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This a list of unseen characters who exist within Danny Phantom, but have not properly appeared in the series.

Grandpa Fenton

Grandpa Fenton is the grandfather of Danny Fenton and Jazz Fenton, the adoptive grandfather of Dani Phantom as well as the father of Jack Fenton and the father-in-law of Maddie Fenton. He was only mentioned once, in "Splitting Images," by Danny when he entered the Ghost Zone for the first time, "It's like I dropped into Grandpa Fenton's yearbook."

Judging by his son, Jack Fenton's story from the first episode Grandpa Fenton had lived in a log cabin in Farmer City, Illinois with his family. He had discouraged his son from wanting a pony as the family had to eat horse meat during the war. These details could possibly be untrue as his son has a love of rambling.

However a known detail about him (besides the Ghost Zone looking like his old yearbook) is he has a ancestor from the Salem Witch Trials who looks very much like his son, John Fentonightingale. John's obsessiveness towards the supernatural - in this case witches - and Jack's obsession of ghosts implies paranormal contact runs in the family.

Jasmine the cat

Jasmine the cat is Jack Fenton's cat in the alternate timeline of "Masters of All Time." Earlier in the same episode, Jack remarked that he thought the name "Danny" was dumb, revealing that it was probably Jack who named Jazz and Maddie who named Danny.

Ricky Marsh

Butch Hartman sketch of Ricky Marsh posted on tumblr

Ricky Marsh was a student that Tucker once blamed for throwing up in Sam's lunchbox in the second grade, when Tucker himself was actually the culprit. Sam apparently kicked Ricky off the monkey bars for what she thought he did. In "Splitting Images," Danny uses this story to convince Sam and Tucker that it is him, and not Sidney Poindexter.

Tucker's grandmother

Tucker's grandmother is mentioned in "Mystery Meat" when Tucker first spots the Lunch Lady Ghost and says that she looks a little like his grandmother.

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