Power granting is the ability to bestow ghostly powers upon other beings.


In "What You Want," Desiree grants Dash's wish by literally turning him into a giant green monster. Later, Desiree appears once again and grants Paulina's wish, turning her into a chibi version of herself. Tucker then wishes that he had ghost powers, just like Danny, and Desiree grants him his wish.

In "Memory Blank," Desiree grants Mikey's wish by turning him into a wolf-like ghost monster to teach his bullies a lesson.

In "The Fright Before Christmas," the Ghost Writer turns all the reindeer at the mall into ghosts, leaving Danny to fight them off, destroying most of the mall in the process and causing everyone to blame him.

In "Reality Trip," Freakshow uses the Reality Gauntlet, and all four gems blaze white. when the light clears, he has transformed into a ghost with four arms, wings, and a face on its chest.

In "Urban Jungle," Undergrowth shares his powers with Sam.

In "Torrent of Terror," Vortex accidentally shared his powers with Danny when he hit him with lightning bolts during their first fight and Danny absorbed it with his ghost shield.

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