S03e11 weak in the knees
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The episode begins in Amity Park in the morning. Danny and Tucker are jogging and look very exhausted.
Danny So, [Gasps.] how's [Gasps.] the four minute [Gasps.] mile coming, Tucker?
Tucker Nine minutes [Gasps.] and counting, dude. [Sam enters, running backwards and passing the boys.] This is just embarrassing.
Sam I know! How are you two going to pass the President's test on physical fitness if you can't even pass me?
Danny So what? I have super powers. Why should I even care?
An ecto-blast is shot from the sky at the three. Danny and Sam fall to the ground with a shout of surprise, and Tucker lands bottom down in a trash can next to them.
Skulker [Flies out from above a building.] Hello, ghost child. I saw you running and thought 'Hey, I should give him something to run from!'
Danny, who is off-screen, shoots an ecto-blast back, hitting Skulker's left jet pack wing and causing him to scream and fly away due to its instability.
Danny [Right hand is shown, still glowing from the blast, and then turns to his face.] Ha! Let's see the president do that! [He goes ghost and flies after Skulker.]
Cut back to Skulker, who is still screaming as his jet sends him flying into a dumpster, which closes from the impact. His head pops up from the dumpster, and he notices Danny racing towards him. Cuts back to Danny, who is flying straight at Skulker, and he uses both of his hands to shoot another ecto-blast which hits the dumpster. The view returns to Skulker, who is thrown from the dumpster due to the blast. Skulker flips into a wall upside-down with a grunt. He quickly gets to his knees and turns to look at Danny again. Back to Danny, who fires off another ecto-blast with his right hand and hits the wall behind Skulker. Skulker ducks out of the way, only to be hit by several other blast from Danny, which break his left forearm and right foot to expose sparking wires. Skulker falls to his side, unable to maintain balance. He looks back to Danny, who lands in front of him a few feet away.
Danny Hey, Skulker, without your suit you're pretty powerless. Maybe you need to learn to rely on your natural abilities!
Sam [Runs up behind Danny and turns to Tucker, who has fallen behind.] Tucker, hurry up!
Tucker finally enters next to Sam, holding the Fenton Thermos, sweating and gasping from the run. She grabs and aims the device at Skulker, who is off-screen, ready to capture him once again.
Scene cuts back to Skulker.
Skulker [Still on the ground, and being sucked back into the thermos.] No, no, no!
The view returns to Danny and Sam. Sam hands the thermos to Danny.
Sam [Crossing her arms and looking to Danny, causing him to frown.] Speaking of natural abilities... [Danny glances toward her, obviously aware of what he's done.]
Cuts to Danny, who is back to being human and struggling with his arms above his head.
Danny I think I liked fighting Skulker better. [Pans out to reveal that he's attempting to do pull ups on a bar in the Casper High gym, with Tucker slumped against them next to him, exhausted.] How many is that?
Tucker One.
Sam [Runs to the bars next to Danny and effortlessly does several pull-ups, then swings into a flip off the bars with a perfect dismount and begins running backwards again.] Hey Danny!
Danny falls from the bar with a grunt and hits the floor.
Opening sequence. Title card reads "Danny Phantom in Micro Management" with the subtext "Small in size: Large in TERROR!" Opening credits follow.
Transition to the Ghost Zone, and a handful of ghosts float by. Pans left to show a large floating island.
Skulker [Left arm comes into view, and when his fist clenches two blades extend from his arm. Cut to his belt being buckled, on which the 'S' shaped symbol glows, and then cuts to show his face showing his obviously grim mood, and a visor being lowered over his eyes. Pan out.] Rocket launcher. [He turns to his left shoulder, where a large missile launcher pops up.] Laser ray. [Turns to his right shoulder to show a laser gun appear.] Ecto-seekers. [Tracker appears on his right jet wing.]
A projection is cast from the skull symbol on Skulker's chest, showing a projection of Danny in ghost form.
Projection Maybe you should learn to rely on your natural abilities!
Skulker Let's see how his natural abilities match up to these not natural abilities! [Skulker blasts the projection with his rocket launcher, and laughs.]
Fade to Casper High.
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