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Plant Manipulation is the power to control plant-life.


Users can create, control, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, fruits and flowers, even moss and fungus. The user can cause plants grow from the soil, move, attack or even rise from the soil and 'walk', mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure, and revive withered or dead plants.

They can use their power for defense and support by growing plants from the ground and make them sprout seeds/fruits/berries, or even to possibly use plant chemicals to hurt people or objects or manipulate their properties for a wide range of effects.


  • Promote plant growth and vegetation; this ranges from normal to instant effects.
  • Rearrange the genetic structure in plants, including creation of mutant plants.
  • Shape, move and animate plants and wood for various purposes/effects:
  • Camouflage by covering the user or blending in with leaves or petals.
  • Chlorokinetic Constructs, including weapons, walls, armor or allies/servants.
  • Matter Surfing using crass, trees, leaves, petals and/or any form of plants or their parts.
  • Thorn/Missile Generation using thorns, branches and/or stakes.
  • Wrap opponents with vines constricting and binding/imprisoning/stopping people/objects etc.
  • Plant Communication.
  • Sensing through plants.
  • Chlorokinetic Combat.


  • Most users are powerless in areas without plants or at least potential for plants to grow (infertile/barren soil).
  • Temperature extremes, i.e. heat, cold, and elevations may affect/limit this power, this includes plants being useless against ice powers (Cryokinesis) and possibly fire powers (Pyrokinesis).
    • High levels of radiation in a concentrated area may cause defects in the ability.
  • Low-Level users may be only able to control certain types of plants, may be limited on how many plants, or how long they can control them.

Known Users


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