"Plagues, pestilence, boy bands...oh, this is one evil box."
— Danny

Pandora's Box is a box that contains evil horrors from the Ghost Zone and Earth.


Main article: Boxed Up Fury

In "Boxed Up Fury," the Box Ghost, desperate to gain the attention and the fear of both Earth and the Ghost Zone, sneaks into Pandora's lair and steals the box. Upon opening it, the Box Ghost absorbs the box's power, greatly increasing his power and causing him to become more malevolent. Only through trickery from Danny's side could Pandora act in time to stop the Box Ghost (switching the setting on the box from "spew" to "reclaim") and retrieve her box.

The Ghosts

Although the box was meant to hold the Ghost Zone's and Earth's evil, only nine are known to be contained in it.

  1. A ghost unicorn 
  2. A horde of ghost bats 
  3. A horde of ghost snakes 
  4. A horde of ghost frogs 
  5. A flaming ghost Pegasus
  6. A ten-headed ghost Dragon
  7. Plagues
  8. Pestilence
  9. Boy bands 

Powers and Abilities

Pandora's Box has two settings, "spew" and "reclaim." Entities contained within the box include unicorns, bats, frogs, snakes, a Pegasus, and a giant fire-breathing hydra. Opening the box also releases evil energy which makes the user more powerful.

  • Summoning: Opening the box while it is set to "spew" causes an evil within the box to be released, which increases in severity with each subsequent opening of the box.
  • Sealing: If the box is set to "reclaim" mode, it will recapture all of the entities it released.
  • Energy Absorption: The box can absorb energy attacks and fire them back.
  • Ghost Ray: The box can fire powerful blasts of blue ecto-energy when opened.
  • Thermokinesis: When the Box Ghost was encased in ice, the box emitted heat to melt the ice. 


Season 3


  • Pandora's Box is based on the ancient Greek legend of Pandora, the first human woman, who owned a jar (or in some versions, a box) containing all the world's evils.
  • Despite being ancient Greek in origin, the box has the Latin letter "P" on it rather than the Greek equivalent "Π."

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