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Nicktoons: Dance Off, Clash On! is an online flash game hosted by Nick.com.


Antagonists from numerous Nickelodeon series invade the dance of their enemy Nicktoons, and it is the task of three young protagonists to save the day and ensure the party continues.


  • Up arrow key – Walk upward
  • Down arrow key – Walk downward
  • Left arrow key – Walk leftward
  • Right arrow key – Walk rightward
  • Space-bar – Attack
  • "Z" – Jump
  • "X" – Dance (special attack)


The game begins by prompting the player to choose a character. There are three playable characters to choose from: GIR from Invader Zim, Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents. Once this has been done the player goes through a tutorial of the basic controls, and the enemies appear immediately afterward.

The first wave of antagonists to oppose the player's character is from the Invader Zim universe. All enemies must be knocked over a certain number of times to be defeated, with that number depending on what enemy is considered. After falling over twice, they will disappear from the game, and from where they had lain a barrage of balls spins across the dance floor. These balls should be collected for two reasons: one, that doing so raises the score counter by 100 points per ball, unless otherwise noted; and two, that doing so fills up the Party Meter a slight amount per ball. The Party Meter is a gauge of how many balls are necessary for collection until the player can employ his or her character's dance move. This dance move is a special attack that knocks every enemy on the floor to the ground.

The game progresses in levels as more enemy waves are defeated. Two knock overs are required for the aliens from Invader Zim, three for Fire Nation soldiers from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Mark Chang from The Fairly OddParents takes a few hits more. A full list of antagonists and their statistics includes:

  • Aliens
    • Invader Zim universe
    • Level One and beyond
  • Fire Nation soldiers
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender universe
    • Level Two and beyond
    • Medium-range attacks
  • Mark Chang
    • Fairly OddParents universe
    • Level Three and beyond
  • Anti-Fairies
    • Fairly OddParents universe
    • Level Five and beyond
    • Long-range weaponry
    • Doles 500 points per ball upon defeat
  • Ghost
    • Danny Phantom universe
    • Level Nine and beyond
    • Long-range weaponry
    • Attacks deal greater damage than others
    • Must fall over once (except in the case of the "Dance" special move), but takes high number of hits
    • Doles 500 points per ball upon defeat

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