S03e11 weak in the knees
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The screen fades in to show the Fenton Works, then zoom out to show the planet earth. The screen continues to zoom out, and a orange flag that reads, "Nickelodeon presents", appears planted on a blue planet with many craters on its surface (the Moon). A red planet (Mars) and a meteor (possibly Comet Encke) appear. The meteor zooms past the planet and whizzes past the screen. In the tail of the meteor, black words edged with white appear, reading "Danny Phantom in". The words then diminish into the distance, and we see a striped orange planet (Jupiter). The meteor zooms past again, between Jupiter and the screen. Once again, words appear in the tail of the meteor, only this time they are white, and the read "Phantom Planet". The words disappear behind a yellow and brown planet, Saturn. Zoom in to Saturn's rings, where we see a satellite with the letter V on it, Vlad's Satellite. Zoom out again to show a green, glowing asteroid with a skull on it. Zoom in further to green glowing pebbles on the asteroid's surface. A robot probe picks a pebble up and places it in a capsule. It then rises up and flies to the satellite. A door opens up and it enters. The capsule is placed on a dashboard, where it is analysed.
Maddie Hologram #1 Analysis Conclusive! Asteroid composed entirely of unique anti-ghost element, Ecto-ranium! The effects of which can only be felt by ghosts.
Maddie Hologram #2 It would be most effective in making anti-ghost weapons and to ease Master's takeover of the Ghost Zone.
Maddie Hologram #1 And I shall be the one to tell him the good news!
Maddie Hologram #2 No, I shall!
Maddie Hologram #1 I shall!
Maddie Hologram #2 Your resolution is much too low and your bandwidth is far too large!
Maddie Hologram #1 [Gasps. Glares] Why, you HOLOGRAPHIC-! [She jumps on the other and a cat-fight ensues.]
Cut to outer space. A ghost portal appears and Vlad flies out of it holding the Infi-map.
Vlad What a glorious morning. Defeating Frostbite and pilvering the all powerful Infi-map. If this keeps up I should be ruling the galaxy by lunch.
Tucker shoots Vlad's space helmet, using the Specter Speeder.
Danny Kitchen's closed, Plasmuis! Give us back the map! [Tucker shot Vlad again.]
Vlad Ahh!
Danny pulls a lever that closes a door between him and Sam and Tucker.
Danny Let's rock!
Sam 3... 2... 1... Punch it!
Sam hits a button that opens the door which Danny flies out of, wearing a space helmet. Vlad fires ectoplasmic beams at Danny several times.
Danny I know you're a lost guy, Vlad, but no map is going to help you find your way. You need therapy for that.
Danny shoots a ecto beam at Vlad, Vlad blocks it with a ecto shield. The ecto beam bounces of the shield and hits a meteor near him.
Vlad Uhh...
Danny creates a giant snow ball and throws it at Vlad. The snow ball freezes Vlad. Danny turns intangible and reaches through the ice and grabs the Infi-map.
Danny Seriously Dude.
Tucker drives the Specter Speeder through Danny, and he stopped once Danny was in the back. Danny sticks his head through the door.
Danny Therapy.
The Specter Speeder takes off. Vlad breaks the ice off, freeing himself. Vlad chases the Specter Speeder and shoots ecto beams at it. His beams hit his satellite. One of them hits a fuel tank, causing a fire.
Vlad The fusion reactor! If the flames reach it, it will explode!
Vlad goes intangible and flies into the satellite. He phases in to a space ship, similar to the Specter Speeder.
Vlad Taking my map, destroying my satellite, mocking my mental health, I think it's time I finally finished of Danny Phantom once and for all.
Vlad takes off and his satellite explodes. The blast wave moves an asteroid out of place, and the asteroid is headed to Earth . Screen fades to black.
We open on a billboard on the rooftop of a building. It's title read: "Amity Park". Below that are the words: "It's safe here!". Pan left to show the trio on the sidewalk below, with each of their hands on either backpack strap.
Sam Ah, home sweet home. [Cut to a close-up of the three adolescents.] Nothing like good ol' solid terra firma.
Zoom in even closer to only show Danny and Sam.
Danny I thought you liked being in space, Sam. [Zoom in some more to just show Danny's head.] All that infinite darkness everywhere.
Cut to Sam.
Sam Yeah. Well, I like my darkness with a little more oxygen and a lot less asteroids.
Cut to a view of just Danny and Tucker.
Tucker Still, it's cool we were able to help out Frostbite. [Cut to a view that also excluded Danny, leaving just Tucker on the camera. He holds up the Infi-map which glows with a light blue aura.] I bet he'll be glad to get his map back.
Cut to just Danny.
Danny Yeah. We'll return it to him as soon as we can. But right now, though, I'm with Sam. [Cut to a frontal view of the three teenagers walked down the sidewalk toward the camera.] It's good to be back to where things are normal. [The trio is interrupted by the sound of a familiar voice on a megaphone. A voice they all knew meant total humiliation.]
Offscreen megaphone voice Attention, Amity Park! [Cut to the street outlined by the group's sidewalk. Jack drives onto it in the RV and witlessly wrecks everything he sees as he drives. The first thing we see him wreck is a purple car.]
Jack The Fentons are on patrol! [Cut to a close-up on the windshield, revealing Jack in the driver seat as he uses the RV megaphones to make sure everyone hears him loud and clear.] Rest assured--
Zoom out to show the rest of the windshield along with the rest of the front of the RV. Maddie is in the passenger seat, with a serious look on her face as if nothing idiotic is happening.
Jack --the streets are safe! [Jack finally makes a mistake due to being in such a hurry. The RV loses control and starts skidding. It slips to the right and rams a yellow fire hydrant on the sidewalk. It only leaks at the bottom for a few seconds but then pressure built up to the point where the hydrant is blasted into the air by the water, and now there is a geyser where it was.] Uh, city water supply A-Okay.
Cut to the trio.
Tucker Yep, normal.
Danny's ghost sense goes off, alerting the three. They turn to their left.
Cut to a store with it's title shown on the front, just above the doors. It read: "ELECTRONICS" and above the "S" was a star with the head of a stick figure wearing a purple cap. The doors blew up and behind the smoke was the shadow of a familiar ghost and the shadows of some electronic devices hovering with him.
Technus [Giving his signature evil laugh before the smoke moves out of his way confirming it was him.] Nothing like a lazy day of shopping,--
He holds up his shopping bag.
Technus --lattes--
He lowers his shopping bag back down and then holds up the latte.
Technus --and terrorizing minimum-wage workers. [Zoom out to show Technus hovering on the customer side of the cashier counter. The cashier, of course, was on the employee side and was cowering at Technus. The scientific specter then put his head closer to the cashier.] Boo. [The cashier screamed like a girl as he ran away in fear.]
Cut to Danny back at the sidewalk.
Danny I'm going ghost! [Danny runs into an alley. The camera stays at a view just outside the alley, and a silhouette of him going ghost is shown. Right afterwards, Danny Phantom flew out of the alley with a ghostly tail.]
Cut to a column of boxes containing some of the store's merchandise. Technus's hand moved onscreen and grabbed some DVD cases.
Technus Well, look on the bright side. [Zoom out to show the rest of Technus, who is looming above the cashier who came back to the currently-being-haunted place for some reason.] At least I'm not downloading them illegally. [Danny came onscreen from behind Technus and punched the latter offscreen.]
Danny Next register, Cyber-jerk!
Cut to 3 rows of windows near the top of the store. Technus crashed through the 2nd column of them as 3 computer monitors and a keyboard followed him.
Cut to a car parked at the sidewalk. Technus's fall was broken from it, and the 3 computers & keyboard landed next to him. 2 of the computers are now shown to have their screen completely busted through.
Technus gets up. He blasted a blue electro-blast offscreen. Cut to the car, which is hit by the blast. The car stood up on it's trunk, with hood & windshield facing upward.
Cut back to Technus. Now he is using Electro-telekineticly lifting his computer part's in the air as they and his hands glowed light blue. There is now also a hard drive among those parts. He pushed them offscreen.
Once again, camera looks at the car. Computer parts began to stack on it. Once all the latter were on the former, the car & computer parts are overcome by an outburst of white and black as an explosion sound is heard. The camera fades back to a view of the car's spot. There was no car. Instead, a golden robotic foot with a wheel came onscreen.
Cut to what is probably not 5 feet away from that. There was the other foot, which actually had two wheels and suggested that the other foot only appeared to have one wheel because of the camera's view of it.
Cut to a purple action background. A matching robotic hand moved to the foreground and clenched it's fist.
Cut to the hole that was blown into the windows. Danny moved into it and looked forward.
Technus VO Behold, Ghost child!
Cut to outside. Technus leaned in.
Technus The perfect combination of technology, past AND present! [He made the "Give it up for..." gesture to whatever was offscreen to the right.]
Cut to exactly that. In front of a dark blue action background stood a robot made from the once normal car. Tires for heels, clavicle and back. Hood for chest. Doors for shoulderblades. The head & abdominal area looked very identical to the former & latter of Technus's Attack of the Killer Garage Sale form. Whatever car parts made up everything else is unclear.
Technus VO The Car-Puter!
The action background fades away to show the Car-Puter standing in the middle of the road. Technus tilted onscreen.
Technus "It will drive you... to your DOOM!" [Upon finishing this slogan, he once again did his usual battle laugh.]
Cut to Danny, who still had a look of determination as he flew with ghostly tail towards the Car-Puter.
Cut to the Car-Puter, who opened it's hood and the engine came flying out while remaining tethered by wires.
Alarmed by this, Danny halted in the air. Failing to make a move to counter this, the engine rammed the halfa and knocked the latter offscreen. The Car-Puter then retracted the engine.
Danny [Hitting a building wall then sliding down to the sidewalk.] Great. My first car accident and I'm not even driving yet!
Cut to the Car-Puter. Turning, it's heel-wheels start spinning. It held it's ground so that the potential for speed could build up in the wheels, causing blue sparks to flare behind the latter. The Car-Puter released, and sped offscreen. Smoke was left behind. Danny moved onscreen, the former silhouetting him.
Danny Hey! [But he found himself too busy gagging to keep smoke out of his lungs as the latter began spreading away from him. By the time his body would let him stop...] Tucker! [Zoom in on his face.] Sam!
Camera cuts to a view that partially shows the Car-Puter on the right side of the screen. It was heading straight towards none other than the two kids whose names Danny just shouted! The Car-Puter may not have the lethal ramming shape of a normal car, but at this speed it could still shatter their tiny bones like a rock shatters a window!
Tucker and Sam cried out, cowering at their incoming victimization to a car crash.
Cut to a sort-of-behind-them view. They cross their arms over their head, bracing for impact. However, just before they are turned into roadkill, the Car-Puter stopped dead in it's tracks. It's heel-wheels were still spinning, but somehow they no longer moved it forward.
Cut to a couple action backgrounds, left one is blue and right one is pink. They were divided only by a slanted line with no color of it's own. In the middle, the slant is uneven and gives the pink background more of the screen than the blue background. Danny moved into the blue, and Technus claimed the pink.
Danny & Technus simultaenously Huh?
Cut back to the previous scene, exactly the way it was. Except, Sam and Tucker had their arms back down and were looking up at the Car-Puter, confused. And the Car-Puter is now shown to be held back by a rope around it's leg. Pan right to show Masters' Blasters. Thrash had the gun that the rope was launched from.
Thrash Yo, I got it Vid!
Vid Awesome Thrash! Take it download.
Download sucks in the Carputer in his portable thermos.
Download Downloaded. Shaw.
Masters' Blasters Masters' Blasters stop disasters!
Vid raises her hi-tech watch and pushes a button on it, looking down at it. And projects a hologram, and an image of Skulker appears.
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