danny, as soon as it pans back to him, he is in front of the Boy's bathroom instead of lockers.
  • Youngblood phases through the tent although he is still solid.
  • Youngblood's left hand turned into a lasso. However, it switched to his right hand after the commercial break.
  • When Danny is sucking Youngblood into the Fenton Thermos, the blue light hits Danny's leg, Which means the light should have stopped and sucked Danny into the thermos instead.
  • When Youngblood transforms his arm into a brand, the letters read YB. However, for a brand, the letters would be mirrored.
  • When Jazz is driving the RV, the first time she hits the pedal, she is wearing Mary Janes. However, the second time, they are black flats.
  • Jack and Maddie share a large sleeping bag, however when Jack grabs Maddie to flee the tent she is in an individual sized sleeping bag.

The Ultimate Enemy

  • When Valerie gets hit by the Fright Knight, she does not have any bruises. But later when she falls to the ground, she is seen with them. It may be that she didn't get the bruises from the blast but from the landing.
  • In the first shot of Dark Danny cheating on the Career Aptitude Test, it is misspelled as "Careear Aptitude Test".
  • When Clockwork shows what's about to happen to the Observants, right after he gives the answers to Danny, we can see a scene where Danny fights Dark Danny, whose beard is black and not white.
  • Clockwork's medallions disappear and reappear throughout various scenes and from characters when they're supposed to be constantly worn (Such as Skulktech 9.9 not seen wearing one until it falls off). Surprisingly, Danny did not return to his time whenever Dark Danny removed his medallion to fuse him with it (though it may have been because Dark Danny was in contact with both him and the medallion, as the temporal effects seem to extend to people in physical contact, otherwise, Skulktech could not have brought them with him when he went back to Clockwork's lair).
  • When Danny is fighting Dark Danny for the 2nd time, he puts the Spector Deflector on him, but amazingly the gauntlets stay on the belt when he lets go. To make it even stranger the gauntlets can also be seen on Danny's hands, making it look like there were two pairs.
  • When Dark Danny fuses Clockwork's time medallions into Danny, it remains in his hand after he puts it inside Danny when it shouldn't.
  • A close-up on Danny's face when he says, "Time's up!" shows him in his ghost form (with white hair and green eyes), even though he was forced out of it (by using his ghostly wail) a moment before. In the shot immediately afterward, (when he uses the Fenton Thermos on Dark Danny) he is in his human form.
  • At the beginning, Dark Danny destroys FentonWorks completely, but later on when Danny, Sam, and Tucker end up in the future, right before Sam and Tucker go back in time, the building is still there, Considering the Ops center still retains the crack in the middle as it did earlier, it could've merely been re-built.
  • When Vlad is telling Danny about the death and how he came to him. When Danny looks at the picture of his family and friends it is taken in front of Fenton Works:
    • In the picture, it just says Fenton.
    • In the picture, Sam has pupils.
  • In this episode, the Ghost Gloves from episode 5 are changed to the Ghost Gauntlets. It's not shown how Vlad managed to get them.
  • When Danny's family and friends are first shown to be killed by the explosion:
    • Danny says "No!" after the explosion, but when the real events occur near the end of the show, he says it before the explosion, though it could most likely be because he knew it would happen.
    • The form of the explosion is similar to the form of an atomic bomb explosion, but once Dark Danny is captured, the form is more of an outward explosion.
  • When Danny and Clockwork go back in time to CAT testing by the end by two hours early, the clock shows that it's five to nine despite Lancer asking to meet the Fentons at 5PM.
  • When Clockwork says, "You must be eliminated before you permanently alter the timestream." he is in his old form. Immediately afterward (when he makes other versions of himself appear), he is in his adult form. Right after that, he is in his old form again.
  • When Clockwork takes Box Lunch to the past, his scar on his face switches from his left side to his right.
  • When Vlad tells Danny about what happened to his friends and family the front page of the newspaper has a picture of the Nasty Burger totally wiped out by the explosion, although in the future scenes and immediately after the explosion at the end of the episode parts of the building remain.
  • Dark Danny duplicates himself into four copies to fight Danny. But after he overpowers the present Danny, Dark Danny is seen with five copies instead of four.
  • When Danny, Sam and Tucker first go to the future and Valerie traps Danny in a ghost net, you don't see his colors. But when they first meet Dark Danny (after the commercial break) you can see the colors through the net (which were not visible before).
  • Dark Danny's ponytail is flaming in some parts of the episode along with the rest of his hair and sometimes, it's completely motionless. (Though Dark Danny may have been controlling it through out the episode)
  • Just before Danny catches the flag pole, he is seen with green eyes while he is in his human form.
  • After Skull-Tech 9.9 hit's Danny and making him fall, his eyes are green for a few seconds even though he is in his human form.
  • When Sam discovers the screen showing Danny's future, she brings the boys over to see it. In the scene where law enforcement tries to come close to Dark Danny, he has no DP logo on his suit.
  • When Danny turns away from the fire after the oil tank explodes during his second fight with Dark Danny, the former has no ghostly glow (though it could be because of the light of the fire).
  • After Dark Danny grabs Danny with his ectoplasmic rope, Danny is seen without his backpack for a few shots before it later returns.
  • As Danny punches Dark Danny into the oil truck, Dark Danny seems to be seen without the specter deflector on his waist, returning when he is next seen.
  • After Danny uses his ghostly wail for the first time when he changes back only his head changes. (Though this might be because of the time medallion or because it was his first time using it, so it wasn't as powerful and didn't drain him as much, so he only partially reverted back.)
  • When Dark Danny gets up after being crushed by the building he still has no pupils.
  • When Valerie is talking about the last time she saw Tucker and Sam she says,"...you,Tucker, Danny's family." This implies that Sam reminded her of the C.A.T. even though it was Tucker that reminded her in the previous shot.
  • At the end of the episode when the Observants are reprimanding Clockwork, the Fenton Thermos containing Dark Danny is missing the lid.
  • In Jazz's room, shortly after knocking his sister out, Dark Danny transforms into his human disguise. As soon as the white rings begin to move outward, his flaming hair vanishes completely.

The Fright Before Christmas

  • In the first occurrence of Danny meeting his enemies, Sidney Poindexter is taller than Bertrand. In the second one, however, it is the opposite.
  • When the Ghost Writer freezes all the ghosts entering his manor, Ember's hair tie is briefly transparent.
  • When Johnny 13 attacks Youngblood, the latter does not glow pink like the other ghosts.
  • During Danny's transformation, after the ghosts arrive in Amity Park, his white rings appear to be frozen.
  • At the end, as the ghosts help Danny, Spectra is seen in both of her forms: her shadow ghost form and her modified form from "Doctor's Disorders" — she is even seen picking up Christmas trees twice, in a different form each time. Incidentally, Technus is seen in both his normal and 2.0 form as well.
  • When the main trio brings in a Christmas tree to the little boy's house, Sam's jacket can briefly be seen as red, instead of black.

Secret Weapons

  • When Danny first goes ghost to find Jazz, he's in pajamas. After the fight with Vlad, on the way home though, Danny is seen in his regular clothes.
  • When Jazz is searching Danny's ghost files, she complains asking Danny why didn't he tell her about Vlad's ghost powers and about his "thing" on Maddie. However, in "Bitter Reunions", Jazz is clearly informed by Danny about the second fact shortly after they first meet him, when Danny (who still didn't know about the ghost powers) asks Jazz if Vlad was hitting on their mother, but she barely ignores it.
  • A running gag occurs with Jazz and a Fenton thermos - causing everything to go wrong and captures Danny instead, even though in "My Brother's Keeper" she uses the thermos without a problem.
  • When Tucker was laughing at Danny about being crammed in the Fenton Thermos, Dash stuffs Tucker in his locker. Then Danny is seen leaning on Dash's locker while Sam is cracking the lock on the one next door to Dash's. Somehow Tucker had switched lockers from the one Danny was leaning on to the one next to it.
  • When Danny and Jazz were leaving Vlad's stadium, Jazz is seen with a ghostly glow.
  • When Vlad comes out of his lab after Jazz claims she will be scarred forever by his Maddie photos, his hair's color and the color of the line across his hair are momentarily swapped. His main hair was grey and his line was dark grey instead of the usual vice versa.
  • Danny's laptop screen (hardrive name, Doomed icon, Personal folder and GZ icon) is used for both Jazz's and Vlad's computers.

Flirting With Disaster

  • When Danny turns the jetpack on for the first time, the on switch is on the left side. Later in space, the switch is on the right side.
  • When Sam walks up to Danny after he and Valerie break up, she isn't wearing her tights.
  • Sometime during Valerie's fight with her suit, the keys she threw into her suit's chest disappears.
  • When Technus messed up the streetlight in Britain, the bus was on the right side of the road, not the left.
  • The unnamed girl with braces' hair is colored brown.

Micro Management

  • When he first tries it out, Skulker's rocket launcher shoots lasers. When he uses it later, it shoots rockets.
  • At the end of the episode, several people are shown lined up to take the test, but only Danny and Tucker are shown taking it.
  • On the title card, Dash and the mouse both have ghostly auras despite not being ghosts.

Beauty Marked

  • When Danny reemerges after the axe ghost slices him his eyes shortly flicker.
  • Although Danny claims he never could split himself up like Vlad, when fighting the axe-wielding ghost he splits in two to avoid being cut in half, but he doesn't pay any attention to it and the halves fuse together. This could have been a reflex.
  • When Aragon throws a rock at Danny, his ghost self is intangible, but since he is in the Ghost Zone he should have been hit.
  • Although Sam's hair is only chin-length, it's impossibly long when she puts it in ponytails.
  • Dora says that Aragon has been picking on her for 1600 years, but seeing as this episode is set in 2006, 1600 years ago would be the fourth century. That's 200 (or 600 with the Dark Ages) years earlier than the Medieval times. The Knights are dressed in 14th century armor and the clothes that they wore and the others in their realm are that of the 13th century. So when are Dora and Aragon from? Dora could simply exaggerated in a fit of anger.

King Tuck

  • At multiple times throughout the episode, Hotep RA's uncovered eye switches from left to right.
  • When Paulina and Star are first seen washing Tucker's feet, they are barefoot. But when Tucker walks away, they are suddenly wearing sandals.
  • Danny takes the scepter from Tucker in order to break him off from the spell, but Tucker wasn't holding the scepter in the scene directly before this.

Masters of All Time

  • When Clockwork sends Danny into the past he is able to exist freely in both the past and alternate future without wearing a time medallion, even though in "The Ultimate Enemy" Clockwork explains that the only way to exist in a different timeline (that isn't your own) is by wearing one.
  • When Jack Fenton is first shown after Danny changes the timeline, he has his normal present-day hair-do, but when Jack transforms out of his ghost mode in front of Maddie near the end, his hair goes back to how it was when he was in college.
  • When Danny is first shown wearing '80s clothes, the cuffs on his sleeves are black. When the cuffs shown again, they're white.
  • When Maddie sucks Danny into the "Maddie Weasel," he wakes up later on a table still in ghost form, even though every other time he passes out in the series, he turns back into Danny Fenton.
  • When Jack became a ghost, his ghost energy blasts was green but when he was about to hit Danny before Danny held up the piece the newspaper, his hand glowed pink.
  • Towards the end of the episode, Sam is talking about, "No fifteenth birthday." In one shot she is being tended to by Jazz. In the next, Sam is cared for by Maddie.
  • When Danny begs Clockwork to help, his lips don’t move when he says, “Please.”
  • During the final confrontation between Jack and Vlad, when as Jack changes his skin turns teal before the rings finish the transformation.

Kindred Spirits

  • When Sam and Tucker are sliding to a stop in the molasses factory, Sam's bottom half is colored incorrectly. Her skirt is all green and her leggings and boots are blue.
  • Dani's jumpsuit will sometimes have a white ring around the neckline and sometimes not throughout the episode.
  • When Dani first reveals her powers, there is a similar error to Danny's first revealing of his powers. Once her upper mid-morph ring reaches her liver area, her suit is already fully formed but she still has yet to change her eyes to green.
    • Additionally, once she is fully ghost she has no ghostly glow. In the next scene, she does.
  • When Sam says "Danny did that too" her skin is much darker.
  • After Vlad is hit by the Booo-merang, Dani's red lips briefly disappear.
    • Additionally when Vlad is hit by Booo-merang he picks it up and holds it however seconds later when Sam and Tucker break into his lab it is neither in his hands nor anywhere to be seen.
  • When Tiny Ghost grows to make himself seen better, the D on his chest flashes quickly, then disappears, and in the next scene, reappears again.
  • Mr. Lancer notifies Jack and Maddie for what Sam and Tucker did. Mr. Lancer should've also notified Sam's parents and Tucker's parents about Sam and Tucker's behavior too, however it is possible that Mr. Lancer notified them because Sam mentioned to him that they were meeting Danny thus Danny being absent as well .

Double Cross My Heart

  • When Danny's listing off the things Gregor has in common with the Guys in White, one of the items is that they both have white hair. However, the Guys in White are bald.
  • When Gregor smells Sam's hand, for one moment, you can see his eyes are grey. However, at the end of the episode, his eyes are clearly green.
  • When Sam and Gregor are at the mall food court sharing a plate of spaghetti, the scene opens with Sam on the left and Gregor on the right. When it cuts back them later, Sam is on the right and Gregor is on the left.
  • When Tucker, Sam, and Gregor are at the observatory, Tucker says, "Cool, it's a new moon." However, a full moon is shown right before his line, plus it's physically impossible to have a new moon at night since they occur during the day when the moon is between the sun and Earth (and thus can't be seen).

Reality Trip

  • Just before Jazz bumps into Danny shortly after the title card and/or commercials, his eyes seemed to be grey. This also happened just before Danny says "3 to the Op Center" while in his house being chased by the Guys in White.
  • At the end of the movie, Danny states that only Sam, Tucker, and Jazz remember that he is half-ghost. But in earlier episodes it is clear that Vlad, Walker, Skulker and others know who he is. This could be because they were in the Ghost Zone at the time and Danny and Freakshow only used the Gauntlet to alter the human world. Or it could be that they knew he was a halfa beforehand, and that Danny was referring to the people who found out during the course of the episode.
  • In the title page where the faces of Danny, Sam and Tucker are seen in the reality gems, none of the characters correspond with the gem they hid.
  • The Gem of Life is not shown on the Reality Gauntlet during the title card. Not even the band for it is featured.
  • When Freakshow takes off his earring, he has one left. In the next shot, he has 2, then 1, then none at all, and for the rest of the movie, he has 2 earrings.
  • The Reality Gauntlet switches between having 3 or 4 bands for the gems, and the order of the gems change.
  • When Freakshow takes the Reality Gems out of the Fenton Thermos, you can see that it opens like it has a hinge. However, in every other episode and several times in this one, it doesn't have one.
  • When the space shuttle falls, it falls parallel to the ground. When they show it in the next scene, it's angled toward Sam and Tucker.
  • The Auto-Jack normally smiles showing teeth, but in the last shot showing him, he shows no teeth.
  • Although Freakshow wears the Reality Gauntlet on his right arm throughout most of the movie, when he's talking to Danny, Sam, and Tucker on the plane, he doesn't have the glove on.
  • When Danny goes ghost for speed purposes at the beginning of the episode, his midmorph ring forms right under his knees so they can be shown onscreen. When it splits and they pass over his crotch, he is already completely in Phantom mode. Even then, the rings continued to spread.
    • Also, both of the rings go up when one of them should go down.
  • Ghostly glow goofs:
    • When Freakshow was granted permission to try on the Reality Gauntlet by the Guys in White at the beginning of the episode, his "ghostly" glow spreads to the Gauntlet. Sometimes it is appropriate for glows to spread, but in this case it happened before Freakshow even touched the Gauntlet so there's still partial inconsistencies.
    • Freakshow glows just like ghosts in this episode, despite being a human. Also, note that in "Control Freaks", he didn't glow. But he had spent the past months in prison with the Guys in White as his warden(s), so who knows what could've happened to him?
    • When Freakshow activates the Gem of Form for the first time & uses it to make those robots made out of train oil tanks, the robots already had glows despite just having new forms & not being ghosts at all yet; they were still just oil tanks and should've been until Freakshow uses the Gem of Life on them.
    • After the Reality Gauntlet explosion at the Dumpty Humpty concert, the drum spider turns back into a normal drum set but retains it's glow. In the next scene, it suddenly loses the glow and it stays like that from that point on.
    • While the Fenton Works defenses are protecting the trio as they run for the Op Center, there are times when it's weapons change from having glows to not having glows or vice versa.
    • When Danny is turning the Op Jet invisible, it has a glow except for the wings even before he manages to do it.
    • As Danny is shooting the spaceship with ghost rays after leaving the Op Jet, the spaceship's glow disappears until it roars.
    • When Danny is about to phase into the spaceship and take the Gem of Life, only his hair glows. When he throws up his arms to prepare for the phasing in, his hair's glow also vanishes. Then when he turns intangible, his entire glow comes back.
    • After Danny takes the Gem of Life from the spaceship and it turns back to normal, it's glow disappears as would seem reasonable. But in the second scene showing the ship falling, the glow is back. Right after that, it's gone again.
    • When Danny starts flipping switches on the row of green lights, his arm doesn't glow.
    • Another goof like that occurs seconds later. In the scene of Danny's legs pressing down on the spaceship's pedals, his legs didn't glow despite him being in Phantom mode.
    • The four wheelers Sam & Tucker rode on don't glow at most times, yet they do when they are in the 3rd scene of being used by Sam & Tucker to flee from the Guys in White at the space center. Additionally, their glows spread to the former at that moment.
    • While Danny is saying they don't need to destroy the stuffed animals at Gothapalooza, his hair seems to be the only thing on him glowing again.
    • When Danny phases the group out of the rocky hill near the road, he solidifies with them to show he's not glowing at all. In the scene right afterwards, he is.
    • Danny had managed to blend in with the geeks dressed as him, despite the fact that he's obviously the only one who actually glows.
    • Empress She-Wolf's normal form glows, but her even more wolf-like form doesn't. This might be normal, though.
  • When Freak Show shows Danny, Tucker, and Sam that he has their families the cage Jazz isn't present but she is with her parents later.
  • When Danny uses the Reality Gauntlet to save everyone, he pressed The Gem of Life but when he shoots at the pool of acid it changes into a large swimming pool - meaning it was the Gem of Form's work instead.
  • The concert-goers in the preview of Goth-A-Palooza in the Gem of Form are not goths.

Season 3


Eye for an EyeInfinite RealmsGirls' Night OutTorrent of TerrorForever PhantomUrban JungleLivin' LargeBoxed Up FuryFrightmareClaw of the WildD-StabilizedPhantom Planet

Eye for an Eye

  • Danny says that the wall to Vlad's hotel room is invisible, but it is intangible since the air blown from the helicopters affects the inside of the room.
  • It is stated that Vlad is a write-in candidate, but his name appears on the ballot like a normal candidate.

Infinite Realms

  • At the start of the episode, the Specter Speeder should have been able to phase through the ice cliffs due to the ghostly properties of real world things in the Ghost Zone; they make this mistake too often.
  • When The Specter Speeder and Danny landed in the snow, Danny is first seen without any snow on his head, but in the next frame he suddenly does.
  • When the other monks join Danny and surround Vlad, the one who speaks is holding a spear, but in the close up he is holding a sword like everyone else.
  • For the beginning portion of the episode, Danny's hair style is exactly like Timmy's hair style (as in missing the top spike). This is eventually corrected in later scenes.
  • In Salem, Massachusetts, Tucker yanks Danny out of the blood blossom circle, but when he finishes eating the flowers, Danny is shown back inside of the circle.
  • Because of the title card, fans at first believed that Frostbite was a villain instead of an ally of Danny.
  • As the show shows the audience a bird's eye view of Frostbite's village the banner showing Danny has him facing to the left, however in the next shot (the close up) banner Danny is now facing to the right.

Girls' Night Out

  • At one point of her public concert, Ember's black line of makeup under her left eye disappears, but re-appears later.
  • When Jazz says, "I'm not getting any readings on Ghost-Getter number two," her sleeves are the same color as her skin.
  • Early in the episode, the circle at the end of Ember's right-eye makeup is left empty (whereas it is usually filled in).
  • Between the black out where the commercials would come in Danny and Jack switch places in the boat.
  • When the scene changes from Skulker crushing the picture of Ember to Ember, Spectra, Kitty looking at Bertrand, Bertrand is seen with white sleeves but it then changes to his usual black coat.
  • Sam somehow knows Kitty's spell is reversible for only 12 hours, even though she was never told that by Kitty or anyone else.
  • The setting where Danny and Jack fish changes drastically. Before Skulker's attack, they are at a small spooky, foggy pond in the middle of the night. After Skulker enters, it changes to an enormous lake with a much less spooky setting and is much lighter. It changes back to the spooky setting for a brief time later on.
  • At one point, when Maddie is talking about her new invention, a part of her belt disappears.
  • After Danny says he's surprised to hear Skulker has a girlfriend, he kicks off the hand-transformed-into-a-ray-gun hand, however in the next clip Skulker has them both back.
  • At the end when Jazz, Maddie and Sam are grouped up to face the ghosts, Maddie's lipstick is missing and is not wearing her jumpsuit hood.
  • When Spectra turns to Kitty to ask why there is still a man (Sam dressed as Danny), she has pupils.

Torrent of Terror

  • This episode was (possibly by mistake) shown in the USA on April. 12, 2007 @ 5:30 AM Central Time.
  • Possibly in error, the auto-pilot button in this episode is simply labeled "Auto Pilot." Yet previously in "Reality Trip," it was labeled "Auto-Jack."

Forever Phantom

  • After the ability to transform, the second power Danny loses control over is intangibility. Yet, later in the episode, he is seen phasing through the ceiling to confront Amorpho while the latter is disguised in Lancer's body.
  • It is strange that during the start of the episode, the people Amorpho copies are in the vicinity of the crime their clone is doing and don’t do anything to stop it.
  • Throughout the entirety of the episode, Amorpho's true form has no facial features, but on the title card he is shown to have ears without ear holes.
  • When Amorpho morphs into Danny, as he gets the chest/arm/etc. features, his Phantom arms are out to the sides. Yet in the zoom-out, his arms suddenly drop down.
  • The large target area of the ecto-stoppo-power-o-fier is absent in some shots.

Urban Jungle

  • When Danny comes back to confront Undergrowth with his new ice powers, all of Amity Park's residents appear to be trapped inside purple flowers. However, when Undergrowth is defeated, they appear to be out of the flowers.

Livin' Large

  • After Jack hands the keys over to the GiW, it cuts to Danny, Sam and Tucker. In this cut, the World's Best Mom mug lacks the red heart.
  • When the Guys in White are trying to get the lab working, there is a missing line of dialogue when Operative M gets the lights working in the lab. After the lights turn back on, no one speaks and the next line of dialogue is "I think I did, sir." This sequence makes no sense unless a line of dialogue was supposed to precede it.
  • The "Matter Fashioner" makes a mug containing coffee but this is impossible. The base "matter" required is polystyrene, which is a type of plastic. It can be reformed, but even with science-fiction technology it can only produce objects made entirely of Carbon and Hydrogen atoms.
  • While in ghost form for the second time in the episode, Danny has no ghostly glow until after he enters Vlad's Ghost Portal.
    • There is also no ghostly glow seen on Danny, Youngblood, Johnny 13, or Skulker when they were about to slingshot the bolder into the Fenton portal.
    • There is no ghostly glow on Skulker during his target practice until he sees Danny pass by.

Boxed Up Fury

  • Danny looks directly at Medusa but does not turn to stone.
  • Ember McLain and Poindexter are listed during the end credits, yet they never appear in the episode.
  • Danny, Sam, and Tucker pass the Shoes and Pillows store after walking by it seconds before in the mall. After they walk by it twice, they are seen standing beside it in a zoom out.


  • Early on in the episode Jazz is asleep on her bed, yet when she wakes up she is at her desk.
  • While checking the security camera tapes in the Ops Center, in one of the frames, Danny's left glove is outlined in black while his right is outlined in gray.
  • While Sam was asleep, she was missing her leggings.
  • When Danny first encounters the Sleepwalkers and they grab him, he is facing towards them, but when it cuts to them flying through the air, he is facing the same direction as they are.
  • When Danny crashes into the table in Sam's dream we can see that a plate also fell, but before that there was no plate on the table.
  • When the two Sleepwalkers grab Tucker into the air after he jams the radio signal, if you look closely, for a split second the one to the right has light pink eyes instead of the usual red. After they lift him up, its eye color reverts to red.
  • When Tucker jumps off the machine to catch Jazz, and they bounce off the mattresses, Tucker lands on the ground on the left with Jazz on the right, but when the smoke clears, Jazz is on the left and Tucker is on the right.
  • Sam refers to the Fenton Thermos as the Fenton Ghost Catcher.

Claw of the Wild

  • At the beginning of the episode, Ms. Tetslaff claims that the school day ends at 3:00 pm, but in "Livin' Large," Tucker says that the school day ends at 3:30.
  • In the flashback/montage where Walker talks about capturing the kids who found the search party, it shows Paulina getting captured and Star running away, when really it was Star who was captured and Paulina got away.
  • When Danny phases through the cage after setting it down in the grass, a small discoloration makes it appear as though Wulf is not wearing pants.
  • Near the end of, when Danny phases through the cage, there is an error in which it makes Wulf look like he isn't wearing pants.


  • When Vlad's cat jumps onto the desk, it sits on the user's side as it points to the button with it's paw, however when we have a close-up of the paw to see what the writing says, it's written right-way-up to the person on this side of the desk instead.
  • When Plasmius is looking at Dani comparing her to the other clones Dani's lips are missing.
  • When Vlad says, "Breaking up is hard to do, unless you have a button that does this," he pulls down a lever instead of pressing a button.
  • In the title card for this episode, the reflection of Danny shows his logo forwards. It was a reflection, so his logo should have been backwards.
  • When Dani's back is visible as she fights Vlad, her black and white arms and gloves are on the wrong sides and she wears a white belt (she normally does not wear a belt).

Phantom Planet

  • The episode's plotline has several scientific fallacies: for example, most of Saturn's ringlets are barely more than a hundred meters in diameter, rather than on the order of hundreds of kilometers. However, the inner Cronian moons (Pan, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Janus, Telesto, etc.) are on the order of tens of kilometers wide, so the Disasteroid could have well been a member of them and thus not a "true" member of the Cronian rings. Additionally, if the Disasteroid were headed towards the inner Solar System, the journey would take months, if not years, to reach the orbit of the Earth rather than a few days, and due to the orbits of the planets and the distances between bodies in space, the chances of an escaped moon of Saturn heading on a collision course with Earth would be nearly impossible. The Disasteroid would also have to be the size of the Earth to destroy it completely, as implicated in the episode. These fallacies were most likely deliberately ignored because Nickelodeon does not care at all about the scientific accuracy of their shows (i.e. they are not intended to be educational) and in order to give the episode a sufficiently appealing plot line.
  • In the opening scene when we're zooming out from Fenton Works into space, when it on the third zoom-out, it comes from the ocean, but before that it was still showing land.
  • During the 'Car-Puter' scene when Master's Blaster's fist appear, the rope around the robot's leg isn't shown until after the shot of Danny and Technus going "Huh?"
  • When Danny's encircled by the ghosts in the Ghost Zone we see Spectra next to Skulker in her upgraded 'outfit', however in the next shot (where we are looking up at them) She's in the 'disguise' she was in when we first see her.
  • Goofs during the final scene:
    • The original Technus, Technus 2.0 and Skulktech 9.9 can all be seen on the machine.
    • The Lunch Lady Ghost can be seen both in her lunch lady uniform and in her meat monster form.
    • Bertrand can be seen in both his Bert Rand form and monstrous Bert Rand form while circling Danny after being released from his net.
    • Several ghosts appear in this episode, despite having been previously destroyed: Terminatra, Nightmerica, Femalien, Scarlet Samurai, Crystal Leviathan, Empress She-Wolf, Pariah Dark, and one of Vlad's failed clones of Danny. One of Danny's clones is even seen twice in the same frame.
    • The Box Ghost, Undergrowth, Desiree, Johnny 13, and Bullet can be seen twice in different positions on the machine.
    • Spectra is shown wearing her red jacket and skirt when she's in the Ghost Zone but is wearing her black suit with green flames when she helps to power the machine.
    • In the small shot of Dani Phantom getting ready, both of her gloves are white when one should be black.
    • Freakshow cameos during this scene, despite him being human.
    • Wulf, captured in Danny's net, is shown with his collar on. However, it was removed before this episode.
  • The Disastroid passes through the Earth pole to pole, where it should be passing through side to side.
  • The number of ghosts returning to the Ghost Zone after the Earth was saved looked as if it was only several tens of ghosts, though there were possibly hundreds or thousands that powered the machine.
  • The size of the Disasteroid appears smaller than it really is right before it passes through the Earth. On Tucker's scanners, the TV, and in space, it appears to be about as large as the planet itself, yet as it passes through Earth it appears to be only the size of a mountain.
  • The storyline indicates that all of the ghosts doing cameos in this episode were Danny's enemies. However, many of Danny's allies, such as Frostbite, Pandora, Clockwork, Wulf, and even Dani made cameos. This could have just been a reason to have all the characters appear in the episode, given that it was the series finale.
  • In the clip at the end showing that Vlad is still in space:
    • He is not wearing his helmet.
    • The Disasteroid comes along and destroys the rock he's sitting on, however based on earlier scenes Vlad should be on the side of Earth facing Mars and not Venus and Mercury, which is the side the Disasteroid is now. It is possible that the Earth's gravity caused the Disasteroid to slingshot back into the realm of the exterior planets, where Vlad and his asteroid were on.


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