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Pariah's Keep is the resting place for both Pariah Dark and the Fright Knight.


After the battle between the Ancients and Pariah Dark, during which Pariah Dark was trapped in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep, the Ancients destroyed the area around the castle. The buildings and land surrounding the castle crumbled, leaving Pariah's Keep isolated on its own small island in the Ghost Zone.

The hallways leading to the Fright Knight's resting place is guarded by booby-traps, possibly put there by the Ancients to keep ghosts away and prevent Pariah Dark and/or the Fright Knight from being awakened.

In "Fright Night," Danny goes to Pariah's Keep to retrieve the Soul Shredder for his haunted house. Some time after he traps the Fright Knight, Danny returns the Soul Shredder to Pariah's Keep.

In "Reign Storm," Vlad Plasmius goes to the castle to get the Crown of Fire and the Ring of Rage. Vlad uses the Skeleton Key to open the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep to get the Crown of Fire, but awakening Pariah Dark in the process. The ghost king fights off Vlad and wakes up the Fright Knight and his army to reclaim his rule over the Ghost Zone and the Earth.

After successfully retrieving the Ring of Rage Pariah returns to his castle, now protected by a hoard of skeleton ghosts. Danny, wearing the Ecto-Skeleton, flies to the castle to confront Pariah Dark. Aided by his (temporary) allies, Danny manages to beat Pariah back into the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep.


  • Castle Walls: These were seen when Danny infiltrate into the castle.
  • Side Halls: There was one hall shown where Vlad was flying through.

Other Possible Chambers

  • Living Room: Just like in any other house there would be a living room.
  • Kitchen: Just like in any other house there would be a kitchen.
  • Pariah's & Fright Knight's Room(s): Pariah & Fright Knight have a room to sleep in, but they might have separate rooms (this room isn't confirmed to appear).
  • Bathroom: Just like in any other house there would be a bathroom.
  • Main Hall: When you enter the castle you probably have a main hall just like in other castle.


Pariah's Keep is known to have several measures of security. The first obstacle is that the castle is surrounded by various axes. Secondly, there's the fact that the castle itself is high up a mountain, which already makes it hard to get to the castle in the first place. Aside from the defense systems, there also are also the skeletons, creatures that have been reanimated in mass.


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