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The Maddie Hologram is Vlad's personal virtual assistant program based off of his love interest, Maddie Fenton.


In "Kindred Spirits," Vlad asks the Maddie hologram to run a series of videos of Danny and Valerie in combat and then analyze them. She returns that the data is inconclusive and that a "mid-morph sample" of Danny going ghost will be needed for Vlad to complete his Danny clone. At the end of the episode, the Maddie hologram falls in love with a Jack hologram.

In "D-Stabilized," Vlad asks the Maddie hologram to scan Dani Phantom and then analyze the results. She returns that Dani's structural density is at fifty-three percent, then eighty-five percent, and that her ectoplasmic energy readings are unstable. At the end of the episode, Vlad vents to the Maddie hologram about the events of the episode.

At the beginning of Phantom Planet, several Maddie holograms are put in charge of analyzing Ecto-ranium for Vlad on his satellite in Saturn's orbit. They fight over who will get to deliver their findings to Vlad.

Later still, when Vlad tries to turn the Disasteroid intangible but finds he is unable to do so, a wristwatch-sized version of the Maddie hologram reports that the Disasteroid is made of ecto-ranium, which he cannot touch.


The Maddie hologram bears exact resemblance to Maddie Fenton. In "Kindred Spirits," she is on multiple screens in Vlad's lab, while in "D-Stabilized," she floats freely in the air. In these two episodes, she is simply depicted as Maddie's head, either with or without her jumpsuit's hood.

In "Phantom Planet," however, she has a full body and is wearing her hood. The hologram, no matter which form, is always semi-transparent (except for in "Kindred Spirits," in which the image on the screen is solid). Its edges blur sporadically as a result of static.


Season 2

Season 3


  • In "Kindred Spirits," she is credited as "Avatar Maddie."
  • When Maddie Hologram wears her jumpsuit hood, she slightly resembles the real-life DC comic book anti-hero, Catwoman (similar to her flesh and blood counterpart). The only difference is that her hood lacks cat ears.


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