The episode opens on a ship and pans to a row of warehouses and other buildings along a dock. Inside one of the buildings, the Box Ghost phases through a wall and crashes into a pile of boxes. Danny also phases through to just in front of the wall, and they both turn visible.

Box Ghost

Beware! I am the Box Ghost! (Gesturing to boxes.) I have power over all containers cardboard and square.
Danny Okay, can we get this over with? I've got a test to study for.
Box Ghost Study? There will be no time to study-- (His hands begin to glow green and he raises boxes into the air) --when you find yourself crushed beneath the forgotten possessions of... (Reading off a shipping label:) Elliot Kravitz of Arlington Heights, Illinois!
He turns to Danny, his eyes and the floating boxes glowing green, and sends the boxes and their contents flying at him. Danny turns intangible and the contents hit the wall behind him.
Danny (Sighs.) I don't have time for this! Hey Tucker, let's go!
Tucker and Sam kick down the door and jump into the room, Tucker carrying a Fenton Thermos and Sam a biology textbook.
Tucker (Opening the thermos.) Good night everybody! (Activates thermos.)
Danny grabs the Box Ghost and throws him into the beam of the thermos. He screams and gets sucked in.
Tucker (Capping thermos.) Perimeter secure.
Sam Perimeter secure? What are you, a Navy Seal?
Danny (Lands next to Tucker.) Seals: aquatic mammals that bark. They're canines, right?
Sam (Checking textbook.) Wrong. (Closing book.) That's zero for twenty-one.
Tucker (Spinning thermos on finger.) I'm no teacher, but I'm guessing that's an "F."
Danny Come on, you guys. (Flies up in between them.) If you're gonna be superhero sidekicks, you're gonna have to be a little more focused. (To Sam:) You're supposed to be helping me study for the test tomorrow. (To Tucker:) And you're supposed to be helping me catch these ghosts so I have time to study!
Tucker (Spinning thermos on finger.) What? They're all right here.
The thermos falls off of Tucker's finger and onto the ground. The word "RELEASE" appears on its side screen and the cap bursts off to release multiple ghosts in business suits, who phase out of the building. The Box Ghost is also released and flies into the air.
Box Ghost Ha ha! I am the Box Ghost! You cannot hold me within the confines of a (Mimics shape of thermos with hands) cylindrical container. (Phases out through the wall.)
Tucker That's weird. (Checks PDA.) According to my schedule, (Cut to PDA screen reading "FINISH CATCHING GHOSTS 9:00 PM") we should be done catching ghosts by now.
Danny glares at Tucker as a red target-sighting screen focuses in on Danny's face.
Skulker (Off-screen) Half human, half ghost. (Cut to Skulker lowering his binoculars.) One of a kind. He'll make a fine addition to my collection.
Box Ghost (Flying up behind Skulker's cage of ghosts with arms raised.) Ha ha!
Skulker (Without turning.) Touch the box and your pelt will adorn my fireplace.
Box Ghost (Pause, then to cage:) Beware! (Flies away.)
Skulker looks back at Danny through his binoculars.
Cut to theme song.
The camera fades into the Fenton Works' kitchen, where Jazz jumps into the archway.
Jazz (Holding up a magazine.) Oh my gosh, they said yes!
Cut to Maddie, working on an invention, and Jack and Danny, eating cereal, sitting around the table staring at Jazz.
Danny (Mocking her:) Who said yes? The person you asked if you were a conceited snob?
Jazz No, Genius Magazine said yes! They got my letter and want to put mom on the cover! (Screams, hugging magazine.)
Maddie Genius Magazine?
Jack (Snatches magazine from Jazz.) Genius Magazine?! Is it the swimsuit issue?
Jazz Uh, Dad, Genius Magazine is for women geniuses, by women geniuses, and about women geniuses.
Danny So it is the swimsuit issue. (Frowns.) Oh, gross! Mom's gonna be in the swimsuit issue?!
Jazz (Holding magazine again.) It's not the swimsuit issue! But it is the perfect magazine to show that I have normal parents instead of a couple of ghost-hunting freaks.
Danny They're not ghost-hunting freaks.
Jack Hey, Danny, speaking of ghost hunting, (Grabs invention Maddie is working on) check out the latest in ghost-hunting technology: the Ghost Gabber. Genius Magazine has to be interested in this. (To Danny:) It takes the mysterious sounds a ghost makes and translates them into words you and I use every day. Here, try it. (Holds Ghost Gabber in front of Danny.)
Danny Uh,
Ghost Gabber (In a woman's voice:) I am a ghost. Fear me.
Danny (Looks at family uncertainly.) I'd better get to school.
Ghost Gabber I'd better get to school. Fear me.
Danny smiles suspiciously, then leaves. Jack questioningly looks at the Ghost Gabber.
Maddie (Looking through magazine.) That's great about the magazine, sweetie, but your father and I are a team. I think that beside every genius woman, there's a genius man.
Jack (Puts arm around Maddie.) Who should be standing beside her on the cover of Genius Magazine! (Standing in front of an American flag background:) The world needs to know that the Fentons (Pulls Maddie to him) are a family of geniuses.
Cut to the exterior of Casper High.
Danny (Off-screen) I got a "D?!"
Cut to the school library. Danny and Tucker are sitting at a table looking at Danny's graded test, and Sam is at a nearby computer.
Danny All this ghost hunting is taking away from my study time.
Tucker So much for the Fentons being a family of geniuses.
Danny I can't get a "D" in biology. My parents will kill me.
Sam Not if you pull your grade up by doing an extra credit biology assignment... (Pulls up a web page about a gorilla that says "Extremely Rare: Sampson.") On this magnificent creature.
Danny (Walking to computer.) A purple-back gorilla?
Sam Yep. Extremely rare. Only two left, both male. After this, they're gone forever. Which is why you are going to prove he deserves to be set free.
Danny I don't have time for extra credit...or your agendas.
Tucker (Holding his PDA.) Actually, you do. You just have to learn how to manage it better. I decided to become your time manager. It's the least I can do after Sam made me let all those ghosts out.
Danny (Sighs.) I don't know.
Tucker It'll be my job to keep track of your schedule so you can do your schoolwork and catch all those ghosts that Sam let loose. (Sam glares at him.)
Danny Remember what happened when I let you manage the thermos?
Tucker (Tapping on PDA.) And I've already scheduled "Remember: not to let Tucker handle the thermos." (Shows screen with blinking reminder.)
Danny I suppose we could have a trial period.
Tucker See? I've also scheduled some zoo time so we can check out that gorilla. Let's go.
The trio leaves the library. Skulker then phases through the wall and floats over to look at the web page about the gorilla on the computer.
Skulker Hmm, so this is your prey, eh, Ghost Boy?
Mikey (Walks up to Skulker.) Uh, excuse me, sir? (Skulker scowls at him.) Are you finished with the computer?
Skulker shoots a series of ecto-blasts at Mikey, trapping him in webbing upside-down on the wall with his eyes blindfolded by ectoplasm. He wails.
Skulker You thought you could sneak up on me, Skulker? (Mikey wails again.) Ghost world's greatest predator? (Mikey wails again.) Quiet, you're in a library.
Skulker shoots ectoplasm to cover Mikey's mouth, who continues to scream, now muffled. Skulker phases out through the wall, as Dash and his friend, Dale, walk in through the door. They stop to look at the trapped Mikey.
Dash Whoa, you do that?
Dale No, but I can always stop and appreciate high-quality bullying.
The ectoplasm and webbing suddenly disappear. Mikey screams and falls to the floor.
Scene fades to the Amity Park Zoo and into the domed gorilla habitat, where Sampson, the purple-back gorilla, is being watched by Sam, Danny, and Tucker from an observation tower.
Sam (Off-screen, looking through binoculars.) There he is: Sampson. So gifted, so...majestic.
Sampson scratches himself. Cut to the trio in the tower, where Sam is watching him, while Danny and Tucker lean against a desk, bored.
Danny Sam, we've been watching the gorilla scratch his butt for, um, how long?
Tucker (Yawns.) Six hours.
Danny (Yawns.) Time flies when you're majestically scratching your butt.
Sam (Off-screen, looking through binoculars.) It's only a matter of time before you find out something about Sampson nobody's ever learned! (Turning around.) You should go and try to communicate with him.
She frowns upon seeing Danny asleep on the floor.
Sam Ugh, great. Tucker, you're his manager, can you--
She see Tucker curled up asleep next to Danny. Tucker yawns, then flips over to cuddle with Danny.
Sam (Sighs.) I'll do it. But first... (Pulls out camera and takes picture of the boys. Laughs.) Boys hugging makes every yearbook funny.
Cut to Sampson in his habitat, then pan to another habitat where a tiger is sleeping. Skulker phases into the habitat and looks through his binoculars at Danny in the observation tower. The tiger wakes up and growls at Skulker.
Skulker Oh, please.
Cut to Sampson, who hears growling and fighting noises and starts to run towards them, then sees Sam outside his habitat. He begins making distressed grunting noises to alert her.
Sam What is it, you wondrous being?
Sampson comes over and continues to grunt at her, pointing towards the tiger habitat.
Sam (Looking at where he points.) Is something wrong?
Sampson goes to his habitat cage's door and hangs off of it, still grunting in distress.
Sam You want out?
Sam goes to the habitat's control panel and hits the "Open" button. The door opens and Sampson runs out. Cut to the tiger hanging in Skulker's net. Skulker phases out of the tiger habitat and looks through his binoculars. Beneath the binoculars' target screen reads, "GORILLA ATTACKING!" in green blinking letters.
Skulker What? Gorilla attacking?
Sampson suddenly jumps on him and knocks him down, then starts hitting him. Skulker blocks one of the hits, then kicks Sampson off of him. Sampson once again attacks Skulker and spins him in the air with his feet, then kicks him off and bites his wrist armor. Skulker shoots ectoplasm onto Sampson's eyes from a small wrist blaster, causing Sampson to back off and hold his face. Skulker then goes to shoot a net at him, but Sampson grabs it mid-air and twirls Skulker around by it. The net eventually snaps off of Skulker's wrist, and he crashes into the observation tower. Danny and Tucker are still sleeping, but Danny's ghost sense goes off and he shivers. Sam appears in the doorway.
Sam Oh my gosh! Ahhh-- (Skulker covers her mouth with ectoplasm.)
Skulker Now for the ghost child.
Sampson flies in through the window and knocks Skulker into the desk. Skulker throws him off of himself then phases out through the wall as Sampson starts to charge at him. Sampson then starts pounding at the wall, which wakes up Danny and Tucker, who scream and, realizing they're still holding each other, let go and scream again. They then see Sampson and scream once again.
Tucker Gorilla! Loose!
Danny I got him! I'm going ghost!
He goes ghost and flies after Sampson, picking him up by the arms and phasing him through the wall outside into the air..
Danny Alright, I don't know how you got out, but you're going back.
He phases Sampson into the gorilla habitat, then goes outside and shuts the door via the control panel. Sam and Tucker walk up behind him.
Sam Danny, I meant to tell you, there was a gho--
Danny I wonder who let the gorilla go...Sam?
Tucker Yeah. Wait 'til we tell everybody at school you let out a four-hundred-pound gorilla.
Sam holds up the picture of Danny and Tucker hugging while sleeping.
Danny Or we just keep it our little secret.
Tucker Yeah, we really have no proof she did it, you know.
Danny (Off-screen, as Sam smirks.) No.
Scene fades to the Fenton Works' living room, where Maddie, Jack, and Jazz are sitting on the couch across from Connie, a journalist for Genius Magazine. She is sitting in a chair holding a tape recorder up.
Connie A few more questions, Maddie. Can you tell our readers what you're working on now?
Jack (Cuts off Maddie; holds Ghost Gabber out.) Well, it's called the Ghost Gabber, and--
Jazz Dad, put that thing away! (To Connie:) She's actually working on a new form of self-generating energy. She's an amazing, intelligent woman who's about to change the world.
Maddie Connie, my primary focus these days is ghost hunting.
Connie (Frowns.) Um, forgive me. Did you say ghost hunting?
Jazz sighs. Danny, Tucker, and Sam come in through the front door. Danny looks exhausted.
Maddie Danny, look at you! I'm not sure I like this overnight zoo research.
Danny Mom, come on. We're just a bunch of kids. In the zoo. At night. Alone. (Everyone stares at him.) We'll be in my room. (The trio goes upstairs.)
Ghost Gabber We'll be in my room. Fear me.
Jazz Give me that! (Takes the Ghost Gabber and hides it under a pillow.) Now where were we?
Cut to Danny, Tucker, and Sam walking up to Danny's bedroom door.
Tucker Here we go, Danny. Home in time for some well-deserved rest. (His PDA beeps and he checks it.) But keep it quick, because you've got thirteen minutes.
Danny's ghost sense suddenly goes off. He opens his bedroom door and Skulker turns visible in the doorway.
Skulker Hello, Ghost Child.
Skulker traps Danny in a net and pulls him into his room, the door slamming shut behind him.
Sam and Tucker Danny!
Scene switches to Danny in the net in his room, Skulker standing over him.
Skulker The human ghost child in its natural habitat.
Danny Who are you?
Skulker I am Skulker. (Holds up his cage of ghosts.) A collector of things rare and unique. And you, Ghost Child, are that and more. (Laughs and stomps on a model rocket.)
Danny Hey, my rocket! I built that!


Pity, though. I'd hoped you would put up more of a fight.


Oh, don't worry. (Goes ghost and phases out of net.) I will!
He punches Skulker into the wall, and Skulker growls. Cut to Sam and Tucker struggling to open the door.
Sam That's the ghost from the zoo!
Tucker Danny?
Sam No, the other guy.
They hear a loud crash in Danny's room, then a voice coming from downstairs.
Jazz (Off-screen) Hello? What's going on up there?
Sam and Tucker share a worried look, then run off-screen. Cut back to the living room.
Jazz You know, ghost hunting isn't the only thing my parents do, Connie. It's really a side interest. What they're really into is--
They all hear a loud crash from upstairs.
Jack (Stands up.) Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!
Cut to Sam and Tucker walking down the stairs.
Maddie Kids, get down! There's a ghost in the house.
Tucker Actually there's two-- (Sam elbows him.) --much homework to be done for there to be a ghost here. (Walking to kitchen.) I'll get some snacks.
Sam Yeah, Danny's upstairs. (They hear a loud crash.) Uh, lifting weights?
Maddie He doesn't have exercise equipment up there.
Danny (Off-screen, after another crash upstairs.) My computer! Oh, that's Jazz's.
Sam That's why he's using his computer.
Cut to Tucker running into the kitchen. Danny crashes through the ceiling and into the kitchen table, breaking it into pieces. Skulker jumps down through the ceiling in front of him.
Skulker Come, Ghost Boy. Time to see your new home.
He grabs Danny and phases them through the floor into the lab, Danny yelling along the way. Cut back to Tucker as everyone else comes into the kitchen and sees the mess.
Tucker Uh...hi-ya! (Strikes a karate pose next to the broken table.)
Connie What's going on?
Tucker (Hears another crash.) Sounds like rats in the lab.
Jack Ghost rats. I knew it.
Sam (As she and Tucker run into the living room:) Don't worry, we'll get rid of them.
Connie I'd like to learn a little more about this Danny. (Begins to walk towards stairs.)
Jazz Uh, that's probably not such a great idea!
Maddie I'd like to see what he's doing up there, anyway. (Walks towards stairs.)
Jazz Wait!
Cut to the lab, where Danny is being held by the throat in the air by Skulker.
Danny What are you doing?
Skulker Bringing you back to my world, where I can put you on display. (Holds up cage of ghosts.)
Danny What?!
The cage disappears and Skulker presses a button on his wrist that turns on the nearby Ghost Portal.
Skulker Ha! At last. (Starts walking towards the portal.) Time to put you in your cage.
Danny Noooo!
Sam suddenly slides between Skulker and the portal, holding her arms out to block him.
Sam No is right, Danny. Cages are wrong. How do you think Sampson feels being in a cage?
Skulker But--
Sam He's a beautiful animal and deserves to roam free!
Skulker I...
Sam Should be ashamed.
Danny takes advantage of Skulker being distracted and kicks him across the room towards Tucker, who yells and runs out of the way before Skulker lands. As he sits up, Skulker sees Tucker's dropped PDA next to the fallen Tucker and picks it up.
Skulker That technology: so sleek, so...advanced. (Looks at old control panel on wrist, then back at PDA.) Hmm, I wonder...
He yanks the busted, outdated control panel off of his armor and drops it on the floor, then replaces its slot with the PDA. The PDA begins to spark and the dangling wires wave around.
Tucker (Stands up behind Skulker.) Hey, I got three more payments on that!
Skulker smacks Tucker away with his hand and looks back at his wrist.
Skulker Marvelous.
The dangling wires connect to the PDA, causing Skulker to glow. Danny flies at him, but Skulker fires a new ecto-blaster from his wrist back at him. Danny hits the wall, his arms and legs bound by ectoplasm.
Sam Way to go, Tucker. You just made the bad guy more bad!
Tucker How was I supposed to know my PDA was ghost compatible?
Skulker Say goodbye to this world, child. (Points wrist at Danny. PDA beeps and he looks at it.) What? (Reading PDA:) "Fly to library? Get a book on eating habits of purple-back gorilla?"
His jetpack suddenly pops out and turns on, blasting him towards the ceiling.
Skulker (As he flies up:) No, stop. The hunt is not over!
He phases through the ceiling and invisibly passes up through the living room. Jack, climbing the stairs with the others, turns around as if he heard Skulker, frowns, and keeps walking. Skulker phases completely out of Fenton Works. Back in the lab, the ectoplasmic binds on Danny disappear.
Sam What happened? (Helps Danny up.)
Danny Who cares? At least I got a minute to relax and figure this out.
Maddie (Off-screen, from two floors above) Danny, where are you? Somebody here wants to meet you.
Danny D'oh! My room!
He phases into his room and transforms into his human self.
Maddie (Opening door to let Connie in.) Danny, this is Connie, from Genius Magazine.
Danny Don't you people ever knock? (Slams door shut and leans against it.) Jazz is going to kill me for that.
Jazz (In hallway:) I'm gonna kill him for that.
Connie Brooding? Messy? Reclusive? Now those are the signs of a true genius. Oh! If only he were a woman.
Scene fades to the outside steps of Casper High, where Tucker, Danny, and Sam stop.
Danny (Looking around.) Any sign of him?
Tucker Nope. (Checking PDA.) He hasn't bothered you for...thirty-eight minutes. Maybe he's hunting somebody else now.
Sam How many of those things do you have?
Tucker Just two. (To Danny:) Good thing I beamed all your info in here and backed it up. Global thinking, Danny: the sign of a quality time manager. (PDA beeps and reads "GO TO CLASS!" He pushes Danny into the school.) Come on, you're late.
Sam and Tucker follow after Danny. Skulker phases up out of the steps.
Skulker Soon, Ghost Boy. Soon.
Scene transitions to Danny, Sam, and Tucker leaving Mr. Lancer's classroom. As students leave the hallway, Danny opens his locker. A series of glowing chains jump out of it and wrap around Danny's torso and arms.
Sam and Tucker Danny!
Skulker materializes out of a blue mist in front of Danny.
Skulker I have you now, child.
Skulker aims a wrist ecto-blaster at Danny. Suddenly, his PDA beeps.
Skulker What? (Reading PDA:) "Go to the news stand and purchase magazine with article about purple-back gorillas?"
Skulker's jetpack activates and he flies up, crashing through the school's ceiling. The chains on Danny dissipate.
Tucker (Checking PDA.) Hmm, I have the same thing on mine.
Danny I think we'll blow that one off.
Scene fades to trio sitting on the football bleachers.
Sam Danny, eat something.
Danny I can't eat now. He could be anywhere.
Tucker (Swallows food. Danny and Sam look at him.) Hey, this food was scheduled to be eaten.
Tucker opens a carton of milk. A glowing blue orb pops out of it and wraps itself around Danny's head. Danny yells.
Sam and Tucker Danny!
Skulker steps on the bleachers.
Skulker Now, boy, once more, I, Skulker, shall-- (PDA beeps. Reading:) "Take photos of gorilla?"
His jetpack activates and he flies away. The restraints on Danny disappear.
Sam Well, at least he's regular.
Danny Yeah, almost like a schedule. What's the next thing you have scheduled for me, Tucker?
Tucker (Checking PDA.) Gym. Why?
Danny looks mischievous. Scene fades onto Dash admiring his reflection in a mirror in the locker room.
Dash You are one smooth-lookin' dude. (Flexes arms.)
Cut to Danny about to open his locker. He hesitates and turns to Dash.
Danny Hey, Dash? I'm too weak and defenseless to open my locker. Can you open it for me?
Dash (Shoves Danny to the side.) Out of the way, loser.
Dash opens Danny's locker, and an ectoplasmic goo shoots out and traps Dash in a bubble on the wall, his eyes covered. Skulker lands and inspects him.
Skulker Hmm, my sensors indicate you're an average human, destined for an average life after high school.
Dash screams, muffled by the bubble. Skulker sees Danny and Tucker peeking out from a row of lockers. He prepares to throw a ball of ectoplasm at them.
Skulker I shall-- (PDA beeps. Reading:) "The gorilla display at the museum of natural history?" (His jetpack activates and he flies up through the ceiling.)
Tucker Why's he going there?
Danny When Skulker put your PDA into his technology, he became bound to my schedule. He has to go where I was going to go next. (Checking Tucker's PDA.) Which means... (PDA reads "VISIT GORILLA HABITAT.") It's time for the hunter to become the hunted. Come on, I'm gonna go do something a little ahead of schedule. (He and Tucker run off-screen.)
Scene fades into Skulker watching Sampson in his habitat through his binoculars from a tree.
Skulker (Lowers binoculars.) Where is he? According to this infernal device-- (Cut to PDA playing the game Pong.) --which I cannot reprogram-- the ghost boy was supposed to be here an hour ago. (Jumps down to talk to Sampson.) You were supposed to be the bait, you stupid animal.
"Sampson" turns around to reveal Sam and Tucker holding up a fake Sampson suit.
Sam Sampson's not stupid!
Tucker He's also not here. (Holds up PDA and stylus.) Can I take a message?
Skulker You two! You'll pay for this! (He aims multiple weapons on his suit at them.)
Sam throws off the Sampson suit.
Tucker Oh, I don't think so...
Tucker presses "SEND" on his PDA. Skulker's PDA beeps and he checks it.
Skulker (Reading PDA:) "Time for push-ups." What?! (Tries to resist as his body automatically starts doing push-ups.) Stop! Stop! I can't...stop!
Danny, as Phantom, flies into the air.
Danny I can help with that.
He flies at Skulker and punches him into the wall of the habitat. Danny then punches him five more times, as pieces of metal fly off his suit. Skulker dodges another punch and aims an eco-blaster on his shoulder at Danny.
Tucker Ah-ah-ah. 10:11, polish armor. (Sends command from PDA.)
Skulker's blaster turns into a buffer and he starts screaming as it polishes his face.
Sam Stop fooling around, Tucker.
Danny Power him down already. Now!
Tucker Relax. (Waving PDA around.) Everything's totally under-- (An arrow hits the PDA and pins it to the tree.) --control? Aw, man, I had four more payments on this one.
Danny (As Skulker puts away his bow.) Tucker, you're fired.
Skulker Very well. I planned on simply capturing you and letting you live the rest of your life in a cage. But now, I will rest your pelt at the foot of my bed.
Sam Okay, that's just gross.
Skulker Well, Ghost Boy, any last words?
Danny Just this. (Pats head, covers eyes repeatedly, pounds chest with fists.)
Skulker What are you doing?
Danny (Scratching his butt.) Calling a friend.
Sampson suddenly flies in and crashes into Skulker.
Sam You learned his language?
Danny Well, sure. All he does is this. (Continues scratching butt.)
Sampson continuously hits Skulker and rips his armor apart, as Danny, Sam, and Tucker both cheer him on and wince at the hits. Sampson then throws Skulker, whose arm has been ripped off, down on the ground.
Tucker But I still don't understand why a ghost needed a high-tech battle suit.
Sampson continues to rip Skulker's armor apart and throws pieces of it over the trio's heads from off-screen. Skulker's head armor is thrown and Danny catches it. Two small green legs are kicking out from inside the head.
Skulker (In a squeaky voice:) Let me go! I am the Skulker! The Skulker! Do you hear me? Fear me!
Danny pulls on the legs to reveal Skulker's true form: a tiny green blob with a face and limbs. The trio is shocked.
Skulker I am the greatest hunter in all of ghost world. You will all fear me.
Danny Thermos, please.
Tucker holds the thermos out and activates it. Danny drops Skulker into its beam.
Skulker (As he is sucked in:) You haven't seen the last of me! I shall capture you all. You shall all be mine. Mine, do you hear?!
Tucker caps off the thermos. Danny lands on the ground in his human form.
Danny Cool. Let's go home.
Sam But you didn't get anything you could use for your report. You're still gonna get a "D."
Danny Ah, that's okay. (Kneels down to pick up Skulker's PDA.) We stopped the bad guy, saved the gorilla. If that's all I got done, then that's-- (Sampson walks closer to him. Danny turns to look up at him, but is shocked at what he sees.) Oh my gosh!
Cut to a shot of the cover of Genius Magazine. The headline reads, "He is a SHE!" The shot zooms out to show Maddie and Danny standing in front of the gorilla, whose hair is dressed up in a bow, with Jack peeking out from behind her. A caption in the corner reads, "Genius child of genius woman discovers gorilla male actually a female!" Mr. Lancer picks up the magazine from his desk and opens it.
Lancer (Reading magazine to class:) "Brooding genius Daniel Fenton did what no other researcher dared to do. He got close enough to this rare purple-back gorilla to realize Sampson was actually a Delilah." Nobody at that zoo ever bothered to see if it was a boy or a girl?
Danny That's weird, huh? Well, maybe they were respecting her privacy.
Lancer Well, Fenton, I have to admit I'm impressed. Wanted to get your grade up so bad, you risked getting mauled by a gorilla. (Places graded report on Danny's desk.) "C."
Danny A "C?!" I almost get killed by a gho--rilla, and all I get is a "C?!"
Lancer Life's a big mystery, isn't it, Fenton? (Bell rings. As he leaves the classroom:) Next time you want to get your grade up, try the library.
Sam Well, it's better than a "D," right?
Danny Oh man, if only I had something I could take this out on!
Danny, Sam, and Tucker suddenly hear the Box Ghost yelling at a box of files in the back of the classroom.
Box Ghost I am the Box Ghost! And once I empty you of your useless papers, your marvelous squareness shall be mine! (Laughs.)
Danny (Going ghost.) Hello, misplaced aggression.
Tucker (Checking PDA.) You've got five minutes.
Danny Which is four more than I'll need. (He flies off-screen and starts fighting the Box Ghost.)
Box Ghost (Makes pained noises.) Beware!
The screen closes in on Sam and Tucker's smiling faces.
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