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Photokinesis is the ability to generate, project, and manipulate light. Ghosts use ecto-energy to create light.


In "Micro-Management," Danny generates light with his hand when he and Dash go into a dark mouse hole in the wall of Fenton Works.

In "Double Cross My Heart", Danny generates a ball of ecto-energy that explodes and emits an extremely bright light that briefly blinds the Guys in White (despite them wearing dark shaded glasses), allowing him to escape from them.

In "Urban Jungle," Danny generates light with his hand when he goes into the dark Fenton Works' lab.

In "Claw of the Wild," Danny generates light with his hand when he, Sam, and Tucker go out into the woods at night to look for Lester. He uses this power again later before he's confronted by Walker's goons.


The user can use ecto-energy to project visible light from their body, usually through their hands. They can also alter their ecto-energy attacks so they will emit extremely bright light in order to briefly blind, stun and/or confuse opponents.

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