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Hello Danny Phantom Fans! My name is Hal Hardbargain. Feel free to send me a message , if you need any help, need to ask me something, or just saying hello, leave it on my message wall and I will try to answer back as soon as possible. :)

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(*Please do not send me any messages regarding concerns or blocks about any other Wiki I'm an Admin or Bureaucrat on, that's what Community Central is for. You will be redirected to my Wall on CC and the thread here will be closed by an admin or bureaucrat here on the wiki.)
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  • Hi. Thanks for sorting out all of the incomplete pages. I do want to add that pages don't need both Stubs and Needs Help. Articles marked as Stubs need help, but articles marked with Needs Help just need expanding.

    Basically, the progression of articles is: Stub-->Needs Help-->done (no template or category for done)

    The category descriptions for both Stubs and Needs Help link to each other anyway ; )

    I'm letting you know so you don't have to spend time/effort on it.

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  • Heyo! Can I ask why you're adding pages to letter-specific categories? There's already Category:A to Z, which automatically lists every page alphabetically.

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    • @SuperSarcosmic, Alright I'll try to make sure he doesn't pull rash stunts like that elsewhere since a site staff consists of working together and letting each other know about decisions that could or could not affect the wiki but as well let users know about it if they might be affected by it. I don't usually work with him just on two wikis but the one who does is the other bureaucrat on this site, Jamie248 on almost every wiki that Redball manages, which doesn't really mind what he does but I am aware that not everyone is the same so communication with other team members are also needed to notify if a certain decision should go forward or not depending what it is. @Peacexfreedom, sure no problem and alright no rush on uploading images without watermarks and keep up the great work you are doing since the show isn't getting anything right now like a revival or something so you can work at your own pace. The reason for badge to be disabled was fear of certain users spamming, there is a thread that Danielle wiki sent to Redball on his wall on community central talking about it (with response) and as well here from Danielle wiki and SuperSarcosmic bringing the topic to him as well but with no response back:, but I thought you were a guidance counselor lol and the simple word everyone uses and understands nowadays is rules xD. @Both, well there was also a problem that users wanted to access the Ghost Portalcord well Discord since the beginning of this year but there hasn't been any updates on when it is going to be ready to be access by users here. 

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    • @Hal Yeah I know. I usually do a lot of images at once because they're easier to do en masse.

      Ah. Gotcha. Thanks for linking the conversation thread. I see what you mean. @SuperSarcosmic: I didn't mean to be rude by asking if you had brought it up. I know you're a responsible user/editor, I just didn't know if/what conversations were or weren't happening at the time.

      Tbh I'm not even on the Discord XD I'm such a fail at being an active user hahaha

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  • Hi, welcome to Ghost Zone! Thanks for your edit to the Amorpho page. Before you keep moving forward this ghostly realm, make sure you know the rules so you won't have any unpleasent experience when floating around here.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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