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Many real-world places on planet Earth are mentioned in Danny Phantom. The series is mostly set in the United States, though the exact location of Amity Park and the nearby city Elmerton are unknown.

United States: States and cities


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Reality Trip"

  • Visited San Diego in "Reality Trip": The San Diego Sci-Fi and Comic Book Convention that Tucker wants to go to is most likely a reference to San Diego Comic-Con, one of the largest comic conventions in the United States.


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Maternal Instinct," "Kindred Spirits," "Infinite Realms" and "D-Stabilized"

  • Visited Colorado Rockies in "Maternal Instinct": When Danny's and Maddie's plane is diverted, they end up flying over the section of the mountain range in the state of Colorado.
  • Visited in "Kindred Spirits": While Sam and Tucker are searching for Danny they end up in an unknown location, which Tucker supposes is near the Wyoming-Colorado border.
  • Mentioned Denver in "Infinite Realms": Tucker jokes that one of the portals looks like the "Denver Dodecahedron."
  • Mentioned in "D-Stabilized": When Dani is trying to talk herself down from being paranoid about Vlad catching her, she says that he is "all the way in Colorado."


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Maternal Instinct" and "Reality Trip"

  • Mentioned in "Maternal Instinct": The fake invitation from the DALV group was for a science symposium located in Florida.
  • Visited Cape Canaveral in "Reality Trip": Cape Canaveral, part of the real-world Space Coast, is where Danny wants to go on a summer space program with his best friends.


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "One of a Kind"

  • Mentioned Arlington Heights in "One of a Kind": Before throwing a box at Danny, the Box Ghost reads the label on the box. Said box belonged to "Elliot Kravitz of Arlington Heights, Illinois."


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Infinite Realms"

  • Visited Salem in "Infinite Realms": Salem, a historical coastal city, is most widely known for the notorious Salem witch trials of 1692, which is when and where Jack Fentonightingale uses Blood Blossoms to incapacitate Danny.


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Reality Trip"

  • Visited the desert in "Reality Trip": Goth-A-Palooza, Sam's choice summer destination, is in the desert in Nevada.


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Bitter Reunions," "Shades of Gray," "The Million Dollar Ghost," "Secret Weapons," "Masters of All Time," and "Eye for an Eye"

  • Visited Madison in "Bitter Reunions": The Fentons travel Vlad Masters' mansion in Wisconsin for Jack's and Maddie's college reunion party.
  • Mentioned in "Shades of Gray": Valerie receives a package from a mysterious donor, and the return address is in Wisconsin.
  • Visited Madison in "The Million Dollar Ghost": Vlad's mansion explodes when he forgets to change the ecto-filtrator.
  • Visited Madison in "Secret Weapons": Jazz traveled to Wisconsin to spy on Vlad. When she calls home, Jack sees the area code (608) and notes that it is a Wisconsin area code.
  • Visited Madison in "Masters of All Time": Danny travels to the University of Wisconsin in an attempt to prevent Vlad's accident from having happened. He again travels to Wisconsin to find Maddie, and hopefully her portal.
  • Visited Madison in "Eye for an Eye": The Guys in White destroy Vlad's mansion based on an anonymous tip from Danny.


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Kindred Spirits"

  • Visited in "Kindred Spirits": While Sam and Tucker are searching for Danny they end up in an unknown location, which Tucker supposes is near the Wyoming-Colorado border.

United States: Landmarks and natural areas

Lake Erie

Episode(s) mentioned: "Girls' Night Out" and "Claw of the Wild"

  • Visited in "Girls' Night Out" and "Claw of the Wild": Lake Eerie, situated at the city limits of Amity Park, is most likely a play off of the name of the real-world Lake Erie, one of the five Great Lakes of North America.


Bermuda Triangle

Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Infinite Realms"

  • Mentioned and pictured in "Infinite Realms": During Frostbite's explanation of natural ghost portals, Sam supposes (correctly) that the Bermuda Triangle is one of the locations of a frequently occurring natural ghost portal.


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale"

  • Mentioned in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale": Sam mentions that her toaster is from Denmark.


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Double Cross My Heart"

  • Mentioned in "Double Cross My Heart": Elliot pretended to be from Hungary.


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Reign Storm"

  • Mentioned the Taj Mahal in "Reign Storm": Ember compared being crammed in the Specter Speeder with all of the other ghosts being as spacious as the Taj Mahal compared to being crammed into the Fenton Thermos.


Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Infinite Realms" and "Torrent of Terror"

  • Visited Rome in "Infinite Realms": Using the Infimap, Vlad traveled to ancient Rome to try to rule over the land and its people.
  • Visited Venice in "Torrent of Terror": Vortex travels to Venice to wreak havoc on the city. Sam and Tucker travel to Venice to confront him and trick him into returning to Amity Park.

Sahara Desert

Episode(s) mentioned and/or visited: "Torrent of Terror"

  • Mentioned in "Torrent of Terror": When Vortex brags to Vlad about his weather-controlling abilities, he mentions that he plans to create an iceberg in the middle of the Sahara.

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