"Teen misery is the nectar that keeps me looking fabulous."
Penelope Spectra[1]

Pathokinesis, or emotion manipulation, is the ability to sense and manipulate the emotions of others.


Users of pathokinesis can change the emotions of others to give themselves a tactical advantage or more power.


Love spell

Ember can use her guitar to cast love spells on others to distract them so she can continue with her own plans.

Emotion absorption

Spectra can absorb the emotions of teenagers through touch so she can stay youthful-looking. Those she drains emotions from are left feeling depressed.


The effects of this power can be broken. For example, when Danny falls in love with Sam in "Fanning the Flames" due to Ember's love spell, Sam breaks the spell by kissing Dash, which breaks Danny's heart. This snaps him out of it so he can go fight Ember.

Known users


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