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The episode opens with a scrolling shot of a row of townhouses and transitions into the Fenton Works basement. Jack, sitting down and wearing a soda hat and a fishing vest, sips his soda, then casts a glowing-white fishing line into the open Ghost Portal. Danny comes down the stairs and drops his backpack on the floor as he walks up behind Jack.
Danny Hey, Dad. What are you doing?
Jack Danny, keep it down. You'll scare away the ghosts. (Points to his fishing pole.) It's the Fenton Ghost Fisher. I'm Fishing for ghosts.
Jack stops reeling and stretches out the line a bit.
Jack Check out this line. Coated with a special high-test ectoplasmal resin that ghosts can't break. Quiet now. Don't wanna spook 'em.
Jack recasts the line and sips his soda. Suddenly, his stomach rumbles.
Jack Whoa! That soda goes right through you like Sherman through Georgia. (He gives the Fenton Fisher to Danny.) Here! Hang on to this. I'll be right back after I use the Fenton Urinal. (Goes upstairs)
The fishing line suddenly reels out further into the portal and becomes taut. Danny's ghost sense goes off.
Danny Oh no.
Danny strains to keep a hold of the Fenton Fisher against the resistance, but the line breaks. A blue ghost dragon (Princess Dorathea) emerges from the portal, the line hanging from her mouth. She roars and the line's broken end smacks Danny in the face.
Danny Da-?
Princess Dorathea I want to go!
Danny D-ahhh! (Runs away, terrified. Dora grabs him in her fist.)
Dora I have to go!
Danny You'll have to stand in line behind my dad. In the meantime... (Goes ghost.)
Danny becomes a blue ghostly mist to escape Dora's fist and reforms. Surprised, Dora tries twice to hit Danny, before breathing green fire at him, all of which he dodges. He returns with a kick, which sends her flying across the room, during which her golden amulet falls off her neck into Danny's open backpack. Upon landing, Dora transforms into a ghost girl.
Dora All I wanted was to go to the Princess Costume Ball. And my horrid mummy won't let me! (She wails as she flies back through the portal.)
Danny If that dragon suit's her idea of a costume, I'm on mummy's side. (Changes back to normal.) Phew! Man, that's a relief.
Jack (Re-enters the room.) I'll tell you what a relief is...Darn, I almost forgot!
Jack runs off-screen and flushes the toilet.
Cut to theme song.
The scene opens on the exterior of Casper High, with a banner above its doors reading, "THE BIG DANCE." Tucker is holding the door open as girls walk out past him.
Tucker Hey there, I-
Girl 1 No!
Tucker Hi, would you-
Girl 2 Forget it.
Rebecca (Holding up her hand towards Tucker.) No!
Tucker I didn't ask you yet!
Cut to Sam and Danny eating lunch at a picnic table. Tucker, upset, sits down next to Danny.
Danny Strike 3, Tuck?
Tucker Try strike 3,000.
Sam I don't know what the big deal is about going to some stupid dance. I don't need to be asked to some dance to know I'm special. I--
Danny and Tucker are staring off-screen in a happy daze, not paying attention to Sam.
Sam (Annoyed:) What?
Danny and Tucker Paulina...
Cut to Paulina, who walks down a pathway while boys stare distractedly at her. One boy on a bike crashes into a tree, while another walks into a guy sitting on a fountain and they both fall into the water, only to sit up and continue staring. Cut back to the trio, with Danny and Tucker now standing.
Danny and Tucker Paulina...
Sam Oh, please! Paulina? Girls like her are a dime a dozen!
Danny and Tucker dig through their pockets and pull out some change.
Danny (To Tucker:) How much change you got?
Sam Ha ha! Very funny. Just remember: you can't judge a book by its cover.
Tucker Well, there's only one way to find out. Go on, Danny. Go to that library and check out that book!
Cut to Paulina sitting under a tree with her lunch box. Cut back to Danny and Sam.
Danny I can't! I get weak-kneed when I try to talk to cute girls.
Sam Oh, and you have absolutely no problems talking to me.
Danny Uh...
Sam Skip it. (Walks over to Danny and lifts him up by the arms.) Go give your weak knees some exercise.
Danny stumbles over to Paulina and leans against the tree with one arm.
Danny (Takes a deep breath.) Hi! I...
Danny's arm turns intangible and falls through the tree causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground.
Paulina Please! Don't say you've suddenly fallen for me. That line is so last semester.
Danny (Stands back up.) Yeah! I-I mean, no! T-that's not it. I'm...I'm Danny.
Danny's pants glow green for a moment, then become intangible and fall to the ground to expose his boxers. The other students in the yard laugh, along with Paulina.
Paulina A gentleman usually tips his hat, but I'll give you points for originality.
Sam walks over to Danny as the crowd dissipates and puts her hand on his shoulder.
Sam Kudos, Danny. You just set an all-time speed record for drowning in the shallow end of the gene pool.
Paulina (Takes a moment to think about what was just said.) Oh, no! You did not just call me shallow, did you?!
Sam If you mean do I think I can stand in a puddle full of you and not get my feet wet, then yeah.
Paulina Shallow?! I am not shallow!
Sam grabs Danny by the arm and pulls him off-screen.
Paulina On the other hand, I'm not so deep that I couldn't lure a boy away from a goth geek. And I will.
Scene changes to the halls of Casper High where Danny is pulling books from his locker. Tucker, nearby, watches as girls walk past.
Tucker Thanks to you, I now know the quickest way to a woman's heart: clean boxers.
Danny (Sighs.) Man, I blew it yesterday. Paulina probably won't even look at me now.
Paulina (Waves from down the hall.) Yoo-hoo, Danny! (All the guys around her lustfully sigh.)
Danny Or not! Hey, Tuck?
Tucker I get it. I'm out. (Begins to leave, then rushes back.) Good luck. (Runs out.)
Paulina Hi, you. (Laughs flirtatiously.) I just wanted to...
Dash suddenly slams Danny into his locker and shuts it, then leans against it.
Dash Meet me? Who doesn't?
Danny invisibly leans out of a locker a few doors down and glares at Dash.
Dash Dash Baxter. (Danny places his hands on Dash's shoulders. They begin to glow and fall into Dash's back.) All-star quarterback and school hero. (Danny gets sucked into Dash's body.) I'm also--
Dash's eyes turn green and he drops his football.
Danny (Overshadowing Dash; looks down at himself) --in Dash's body?
Paulina Excuse me?
Danny Right! Of course! (Paulina stares at him suspiciously.) I'm also president of the Casper High geek club, and I have every toenail I've ever clipped. Want to see 'em?
Paulina No.
Danny Oh, then you should get to know Danny Fenton. He doesn't scrub his mom's feet every night like I do. (Kneels and picks up Paulina's foot.)
Paulina (Backs up.) Eew! Get lost, loser!
Danny leaves Dash's body and invisibly goes back into his locker. Dash stands up and holds his hand up to steady his head, disoriented.
Dash Why do I suddenly feel like scrubbing my mom's feet? (Walks away holding his head.)
Paulina opens up Danny's locker and he falls out with a yelp. Dora's amulet falls out of his backpack onto the floor as well.
Paulina (Kneeling down to Danny's level.) We have to stop meeting like this. (Notices the amulet.) Oh my gosh! (Points to it.) What's that? (Picks it up, entranced.)
Danny That? Oh! Uh, it's a...uh... You like it? (Smiles hopefully.)
Paulina It's beautiful!
Danny Hey, that's great! (Paulina stands up.) Because I, uh, got it for you.
Paulina Really?!
Danny Yeah. (Stands up.) I-I-in case I got the nerve to ask you to the dance and you said yes, I thought I'd want to give you something and that's what it would have been. It's for you. (His pants turn invisible briefly and he grabs them before they fall.) Whether you go with me or not.
Paulina Well, you are kind of cute, and you have great taste in underwear. I'd love to go with you. (Puts on the amulet.)
Paulina walks away. Her eyes begin to glow green as the amulet's powers overtake her.
Danny (Smiling, then frowns.) What am I doing? That thing doesn't belong to me. It could be my mom's, or my sister's.
Paulina (At the end of the hall, waving.) Bye, Danny. See you!
Danny Or I could worry about that later. Because she said yes! Woohoo! (Raises fists triumphantly in the air. His pants fall down.)
Mr. Lancer walks up behind Danny.
Mr. Lancer Pantless again, Mr. Fenton? Third time this week I've caught you-- how do you kids say it? (Takes out book called "How To Sound Hip For the Unhip.") Dropping trou. I think it's time I saw your father for a parent-teacher conference. (Gives Danny a notice slip.)
Danny Oh, man. My dad?
Lancer Until then, here. (Holds out a belt.) It'll help you keep your pants up and... (Consults his book) out of trouble with the man. (Danny takes the belt.)
Scene fades to Fenton Works' exterior, then the basement, where Jack is still sitting and fishing for ghosts, leaning his face on his hand. Danny is standing behind him.
Danny (During fade-in.) Catch anything, Dad?
Jack Son, I couldn't catch a cold. I've been sitting here all day without a single bite.
Danny Uh... (Holds up and points to the parent-teacher conference notice.)
Jack (Reeling in his line.) I'm so frustrated I want to take out my rage on the first person who gives me bad news. (Casts line again.) Anyway, you wanted to tell me something?
Danny Well, sort of. Mr. Lancer--
Jack Mr. Lancer what? Is this bad news? (Narrows eyes.)
Danny Mr. Lancer... (Suddenly smiles and overshadows Jack, who is looking away. Jack's eyes turn green.) wants to have a word with us!
Scene fades to Mr. Lancer's office, where an overshadowed Jack is sitting across the desk from Mr. Lancer.
Lancer Thank you for coming to discuss your son's schooling, Mr. Fenton.
Danny (Overshadowing Jack) Well, sure! (Points to self.) I'm a parent, and that's...what parents do. Uh, right?
Lancer Well, there were a couple of incidents...with his pants.
Danny Did his pants fall down again? Poor Danny. He studies so hard he forgets to eat. I know these things because I'm his dad and not him. (Smiles hopefully, leaning an arm on Lancer's desk.)
Lancer (Rubs his chin, thinking.) Hmm... That would explain things.
Danny (To himself:) It worked? (Lancer takes notice.) I-I-I mean, of course you understand. No wonder you're Danny's favorite teacher.
Lancer I am?
Danny We Fentons consider teachers to be underpaid and under-appreciated. (Smiles hopefully.)
Lancer I like your style, Mr. Fenton. (Gestures to a dance flyer he's holding.) In fact, I'd like you to chaperone the upcoming school dance.
Danny Chaperone? Well, I'm not sure...
Lancer I am. See you Friday. (Reading from his "How To Sound Hip" book.) Or, as the kids say, catch you later, G! (Points to Jack with a handgun gesture.)
Danny (as Jack) worryingly grimaces.
Scene fades to the Amity Park Mall, where Danny, Tucker, and Sam are sitting at a table in the food court, eating.
Tucker (With a mouthful of food, as a girl walks by:) Mmm!
Girl No.
Sam So, your dad is going to chaperone the dance?
Danny Yes, but he doesn't know he's going to chaperone because he doesn't remember that I made him say yes!
Camera zooms out to include a girl reading a book at another table.
Tucker Let me get this straight. You can just walk into people and take over their bodies from the inside?
Danny Yeah, pretty much.
Tucker (Looks at the girl with the book.) Hey, Danny. If you could control a girl for just about two minutes...
Danny (Glances at the girl, then back at Tucker.) Forget it. You can get your own date for the dance like I did.
Sam Does he have to take off his pants and act like a dweeb? Or will either one do?
Camera cuts to a nearby Abyss store, which has a sign above its doors that says, "Fleecy Tees Sale!!" Inside, Paulina happily spots the table of yellow fleecy tees and begins searching through the stacks.
Paulina I've just got to have one of these! (Throws some tees over her shoulder.) They're so unique!
Paulina looks back to see all the other customers in the store wearing the tees. She then looks around and spots a store sales girl.
Paulina (Waving for assistance.) Miss? (The sales girl hops over to her. She holds up a tee.) Do you have this in a size small?
Sales girl Ooh, sorry. We just sold our last small of this corduroy button-down fleecy tee to someone else.
Paulina Will you be getting any more soon?
Sales girl The Abyss corduroy button-down fleecy tee has been discontinued. If you haven't already got one, you are doomed to languish as a toxic social outcast for a period of no less than five and no more than sixteen weeks. (Giggles.) Sorry.
Paulina (Red in the face, outraged.) SIXTEEN WEEKS?! (Rips tee in hands.)
The amulet begins to glow around her neck. Paulina's skin turns blue and her eyes turn red. She transforms into the dragon Dora was before and stares down at the sales girl.
Paulina Want fleecy tee! (Blows green fire at table of tees.)
Camera cuts to customers and the sales girl running out of the store, screaming. The table of tees crashes through the storefront window. Cut back to Danny, Tucker, and Sam.
Sam Honestly, guys, I'm glad I'm not going to the stupid dance. Saves me the embarrassment of wearing the lame dress my parents bought me. (Laughs nervously.)
Tucker So no one's asked you, huh?
Sam Maybe if I was as pretty as Paulina.
Danny Why are you so down on her? So she's pretty. It's not a crime.
Sam Looks are deceiving, Danny.
People start screaming and running away behind the trio. Danny's ghost sense goes off.
Tucker Ghost time. (Holds up French fries.) Can I finish your fries?
Danny runs into an open spot to go ghost. He then flies into the air in front of Paulina the dragon.
Danny Say, haven't we met somewhere?
Paulina roars and breathes green fire at him.
Cut to commercial break.
Danny (Dodges the fire.) Let's try this again. Hi, I'm Danny Phantom. And you are?
Paulina roars and hits Danny with her tail. He yells and crashes into the kitchen of the nearby Weenie On-A-Skewer.
Danny (Holding his head.) Testy, got it.
Paulina breathes more fire at the store's counter and Danny flies out of the way.
Danny Sorry, dude! I think you got the wrong weenie!
He smacks into Paulina, pushing her through the air. She grabs him mid-flight and skids to a halt, then pins him on the ground.
Paulina Must have tee!
Danny Tea? Ooh, good idea. Coffee could make you a mite jittery. Better yet...
He turns intangible and sinks into the ground. Paulina looks perplexedly at her claws.
Danny (While flying back up through the ground.) Have some punch! (Punches her.)
Paulina flies through the air towards a girl carrying an Abyss shopping bag, who screams and runs away, leaving the bag behind. As Paulina smashes into the ground, the amulet flies off her neck and lands in the bag. She turns back into a human.
Paulina (Disoriented:) Ooh, whoa. What hit me? (Notices the bag and pulls out the amulet.) Hey! My amulet! (Puts it on, then pulls out a tee from the bag.) Hey! My fleecy tee! They must have had it in my size! (Folds the tee.) I guess good things happen when you maintain a positive attitude.
Cut to Tucker and Sam. Danny flies out of the ground.
Sam Danny! (He changes back to normal.) Are you okay?
Danny Fine. But that's the second time I've fought that dragon. We need to investigate. How are you guys?
Tucker Great...if you don't count me still being dateless for the dance. (Starts tapping on his PDA.) Sasha, no. Denise, no. I've hit every girl in school except... (Valerie walks up to him) Valerie.
Valerie Yeah, hi. Sucker, is it?
Tucker Tucker. Or Tuck. Or Tuckerino.
Valerie Which ends with "no." Which, by the way, is my answer, unless something happens in the next five minutes that makes me dateless.
Kwan walks up to her.
Kwan You'll never guess what happened! Donna said she'd go to the dance with me, so you're dateless! (Walks away.)
Valerie (To Tucker:) You're on.
Tucker I'll take it! (Valerie leaves.) Some may call it the rebound, but I call it a yes! I got a date! Whoo! And the pants are still on! (Points down to pants.)
Scene fades to the Fenton Works' kitchen, where Maddie is fixing Jack's tie.
Jack I don't understand why I have to wear this stupid thing.
Maddie Because it's Danny's first dance, Jack. If we're gonna chaperone this thing, we have to make sure we don't embarrass him.
Camera cuts to a wide shot of Maddie, Jack, and Jazz, who is leaning against the table.
Jack How would we embarrass him?
Jazz I think it's great when you guys do anything that doesn't have something to do with your sick obsession with ghosts.
Jack Funny. I don't even remember volunteering to chaperone the dance. It's all a vague blur.
Danny walks up behind the table, drinking a glass of water.
Jazz By the way, Danny, just so you know, I'm on to your little secret.
Danny (Spits out water.) What?! Wh-what secret?
Jazz The clumsiness, the nervousness. I can't believe I didn't figure it out before. You have a girlfriend.
Danny (Panicked:) It's a lie, I'm not a ghost! (Realizes what Jazz said.) I-I mean...she's not my girlfriend. She's just going to the dance with me.
Jack That's great! I can meet her and talk to her about ghosts!
Jazz You better let her know your family's insane now, Danny. If you marry her and she finds out later, that's entrapment.
Danny (Sighs. Walking out the room:) I better go get ready. (Goes through door and walks down some stairs.) Okay, so I'm gonna have to dance with Paulina and keep my dad from embarrassing me. I can handle that.
Scene fades to Sam's room, where she is laying on her bed, talking to Danny and Tucker via webcam on her laptop. The boys are in Danny's room, in suits and prepping for the dance.
Danny (Adjusting tie.) Tie straight. Shirt tucked in. (Picks up Fenton Fisher. While retracting the pole and putting it in his jacket:) Unbreakable ghost fishing line tucked neatly away just in case. (To Sam on his computer:) What's taking so long with that dragon research, Sam?
Sam Alright! Jeez! (Types on laptop.) Here. I'm sending you the link.
A webpage with an image of the ghost dragon pops up on Danny's screen.
Danny That's it! (Clicks on "More Info" link. Reading:) Medieval ghostly legend held that the cursed Amulet of Aragon-- (Camera cuts to images of a human Dora wearing the amulet) --could transform any wearer into dragon form-- (Pans to image of the dragon's neck with the amulet) --under states of extreme emotional duress or anger. (Zooms in on the amulet the dragon is weariing) That's the amulet I gave to Paulina. (Camera cuts to Danny and Tucker) It must have accidentally fallen into my backpack. Wait. You mean...I'm going on a date with a dragon?!
Sam Like I said, looks are deceiving. I'm sure you boys will have a wonderful evening. (Ends video-chat. Danny's screen goes black.)
Danny She really wants to go to the dance.
Tucker But she says she didn't want to!
Danny We're her best friends. We should have known.
Tucker Well, there's nothing we can do about it now, right?
Danny thinks for a moment, then smiles mischievously and flashes green eyes at Tucker.
Tucker No way. Forget it. Absolutely not. No!
Scene cuts to Tucker's hand knocking on Sam's front door.
Sam (Opens door.) Tucker? What are you doing here? Where's Valerie?
Danny (Overshadowing Tucker) She kinda cancelled on me. (Sam's eyebrows raise in surprise.) Do you think we could go together-- you know, as friends?
Sam (Smiling, then frowns.) Uh, I don't know. This is so last minute. And I do have plans, and--
Danny Well, I understand if you don't want to go. (Begins to turn around to leave.)
Sam (Reaches out to stop him.) Okay, but only because you got stood up. I'll go change into that dumb dress I wasn't gonna wear. (Goes back inside and shuts door.)
Danny (Leaves Tucker's body and floats in air as Phantom. Saluting:) See ya! (Flies off.)
Tucker (Yelling after him.) That is so unfair! And as soon as Sam comes back, (Turns back around) I'm gonna...
Door opens to reveal Sam dressed up in a purple-and-black dress holding a matching purse. Tucker grins and blinks repeatedly.
Sam Come on, we're gonna be late! (Shuts door and pulls Tucker, who yelps, by the arm down the porch steps.)
Scene fades to a sidewalk where Danny phases partway through it, looks around, and floats up to Paulina's front door. He pops back into his human self and lands.
Danny (Practicing to himself:) Paulina, about the amulet. It's an ancient family heirloom and I need to get it back. (Smiles briefly, then slaps himself. Sighs.) No, that stinks.
Door opens to reveal Paulina's dad glaring down at Danny.
Danny Uh, hi! Uh, you must be Paulina's dad.
Paulina's dad If you upset her, we're going to have a violent talk.
Paulina (Off-screen) Papa? (Walks to Danny in a pink dress.) You're scaring him. Come on, Danny. (He notices amulet on her neck.) We're going to be late.
Paulina's dad (Waving as Paulina walks away.) Have a wonderful evening, baby. (To Danny:) I know where you live.
Danny And I'm glad we had a chance to chat. (Walks away.)
Scene fades to the Casper High gym, which has a banner above its doors reading, "SCHOOL DANCE 2 NITE" and dance music playing from within as students file in. Inside, students are dancing and cheering.
Lancer (Walking amongst students, reading from his "Hip" book.) Let's get down with our bad selves. (Pointing randomly.) Yo. Shake that thing. (Looks another way.) Hey, G, you're my dog.
Danny grabs two glasses of punch off a table and turns to hand one to Paulina.
Danny Paulina, I was thinking... That amulet--
Paulina Isn't it fabulous? I haven't taken it off since you gave it to me.
Danny Yeah, well, about that. See, I shouldn't have given it to you in the first place because...(Spots Sam standing with Tucker.) It belongs to Sam!
Paulina growls angrily and sticks out a green dragon tongue to suck the punch out of her glass,which she then breaks in her hand.
Danny (Handing her his glass.) Uh... But I want to make it up to you. I'll get you something else. Something...more special.
Cut to Mr. Lancer walking up to Jack and Maddie.
Lancer Mr. Fenton! About our conversation the other day concerning Danny.
Jack looks confused. Danny sees this and worries, turning to Paulina.
Danny Like punch! I'm gonna get you some special punch. (Runs off.)
Cut to Jack. Danny turns invisible behind him and overshadows him. Jack's eyes turn green.
Danny (As Jack) Yes! Danny, what a fine boy he is! Ha! Yes, as his father, I get that all the time.
Maddie Jack, you sound kind of strange.
Danny Oh, must be something I ate. (Spots punch table.) Hey! How 'bout I get us some punch? (Walking through students:) Excuse me! Excuse me! Adult coming through. I shave every day. (Walks to Tucker and Sam.) Tucker, Sam, we've got trouble.
Tucker We had nothing to do with it, Mr. Fenton. It was all Danny's idea.
Danny Tucker, it's me. It's Danny. (Hands them walkie-talkies.) Sam, you try to help me find Paulina. Tucker, keep an eye on my dad. If he starts talking to anyone, page me, got it? (Walks away.)
Sam This dance gets better and better with every passing minute.
Sam runs off in one direction, while Tucker runs off in another.
Cut to Paulina walking through another room past Sam, who turns and sees her.
Sam (On walkie-talkie:) Danny! I've got her.
Danny (As Jack, on walkie-talkie:) Stay on her. I'm on my way. And Sam, don't make her angry. (Invisibly leaves Jack's body and takes walkie-talkie from his hand. Jack looks confused.)
Cut to the girls' bathroom, where Paulina is checking herself in a mirror. Sam walks up behind her in the reflection.
Sam Hey, Paulina. Nice dress.
Paulina (Turns to her.) Yes, and it goes so nicely with your amulet, don't you think?
Sam My amulet? That's not my-- (Realization of Danny's plan hits her.) Right! Listen...my grandma gave me that amulet, and--
Paulina Forget it, sweetie. I'm not giving up this trinket or your little boyfriend Danny.
Sam My boyfriend? Ha ha! And they say pretty girls can't be funny. Danny is not my boyfriend.
Paulina He's not?
Sam He's my best friend. Maybe that's why I was so hard on you. I didn't mean to call you shallow.
Paulina What a bummer! I only agreed to go out with him because I thought I was stealing him from you. (Putting amulet around Sam's neck.) Here, take your crummy amulet. (Walking away.) I'm going back inside to dump your dorky friend.
Sam shakes with anger and the amulet starts to glow. Her skin turns scaly and blue, and her eyes turn red.
Sam Shallow little witch!
She transforms into the blue dragon and roars. Paulina faints. Cut to Danny standing outside the bathroom.
Danny Paulina? Sam?
He walks into the bathroom and sees Sam the dragon flying out of the destroyed ceiling. He goes ghost and flies after her. Sam is carrying the unconscious Paulina. Danny flies above Sam and kicks her in the back. She falls and crashes onto the football field.
Danny (Lands.) Take it easy, Paulina. You don't want to hurt Sam. (Noticing Paulina in Sam's grasp.) Paulina? (Looks at Sam's face.) Sam?!
Sam (Stands up on hind legs.) Shallow girl!
Danny Yep, that's Sam. (Sam breathes fire at him and he turns intangible to avoid it, then reappears.) Whoa! Sam! Two words: breath mints.
He launches into the air and pulls Paulina from Sam's hand. Sam roars at them, then hits them with her tail, sending them towards the bleachers. Danny turns himself and Paulina intangible. Cut to behind the bleachers, where Dash is leaning against the fence talking to a girl.
Dash So, do you like quarterbacks?
Danny and Paulina phase through the bleachers and hit the fence, turning tangible. Dash and the girl stare in surprise.
Danny Uh, sorry.
Sam lifts up a section of bleachers and roars, causing Dash and the girl to scream and run away. Sam throws away the bleachers.
Danny Now, Sam, be reasonable. (His walkie-talkie beeps and he puts it to his ear.)
Tucker (On walkie-talkie:) Danny, Lancer's getting close to your dad.
Danny I hate to do this, Sam.
He flies towards Sam and strains to pick up her tail, then pulls her into the air by it. He swings her around and flings her into the distance. He turns around, smiling, then frowns.
Danny Oh, man. Dad!
Cut to Jack walking through the dance. He suddenly stops and looks angry.
Jack Hey! (Sees Maddie and Lancer, who look back at him. To Lancer:) Who the heck are you? And why are you talking to my wife?
Maddie Jack, this is Mr. Lancer-- (In a hushed tone:) From the parent-teacher conference.
Danny phases up through the floor behind Jack and overshadows him.
Danny (As Jack) Right, right. I'm sorry, it's just in this light I thought you were George Clooney. Isn't he sharp, Mom? I mean, Maddie.
Lancer Well... (Chuckles.) Thank you.
Danny Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to dance with my wife. That's what we adults do, dance with our wives. (Pulls Maddie to the dance floor and they begin to dance.)
Maddie (Sighs.) Doesn't this bring back memories?
Danny If by memories you mean things you remember that I don't, then yes! Go ahead and remind me of stuff. I'll totally agree to remembering.
The song ends and students start cheering for them. Danny invisibly leaves Jack''s body and flies off.


What the heck? I mean, uh, thank you! Thank you all on behalf of me, Jack Fenton.
Cut to Sam flying through the air, then Danny phasing through the roof and flying at her. Sam breathes fire at him three times, all of which Danny dodges. He stops in front of her.
Danny I hate to say this, but you throw fire like a girl! (Sam growls. He pulls out the Fenton Fisher.) The Fenton Fisher. (Flying towards Sam.) It can capture ghosts and dragon ghosts. (Casting line at Sam, which wraps around her neck.) Way to go, Dad!
Sam continually breathes fire at Danny, who keeps wrapping the line around her until her wings and arms are secure. She drops to the ground. Danny flies down to her and removes the amulet. She transforms back into her human self.
Danny (Off-screen) Sam? (Light flashes as he transforms into Fenton. Cut to him kneeling down next to Sam.) Are you alright?
Sam Wow. (Holding her head:) Did I have fun at the dance?
Danny Well, uh... (Chuckles.) Let's just say you had a roaring time.
Scene fades to a near-empty gym with students filing out. Sam, Danny, and Tucker are standing in the middle of the floor.
Tucker Dude, sorry your date didn't pan out. Where is Paulina anyway?
Cut to Dash leaning against the wall talking to Paulina, who looks annoyed.
Dash So, do you like quarterbacks?
Cut to Sam, who looks as if she's about to answer Tucker, then changes her mind.
Sam Ah, who cares? Look! (Cut to the DJ.) The DJ's still playing. (Turns to Danny.) And I think there's time for one last dance?
Danny Sure, I'd love to. (Hands Tucker the amulet.) Keep an eye on this, will ya? (Tucker nods.)
Cut to Danny and Sam slow dancing.
Sam Promise me you'll keep your pants up.
Danny I'll do my best.
Cut to Tucker standing off to the side, watching them.
Tucker Wait a second. I'm dateless again?! What does a guy have to do to get hooked up around here?
Dora the ghost suddenly appears behind Tucker.
Dora I want to go to the ball!
Tucker On second thought, I don't need a date that badly. (Dora comes closer and places her hands on his shoulders. Yelling to Danny and Sam:) Hey guys, wait up! Can I cut in? (Screen closes in on his face.)