This is a main timeline of events in Danny Phantom.

While the series began in 2004 and ended in 2007, time does not seem to progress over those years within the present day of the show. In addition, very few specific years are given or implied in-universe. Therefore, this timeline is not so much a list of dates, but rather an order of events within the show, using generalized ranges and real-life historical years where appropriate, and loosely based on the assumption that it occurs around 2004.


Date Event Source
c. 65 million BCE Two pilots flying a jet are stranded in the time of the dinosaurs after flying through the Bermuda Triangle. "Infinite Realms"
c. 700 BC Danny, Sam, and Tucker travel back to ancient Rome to find that Vlad has become the Romans' new leader. During Vlad and Danny's fight, Vlad destroys the city, causing his subjects to turn against him. "Infinite Realms"
Between 476-1453 Prince Aragon's kingdom is frozen in medieval times until the events of "Beauty Marked" cause time to start moving forward again. "Beauty Marked"
Between 1368–1644[1] Vlad defeats warriors of the Ming dynasty and demands to be made their ruler. Danny arrives and defeats him. "Infinite Realms"
Late 1600s Vlad, followed by Danny, Sam, and Tucker, travel via portal to Salem, Massachusetts, during the Salem witch trials. Vlad accuses Sam of being a witch and she is put on trial, and Tucker must save both her and Danny by eating Blood Blossoms. They meet John Fentonightingale at this time. "Infinite Realms"
1903 Vlad attempts to sabotage the Wright brothers' flight of the world's first airplane, but Danny saves the flight and stands invisible behind the brothers during a picture. "Infinite Realms"
c. 1904[2] Casper High School is founded. "My Brother's Keeper"
1942 Danny, Sam, and Tucker travel through a portal and end up under Billy's bed. Billy's mother incorrectly quotes President Roosevelt, and Danny corrects her before the trio returns to the present. "Infinite Realms"
1954-1958 Sidney Poindexter attends Casper High School. "Splitting Images"
c. 1960s Vlad, Jack, and Maddie are born. "Bitter Reunions", "Maternal Instinct"
Early-mid 1980s[3][4] Vlad, Jack, and Maddie attend the University of Wisconsin.
Vlad gets his ghost powers.
Jack and Vlad form their band, the Skunk Punks.
Danny travels back to this time to try to stop Vlad from getting his ghost powers, but unintentionally causes Jack to get them instead.
"Bitter Reunions", "Masters of All Time", "Phantom Planet"
June 1983[5] Vlad makes his first million dollars with a series of invisible burglaries in Wisconsin. "Kindred Spirits"
1985 The Skunk Punks receive the headline "Skunk Punks Stink!" in a newspaper. "Phantom Planet"
May 9, mid-late 1980s Jack and Maddie get married. "Prisoners of Love"
Late 1980s-early 1990s Jazz, Danny, Sam, and Tucker are born. "Mystery Meat"
Early-mid 1990s Danny experiences a series of bad Christmases, giving him a negative impression of the holiday throughout his youth. "The Fright Before Christmas"
Mid-1990s Alicia divorces her husband. "Prisoners of Love"
1997 Vlad is named Fortunate Magazine's "Man of the Year." "Kindred Spirits"
Late 1990s In second grade, Tucker throws up in Sam's lunchbox, but he tells her that Ricky Marsh did it. "Splitting Images"
Early 2000s In sixth grade, Tucker accidentally kills Danny's gerbil. "Teacher of the Year"
c. 2004 Danny gets his ghost powers, about a month before present day in the series. "Mystery Meat"
c. 2004-2007[6] The present-day events of the episodes of Danny Phantom occur. All episodes
c. 2014-2015 The alternate future events of "The Ultimate Enemy" take place. "The Ultimate Enemy"


  1. Vlad: "I've defeated all your best Ming warriors."
  2. Casper High celebrates "100 Years of Casper Spirit" in "My Brother's Keeper"
  3. Vlad has a University of Wisconsin yearbook from 1981 in "Secret Weapons."
  4. Vlad holds a 20-year college reunion in "Bitter Reunions."
  5. Date on a copy of the Wisconsin Journal
  6. Based solely on the show's airing years
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