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This page is for Paranormal Immunity, the resistance to ghost powers' effects. For the similar ability dealing with physical damage, see Supernatural durability.

Paranormal immunity is the ability to resist the effects of certain or all ghost powers.


In "Fanning the Flames," Sam is completely immune to Ember's spells due to her wearing Fenton Phones. Danny is also immune at first due to his ghost powers, but later becomes vulnerable and falls under Ember's love spell after Ember gains strength from fans chanting her name.

In "Memory Blank," Sam is immune to Desiree's wish-granting powers because she is wearing a Specter Deflector. Thus, she is able to remember everything even after Desiree grants Danny's wish that he never met Sam.

In "Doctor's Disorders," Danny is immune to Spectra's ghost illness due to his powers. Tucker also gains immunity to the illness by wearing his new homemade cologne, Foley by Tucker Foley. Tucker later saved everyone in the hospital when he spread his cologne through the air vents, expelling all the ghost bugs (that gave the kids the disease and ghost powers in the first place) and returning the students back to normal.

In "Girls' Night Out," Sam and Jazz are immune to the effects of Kitty's banishing kiss and Ember's subsequent hypnotizing spell because they are wearing Specter Deflectors. Maddie also avoids the effects, as she is protected by Fenton Works' anti-ecto walls while she is in the lab.

In "Boxed Up Fury," Danny was immune to Medusa's stone stare. When Medusa used her powers on him, Danny was briefly unaffected by it and he then closed his eyes to possibly show off his accuracy.


Ghosts and half-ghosts with this ability have high or total resistance to many types of ghost powers and spectral effects that affect humans, such as Ember's music, Spectra's ghost illness, or even Medusa's stare.

Humans can gain paranormal immunity through the use of ecto-technology or other certain objects.


  • This ability may weaken or be rendered useless altogether if the power or attack that's being resisted gains strength.
  • In addition, some powers and attacks can only be resisted by capable objects, and not ecto-entities, such as Kitty's banishing kiss was able banish Bertrand and Johnny 13. Being a half-ghost it possible Danny could resist Kitty’s banishing kiss if he was there.

Known users

Paranormal immunity is inherent in all ghosts' and half-ghosts' physiology. Therefore, only users with instances of this ability shown in the series will be listed below.

Natural Ability

Through Technology

Known objects

The following objects can grant users paranormal immunity:


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


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