Scene opens up with stars glittering in the nighttime skies, a streak of light flies overhead before panning down to the roof of the Fenton Works OP Center.
Danny [Sighs.] Ah!
Sam, Danny, and Tucker are on the roof of the OP Center. Tucker is laying back against the satellite tower while Danny and Sam look through two different telescopes. Sam is holding hers up while Danny is on one knee with his telescope on a tripod.
Danny Clear skies and no moon. [The focus pans to the end of the telescope, some shooting stars are seen shooting across the skies in it's lens.] A perfect night for stargazing.
Sam More like star snoozing. This music is putting me to sleep. Can't we listen to something else?
Tucker scans radio stations.
Tucker Survey says no.
A pirate ship appears and pirates go on top of Fenton Works.
Danny Survey says going ghost!
Youngblood Avast, man, what's the word?
Youngblood's Assistant Scurvey dogs. (swkaks)
Youngblood Right. Avast, ye scurvey dogs! Prepare to be boarded by Captain Youngblood and his skeleton crew.
Danny Hey isn't it past your bedtime kid?
Youngblood Don't call me kid! I'm mature beyond me years. (Sticks his tongue out at Danny)
The crew take the Fenton ghost shield generator.
Youngblood Fall back me harties! We've got, uh. Got, uh. What's the word.
Youn (Skwaks) Booty.
Youngblood Ha you said booty. Haha.
All the pirates laugh.
Danny Hey. They're stealing my dad's ghost shield generator.
Sam Nice going matey. You just got your butt kicked by short john silver.
Danny Hey considering he just took my dad's ghost shield, you think maybe your could be a little sympathetic, like Tucker. (Tucker laughs) Tucker?
Tucker He said booty.
Theme song.
Maddie, Jack and Jazz Danny!
Danny Mom, dad, fyi when you're 14 easy listening isn't that easy. Could I please turn this off?
Maddie, Jack and Jazz No!
Danny You can't possibly like this music that much.
Maddie I do dear. It relaxes me.
Jazz And me.
Jack It's much more soothing than that other song I've been hearing all morning.
Warning signal Warning. Security breach. Ghost shield not operational.
Danny Um, that would be the warning signal.
Jack And it's interrupting with the cool easy sounds of morning radio. So crank up the tunes Jazzy-pants.
Danny I don't get it. The ghost shield's gone and it barely registers a blip on the parental radar.
Sam My parents have been acting kinda flaky, too. All they do is listen to that new age vapor drone that's playing on every station.
Tucker Tell me about it. My folks crank it 24/7. Must be a generational thing.
Danny, Sam and Tucker And the worst part, I can't get it out of my head. Wait, you hear it, too?
Mr. Lancer Since we announced our new school radio station an annonymous donor has been kind enough to provide us with these promotional, and incredibly soothing, vinyl albums.
Tucker Vinyl? What is this, the stone age?
Mr. Lancer Of course you kids should feel free to, as you might say, bust out your own freaky beats. As long as they're not too freaky or too, uh, beaty.
Danny Sweet! Where do I sign up to yank this crud off the air?
Dash Fenton a DJ. Yeah right. Who would ever listen to you?
Danny I'll show you who will listen. (On the speaker) What do we want?! (Cricket chirps) Um, this is the part where you said good music. What do we want?!
Sam and Tucker (hesistantly) Um, good music?
Dash What do we want?
Students Good music!
Dash When do we want it?
Youngblood Now!
Students and Mr. Lancer run off screaming.
Danny Being ignored does, occasionally, have its advantages. (Offscreen) Going ghost!
Youngblood Avast, ye bilge rats! Bilge rats is right isn't it? (Youngblood's Assistant nods) Our plunder lies afore!
Danny Hate to break this to you guys, but you can't build muscle tone without muscle. Another playdate with captain kid.
Youngblood Get the stuff and let's go.
Danny Oh great. Hide-and-seek again.
Tucker So what do ghost pirates want with exercise equipment?
Danny I can't help thinking it has something to do with this lousy music.
Sam We have to counteract it somehow. Send some real music out into the airwaves. (gasps) We should start our own radio station.
Danny And where would we get the equipment to do that? (Sam points to the emergency ops center) (chuckles) No way. (The trio go into the kitchen) Mom, dad! I really wanna use the emergency ops center to start a radio station.
Sam (After there's no answer) That's a yes!
Danny (Reading a note) Your mother, sister and I are on a weekend getaway fun cruise. We're sure you will take charge and act responsibly. Love mom and dad. (Pulls the note away). M.Bersback Cruise Lines. Weird. They went on a fun cruise with Jazz? Who isn't fun in the least. You know what this means.
Sam (Sam kicks open the door to the emergency ops center) Cool. They left it open for us.
Danny The music, the pirate ghosts, my parents, and now this cruise ship? Something weird's going on and we need to get to the bottom of it.
Tucker So your family's takin' a cruise. What's the worst that could happen?
Montage of parents packing up to go on the cruise.
Tucker Your parents ditched you too? [Sam lowers vacation brochure to expose the school hallways and Tucker]
Sam Yep, my parents are gone. [characters in the background holding the same brochure behind Sam highfive before camera pans out slightly to include Tucker, Sam and Danny by their lockers]. And just because I like saying it, I'll say it again my parents are gone! [tossing up arms in joy]
Danny [Focus moves to Danny and Tucker side] It's like this cruise is attracting every adult in town. And my sister who thinks she's an adult.
Sam [Focus moving to current speaker's side] Think of it as the hand pushing the party on the air.
Danny Party? What party?
Sam (Taking out a piece of paper with acrostic poem style writting and reading) Providing alternate radio to you! (Cheering) P.A.R.T.Y!
Tucker (Finishing cheer) We ain't got no alibi!
Danny You already made up a logo?
Tucker And I got our first sponsor. (Holding up a Nasty Burgers bag) Plus all the Nasty burgers I can eat!
Danny [Taking away bag and paper with acrostic logo] This is serious, guys! There's something suspicous about this cruise! (Throws both items into nearby trash can) I can't focus on the party with my parents out of town
Sam (While walking offscreen) I can.
(Focus remains on the same spot and Kwan and Dash walk into the frame and up to the trash can. Kwan the picks out the scrap of paper with the logo on it.)
Kwan Woo-Hoo! Party at Fenton's house!
Kwan and Dash (High fiving each other) Crash and trash!
(Scene changes to a ship part night. Danny flys across the scene in ghost form. Outline of the ship with a large crowd outside is visible momentarily. Then the camera gets a close-up of Danny's face before traveling over the side of the ship where Tucker, Sam, and Danny's parents along with Jazz are distinguishable as well as the same happy frozen expression they all share and pinkish flickering dots to suggest some sort of oddity)
Danny Still in port. Good thing I'm not too late.(Goes into a dive towards the ship, but winces away, prevented by some previously invisible force) W-why can't I get aboard? (A transparent ball of green glowing energy surrounding the ship has become visible) It's like there's some kind of..ghost shield!
Youngblood (Offscreen) Ye catch on quick for a land lover!
Danny turns around, and the camera moves to where Youngblood, his skeleton bird assistant from earlier and three helpers hover.
Skeleton bird assistant It's lubber.
Youngblood It's lubber? That makes no sense!
(The three helpers attack. However Danny dodges past them easily and grabs Youngblood by the shirt)
Danny Ok, pewee, talk. Tell me what you want with these people or I'll-I'll spank you or something!
Youngblood I'd love to see you try! (Youngblood's eyes glow red and shoot Danny causing Danny to release Youngblood.)
(Image of ship flickers three times and the ghost shield goes invisible)
Youngblood Arrrg! There's another radio station jamming our transmission. Weigh anchor and set sail! Smartly there swabbies! (Three helpers salute before going to prepare cannon on ship.)
Danny Great, this snot nose punk can get people to follow orders but I can't?
Youngblood You just need to know the right words. Watch, Fire!
(Three green cannons fire of red and black balls of energy. Danny barely manages to dodge out of the way of two of them and gets hit by the third into a stack of barrels)
Danny (Gasps in surprise and camera view turns to reveal a completely empty dock where the ship used to be) Well one things for sure, it's going to be awfully quiet at my house tonight.
(Change of scene to interior of one of the rooms in Danny's house.The camera moves across to reveal that it's full of kids dancing to music with white sparks that make it easy to assume a disco ball is present. The camera stops at Danny standing in the doorway clearly shocked.
Danny Not getting invited to a party is one thing. But not getting invited to party at my own house! (Danny walks over and picks up a plug to the nearest machine which seems to be the source of the noise however it isn't) Hey, where's the music coming from?
Sam (Camera pans up from a record and zooms out to reveal Sam and Tucker using the emergency Ops center for DJing) You're listening to the PARTY, fiercely independent radio, one hundred percent free of corporal influence
Tucker (camera pans over to his side of the booth.) Except for this, brought to you by Nasty Burger. Nasty is one letter away from tasty.
Danny (offscreen) Wait! (Camera moves with Danny from the doorway of the Ops center to the booth) Guys. you've got to stop the broadcast,the party downstairs is getting out of control!
Sam and Tucker (With excited expressions) There's a party downstairs?!
Danny How can you not know?
Sam Hello, we've been kinda busy with the premiere broadcast! (Pulls out a labeled cover with a disc inside)
Danny You took a vapor drone promo disc?
Sam (Putting it on a disc player) They make great scratch fodder. (scratches)
Disc Leave your kids, come-
Danny Wait a minute-play that backwards again, slowly
Disc Leave your kids, come to the cruise. Leave your kids, (Sam, Tucker, and Danny's eyes widen in likely surprise) come to the cruise.
Sam Subliminal advertising?
Danny More like mind control.
Tucker Using music to control people. Why does that sound so familiar?
(Loud rumbling sound and the windows of the Ops center are blocked with some kind of smoke. Smoke clears slightly to let Youngblood's ghost ship through. Camera moves in to reveal Ember standing on the bow of the ship, wearing pirate getup and holding her signature guitar. Youngblood and Skeleton bird assistant appear floating behind her. Camera moves in to capture Sam, Tucker and Danny's seemingly stunned expressions)
Ember (Camera focus returning to Ember) That's right, poppins. Ember's back and ready to rock! (Strums a chord on her guitar sending a soundwave at the Ops center)
The trio, Danny, Tucker and Sam, grip their ears due to the noise. Ember sends another soundwave causing the group to topple over. Sam falls right next to one of the cruise brochures.
Sam (Picking up and reading) M. Bersback...Ember's back! That's not a clue, it's a billboard!
Tucker We got to start paying more attention to these things.
Danny (Getting up) Going ghost! (The two white transformation rings appear, turning Danny's human form into his ghost one)
(Danny turns untangible and flys through the top of the Ops center, towards the ghost ship.)
Ember Wasting your time, wannabe!(Presses a red buttion activating the ghost shield which Danny slams into)
Youngblood (flying up to mock Danny) Na na na na!(Glancing at Skeleton bird hovering beside him) I mean aurgh!
Danny (While firing ectoblasts at the shield) What, is the music career going so poorly that you've had to pick up babysitting jobs on the side?
Ember I guess you could say we share the same opinion of adults-
Youngblood and Ember Hate 'em!
Ember (Strumming guitar chords) So, Youngblood here helps me haul away the over-30 so I can, you know, take over the world and stuff. And I provide him with a power source for his fleet of ships.
(Camera pans down to the lower deck and scene changes to the ship's storage hold where the hypnotized adults are being made to run on treadmills and other exercise equipment causing a machine producing blue flames to work. Camera skips around to show the adults working out. Such adults as Danny's mother who's on the treadmill next to Jazz's and Danny's father,Jack. Jack,who instead of being motivated by Ember's music like the other adults, is being motivated by a piece of bread held out of his reach)
Ember (Camera returning to her and Youngblood) Problem is, with your radio station jamming my frequency, and I can't hypnotize any more adults!
Youngblood (Camera shifting to him) But not for long! Attack!
(Youngblood's men activate the cannons, letting loose a storm of cannon ball like blasts. Danny raises his arms in defense but is blasted away by the force. He intangibly sails through the roof of the Ops center, turning tangible just as he hits the floor of the center, and reverts back to human)
Danny Activate the defense system!
Sam and Tucker How?!
Danny I don't know! Just start pressing buttons!
(Tucker and Sam start randomly pressing buttons on a coded keyboard activating causing several features to appear on the roof like a red, flashing alarm, a chicken windvane, and a 'go fenton!' Sign that is blasted apart by a red cannonball blast. Camera cuts to a party downstairs where a chandilar falls causing some of the partygoers to dive out of the way. Camera then turns to Youngblood's ghost ship charging and bashing into the Ops Center causing it to shake. Sam accidentally puts a hand down stopping a record and waves of sound emanate from signal dish, shoving Youngblood's ship away and causing the crew inside to topple.)
Danny (Watching from the window) Whoa! Sam, what did you do?
Sam Struck a blow for independent radio!
Tucker Well, don't just stand there! Throw it into heavy rotation! And work in a plug for Nasty Burger, I promised them ten hits an hour!
(Sam bends over the record player with a headseat pressed to her right ear as she scratches the disc. More soundwaves fly from the satellite dish and knock into Youngblood's ghost ship, shoving it farther away.)
Ember (Suddenly below deck with the hypnotized adults and momentarily rocking with the boat) We need more power! I can't lure more adults aboard if I can't broadcast my music.
Skeleton bird assistant Then we'll have to bring them in the old fashion way, like pirates.
(Youngblood smiles and the bird flies up to the deck, turning the wheel with his talons. The ghost ship flys away, cruising through the city while members of Youngblood's crew drop down from the bow of the ship. They phase into houses and kidnap a man with orange hair reading a book, a woman with curlers in her hair, carrying a loaf of something, and what seems to be a bride and a groom getting married as there about to kiss as well as several other adults. They then fly them up to the ship. Scene then changes to an outside establishing shot of Fentonworks as several kids including Paulina and Dash run outside to witness several other adults being kidnapped by the ghost pirates.)
Paulina Hey, they got my parents!
Dash Mine too!
Kwan Cool, party at Dash's house!
Paulina Like, what is wrong with you? (Shoves Kwan who crashes into Dash)
Dash Hey, watch it! (Shoves Kwan into another unnamed jock who mistakes the culprit for another unnamed kid who knocks over several other people)
(Basically a domino effect happens and everyone is arguing with everyone else)
Danny (Standing with Sam and Tucker on top of Fentonworks above the chaos below) I need to get our parents back!
Sam How? You can't past the ghost shield on that pirate ship!
Danny Maybe Danny Phantom can't but Danny Fenton CAN.
Danny (Quick pan to the arguing teens below who immedately clutch their ears with their hands and quiet at the screech of a microphone that magically appears in Danny's hand) Listen up people! If you want your parents back, you're going to have to follow my lead!
Dash Why should we follow you, Fentoad?
Danny You're right, Dash. Let's follow the other kid that comes from a family of ghost hunters and knows how to work all their gear!(Dash frowns) No takers? All right then who's with me? (Punches fist into the air)
(Crowd cheers in agreement, waving hands above their head.)
Sam Wow, Danny. How'd you do that?
Danny Just have to know the right words.
Danny (Previous scene fades to reveal Danny giving orders from the top of the stairs) Paulina, you're good with makeup. I need you to disguise Tucker as an adult, so he can get aboard the pirate ship and dusable it from within.
Paulina Ay-ay, Captain (Paulina salutes) though you still have no shot with me.
Danny (Talking through walkie-talkie and camera pans to Ops center with Sam) Sam, keep scratching. It's our only weapon against that ghost ship. Kwan (hands him a weapon) you're on defense. Protect Sam and keep her on the air. Dash, you're with me on offense. We're going to spring the adults frm the pirate ship.
Dash So I get to hit people?
Danny Oh yeah! (Dash suddenly grabs him by the shirt) Not me!
Dash Sorry, old habits.
Danny Ok people, (Hands out more weapons to people who all suddenly become dressed in orange jumpsuits) Let's move!
Tucker (Disguised as an adult with a cane, walks up to Fentonworks. Hey, you kids! Turn that music down! I'm an adult, you know! A strong able bodied adult! (Two pirates hover behind Tucker before grabbing and flying him up to the ghost ship.)
Danny (Watching the event through binoculars) The fish has swallowed the bait.
Sam (In the Ops center with Kwan) But how do we get our offense up to the pirate ship?
Danny I just have to think like a Fenton. Now if I were my dad where would I put the secret control panal for the Ops center? Some place I would see everytime I come here.(Eyes widen in realization before smiling. Scene changes to Danny opening the fridge) Yep, next to the ham! (Pushes button)
Alarm system Defense system activated. Also the ham has spoiled!
(Ops center shakes and several items retract from the roof including the attachment cables. Then the blimp portion with Jack Fention's face on it inflates and the Ops center floats into the air.)
Sam Now your dad's only the second biggest blimp in the family. (Blimp floats up to the pirate ship)
Ember (Below deck Ember pauses strumming her guitar when the two members of the skeleton comes in carrying Tucker disguised as an old man) Oh fresh fuel! Strap the geezer in while I keep this crew motivated!
(Ember resumes her strumming and the camera quickly cuts from the excercising adults to the machine that lights up and continues powering the ship)
Tucker (Using an excercise bike located near his parents) Mom, Dad it's me, Tucker! You're under a spell. And looking really trim. Maybe you guys should excercise more often. Now if I was a ghost shield where would I be? (Camera zooms into the beeping ghost shield panal on the wall)
Youngblood (Offscreen and seemingly above deck) Ship ahoy! All hands on deck.
(Ember opens the trapdoor leading to the deck just as the Fenton blimp is charging the ghost ship causing several members of Youngblood's pirate crew to scramble out of the way.)
Danny (Steering the blimp) Steady as she goes!
(Sam scratches the record causing the signal dish to create soundwaves that bash into the pirate ship, knocking it away as well as causing the crew to tumble. In retailation, the ship fires a barrage of red, glowing cannon balls at the ship. Danny punches a button on his dashboard, causing armor like protection to form around the Ops Center of the blimp and the cannon balls to be reflected harmlessly. Blimp then lands on the ship, causing the occupants to be momentarily buried under the fabric of their ship's flag as the mast has given out.)
Youngblood (Cutting a hole through the fabric) Hey, quit it!
Tucker (Still below deck,pressing buttons on the control panel) Ghost shield shut down in sixty..fifty- nine..fifty-eight...
Danny (Preparing gadgetry) On my signal.. Now!(Releases a barrage of Fenton gadgets which latch onto parts of the ship,acting as a means to swing throgh the ghost shield onto the pirate ship, kicking aside members of Youngblood's ship as they do so.)
Danny (Landing safetly on the deck) Now I'm going-OW! (Zapped by ghost shield) Can't change- ghost shield.(Dash jumps in front of him blasting several ghosts with the Jack o' Nine Tails)
Star (Holding a rod-like device and beginning to cheer) Ready? Ok! We hate pirates, yes we do!(whacks two ghost pirates with the ends of her staff causing them to disappear in a puff of smoke) We hate pirates, how 'bout you?!
Dash (Fighing back to back with Danny) You're one brave geek, Fenton. When I'm whaling on you tomorrow, I'll be whaling on a hero. But I will be whaling on you.
Paulina (Danny charges with two ends of a ghost weapon) Danny! (Throws Fenton skateboard which Danny hopes on.)
(Danny rolls toward the approaching skeletlons before getting blasted of by a soundwave from Ember's guitar into his peers who toppel to the ground like bowling pins.)
Ember The only one rocking this boat is me! (Casts an ectoblast that restrains and surrounds Danny and his teammates in a small dome)
Youngblood (Pulling Danny out of the dome) Time to walk the plank, sharkbait.
(Places Danny on the plank and approaches him, swinging the pirate hook on his arm. Danny attempts to dodge and falls off the plank. Camera cuts to the display on the ghost shield control panel which changes from 4 to 3 to 2 to 1 and then the ghost shield deactivates.)
Ember (Peeking over the edge with Youngblood) So, where's the splat?
(Danny raises above the plank in phantom form, fists glowing with ectoplasmic energy which he shoots at Ember and Youngblood causing both to fly back, and Ember to lose her guitar. Which Danny grabs)
Danny (Holding the guitar mockingly) Looking for this?
(Ember glares furiously before removing her pirate hat and, with eyes glowing red, shoots streams of electric blue fire at him. Danny dodges flying up to the magically repaired flag which Ember burns with her flames)
Ember Ok, maybe not the best idea. Oh well, bon voyage, catch you on my come back tour. (Disappears abandoning Youngblood)
(Youngblood launches at Danny, cutting Ember's guitar in half, the top of which Danny uses as a weapon)
Danny Bring it on, snotnose.
(Danny and Youngblood fly up to and battle on the mast while the flag's burning. Youngblood slashes at Danny, who separates his body so the slash goes through the space created by the separation and causes no damage. Youngblood turns one of his arms and legs into some type of weapon that shoots ectoplasmic flames. Danny dodges the blasts and the whole mast along with Youngblood on it catches on fire. Danny flies down to where his classmates are still trapped in the ectoplasmic orb.)
Paulina (Gushingly) Oh look, it's the ghost boy!(Danny removes ectoplasmic orb)
Dash Hey, where's Fenton?
Danny He's safe. I- uh rescued him. He sure is cool. (To Paulina) You should totally make out with him.
Dash (Breaking down the door to below the ship's deck with a shout and bursting in to rescue their parents) Wow, looks like a PTA health club.
Youngblood (Clinging to part of the mast) Arrgh! Me prisoners are escaping!
Bird assistant Then what's powering the ship?!
(Ghost ship begins plunging through the air towards the water)
Danny Everyone huddle together now!
Paulina (Hugging Danny) With you? It's my dream come true!
Danny Seriously, you need to wrap your mind around the idea of Paulina Fenton.
(Everyone huddles around Danny just before his eyes light up green and he turns them all intangible. The pirate ship sails down into the water as they hover in mid-air. Danny flies the group above the wooden dock before collapsing onto it like everyone else.)
Jazz (Dazed) What happened? Where are we?
Jack And why do I suddenly feel like I have buns of steel?
Maddie At last! I mean I love you just the way you are!
Jazz Eewww!
(Transforms on the dock and emerges from behind a large container)
Danny Hey, is everyone ok?
(Dash punches him on the shoulder)
Danny Ow, what was that for?!
Dash Abandoning us in the middle of the fight! That's the last time I listen to you, Fentoeneck!
Jack (As Dash and the other kids are passing him) Hey, nice jumpsuit, kid! You too! And you! And- wait a minute! Danny did you use the emergency Op center while we away?
Danny Uh,whatever would give you that idea?
Sam (In the Fenton Op center blimp with Kwan waving) Hi Danny! Thanks for letting us use the Op center!
(Danny's parents glare at Danny while Danny simultaneously glares at Sam. Screen cuts to Danny cleaning up the front room with Sam)
Danny So I'm grounded for a month while I clean up the damage from the party.
Sam Look at the bright side Danny, at least we brought some decent radio to this town.
Tucker (Burps) Man, I got serious heartburn from eating all those Nasty Burgers!
Danny Still I can't help wondering why Youngblood didn't abandon ship?
Tucker Oh, didn't I tell you? After we escaped I used my PDA to kick in the back-up power for the ghost shield in set it in reverse. They not going anywhere.
(Scene cuts to under the water to where the ghost ship is visible through the ghost shield. Camera zooms in to where Youngblood's skeleton bird assistant is headbutting the ghost shield)
Skeleton Bird Let me out of here! Let me out!
Youngblood Actually it be more like 'Ahoy Matey! I'm marooned on this island!
Skeleton bird Oh shut your gob, you twit!
(The screen closes on Youngblood's face and cue the End card.)
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