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The electricity passing through your ecto-shield must have caused you to absorb some of Vortex's weather-controlling power.

Vlad to Danny of how he might of gained some of Vortex's powers

Power absorption is the ability to absorb the powers used on oneself after the original power has been projected from its original source. Sub-power of Ghost Shields.


This ability has only been shown used in "Torrent of Terror," Danny Phantom is shown absorbing Vortex's electrokinesis through his ghost shield, thus granting him Vortex's ability to control the weather. However, they were removed after Danny's second fight with Vortex.


This ability seems to function by having the projected ghostly energy absorbed into the body of the ecto-entities which can then be almost immediately replicated back at the target, as shown when Vortex projected a bolt of electricity at Danny, the energy of the power seemed to be absorbed throughout his body, and he was able to take that electricity and project his powers back at Vortex.

It appears that the only known way to obtain this power is through the ghost shield, and has only been shown through Danny Phantom. However, this power cannot last for long.

Related powers

  • Energy Absorption: Energy absorption is similar to power absorption in that both powers are used to transfer an ecto-entity's power to another entity. The difference is that energy absorption only transfers ghost energy (which the receiving ghost can use against their enemies with their own powers), while power absorption transfers an actual arsenal of powers (the receiving ghost is granted the powers of the first ghost and can use powers they may not have otherwise).

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