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Nasty Burger is the fast food restaurant where Danny, his friends, and many students of Casper High and young people of Amity Park frequently hang out. It has a bizarre name and the restaurant's slogan is "Nasty" (which Tucker claims is only one letter away from "Tasty").[2]


In "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," the trio are sitting at a booth discussing their plans for Saturday night while Dash hands out invites to his party, much to Danny's dismay. However, Dash then invites Danny, prompting Danny to run happily out of the restaurant.

In "Maternal Instinct," when Danny unsuccessfully tries to duplicate himself but ends up duplicating only his head, Tucker comments that he can now eat a Nasty Burger and fries at the same time.

In "The Ultimate Enemy," Irving Burns tells all the students at Casper High that the Nasty Burger's boiler will cause a massive explosion if the Nasty Sauce inside is overheated, which neither the students nor Mr. Lancer care much about. This ends up being utilized by Danny to defeat Box Lunch, and by Dark Danny to kill his past friends and family to ensure his timeline's survival.

In "Masters of All Time," begins with Danny, Sam, and Tucker hanging out at the Nasty Burger. However, Danny's parents embarrass him by showing up in '80s clothing to give him his wallet. This makes everyone in the restaurant laugh at Danny, prompting him to storm outside, where he, Sam, and Tucker run into Plasmius.

In "Double Cross My Heart," the trio are hanging out at Nasty Burger, where Danny watches Valerie end her work shift, showing that he still has feelings for her despite her previously dumping him. Mr. Lancer then shows up to the group's table and introduces Gregor, a foreign exchange student.

As of "Eye for an Eye," Vlad Masters is the new owner of the Nasty Burger. As an act of indirect revenge against Danny, he destroyed and rebuilt it as the adults-only "McMasters," but this was reverted by the end of the episode.


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  • The Nasty Burger is a parody of In-N-Out Burger.
    • McMasters is a parody of McDonald's.
  • It is the only fast food place seen on the show.
  • During production, the Nasty Burger was originally going to be Tasty Burger with the T scratched out by vandals and replaced with an N, but the producers just went with Nasty Burger.
    • This could be the origin of why Tucker says that "'Nasty' is one letter away from 'Tasty" in "Pirate Radio."
  • Valerie works at Nasty Burger.
  • According to "Double Cross My Heart," the Nasty Burger charges ten cents for access to the bathroom.
  • As of "Phantom Planet," it's unknown who currently owns the Nasty Burger, as Vlad, its former owner, was left stranded in space.


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