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The local movie theater goes by different names throughout the series: Googolplex Cinemas[1], and Marmel's Multiplex 22[2].


In "What You Want" Danny and Tucker plan to go see Dead Teacher IV, but they split up when Danny goes to take care of Paulina's granted wish.

In "13" Sam and Tucker go to the movies, where Tucker is once again blamed for Shadow's bad luck. Danny led Shadow through the popcorn machine, making it malfunction and overflowing the building with popcorn.

In "Memory Blank" Danny, Sam, and Tucker go to the theater to see Trinity of Doom!

In "Identity Crisis" Danny (full-time fun dude), Sam, and Tucker visit the movie theater, but are kicked out due to Danny's rude behavior.

In "Secret Weapons" Danny, Sam, and Tucker go to the movies, after which Danny is tackled by Jazz when they exit.



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