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The Reality Gauntlet is a glove that uses the power of the 4 Reality Gems can alter the very fabric of reality itself. The gauntlet was used by Freakshow during "Reality Trip." It was later destroyed by Danny used his ghost ray to do so.


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The Reality Gauntlet only appears in "Reality Trip." The Guys in White originally had possession of the gauntlet and three of its gems, but it was useless without its power source. They allow Freakshow to examine the gauntlet. Unbeknownst to them, Freakshow had the power source and uses it to activate the gauntlet and its gems. Freakshow then uses the gauntlet's power to escape.

Freakshow is soon confronted by Danny and his friends. To stop Freakshow, they activate the gauntlet's defense mechanism: by touching a gem and concentrating very hard on a location, the gem instantly teleports out of the gauntlet and to that location, removing its powers from the Reality Gauntlet.

Using this, they render the gauntlet powerless. However, Freakshow kidnaps Danny's and his friends' families and threatens to kill them unless they return the gems within three days. Danny, Sam, and Tucker set off on an adventure all across the country to recover the gems. At each location, they find the gems causing havoc and have to capture the gems to return everything to normal. They manage to succeed and return the gems to Freakshow in time.

Freakshow returns the gems to the Reality Gauntlet, finally activating all of its powers. Danny then faces a reality-controlling Freakshow in a final showdown. With quick thinking, Danny tricks Freakshow and takes away the gauntlet, rendering Freakshow powerless.

After the battle, Danny uses the gauntlet to wipe everyone's memories of the events of the past few days. Danny then destroys the gauntlet.


The Gauntlet has 4 gems. When the gems are placed in the gauntlet and activated in the correct sequence (form, fantasy, form, life, fantasy, power source), their combine power, giving the wearer total control over all reality. Whoever holds the gauntlet has the same power as the wearing has. Pressing the gems also sound like pressing a button.

The gauntlet has a self-defense mechanism when you touch one of the gems while it is in the gauntlet can teleport the gem out of the gauntlet by simply wishing it away. With the gem out of the gauntlet, the gauntlet loses the power that the gem supplied.

The gem's power can be activated by mere touch outside of the gauntlet, but it is only when they are in the gauntlet that they can be properly controlled and rewrite reality. When used by a bare hand they seem to burn the user's hand, so it explains why Freakshow and Danny wore gloves and didn't suffer this drawback.


  • S02M03 Reality Gauntlet life gem.jpeg
    Gem of Life: A red square ruby. This gem grants the wearer the power of life and death, and potentially give life to a lifeless object or possibly take life away from the living. This gem made a drum spider to life at the concert, a N.A.S.A. rocket ship turn into a living monster, and Freakshow turning train cars into robots. When Danny fly towards Freakshow at the concert, Freakshow empowered the gauntlet and knock Danny away. Freakshow can create monsters out of two oil trucks through the Gem of Form and brings them to life. Freakshow used this to bring a spider to life at the concert. In the space center, a child finds the Gem of Life and activates it by touch, but he throws it when it burns him, causing a space shuttle to come to life and attack the Fenton Jetplane.
  • S02M03 Reality Gauntlet form gem.jpeg
    Gem of Form: a yellow rhombus-shaped topaz. This gem gives the wearer the power to transform objects into any other objects the wearer desires. This gem turned a horde of goths into cute, fluffy teddy bears and changes their personality (which Danny later reverses). Freakshow uses it multiple times, including when he turns Danny into gelatin. When Danny was upstaging him, Freakshow used the Gauntlet, and all four gems blaze white. when the light clears, he has transformed into a ghost with four arms, wings, and a face on its chest. Danny uses the gem while wearing the gauntlet at the end to turn a vat of acid into a giant duck-shaped inflatable pool to save his friends and family. He then turns Lydia into a fish, a mallet, an apple, a teddy bear, and then herself again. Danny later uses the Gauntlet to change Freakshow back into his human form and strip him of his powers.
  • S02M03 Reality Gauntlet fantasy gem.jpeg
    Gem of Fantasy: a blue circular sapphire. This gem allows the wearer to make their wishes, dreams, and fantasies come true; that is, they can change reality into fantasy, and fantasy into reality. The user can create, or summon, objects or beings out of nothing. Users can similarly also use this power to make objects or beings vanish into thin air. It works in a similar way to the Reality Gauntlet but with less power. Freakshow showed up at the concert and appeared in thin air and when the gauntlet was activated it cause the trio and Freakshow to fly upward. This gem turned a trio of cosplaying geeks into real supervillains. Danny later used the gauntlet to erase everyone's memories.
  • S02M03 Reality Gem of Power.png
    Power Source: a red triangular ruby. This gem is required to activate the other gems in the gauntlet. Freakshow wore it as an earring before its purpose was revealed suggesting that it is a family heirloom like his Crystal Ball Staff. It is the gemstone that gives power to all the others, without it, all the gems and the gauntlet are useless. It was unnamed in the episode but has been nicknamed the "Gem of Power" by fans.


  • Ghost Energy: Danny destroys the gauntlet with a regular ghost ray.


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