"Sweet dreams, Ghost Boy..."

Nocturn[1] is the ghost of sleep and dreaming. He commands an army of Sleepwalkers to do his bidding. He is also one of Danny's most powerful foes (alongside Undergrowth and Vortex).


In "Frightmare," Nocturn and his army of Sleepwalkers made the entire citizenry of Amity Park fall into a deep slumber, slipping a metal helmet on each person's head to keep them asleep. He made a hideout in the local mattress factory near the harbor of Amity Park, with a giant antenna on top to absorb the dream energy from the city.

Danny Phantom defeated him in his dream with the help of Tucker, Sam, and Jazz.

Nocturn makes another appearance in the series finale, "Phantom Planet." Seen only in a few frames, he is one of the many ghosts who helps Danny save Earth.


Even when weakened, Nocturn is a very tall ghost, clearly over 7 feet (2 meters) tall, although he can grow and shrink at will); his body looks like the night sky, dark black with shining dots in it like stars. His head is an oval shape with a point at the bottom, crowned with two curved purple goat-like horns on each side of his head. His eyes are red and he has a slightly curved hairline scar along the side of his face, going through his right eye. His fangs are pointed like Vlad's and he also has a small goatee. He does not seem to have any visible humanoid legs, but instead seems to have many tentacles, similar to an octopus.


Nocturn desires to be the most powerful ghost in the world (similar to multiple other ghosts in Danny Phantom), using dream energy to get power. He possesses a somewhat mysterious yet debonair air in many respects.


  • Intangibilityinvisibility, and flight: Standard ghost powers.
  • Sleep Manipulation: Nocturn, as the ghost of sleep, can control people's sleep and dreams, giving him complete dominance over the slumber of others. Nocturne is the "Ghost" of Sleep" who controls people's dreams and the dream world, including his own. While in a dream, he is virtually all powerful. If faced he is unbeatable, provided he still has his power source.
    • Dream Energy Absorption: He can drain the dream energy from humans to make himself more powerful. He refers to this as "harvesting," believing the term "stealing" to be too ugly.
      • Size Alteration: The more dream energy he absorbs, the larger he gets.
      • Telekinesis: While powerful, Nocturne can call objects too and away from him, besides of also crushing them with a mere thought if he wants too.
    • Omniscience of Dreams: He knows what everyone dreams of or has dreamed of.
    • Sleep Inducement: Nocturn is able to send people to sleep, by expelling a sort of blue light or mist from his hands.
  • Sleepwalker Summoning: Nocturn can summon an unlimited number of his minions, the Sleepwalkers.
  • Teleportation: He was seen teleporting over short to large distances, and appearing from nowhere.
  • Supernatural strength: Even when weakened, he was nearly strong as Danny.
  • Superhuman Durability: He survives and barely reacts to attacks multiple times, unharmed each time. Even after being sliced in half, he only smiled and then regenerated. While provided with dream energy, he can fight for an almost unlimited time without any sign of fatigue or stress.
    • Regeneration: Due to his amorphous physiology, he can regenerate his body whenever he is injured. During his first battle with Danny, Nocturn was frozen and shattered to pieces, but he just regenerated from the air. 
  • Ghost Ray: He can fire powerful spheres and waves of ecto-energy, including an energy sphere attack and blue ecto-energy waves.
  • Pyrokinesis: He can turn his ecto-energy into green flames.


Nocturn's power level depends on his access to dream energy. With a large amount of it, he is all-powerful, but without it, his power is reduced to nothing.


Season 3


  • "I am Nocturn, the ghost of sleep, and what I want, I already have. Your dreams, the dreams of everyone in this town."
  • "Stealing is such an ugly word, I prefer the term 'harvest' for energy."
  • "Asked the ghost boy who dreams of the goth girl."
  • "Sleepwalkers, form!"
  • "Really? I believe this is where I say: dream on."
  • "I am the king of dreams. You cannot win in my world!"


  • In some aspects, he resembles the Sandman of folklore, as the Sandman puts people to sleep and sprinkles sand on their eyes, yet Nocturn puts them to sleep and puts a helmet on their heads instead.
  • Like Clockwork, Nocturn has a scar on the left side of his face.
  • The term "nocturn" (derived from the Latin nocturnus, meaning "of the night") refers to works of art involving night (usually a piano composition). The word has been used as a name for villains and creepy or questionable places in several other works of fiction.


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  1. Credited as "Nocturn" in "Frightmare"
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