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Mind control is the ability to put other beings in a trance in order to control their actions and influence the minds of others. With this power, the mind controller can exert a level of control over their victim's actions.

Sub-power(s): Pathokinesis.


Danny Phantom

Because he's not the ghost you're looking for.

With the Reality Gauntlet, Danny is capable of mind-controlling humans to lose their memories. Once mind-controlled, he commands them to do what he wants them to do. After Danny destroys his gauntlet, he no longer has this ability but the gauntlet’s effects were still permanent despite it being destroyed.

Ember McLain

I bet every other woman is under Ember's musical mind control.
―Sam Manson to Jazz[2]

Ember's guitar contains her hypnotic powers in several ways. In "Fanning the Flames," her new album's music hypnotizes the students of Casper High School and, later, the world during a concert. Once entranced, her fans chant her name, thus giving her more power. She can use different hypnotic spells on her guitar to have her victims do various things, such as when she has her fans attack Mr. Lancer or when she has Danny fall in love with Sam.

In "Pirate Radio," she hypnotizes the adults of Amity Park with her music to go on a fake cruise so she can take over the world with Youngblood.

In "Girls' Night Out," she combines her guitar's powers with Kitty's banishing kiss so they can simultaneously make the men of Amity Park disappear and mesmerize the women.


Get her.

With the crystal ball staff, Freakshow is capable of mind-controlling ghosts and half-ghosts to be his minions. Once hypnotized, he commands them to perform at Circus Gothica as well as steal money and goods for him. After Danny destroys his staff, Freakshow no longer has this ability.

Ghost Writer

They battled each other with all weapons handy.
―Ghost Writer[4]

With his keyboard, the Ghost Writer is capable of mind-controlling ghosts and half-ghosts to battle one another. After Danny takes an orange to Walker's face, but since nothing rhymes with "orange," the writing spell wears off. After Danny destroys his keyboard, the Ghost Writer no longer has this ability.

Tucker Foley

Which is why I say we all go back to the school debate. And nobody remembers this except me, Danny and Sam.
Stupid scepter. I specifically asked for a total mind wipe. Why doesn't anyone listen?

Tucker used the Scarab Scepter to erase everyone's memories after defeating Hotep RA and return everything to normal and make everyone, except himself, Sam, and Danny, forget that anything ever happened (some of them retained a certain residual trauma though). Tucker however wasn't very specific as he told the Scepter to put everything back to normal instead of a total mind wipe as said above. Danny and Sam took it back to the museum and Tucker no longer has this ability.


"The mind vine enables me to control the inhabitant's every movement."

Undergrowth channels his mind-controlling powers with his mind vines, which he uses on the citizens of Amity Park to tear down the town and plant his "children" so he and his plants can take over the world.


Most mind control is done through verbal commands once the subject is mesmerized. Once mind-controlled, the user can command their victim to do whatever they desire. Certain ghosts, such as Ember and Undergrowth, are particularly adapt at mind control, and use it to gain advantage over their enemies. They each have unique methods of mind control. Both Danny and Tucker have demonstrated this power and can also use it to manipulate the minds of other to erase memories and it lasted even of they lost this power.

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