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The Mr. Meat butcher shop is a butcher shop located in Amity Park.


In "What You Want", Tucker talks to Sam on his PDA while using his wish-granted ghost powers to phase into the window display of Mr. Meat. He phases himself so as to appear that his head is being served on a plate labeled Head Cheese.

In "Secret Weapons", Danny, Sam, and Tucker fight against the Lunch Lady in the butcher shop during a series of fights designed to make Jazz think that she is helping.


Mr. Meat is a small, red-bricked shop nestled directly between a TV repair shop and a pet shop. It has a window display that features various meats and cheeses next to its front door. Above the window display is a giant meat cleaver that reads "Mr. Meat Butcher Shop," while sticking out from the store to the left of the name is a large electric sign that reads "BEEF."


Season 1

Season 2


  • In addition to meat, the shop also sells various cheeses, including "Head Cheese."

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