Esperanto (Translation:)
[actions during dialogue]
actions not during dialogue
??? = Unknown Esperanto
The episode opens with an outside shot of the Fenton Portal. Camera zooms in and fades to a shot of a ghost in prison garb being chased by two of Walker's prison guards and Bullet.
PRISONER You'll never take me alive, coppers!
BULLET You're a Ghost.
PRISONER Well, you'll still never take me! [He's caught in a net]
The guards pull in their new catch. Bullet turns around and contacts Walker.
BULLET That's the last one, Walker. All the escaped prisoners have been rounded up.
Back at the prison, Walker is chatting with Bullet.
WALKER All but one... [Turns to face a door with four guards in front of it] Which brings us to you, Wulf.
A guard, reluctantly, opens the cell. Out of it jumps a wolf ghost creature named Wulf. He jumps over everybody and unsheathes his claws. He swipes at the air and creates a tear in the dimension.
GUARD He's tearing a hole out of our dimension! He's gonna escape!
WALKER No he's not. That would be against the rules. [Presses a button on his wrist, which activates a shock collar on Wulf's neck, causing him to scream in pain and fall back while the portal he created disappears] That's a nifty little power you have, Wulf. The ability to claw into the real world at will. It's one of the reasons I need you. You want that collar off, don't you? [Wulf pulls on his collar desperately, indicating he does] I have one more perp to catch. [Shows a picture of Danny in prison garb and in ghost form] Half kid, half ghost.
WULF [Sniffs the picture] Vi deziri detrui? (Translation: "You want to destroy (him)?")
WALKER Destroy him? No. I want revenge. And I need him alive for that. And since this Danny Phantom set my prisoners free, I wanna turn his world into the prison he escaped. Take my crew. [The guards smile evilly] Cause as much havoc as you can and sniff this kid out for me. And you'll be free of me forever. Do we have a deal?
Wulf smiles evilly. The camera cuts to Amity Park, where a man is in panic.
MAN Ghost!
Walker's goons are all over the place, causing chaos. Danny, Sam, and Tucker are looking on.
SAM Oh man! I've never seen this many ghosts attacking at once!
DANNY I'm gonna need a bigger thermos! [Tackled by a ghost]
TUCKER And a paramedic!
The scene changes to Casper High School. Kids are watching a newscast about the previous night's chaos.
NEWS REPORTER This was the scene at Amity Park last night as ghosts - that's right, ghosts - caused hundreds of thousands in damage. I'm Shelli Rakimata, and this is ghost watch. Day 2. [TV is turned off]
MAYOR Now, I know you kids are scared because ghosts are scary scary things, [The kids all look unphased] but I came to your school, not because this is a great photo opportunity, [Turns and smiles for photographers] but because you children are our future... Voters. [Laughs at his joke as more photos are taken of him] And now, I'd like to turn this over to Principal Ishiyama, who's here to inform you of some exciting rules and restrictions.
DANNY This is going to end badly.
PRINCIPAL ISHIYAMA Due to the continuing and escalating ghost threat, here's the way we're going to limit your freedom: One, students are to have no contact with these spirits. Two, all students will be escorted directly to their homes after school. And three, [Gives a serious face] by order of the Mayor's new security advisor, a nine o'clock curfew.
SAM A curfew!?
TUCKER An escort!?
DANNY OK, who's the idiot security advisor that came up with those lame ideas? [His parents come in]
JACK [On a megaphone] Fear not, young ones. We're here to make sure this school is prepared for any ghost emergency.
MADDIE [On a megaphone] You must be cautious. At any time one of these ectoplasmic malefactors - [Sees Danny] Hi, sweetie! [Goes back to crowd] - could appear out of nowhere.
DANNY Time to sit in the back where nobody can notice us?
SAM Time to sit in the back where nobody can notice us. [They get up and move]
A tear in the dimensions appears nearby. Wulf pops his head out and sniffs for Danny. He pops back in and points at the portal to Walker.
WALKER Alright, Wulf. You know what to do. Sniff out the people he's been in contact with.
Wulf jumps through the portal. Bullet appears next to Walker.
BULLET While we take over everybody Wulf sniffs out.
WALKER I don't care if he knows Wulf is there, but the rest of you, I want hidden.
Walker, Bullet, and some guards go through the portal. Back at the meeting, Danny's ghost sense goes off.
DANNY Oh no. You have got to be kidding me. Here? Now?
Wulf appears onstage and frightens everyone. After jumping offstage, a guard appears from behind Principal Ishiyama and takes her over. Walker and two more guards take over Dash, Kwan, and Paulina, respectively. Sam and Tucker run outside the room.
SAM Where's Danny?
TUCKER I think he's trying to go ghost, but there are too many people around.
DANNY [Ghost sense constantly goes off] There's so many ghosts in here, my ghost sense is going crazy.
Wulf grabs him and holds him down
WULF Servi! (Translation: "Served!")
MADDIE Get away from him! [Blasts Wulf off of Danny]
JACK Hey, I wanted to do that! When did you learn to shoot that good?
MADDIE What, you think I sit home and invent new cookies all day?
JACK Speaking of which, can I have another one of those butterscotch caramel hipple doodles? [Maddie gives him a cookie]
Wulf sees Bullet and two guards behind Jack and Maddie. He runs away.
BULLET He's making a break for it! [They chase after him]
DASH [About Jack and Maddie; in Walker's voice] I wanna keep an eye on these two. They may be of use to us.
JACK Come on! [They run off and he hits his head on a door]
MADDIE It's pull, Jack. [Opens the door and runs off]
DASH Well, SHE might.
Outside the auditorium, Danny sees Wulf phase through the floor, looking scared. Danny runs but immediately bumps into Mr. Lancer.
MR. LANCER Bridget Jones' diary, Fenton! Stop your screaming, and get over there into the safe area! [Pushes him into a room]
Lancer closes the door and a guard appears behind him. The guard takes him over. Later, ghosts are filling the skies as Danny and Jazz walk home.
JAZZ [As Danny's ghost sense goes off] All I'm saying is mom and dad are gonna be very busy, and I have a lot of homework to do, so I'm not gonna be able to keep an eye on you all night. I'm going to have to trust you to stay in your room and be so quiet, it's like your not even there.
DANNY What are you getting at? [They walk into their house and look shocked]
JACK The first official after school meeting of the Amity Park Ghostkateers is now in session.
Camera zooms out and shows Dash, Kwan, and Paulina all in the room. A ghost flies behind Danny, which sets off his ghost sense. Dash, still under Walker's possession, kneels in front of Jack, who knights him with a piece of paper.
JACK I dub thee Ghostkateer number one. [Dash smiles evilly at Danny]
DANNY Um if you need me, I'll be in my room being so quiet, it's like I'm not even there.
MADDIE Come on, Danny. Join us in singing our Ghost-kateer battle song.
JACK Ahem. [Singing] G H O...
MADDIE Oh, you've seen a ghost?
JACK ... S T K A...
MADDIE Eh, you've seen a Canadian ghost?
Jazz and Danny go to their rooms. The next day, Wulf peeks through a bush at the school as lunch time starts.
MADDIE [On megaphone] Alright, kids. Hurry up and eat your nutritious meals. [Sees Danny] Hi sweetie! Here's a nutritious bagged lunch. [Hands a bag to Danny] Jack, hit it!
Jack parks the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, aka the RV, and activates a ghost shield that surrounds the lunch area.
JACK This portable ghost shield only has enough power for fifteen minutes, so chew! Chew like the wind!
SAM Danny, you okay?
DANNY [Sarcastically] Why would I not be? Just because the town's on high alert and my parents are at my school? [Quickly chews his food then holds his throat] And I'm chewing so fast I think I just swallowed my spork. [Phases his arm through his stomach and pulls a spork out] There we go. All I know is as soon as I get five free minutes, I'm gonna toss that blabbering hairball that started this back into the ghost zone!
JACK I SAID KEEP CHEWING!!! [They eat faster]
TUCKER I don't think it was blabbering. I think it was Esperanto.
SAM Esper-wha-wha?
TUCKER Esperanto. An artificial language from the 1800s. Now its only purpose is to give geeks a secret language to talk to other geeks. [A geek appears behind Tucker]
GEEK Hey Tuck. Kiel estas ĝi iri? (Translation: "How is it going?")
TUCKER Vi koni, kiel ĉiam! (Translation: "You know, (same) as always!") [The geek walks away] I couldn't tell what that ghost was screaming, but he looked scared. Like he wanted help.
Wulf appears in a nearby tree. He jumps down and drills through the shield with his claws. He phases into the RV. Danny's ghost sense goes off.
DANNY Oh no. Here? Again?
TUCKER But we're chewing like the wind inside an anti ghost zone. Where could the ghost be? [The RV behind them blows up, causing the shield to vanish]
SAM Survey says, behind us.
Jack sees the destroyed RV and cries. Wulf appears out of the wreckage. He is shocked by the collar, now being controlled by Bullet, who's with two guards behind him.
GUARD You're using the collar? Walker said-
BULLET Walker isn't here! [Wulf runs away] Get him!
DANNY [To Sam and Tucker] If anybody asks where I am, lie. [Runs towards a tree] I'm going gho- [Sees Jazz behind the tree]
JAZZ Danny. Hi. Are you hiding here? [Pauses] I'll go hide over there. [Runs off]
DANNY Okay. Now I'm going ghost. [Transforms]
Danny flies after the guards and Bullet. Little does he know, Jack is targeting him with a weapon
JACK One blast and you'll find yourself teleported back to that empty little dimension you call home.
JAZZ [To herself] Danny. [Runs to Jack and messes up his aim] Uh, oops.
Danny dodges the blast and it hits the two guards, which cause them to disappear.
DANNY Whoa! Portable ghost portal? Oh great.
Bullet uses a laser gun on Wulf's tail, which makes Wulf scream in pain.
DANNY [About Wulf] You're big, you're hairy, and you're a ghost. But if Walker's goons are after you, you can't be all bad. [Zips past Bullet, getting him tangled in the laser. Danny cuts Wulf free from the laser and grabs it] Go ghost stinger! [He sends green energy onto the laser, which makes Bullet vanish in pain. Danny and Wulf land, while Wulf glares at Danny] Friend. Uh [Holds hand out] Friend?
Wulf sniffs Danny and licks him. Jack appears from behind the bushes.
JACK Alright nobody move! [Pulls out the Fenton Fisher, but it's tangled up] As soon as I get this thing untangled, you two beasties are going down.
DANNY Don't worry. He's not much of a threat. Now if my mom were here, then we'd be in trouble. [A targeting laser appears on Wulf's head]
WULF Vere. (Translation: "Really?")
Maddie is targeting them. She blasts at them, but they fly off.
DANNY Oh. Man. You are SO not getting anything for Mother's Day. Come on.
Later at Tucker's house, the trio and Wulf are speaking.
TUCKER I think this is a really bad idea.
SAM Well he can't stay at Danny's. Not with it being Ghostkateer central.
DANNY Besides your the only one of us who sort of understands him, and we need to get that collar off.
Sam tries touching Wulf's collar, but Wulf roars at her and tries to bite her, causing her to fall backward into a chair.
TUCKER He said not to touch that.
SAM [Sarcastically] Really? I must have missed the subtext.
DANNY I gotta get my Fenton Thermos out of my locker. In the meantime see if you can find out what Walker's up to. [Flies through the roof and leaves]
TUCKER [To Wulf] So, What's Walker up to? Kio estas Walker? (Translation: "Who is Walker?")
WULF Li estas al meti via amiko ena malliberejo! (Translation: "He is (trying) to put your friend in prison!") [Tucker starts laughing]
SAM You have no idea what he just said, do you?
TUCKER [Stops laughing] Not a clue.
At Casper High, Danny flies up to his locker and phases his arm through to grab his thermos.
DANNY Here we go. [Ghost sense goes off, and he hears Dash nearby]
DASH [In normal voice] Okay, listen up!
Danny flies up to a room. He sees Dash talking to Mr. Lancer, Principal Ishiyama, Paulina, and several other students and faculty. The room is surrounded by torches with blue flames.
DASH Is everybody clear with the plan?
PAULINA Yes, yes, it should all go down tomorrow after the town meeting.
DANNY Meeting? [Transforms into human and walks into the room] What town meeting?
Kwan closes the door behind him. Everyone glares at him. Dash grabs him and holds him up to the blackboard. Dash then passes out as Walker, still holding Danny, phases out of him.
DANNY [Shocked] Walker!
WALKER Gotcha, punk.
Walker laughs evilly as many guards appear in the room.
DANNY Walker, lemme go!
WALKER How does it feel? No place to run. No place to hide. I'm gonna turn your whole world against you, and by the time I'm done, you're gonna BEG for the safety of my prison. [Leans in closer to Danny] In the Ghost Zone, where you belong.
DANNY The only thing I'm begging for, [Transforms and blasts Walker back] Is for you to try some mouthwash! [Flies off]
WALKER [To the overshadowing guards] Don't just stand there gawking at me! Get him! [Overshadows Dash again]
The guards, all possessing someone, pursue Danny. Danny waits for them outside of the school. His ghost sense goes off. He sees Dash floating behind him. He tackles Dash and totals a car parked just outside the Nasty Burger. He is then knocked forward by Mr. Lancer. Danny gets up and blasts him back before flying off. Principal Ishiyama shoots an electrified grappling gun at Danny, which hits and shocks him. Danny takes the grapple and uses it to toss the principal into a water tower. Paulina then grabs him.
PAULINA You can't get away from me!
DANNY Wow. I waited all puberty for a girl to say that to me and now it's a complete bummer. [Throws her at a billboard]
Danny lands on the side of a building and sees Kwan. He does showy moves with a ghost baton. Danny just fires a blast from his finger to knock Kwan of the wall. He stomps on him and flies off, being chased by all his possessed friends. He goes into his house.
DANNY Ghost shield. Ghost shield. [Hits a button on the wall which activates a ghost shield around the house, pushing the pursuers back]
PRINCIPAL ISHIYAMA Should we go after him?
DASH [In Walker's voice] No, no. It's that anti-ghost dome. We can't get in, but he can't get out. And by tomorrow, this place will be under complete lockdown.
WALKER [Phases out of Dash] I gotta put the final phase of my plan into action, and tie up some loose ends.
Bullet phases out of Ishiyama and into Dash. Another guard phases into Ishiyama. The scene changes to outside Tucker's house. Walker is outside looking at the house.
WALKER You've outlived your usefulness, Wulf. Goodbye [Hits a button]
Inside, Wulf is looking at a picture of Danny, Tucker, and Sam in a photo album. All of a sudden, his collar activates, causing him to scream in pain.
TUCKER That collar! It's hurting him!
SAM What'd you think it was, a fashion accessory? We have to get it off!
Tucker pulls out his PDA. He plugs it into Wulf's collar to override it. The PDA shocks Tucker and sends him back, but also releases the collar.
WULF [Smiles with joy and relief] Mi libera! (Translation: "He freed me!")
TUCKER Of course your free. You- [Wulf runs off and jumps out the window] You're welcome!
SAM We should call Danny. [Tucker's parents walk in]
TUCKER'S DAD 9 o'clock. Curfew time. Lights out, phones off, technology down, computers off.
TUCKER'S MOM It's too dangerous to take you home, Sam. You'll have to stay here.
TUCKER'S DAD [To Tucker] And so we know you kids are safe, your mom and I'll stay in the room with you. [Tucker's mom rolls out two sleeping bags]
SAM [To Tucker] Alright, next time we take the extra-dimensional fugitive to my place.
Outside, Wulf looks at the picture of the three friends. He puts his hood up and runs off. Morning, Danny is asleep on the couch, but wakes up.
DANNY I fell asleep? [Sees the still-activee ghost shield] At least the shield's still up. [Sees the clock] And it's 10:18!? [Zooms out to show Sam and Tucker next to the clock]
SAM Morning, Sleeping Beauty.
DANNY How'd you guys get in? The shield's still up.
TUCKER Hey, it's a ghost shield, not a human shield.
DANNY Walker's overshadowing everybody around me. I think he's trying to turn everyone in town against me.
TUCKER Well, that would explain this. [Turns on the TV, showing a town meeting]
MAYOR We only have one piece of business today: Defeating the ghosts that infest our town. And to do that, I'm calling for a vote to seed all ghost policing and security decisions [Holds up a picture of Maddie] to Maddie Fenton. [His eyes suddenly glow red, and he shakes his head slightly] I mean Jack. [Holds up a picture of Jack] Jack Fenton. The completely competent Jack Fenton.
JACK There you go! [Looks at Maddie next to him, who is frustrated]
MAYOR And we've located the ghost responsible for all the terror inflicted on our town. [Holds up a picture of Danny] This one [Everyone gasps, as Danny turns the TV off]
TUCKER You know, I have to say. As far as evil master plans go, this one's pretty thorough.
DANNY It's not funny, Tuck. I'm getting my butt kicked all over the place. At school, at home, and now this? I'll be public ghost enemy number one!
TUCKER [Pulls out a Fenton Thermos] Here you go, buddy. You're gonna need this.
DANNY Are you nuts? If I leave this house, I'm dead.
SAM Danny, you've got to do something. If you don't, who will?
At City Hall...
MAYOR Order! Order! All in favor of declaring martial law, and allowing the completely competent Jack Fenton to mobilize a massive ghost hunt, please say-
DANNY I... might be too young to vote, but I'm casting one anyway! [The crowd goes into panic] You people have to listen to me. I'm on your side.
JACK You're not fooling anybody, ghost kid! You are going down! [Pulls out tangled Fenton Fisher] As soon as I untangle this thing!
DANNY [To himself] My parents might be overshadowed, but this should harmlessly push the ghosts out of them. [Blasts the ground near his parents, knocking them back] Or they could not be overshadowed, and I could have totally ticked them off.
Maddie attaches a laser to her arm and fires at Danny. Danny dodges it and hides behind a bench for cover. The mayor grabs him from the floor and drags him down with him. Wulf gasps from outside city hall upon seeing this and angrily unsheathes his claws. Meanwhile, Jack is going through his ghost weapons.
JACK Ghost bazooka. Fenton fisher. [Picks a device up] Whatever the heck this thing does.
MADDIE Jack, what are you doing?
JACK Getting ready to hunt some ghosts. I'm gonna tear that ghost kid apart into a million different- [Stops and looks at Maddie] What?
MADDIE Jack, I love you, but we don't have time for this. Who's a better shot?
JACK You are.
MADDIE Who's better with the weaponry?
JACK You are.
MADDIE Who's a ninth degree blackbelt?
JACK You are - You are? [Hands her a cannon] Here. I'll get the Ghostkateers.
MADDIE And that's why we make a great team. Here's a cookie. [Gives Jack a cookie]
Meanwhile, Danny is brought underneath city hall. He's surrounded by Kwan, Mr. Lancer, Paulina, Dash, Principal Ishiyama, and the mayor, all of which are possessed.
DANNY [To the mayor] Walker! I should've guessed you'd end up in the guy that makes the rules!
MAYOR [In Walker's voice] Shouldn't you be running?
DANNY [Holds up his thermos] Shouldn't you?
Everyone scatters except for Paulina, who grabs him. He blasts the guard out of her.
PAULINA [Coming to her senses] What? Huh? [Screams as she sees the guard, but Danny captures it]
DANNY One down, four to go.
PAULINA You saved me. So, you're like a friendly ghost?
DANNY Yeah. With some friendly advice: RUN!!!
Kwan flies by and hits him, knocking the thermos away. Danny is surrounded by him and Mr. Lancer. He uses a blast from each hand to push the ghosts out of them. The two see the ghosts and run away.
DANNY Where's the thermos?
The two ghosts suddenly disappear into two ghost portals. Danny becomes happy until he sees that they were captured by Maddie. Maddie uses her lipstick to draw two lines on her cannon. She fires at Danny, but Principal Ishiyama pulls him out of the way and onto the ground.
PRINCIPAL ISHIYAMA [Pulls out the thermos] Looking for this? [Points it at Danny, but Wulf appears and swipes them away]
DASH [In Bullet's voice] What are you doing?
WULF Amiki, friend.
Wulf stabs his claws into Dash and Ishiyama to pull out Bullet and a guard respectively. Maddie fires at them to get rid of them. The mayor then grabs Danny and flies off.
DANNY What are you doing?
MAYOR There's all types of prisons, kid...
Outside City Hall, field reporters are talking about what has happened.
REPORTER A Ghost kid attacking City Hall during a town meeting.
REPORTER B We now bring you live to an evil ghost teen on a rampage.
The doors slam open, showing the mayor holding Danny in a position that makes it look like Danny has taken him hostage.
MAYOR [Walker's voice] I'm making sure your prison is the town you live. [Normal voice] Help! Help me! Help! [Falls back into the building; Walker's voice] Now they'll never trust you.
Danny flies off. The mayor turns around and sees Wulf, who digs his claws into the mayor and separates him from Walker. The mayor lands in Danny's arms. Maddie aims at Danny.
MADDIE [Quickly] Get your hands off of our duly elected leader, you odd manifestation of ectoplasmic energy and post-human consciousness!
She fires at Danny, but Wulf, holding Walker, jumps in front of Danny and gets hit by it. He and Walker start getting sucked back into the Ghost Zone.
DANNY Wulf! No!
WULF Friend! We'll meet again!
WALKER So will we, punk! Feared on Earth and wanted in the Ghost Zone? You've lost, ghost kid! LOST!!! [They get sucked back in]
Danny stands there, staring at the spot where Wulf and Walker got sucked in. A sound of a powering up weapon is heard and Danny looks to his left to find Maddie, crouched on one of the benches with the Fenton Bazooka aimed directly at his left temple.
MADDIE By the authority invested in me by the city of Amity Park, I sentence you back from once you came!
DANNY [Frowns] Oh man, I have got to start paying more attention in these fights.
MADDIE [The bazooka fails to fully power up and stops working. Maddie finds a note taped on the Fenton Bazooka and reads it. Frowns as she reads it.] "Honey, forgot to fully charge Fenton Bazooka. - Jack. P.S.: Can I have a cookie?"
DANNY [Smiles.] With that, I bid you a fair farewell. [Flies out of city hall through the roof.]
MADDIE [Waves her fist angrily.] You haven't seen the last of me!
Cut to outside where Danny is flying away. He has a cheeky grin on his face.
DANNY Duh, I'll see you at dinner.
Newspaper appears with the headline "Ghost Kid Attacks Mayor!!"
DASH I can't believe I was controlled by a ghost! I can't remember anything for the last few days!
KWAN I told you to wear a helmet before practice.
Dash slams a lunch tray with food on the top of Kwan's head.
DASH I remembered how to do that! [to Kwan] HA!
Dash walks away.
TUCKER Man. You think that was hard to find a place to go ghost during school hours before!
SAM [reading the newspaper] So even with everybody thinking you're a bad ghost, [to Danny] you're still gonna try to be the hero?
DANNY Well, somebody's gotta. Hey, not me? Who's gonna protect this town? Besides, it not like I can ignore a scream for help.
LANCER [offscreen] HELP!
Camera pans to Jack and Maddie running away
MADDIE and JACK GHOST!! [Lancer is running from Maddie and Jack, both holding weapons.]
LANCER The Adventures of Huck Finn! How many times do I have to tell you people, I am not a ghost!
DANNY Except, that one. [Danny, Sam, and Tucker laugh as the screen closes on them.]
-End Title Card Screen-
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