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(Morning at FentonWorks.)
Danny (Off-screen) Oh, Crud! Of all the days to oversleep! (Groans and scrubs his hair into it's trademark mess.) Can't have Lancer keep me after on the last day of school, so...(He goes ghost and flies out his window.) I'll just take the aerial route.
(Jack Fenton is in the shower, and looks up and sees Danny Phantom through the window.)
Jack (Shouting out the window and shaking his back scrubber at Danny.) You, ghost kid! I get my hands on you, I'll tear you apart (Squeezing the duck so it squeaks) molecule by molecule! (He picks up an ecto-gun off the shower floor and fires it at Danny, who dodges and flies away.)
Danny Which is a perfect example of why I won't be going ghost during my Fenton family vacation.
Jack (yelling after him) Listen to me when I'm talking to you!
Danny It's summer! Starting at 3:30, I don't have to listen to anyone for a long, long time.
(Danny flies over Amity Park Penitentiary as Danny flies over it. Inside Freakshow is in chains in an interrogation room. Guys in White Agents O and K approach from the darkness, Agent O carrying a folder with Freakshow's name and a CLASSIFIED stamp on it.)
Agent K I hope you've enjoyed your stay with us, Freakshow.
Freakshow (glares up at them, then fakes fear mockingly) Ooh, the Guys in White. Top-secret ghost catchers who can't actually catch ghosts.
(Agent K clicks a button on a remote. A dark tank lights up, revealing Lydia floating unconscious inside.)
Agent O Care to revise that last statement?
Freakshow (startled) Lydia? (scowling)
Agent K No longer under your control.
Freakshow (coldly) What do you want?
Agent O (looking in Freakshow's file then closing it) Your knowledge of ghostly items. Anything you care to tell us about this?
(He clicks a remote and a panel opens up in the floor. A stand bearing a metal gauntlet with four empty slots for gemstones and a case of three gems rises out of it.)
Freakshow (wide-eyed) The Reality Gauntlet! (Smiling innocently) Never heard of it.
Agent K We know how you envy ghosts.
Agent O And we believe this to be an object of enough spectral power to eradicate ghosts forever. Perhaps including this one. [He pulls a photo of Danny Phantom out of the file.]
Freakshow Ah, that Reality Gauntlet. I believe I've heard of it after all.
(Agent K clicks the remote, and Freakshow's manacles are released.)
Freakshow (rubbing his wrists) Now then, the Reality Gauntlet. (Getting up and walking around it.) Hmm, well, I don't know that much about it, but I believe these things (pointing to the gem slots) play a key role--may I try it on?
Agent O I suppose so. (The agents exchange a look.) It doesn't work anyway.
Freakshow (clasping his hands) Joy! (He picks up the Gauntlet and puts it on his arm.) Each of these gems has a power. (He picks up the square red stone from the case.) The red one, the Gem of Life. (He sets it into its slot on the Gauntlet.) It can make anything come alive. And I believe this one is the Gem of Form. (He picks it up the yellow diamond-shaped stone and places it as well.) It can transform anything into anything else....uh, so I've been told. And this (holding up the round blue stone) is the Gem of Fantasy. (Placing it) It can make your dreams real. These gems, if touched in the proper sequence, will allow the wearer to control all reality. But the Gauntlet is useless without its power source...which I just so happen to have right here!
Agent K (both agents reaching into their jackets as Freakshow reaches into his pocket) Freeze it, Freak!
(Freakshow pulls out a triangular orange gem, which he sets in the final slot of the gauntlet. It and then the Gem of Form begin to glow.)
Freakshow (Raising the now red-glowing Gauntlet) Have a little taste of the Gem of Life!
(He blasts a red beam at the agents, which hits their ectoguns. The ectoguns immediately wrap around the agents like pythons, trapping them.)
Freakshow Now that's what I call living! (The Gauntlet smokes slightly and the glow retreats to just the Gem of Life. Freakshow looks down at it.) Blast! If I only knew the secrets to activate all the gems, I could control all reality. Still...(He reaches into the fallen Agent O's pocket and pulls out an access card, which he puts into a control panel, opening the tank containing Lydia. Lydia wakens and smiles, immediately kneeling in front of him.)
Freakshow turning back to the agents as Lydia hoods up behind him) This concludes our demonstration. (The two walk/float away.) Now, if you'll excuse us...
(We see Lydia flying them both out of the penitentiary.)
Freakshow What shall we do with our new-found freedom? Dinner? Movie? Make myself ringmaster of all reality? (He laughs and Lydia smiles as the Gauntlet glows red again.)
(Theme song)
(We see the concert stage set up next to Casper High. Panning over to the front of the school, there is a large banner over the doors reading "Dumpty Humpty Live Tonight". The bell rings, the doors burst open, and a crowd of shouting kids come running out to cheer around the stage. The trio walk through the door, holding folded sheets of paper.)
Danny Finally! I've been looking forward to this summer vacation forever! The three of us, traveling together cross country seeing the sights. (we see the paper he is holding is a flyer for "Space Camp in Florida".) Cape Canaveral Space Center in sunny Florida...
Tucker (showing a flyer for the Comic Book Convention) The Comic Book, Sci-fi and Fantasy Expo in sunny San Diego...
Sam (Showing a purple poster for Gothapalooza) And Gothapalooza in the bleak Nevada desert.
Danny But tonight we rock out at the Dumpty Humpty concert!
(Suddenly Jazz walks right into Danny, bonking both of their heads and making Jazz drop several books and papers.)
Jazz Jeez, Danny, watch it!
Danny Jeez, Jazz, watch it! [He looks down at one of the books she's dropped in surprise, bending to pick it up. The title reads 'Ghost Envy for Dimwits: Ghosts are not the Boss of Me'] "Ghost Envy for Dimwits...ghosts are not the boss of me"? What is this?
Jazz (kneeling to pick up her dropped papers) My college entrance thesis on ghost envy. College might be a year and a half away but you can't be too prepared. In fact, did you know that ghosts often--
Danny (shoving the book at her) Don't know, don't care, not listening. From now on, it's no more pencils, no more books, and no going ghost so my parents can't tear me apart (gesturing in illustration) molecule by molecule.
Sam Which reminds me, how did you convince my parents to let me spend an entire summer with your parents?
(Danny smiles and we fade to a flashback. Jeremy and Pam Manson are standing in their living room, when an invisible Danny overshadows Pam.)
Danny (overshadowing Pam) You know, I think the Fentons are wonderful. Sam should take a cross country trip with them.
(Danny zips out and goes to overshadow Jeremy.)
Danny (overshadowing Jeremy) And I agree with you! Let's never speak of this again.
(End flashback)
Danny Uh, let's just say I finally got under their skin.
(Suddenly, people start running and screaming, and Danny's ghost sense goes off. He looks up to see Lydia floating above the concert stage, her tattoo minions swirling around her and flying around attacking people. Sam and Tucker scream, and he sees that two of the tattoo creatures are flying off with them.)
Sam Remind me again. Why do we hang out with the kid who has ghostly enemies?
Tucker Because you have a crush on him?
(Sam scowls. Meanwhile Danny runs to hide behind the concert curtain, goes ghost, and flies up to take stock of the situation. Nearby, several of the tattoo ghosts are attacking Paulina.)
Paulina Aaah, get away! (Danny starts picking off the ghosts one by one.) He loves me! (he zaps another) He loves me not. (And the last one.) He loves me!
(We see the bat tattoos that have captured Sam and Tucker dropping them in a trainyard and wrapping them up so they can't move. Freakshow comes to stand over them, wearing the Reality Gauntlet.)
Sam and Tucker Freakshow!
Freakshow In the anemic flesh. How's tricks? Had a nice few months while I was rotting in jail because of you?
(An ectoblast knocks him offscreen, and Sam and Tucker grin over at Danny, who's just arrived.)
Danny Actually, yeah! I've been working on my aim!
(Freakshow aims a red beam of light from the Reality Gauntlet at the barbed wire security fence below Danny, which springs up and wraps around him, dropping to the ground.
Danny Hey!
Freakshow And so have I. (Aiming the Gauntlet) Say hello to the Reality Gauntlet...(the Gem of Form begins to glow) which is twice as powerful now that I've activated the Gem of Form!
(The Gauntlet glows yellow, and Freakshow shoots a beam of yellow light at two nearby train cars. They reform into two vaguely humanoid golems. Danny at first looks worried, but when the golems simply stand there unresponsively, he looks quizzically at Freakshow then pops out of the fence to go look more closely.)
Danny (laughing) What are they gonna do, rust on me?
Freakshow (touching the Gem of Life) And Freakshow said, let there be life!
[He redbeams the golems, which activate and attack Danny. One of them seizes Danny by the jumpsuit with its teeth, shakes him around, and throws him down, disoriented, at Freakshow's feet.]
Freakshow Hm, that's odd. I commanded it to eat you. [Looking thoughtfully at the Gauntlet] I need more practice.
[Danny glares up at him, starting to get up, then looks to the side in alarm as the Guys in White show up in a low hovercar. The agents stare up at the golems as they drive up, which turn to roar at them.]
Agent O The Gauntlet is active. Bad news.
Agent K Very bad. When I file a report, [pulling a pair of handcuffs out of his jacket] I shall be affixing blame to you.
Agent O [scowling and reaching into his own jacket for handcuffs] Not if I affix it to you first. [To Freakshow and his minions] Freeze, freaks!
Freakshow Freeze? If you insist!
[He blasts a jet of yellow light and then one of red at a cloud above them, reforming it into a giant smiling monster of snow. It falls on the Guys and White and the robots, completely burying them.]
Freakshow Now, where were we? [reaching down to grab Danny by the front of his jumpsuit] I was going to ruin your life the way you ruined mine, ha! [He raises the red-glowing Gauntlet, but before he can strike Danny knocks him to the ground with an ectoblast.]
Danny [approaching] Show's over, Freak--yahh!
[Lydia phases through the ground and punches him away. Freakshow gets to his feet, the Gauntlet still glowing red.]
Freakshow [As a train engine pulls up behind him, whistling] Looks like our little showdown is going to require a bigger audience. [Lydia steps out onto the back of the train, smirking at them.] A much bigger audience. [Laughs]
[The tattoo bats trapping Tucker and Sam release them, flying back to Lydia. Freakshow uses the Gauntlet to bring the train engine to life; it sprouts a pair of bat wings and flies away, whistling. Danny, battered and scowling, walks over to his friends and loops his arms around them, ready to fly.]
Sam Danny, what about Freakshow?
[Agents O and K pop out of the snow nearby, shivering.]
Danny Let the jerkcicles handle it. I'm on vacation. Besides, two words:
[We shift to the concert, where an audience of kids are chanting "Dumpty! Humpty!" Spotlights shine down on a giant egg in the center of the stage. Back in the stands, Danny is looking excited, but Sam's attention is focused on a large book.]
Sam [reading] The Reality Gauntlet consists of four gems, which--
Danny [putting his hand over the page] Guys, come on! It's summer. As in no more pencils, no more books...
Tucker [pointing at the book] You might want to take a look at this book. Especially the author.
Danny [taking the book and reading] Frederick Isak Showenhower? [Sam reaches over and folds the page to cover the middle part of the name, so that it reads "FreakShow".] Freakshow? Well-- I don't care, Sam. As of right now [giving her back the book], Freakshow is not my problem. [The band starts playing.] Oh, I love this part! This is where the band comes out of a giant egg.
[Smoke hisses out over the stage then parts to reveal the giant egg. Two red eyes open on it and it opens like a fanged mouth, the insides draining out.. The band members pop out gasping, and the audience gasps in return. Freakshow shimmers into view in the spotlight onstage.]
Freakshow Are you kids ready to have a great summer? Because Dumpty Humpty had a great fall! [Laughing]
[Lydia flies out into the stands and snags Tucker and Sam.]
Danny Will this vacation ever start? [Looking around, he ducks under the bleachers to go ghost.]
Freakshow [the Gauntlet glowing yellow] Ah, the only thing better than an audience is a captive audience. [He gestures, and seatbelts fasten everyone down to the bleachers.]
[Danny flies up and towards him]
Danny Show's over, Freakshow!
Freakshow Au contraire. That's French for, "I'll bet this hurts". [He punches Danny out of the air with the Gauntlet.]
[The scene shifts to the FentonWorks kitchen, where Maddie is backing a case of ectogear, Jack is rifling through the cabinets and Jazz is sitting at the kitchen table with two huge stacks of paper. On the counter, a TV is playing live footage from the crashed concert.]
Jazz I can't go on this trip. I need to write my thesis on ghost envy. If only I could find someone that fits the bill. [Looking at her father meaningfully]
Jack [looking down and seeing Lydia on the TV] Ghost!
[Maddie gasps and leaps over to sit on the table and watch the TV, scattering Jazz's papers everywhere.]
Jazz That was easy.
Lance Thunder It's ghost-based chaos at the Casper High School's Out Concert, where notorious ghost kid Danny Phantom is fighting for his afterlife.
[Back at the concert, Danny and Freakshow face off on the stage. Freakshow uses the Gem of Life on the drumset, turning it into a spider-like creature. Laughing, he sends it after Danny. As it bears down on him, we zoom out through another TV and see the Guys in White sitting and watching the newscast, shivering in blankets with their feet in hot water baths and thermometers in their mouths.]
Agent O Let's roll--roll--[sneezes]
[Back at the concert, the drum spider shoots a web at Danny, which sends him flying and sticks in the football goalpost, leaving him trapped like a fly in a spiderweb. He struggles to free himself but is stuck.]
Freakshow Any last words? Ah, might I suggest, 'Ah, Freakshow, don't hurt me.'
[Behind him, Lydia still has Sam and Tucker. Tucker pulls her hood down over her face, and she flies away screaming, crashing into the Ravens sign above the bleachers and sticking to it by one of her headspikes. Freed, Sam runs toward Freakshow.]
Sam Leave him alone!
[Grunting, she throws the book at him. It beans him in the head, knocking him over, and falls open on his face. Getting up, he examines it.]
Freakshow I see we have the same taste in authors. [Sam kicks the book out of his hands and grabs at the Gauntlet.] And in gloves. Let go, girl!
[As they tug of war over the glove, Sam inadvertantly touches the Gem of Form and it begins to glow. Tucker joins her in the fight, similarly activating the Gem of Fantasy. The three of them glow blue and rise into the air. Danny finally breaks free of the web, flying up to help. Freakshow manages to throw them off for an instant, but they all grab the Gauntlet again. Tucker touches the Gem of Form, Danny touches the Gem of Life, and Sam touches the Gem of Fantasy (making the full combination yellow-blue-yellow-red-blue - note that this does not seem to match the sequence Freakshow uses later in the episode) in their effort to stay aloft, evidently activating the Gauntlet.]
Freakshow You did it--you found the combination that activates all the gems! Which means I control all reality! [The world around them begins to waver.]
Sam Guess again, cue ball! As long as we're touching the Gauntlet, we have just as much control as you do.
Freakshow [Attempting to shake them off]! [He throws them again, but they all manage to grab back on.]
Sam [to Danny and Tucker, as Freakshow continues to try to dislodge them] Quick, according to the book, the Gauntlet has a defense mechanism. Thinks of a place to hide the gem you're holding!
[Danny closes his eyes in concentration, and the Gem of Life vanishes. Sam and Tucker do the same for the Gem of Form and the Gem of Fantasy respectively.]
Freakshow No, no!
[There is a blue-white explosion. We then see Tucker and Sam lying on the stage. They sit up, looking around. The drum spider crawls back to its original place, transforming back into a regular drumset, and the seatbelts trapping the audience disappear. The crowd begins to cheer, then gasps as a red fireball crashes into the stage. Freakshow emerges from the smoke.]
Freakshow Blast! The gems have gone. [Lydia phases through the stage to stand beside him.] We must flee! But dramatically!
[Lydia's tattoos detach and swirl around them in a blur, flying them away. Sam and Tucker stare up after them, and then another fireball hits the stage behind them. The smoke parts to reveal a smoking Danny Phantom, who struggles to his feet, disoriented, and reverts to Danny Fenton. He gasps, looking around, as he realizes he's just exposed himself to hundreds of people. The crowd, staring back, gasps too. Looking up, he sees both the news helicopter and the Guys in White with jetpacks have also witnessed his transformation. Everyone begins talking at once, and Danny backs up nervously.]
Danny Um, nobody saw that, right?
[Back in the Fentons' kitchen, Jack and Maddie are staring at the TV in shock.]
Jazz You didn't see that, right?
[Danny is standing on stage in his human form, looking around at the crowd desperately.]
Dash Holy sweatsocks! Danny Fenturd is Danny Phanturd?
Paulina [brightly] And he's totally infatuated with me! This makes things so much easier-- for me!
[Everyone is chattering and starts climbing up to the stage to approach Danny, who is looking terrified. As they gather around him, Tucker and Sam dive in to guard him, staving off the crowd with the drum stool and a microphone.]
Tucker Back! Back, savages!
Sam [to Danny] Well, uh, it, could be worse?
Danny Really? How?
Guys in White Nobody move!
[The newscopter and the GiW fly closer. We zoom out through the Fentons' TV.]
Maddie [shrilly] Our son is the ghost boy?!
Jazz [jumping in front of the TV and holding up her hands pacifically] Now, now, let's not go jumping to any insane conclusions--
[She looks over at the doorway. The Mansons and the Foleys are standing, all arms akimbo and frowning darkly.]
Jeremy Manson You!
Jack You!
[They confront each other aggressively.]
Jeremy We were watching 'Extreme Nanny Makeover' when we found out your son was a ghost!
Jack Why are you yelling at us? Your spooky-ooky bat daughter has to be behind this!
Mr. Foley [pushing the two men apart] Now, fellas, it's ok to point fingers as long as nobody's pointing them at my son.
Maddie Ok. Maybe Danny is the ghost boy. But it's not as though our ghost activities have ever put your families in any danger!
[They all turn and gasp as the house starts to shake. Lydia's tattoo ghosts stream out of a vent, binding the Foleys and Mansons tightly. They all exchange dark looks.]
Jack [shrugging sheepishly] Until now.
[The tattoo ghosts swirl around the Fentons too, capturing all of them.
[Back on the concert stage, Agents K and O approach the trio.]
Agent K You're coming in for questioning.
Agent O And experiments. Lots and lots of really painful experiments.
Danny I don't think so! Tucker, Sam, grab hold of me. [They do so] I'm going ghost!
[He transforms and they fly off to the crowd cheering and chanting Danny's name.]
Tucker Dude, you're a rock star.
[Suddenly Danny reverts in midair.]
Danny Who can't do anything!
[They plummet, screaming, back to the stage.]
Danny [Getting to his feet] That Reality Gauntlet explosion must have messed with my ghost powers.
[The agents land nearby.]
Sam I'll get us out of here. [Grabbing Danny by the shirt, she flings him out into the crowd.] Mosh pit!
[Cheering, the crowd helps Danny crowdsurf away. Sam grabs the Reality Gauntlet book and she and Tucker quickly follow him.]
Agent K [pointing after them] He's lost his ghost powers.
Agent O Get him!
[They take off with their jetpacks. We see the trio crowdsurfing, then disappearing into the mass of people. The agents fly by overhead, and the three teens crawl out the back of the audience and run for it. They hide behind the locker room and are looking back to see if they were followed, when the door opens behind them and three varsity jacketed arms reach out and yank them inside. The agents pass by, not seeing anyone there. The lights come up in the dark locker room to reveal that Danny and his friends' unlikely rescuers are Paulina and the football team.]
Danny [taken aback] You're...helping me?
Dash Well, duh! You've only been helping us for like, ever!
Paulina [kissing Danny's cheek] Paulina Fenton. Hey, I finally wrapped my mind around it!
Sam Ok, I'm feeling relieved and nauseated at the same time.
[Outside, Agents O and K are vulturing around with their jetpacks, using ecto-devices that look like metal detectors to scan the ground around the locker room.]
Agent K He couldn't have got far without his ghost powers.
[The locker room door opens, and the football players and Paulina walk out. At the end of the file are Danny in a football helmet and uniform, Tucker in the Ravens mascot costume, and Sam in a cheerleading uniform, hiding her face with the pom-poms. They walk past the agents unnoticed and into the woods. Danny and Tucker take off their respective head coverings as Dash and Paulina walk up to them.]
Paulina [to Sam] I want that back by Monday-- minus the goth sweat.
Sam [irately] We don't sweat, we simmer!
[Danny grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her away.]
[At FentonWorks. The trio are hiding in the alley beside the house. Danny peeks around the corner, scoping out the street.]
Danny Ok, I zip in, get my stuff--
Tucker Then what? Run away from home?
Danny Well, what choice do I have? The whole world knows my secret! But if I can get the Gauntlet, I can change reality so that none of this ever happened. [Stepping through the front door into the dark living room] Believe me, [flicking on the light] it'll be better for everyone if I just-- [he pauses, seeing something that catches him up short] uh, disappear?
[They are confronted with a squad of armed and armored Guys in White, led by Agents O and K, powering up their ectoguns. Two agents seize Sam and Tucker.]
Sam For those still counting, that's three times we've been grabbed today.
Agent O Humans are secure. Take down the ghost child!
Danny Where are my mom and dad? What have you done with them?
[Lydia passes invisibly through the wall. She sends three of her tattoo bats to the trio, each attaching itself to one of them unnoticed. Then she leaves again.]
Agent K Daniel Fenton, in accordance with the Federal Anti-Ecto Control Act, Article 1, Section 1, Sub-section A, you're under arrest.
Danny I'm only gonna say this once. Let my friends go, and get out of my house!
Agent O Or what?
Danny Or this! [Running to a curtained wall, he throws back the curtain to reveal a red button behind a glass case labeled "In Case of Fenton Emergency, Break Glass!" Using the hammer hanging there, he breaks the glass and presses the emergency button. Immediately an alarm sounds and a red light starts flashing.]
Jack recording FentonWorks Anti-Creep Mode activated. [the agents looks around angrily] Our special today is fudge. I mean pain.
[Metal claws shoot out from behind pictures on the wall, seizing the two agents that have grabbed Sam and Tucker and smashing them together.]
Agent O Fire ectoweapons!
[The agents open fire on the trio, but a large clear barrier shaped like Jack's head pops out of the floor, shielding them.]
Sam [protecting her head with her arms] What's going on?!
Danny The house attacks anything using ecto-energy. I'm going ghost! [He does so, and immediately five different weapons drop out of the ceiling and target him. He quickly reverts to human form and they retract.] Darn! If I go ghost the house will think that I'm an enemy. Run!
[They run, and several agents leap out at them. Three torpedos shoot out of the TV and unfold into four-pronged devices that pin the agents to the wall and zap them. There is a quick montage of the flexible metal claws bashing agents around.]
Sam [to Danny] Where are your parents?
Danny Probably looking for me...or a scalpel to dissect me with.
[They run up the stairs.]
Random Agent [coming down the the stairs, gun aimed] Freeze!
Danny [halting and throwing his arms out so his friends don't pass] Ok!
[A red light drops out of the ceiling, the siren resuming. Metal cutouts of Jack and Maddie looking inordinately cheerful considering the situation smash the agent first from one side, then the other. He falls down the stairs, knocking down Agents O and K. Danny, Sam, and Tucker run into the Fenton master bedroom. Danny pulls up a round rug, exposing what looks like a steel manhole cover, and they all step onto it.]
Danny Three to the Op Center!
[A clear tube drops down from the ceiling and sucks them upward. They exit into the Op Center through the Fridge, emerging from it coughing in a cloud of cold air or smoke.]
Tucker Man, your dad really needs to get rid of that ham.
[Outside, five agents fire grappling hooks up at the Op Center, and start coming up the lines. Danny starts working at the controls.]
Danny Time to lock up for the night!
[Metal barriers close down over the windows as the agents reach them. Inside, the trio all look up in alarm as sparks start flying from the ceiling. Two agents are cutting through with a laser. Danny runs to open the fridge. We see the Emergency Ham, then pan right to a red button labeled "Emergency Op Center Release Button". Danny punches it. The entire Op Center starts shuddering, retracting all of the instruments and devices on the outside. The agents outside are all knocked off as a giant blimp with Jack's face on it unfurls from the top and the Op Center detaches from the roof of the townhouse and flies away. The trio stare down through a window.]
Sam [incredulously] The Fenton Blimp? What are we gonna do, bore them off our tail in a low-speed chase?
Danny Not quite. [Moving the Emergency Ham, he reveals another red button hidden beneath it. He presses it.]
[Outside, O and K are catching up with their jetpacks.]
Agent O We're gaining on it!
Agent K [disgustedly] Of course we are, it's a blimp.
[The Fenton Blimp suddenly sheds the balloon and reforms into a jet.]
Agent K ...and now it's not.
[The jet takes off. We see Danny at the tiller, looking strained, as they dive toward Casper High.]
Tucker We're gonna destroy the school!
Danny I don't know what to do!
Sam Do something!
Danny Wait!
[He presses a button on the dashboard labeled 'Auto Jack' and dashes back to join his friends in the passenger seats. An inflatable version of Jack Fenton unfurls from the tiller into the pilot's chair.]
Jack recording Auto Jack activated. Please buckle up and pass trecording
[All three teens buckle their seatbelts, looking none too certain about this state of affairs. The Auto Jack successfully pulls out of the nosedive, hurtling down the street and narrowly missing a semi as the kids scream. Looking out the window, they see that Agents O and K have caught up again in mini jet planes.]
Sam It's after five. Why can't they quit like every other government employee!?
[Danny goes ghost and runs to the bulkhead. Bracing against it, he goes invisible, and with effort starts to turn the jet invisible as well.]
Agent O [as the fuselage of the plane vanishes] We're losing visual! Activate White Fang Tracking Device!
Agent K [unimpressed] White Fang?
Agent O [exasperated] I don't name this stuff.
[A canister drops out of Agent K's jet, unfolding into a four-pronged device that latches onto the Fenton Jet as it goes completely invisible and flies away.]
[We see the empty blue sky zipping by.]
Sam VO Danny, we lost them yesterday. You can stop now.
[The jet materializes. Inside, Danny reverts to human and collapses to sit against the bulkhead, exhausted.]
Tucker We should contact your parents.
Danny And tell them what? "I'm sorry I've been lying to you, and please don't rip me apart molecule by molecule"? Besides, if they have anything to say to me they can always contact me. [Right on cue, the communications console starts beeping.] we go.
[He keys something into the console and Freakshow's face appears on the screen.]
Freakshow Oh, hello. Hope I'm not interrupting the worst day of your life ever! But it seems I need your help.
Danny You miserable freak, why would I ever help you?! [glaring]
Freakshow I'm sorry, did I say 'need'? I meant demand! [Laughs]
[He stands back and gestures gradiosely, showing them that the Fentons, Mansons, and Foleys are trapped in a cage behind him.]
Sam [gasps] He's got my parents!
Tucker [to Sam, slightly exasperated] He's got all our parents.
Danny Mom! Dad!
Freakshow Why look. I have something you want. [pointing at Danny] And you know the location of something I want: my gems, which you three fools will retrieve if you ever want to see your families alive again! [offhandedly] Oh, and just to keep it dramatic, you have three days. [He laughs, and the screen cuts to static.]
Danny Three days? But we don't even know where to start looking!
Sam [picking up the Gauntlet book] You know, school being out or not, you really should listen more. We're the ones who hid the gems, remember?
[shot of Gothapalooza refracted through a yellow gem]
Sam VO Which means they're safe and sound at Gothapalooza.
[shot of the Comic Convention through a blue stone]
Tucker VO Except I was thinking about the comic book convention.
[shot of Cape Canaveral through a red stone]
Danny VO And I was thinking about the Space Center.
Tucker Looks like we're gonna get that cross country trip together after all.
Danny [pointing as a map drops down behind him] Starting here [indicating Florida].
Auto Jack Auto Jack setting new course for Cape Canaveral, Florida.
[At the launch site. We see a tour group going up in an outdoor elevator.]
Tour guide And now, we'll get a close-up look at the famous Space Shuttle.
Little boy [discovering the Gem of Life on the floor of the elevator] Whoa, what's this? [picking it up] Some kind of moon rock?
[Back on the Fenton Jet. Tucker is sulking in his seat.]
Tucker [to Danny] No fair! How come we get to go your place first?
Danny Does it matter? We're not here to have fun. We're here to look for the Reality Gems.
Sam [looking at the book] Which according to Freakshow's book, are activated by touch. So as long as nobody found it yet...
[shot to the boy holding the Gem. It begins smoking and he drops it, crying in pain.]
Sam VO ...maybe this will be easy.
[The gem falls out of the elevator, landing on the nose of the Space Shuttle, which glows red. The shuttle abruptly launches itself, flying into the air. Its windows narrow to red eyes and the nose opens into a sharp-toothed mouth. Zooming around, it flies right at the Fenton Jet, jaws wide open.]
Sam [as the shuttle approaches through the front window, to Danny] It's never easy, is it?
[The trio screams. The shuttle clamps the Fenton Jet in its metal jaws, sending the teens crashing into the bulkhead.]
Danny Going ghost!
[He transforms and turns the jet intangible, allowing them to escape. Flying out through the bulkhead, he goes back to confront the shuttle and throws a couple ineffective ectoblasts at it. As he hesitates, the shuttle hits him, flattening him up against the windshield. Through the window, he can see the Gem of Life sitting in the pilot's seat. He grins, but before he can do anything about it, the shuttle growls and throws him off. Plummeting, he hits the airfield so hard he leaves a crater. The Fenton Jet swoops down to land nearby.]
Sam [on the PA, helpfully] Danny, go, get the gem!
[Danny flies up to the shuttle again, narrowly missing a snap and grabbing it by the fin. It tries again to shake him off, but he starts climbing up the fuselage. A chunk of the outer hull peels away in his hands.]
Danny I always wanted to ride on the Space Shuttle, just not on the outside!
[Flying back up to the windshield, he goes intangible and reaches inside to grab the gem.]
Danny [holding it aloft triumphantly] Yes!
[Immediately the Shuttle reverts to it inanimate form, halting in defiance of physics and falling straight down. By its shadow we see it's going to land on the Fenton Jet.]
Tucker [exasperated] We had to come here first.
[With a determined look, Danny goes intangible and flies into the shuttle cockpit, sitting at the controls.]
Danny Ok, I've run the simulation a million times on my computer.
[He jabs at various buttons and switches, activating the landing gear. Sam and Tucker hug the Auto Jack as the shuttle approaches, but it narrowly misses. Danny releases the parachutes and brings the shuttle to a safe landing. He slumps tiredly, smiles briefly at the controls, then flies back outside.]
Danny Ladies and gentlemen, the eagle has landed...intact!
Agent on PA Attention Daniel Fenton, AKA Danny Phantom. Give yourself up!
[We see the two GiW jets approaching, one of them firing a torpedo at the Fenton Jet. Inside, Sam and Tucker run from the window. Danny shields his face as there is a blue-white explosion, sending debris everywhere. However, Sam and Tucker spring out of the smoke cloud on a pair of motorcarts, perfectly safe and sound.]
Danny Yes! [gasps as he sees the GiW agents wheeling back around]
[The agents fire more torpedos and Sam and Tucker drive to evade them, Danny zooming after them in the air. Placing a hand on each cart, he makes them intangible and they all sink through the tarmac.]
Agent O We've lost visual again!
Agent K Don't worry, they won't get far. We've got sensors everywhere.
[Evening. We see a police roadblock on a rural highway.]
Radio All units, be on the lookout for the ghost boy and his accomplices. I repeat: all units be on the lookout for the ghost boy and his accomplices.
[Beyond the roadblock, Danny and his friends reemerge from the ground.]
Danny [pulling the Gem of Life from his belt] Let's just put you someplace where your ghostly energy can't get out. [he drops it into a Fenton Thermos] One Reality Gem found, two to go.
Sam [scoffing] We'll never make it across the country in time on these things!
[Flying over, Danny pushes a button on Sam's dashboard. The cart converts itself into a hovercraft and Sam smiles.]
Danny And now we will. Shall we?
[Tucker converts his cart as well, and the three sail off into the sunset.]
[Night at a Good Eatin' All-Nite Bar-B-Que Restaurant.]
Sam VO Can you hurry it up, Tucker? We're on a deadline.
[Inside the diner, Sam and Danny have already cleared their plates.]
Sam Emphasis on "dead".
Tucker [tossing another clean bone on his plate] We have to eat, Sam. [Picking up a whole fried chicken] And I'm a meat connoisseur in the land of barbeque and bacon fat.
Lance Thunder on a nearby TV A nationwide search continues for this ghost-powered teenager. [gasping, the trio look up. A video of Danny transforming is inset on the news.] If you have any information, please contact local authorities.
[The diner cook, the waitress, and a customer drinking coffee at the bar all turn to look at Danny then pull out their cellphones.]
Danny Uh, sorry about this. [He quickly blasts their phones.]
Customer Hey, I still had minutes left!
Danny [on their way out the door] You gotta watch those roaming charges.
[They take off on the hovercars again, Danny now driving Tucker's car instead of flying on his own power.]
Tucker But Thursday's all you can eat night!
Danny 'turning to him angrily] Not if we're in jail! We're trying to save our parents, remember? Wherever they are.
[One of Lydia's bats pokes out from behind Tucker's backpack for a moment to remind us they're being tracked.]
[Freakshow has made his temporary campout on an abandoned stretch of railroad in a field. The Mansons, Foleys, and Fentons are all in separate cage cars hitched to the train engine Freakshow and Lydia escaped in earlier. Jeremy crawls to the end of the cage.]
Jeremy [to the Foleys] This is Fenton's fault. Pass it down.
Mr. Foley [Crawling across their cage to pass it on to Jack] This is Fenton's fault. Pass it down.
Jack [starting to pass it to Maddie] This is--wait a minute!
Maddie [putting a calming hand on his arm] Settle down now, Jack. It's all right. [unhappily] This whole business about Danny being the ghost boy has got me just as confused and baffled as you.
Jack Imagine, our own son has had ghost powers all this time and has kept them a secret from us. [confused] But we love him! [turning to Maddie] I wonder why he didn't trust us enough to tell us.
Jazz [sarcastically] Hmm, let me guess. [mimicking Jack] "Hey, Maddie, let's destroy the ghost!" [mimicking Maddie] "No, Jack, let's dissect the ghost." [mimicking Jack again] "I know, let's catch the ghost and rip it apart molecule by molecule!" [normal voice, sarcastic again] You guys are so understanding.
[Jack and Maddie drop their gazes, ashamed.]
Freakshow [approaching] Your beloved children have but a day to return my Reality Gems. [He stops in front of the Fentons' cage.] Should they fail, well, let's just say I've got plans.
Jazz [unimpressed] So in other other words, we're just gonna sit around until you get your stones. Not much of a bad guy, are you?
Freakshow [narrowly] What's that?
Jazz Well, you don't have any powers. I mean technically Lydia's a lot stronger than you, and without her--
Freakshow [throwing a tantrum] I will not-- be upstaged-- by ghosts! [eye twitching]
Jazz Wow. [exchanging a knowing look with Maddie] Jealous much?
Freakshow [calm again] Of ghosts? Untrue. I love ghosts. Worked with them all my life.
Freakshow [yelling right in her face] I don't have ghost envy!
[Lydia phases through the next car over and lands on the ground a few paces away.]
Freakshow [snapping at Lydia] Use the door like a person!
[Lydia looks nonplussed.]
[Predawn on a desert highway. The trio pass a billboard reading "Gothapalooza: 5 miles". Danny is flying again.]
Sam Gothapalooza! The ultimate celebration of despair and darkness.
[They all pull up, gasping. Cresting a ridge, they discover a sunny grassy valley of flowers, smiling teddy bears, and cheerful banners surrounding a giant pink teddy. The trio lands, and a wave of teddy bears approach them.]
Teddy bears We love you!
Sam Destroy them, Danny! [several colorful bears leap up to hug her and she tries to yank them off] Find the gem that did this [tearing them off and throwing them on the ground] and rip the stuffing out of every last one of them! [She tears the head off a teddy, and is immediately bowled over by several more affectionate bears.]
[Danny has picked up several groupies of his own but is more relaxed about it.]
Danny [cheerfully] Somehow I don't think that'll be necessary. [to the bears] May I have the Gem of Form?
Teddy bears Say the magic word!
Sam Die?
Danny SweetlyPlease?
[The sea of teddy bears parts to let through a pink bear carrying the glowing yellow stone, which Danny accepts. He begins to drop it into the thermos, and on second thought flashes the gem around. The grassy meadow becomes a desert metal concert reminiscent of Burning Man, peopled with pierced and tattooed goths of questionable hygiene.]
Sam [relaxing as the two teddy bears hugging her turn into goths, dropping her arms around their shoulders] Aahh. I love the smell of anti-establishment in the evening.
Danny [dropping the Gem of Form into the thermos] Two gems down, one to go. And less than 24 hours to find it.
[He gasps as goths start screaming and a GiW tank bears down on them. It fires a torpedo at Danny, which misses and crashes into a rock formation. Inside, Agents O and K aim again for Danny. Danny grabs Sam and Tucker by their collars, goes intangible, and flies through the nearest rock formation. The Agents slam their fists down on the dashboard with a growl of frustration.]
[On the other side of the rock formation, Danny sees a semi traveling along a highway, and flies them inside. The side of the truck reads "The Worldly Week Inquisitor - Your #1 Source for Danny Phantom Information" and is blazoned with a picture of Danny's face half morphed. Inside the truck are bales of newspapers.]
Danny [reaching down to pick up a paper] What's this? Oh, great.
[He turns the newspaper so they can see it. The main headline reads "Ghost Kid and Friends Still Missing!", and has headshots of all three of them. The truck drives onward.]
[Freakshow is standing on the back of his train.]
Freakshow [angrily] Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts!
[He stomps down the stairs and past the campfire to the Fentons' cage, where Jack and Maddie are asleep but Jazz is still awake, writing on a notepad.]
Freakshow You have no idea what it's like living in the shadow of ghosts all your life.
Jack [snoring and talking in his sleep] Ghosts...ghosts!
Jazz [sardonically] Oh, I think I have some idea.
Freakshow My parents loved ghosts more than me. My audience loves ghosts more than me. And deep down, I think I love ghosts more than me.
Jazz Tell me about it.
Freakshow and Jazz Sometimes I wish I was a ghost.
[They exchange a surprised look.]
Freakshow [approaching the cage] You really do understand me, don't you, child?
[Jazz glances sidelong at her father, who is muttering 'ghost ghost ghost' in his sleep.]
Jazz More than you know.
[Morning in San Diego. The truck stops at Hollywood and Vine and the trio phases through to land on the sidewalk, Danny in ghost mode. As the truck pulls away, we see a giant screen behind them showing Danny morphing from human to ghost and back and flashing the words "Ghost kid's identity revealed". Cameras flash, and people start to gather around the trio, snapping pictures of Danny. He tries to hide his face, grabbing his friends and sinking intangibly through the ground. They emerge in the Hollywood subway station.]
Danny We've just gotta find a train that's headed for the comic book convention without drawing any attention.
Danny cosplayer [to Danny] Dude! Great costume!
[He runs to the train, and following him, we see people lined up at a train labeled "Comic Fab or Bust". More than half of them are dressed as either Sam or Danny Phantom. Sam and Danny look nonplussed.]
Tucker [grinning] I think we found our train.
[They join the line.]
Tucker [looking up the line] What? No Tuckers? Am I not geek-worthy?
[Behind them, Agents K and O enter the subway station.]
Agent K [pointing] Over there!
[They come up behind a kid with white hair and and a Danny Phantom jumpsuit.]
Agent O [grabbing his shoulder] Ok, spook boy. It's all over.
Danny Cosplayer [brushing off the agent's hand huffily] Paws off! This suit's handmade.
[Agents K and O look around in time to see the real trio waving at them from the departing train.]
Agent K The train's leaving!
Agent O We know where it's headed.
[At the convention. The trio look around and see several more Danny and Sam cosplayers.]
Tucker [dismayed] Still no Tuckers. A crying shame. I even come with gadgets! [pulling several out of his pockets]
Danny Hm. Everything here looks normal.
Sam [watching a tiny cosplayer in a green outfit pass by] Compared to what?
Danny Oh, you know what I mean. I don't think anyone's triggered the Gem of Fantasy yet.
[They walk inside. We see three exaggeratedly nerdy cosplayers: a girl in a vaguely wolfish outfit, a big guy in a blue outfit studded with rocks, and a skinny chap in a red samurai costume. Blue Chunk holds up the Gem of Fantasy.]
Blue Chunk Behold, the Crystal Leviathan's life-sustaining Kleptonian gem!
Red Wow, where'd you find that?
Wolfgirl [grabbing it] Lemme see, lemme see!
[As she gazes down at it, the gem begins to blaze with blue light, blinding and apparently burning her.]
Wolfgirl [flinging it away] Ow!
Red [catching it and then juggling it in his hands] Agh, hot! [he flings it away as well]
[Blue Chunk catches it, and it glows even brighter, making them all squint and cover their eyes. Suddenly Blue Chunk transforms into a monster of blue crystal, Red Samurai changes into a real red samurai with a flaming sword, and Wolfgirl transforms into a scary The three of them hover in the air.]
Danny [looking up at them] Awesome! The Gem of Fantasy turned three regular nerds into superheroes! [Gesturing to them as he turns to Tucker] They can help us rescue our parents!
Danny [looking up at them] Awesome! The Gem of Fantasy turned three regular nerds into superheroes! [Gesturing to them as he turns to Tucker] They can help us rescue our parents!
Tucker You need to read more comic books. [pointing] Those aren't superheroes--they're supervillains!
Tucker You need to read more comic books. [pointing] Those aren't superheroes--they're supervillains!
[Danny looks back up at the three supervillains in dismay as they begin to attack.]
[Wolfgirl, Blue Chunk, and Red Samurai start attacking people. The trio scatter as Red throws a red blast at them. Danny goes tumbling and lands at Blue Chunk's feet.]
Danny I've gotta get that gem before these geeks do some real damage.
[Sitting up, he fires an ectoblast at Blue Chunk, knocking the Gem of Fantasy to the ground. Danny lunges to retrieve it, but Blue tackles him and throws him into a Danny Phantom display. A biography of Danny Phantom lands open on his face. Picking it up, he realizes what it is.]
Danny Hey! I never approved of this!
[Sam and Tucker run to pick up the gem, but WolfGirl jumps in front of it.]
WolfGirl You shall not pass. So speaks Empress She-Wolf!
Tucker [to Sam] That may be the hottest geek I've ever laid eyes on.
[Empress She-Wolf morphs into a significantly more wolfy and less humanoid model, roaring.]
Sam Yeah? How 'bout now?
Tucker Yeah, still hot.
[Danny tackles She-Wolf to the floor, and she morphs back into her semi-human form, dazed.]
Star Trek Cosplayer Aah! Our comics have come alive! [running offscreen]
[Behind him, Blue Chunk smashes its fists into the floor, roaring.]
Another geek I don't know whether to be horrified or run and report this on the internet!
[Going intangible, Danny flies up through the roof. Red and Blue Chunk go after him, smashing a hole in the ceiling, and She-Wolf follows. Danny flies over the street, the supervillains running after him on top of the streetlights. Gaining, She-Wolf twirls a wolf's claw overhead on a cable and throws it after Danny. It grabs him by the ankle and she slams him down to the roof. Danny rolls, narrowly missing getting crushed by Blue Chunk, who he grabs by the leg and ties to a nearby flagpole.]
Danny Now to finish off the reset of the legion of super-dweebs.
[Diving back down, he smashes headlong into Red, sending them both crashing to the roof. Then, as if Danny didn't have enough problems, Agents O and K land nearby with their jetpacks.]
Agent O [out of breath] Man, these cross country ghost chases are like...totally exhausting.
[The agents shoot a pair of nets out of their ectoguns, trapping Danny and Red. Launching back into the air, they fire several more shots at the mysteriously freed Blue Chunk and She-Wolf, but miss. Red slashes through the net with his sword, attacking the agents and apparently damaging their jetpacks. Agents K and O crash to the roof. Danny throws off the net, springing into the air.]
Danny Not so fast!
[Red starts to say something in a muffled foreign language, but Danny blasts the three of them. From the resulting flash of light the Gem of Fantasy falls. Danny catches it. The supervillains crash to the roof, and when the smoke clears away they're a tumbled heap of normal cosplayers. Red looks up as the Agents come to stare down at them.]
Agent K Hey, you're just geeks.
Red [holding up a finger] Technically we're enthusiasts.
[Danny flies down to land by Sam and Tucker.]
Sam Nice work, Danny. We've got all three gems now!
Danny And Freakshow only has one. That means once we find him, we can beat him and take the Gauntlet! [dropping the Gem of Fantasy into the thermos]
[Lydia comes up behind him. We see her bat minions that were attached to Sam and Tucker fly out from them and return to her as she throws back her hood. Then her tattoos all detach, flying toward the trio and surrounding them.]
Sam [looking around at the tat minions] Uh, guys?
Tucker [oblivious] We can save our parents!
Danny [also oblivious] And we can change reality so that nobody remembers my secret.
[Danny and Tucker finally notice the ghosts, too late. The tattoo ghosts swirl around them and they all vanish, reappearing by the train where Freakshow has set up camp. The trio falls to the ground, dazed, and Lydia reclaims her minions.]
Freakshow [coming to loom over them, wearing the Gauntlet. The power gem is blinking.] Well, well. Look what the bats dragged in...with my Reality Gems! [rubbing his hands together]
Danny [glancing at the thermos, then standing up and starting to open it, determined] I don't think so. [Some of Lydia's tattoos snatch it from his hands and he tries ineffectively to catch it.] What? Ah! [they drop it into Freakshow's hand] Oh, no.
[Another tattoo creature wraps around the trio, binding them together helplessly. Freakshow opens the Fenton Thermos, pours the gems into his hand, and tosses the thermos away.]
Freakshow [as he places each one into the Gauntlet] The Gem of Life...the Gem of Form...the Gem of Fantasy...and put them with a power source, and thanks to you, [tapping his head] I now know how to activate the Gauntlet! [He laughs, then starts tapping out the sequence.]
Sam Danny, stop him!
Danny [struggling] I can't break free!
Freakshow [completing the sequence] Thanks to you, I am now ringmaster of all reality! [fireworks go off behind him as he rises up on a pedastal, now wearing a more elaborate hat and coat and wielding a red-gemmed scepter. He waves the Gauntlet, and the sunny sky turns into a starry night.] Neato, huh? [Laughing, he glances over at the trio's families, still locked in their cages.]
Danny [angrily] Let 'em go, Freakshow! I brought you the gems. We had a deal!
Freakshow [walking over to the trio] The deal was, bring me the gems if you want to see them alive again. Well, [gesturing] here they are: alive--for now. [Laughs]
[The Gauntlet glows red, and the Fentons, Foleys, and Mansons vanish. Freakshow then gestures to Sam and Tucker, who also vanish. All of them reappear in a car on a giant roller coaster, which seems to have appeared spontaneously. We see that there are lethal barriers along the ride, a fire-breathing Jack-in-the-Box and two giant stone mallets that crash together over the track; and the track ends at 'Deadman's Drop', a dead end with a pool of bubbling, steaming green something-or-other at the base of the fall. Lydia throws a lever, and the roller coaster car begins to move. Its unwilling passengers scream as the car races down the track.]
Danny [still bound and furious] You lied to me!
Freakshow [looking at Danny over his shoulder] Yes, yes I did. Goody for me. [turning] But it wouldn't be drama if I didn't give you a sporting chance.
[Smiling, he raises the Gauntlet, making Danny's bindings disappear in a red flash. Danny looks down at his fists, then up at Freakshow as he bends down to his face level.]
Freakshow And an audience!
[We zoom out to see vast stands where an audience of thousands is seated, a giant screen above the stands displaying video of Danny looking around. Panning over the stands, we see it's full of cheering clowns.]
Freakshow VO A big audience!
[Danny turns to the roller coaster, where his friends and their families are screaming through a loop. Freakshow gestures expansively as Danny launches himself into the air toward the coaster.]
Freakshow Ladies and gentlemen, freaks of all ages, [his scepter turns into a microphone] may I direct your attention to the center ring--[gesturing]
[We see Danny flying as fast as he can toward the roller coaster, a look of grim determination on his face]
Freakshow VO --where Danny Phantom, AKA Danny Fenton, will attempt to rescue his friends and family from a ghastly doom of my own construction!
[Danny lands on the track a ways ahead of the coaster car but is immediately hit by a beam of gold light which transforms him into immobile orange gelatin.]
Danny Hey, what did you--? Oh man--
[The coaster car hits him and splatters him everywhere.]
Freakshow Only to be stopped at every turn by the master of all reality. [taking off his hat and bowing]
Sam [horrified] Danny!
Tucker It can't be!
Jack [screaming] Noooo!
Maddie Danny! No! [she lunges;Jack grabs her before she can fall out of the car and she lets him pull her back to him, crying]
[We see the globs of orange gelatin that were Danny splat to the ground.]
Freakshow [holding a hand up to his ear] What's that? You want more?
[The clowns in the audience cheer enthusiastically.]
Freakshow Well, since you insist, I'll give you more. Much more!
[He blasts a red beam of light into the sky, which pulses out in expanding rings. As the rings of light move outward, nearby grain turns into snapping carnivorous plants, a tractor transforms into a tiny car from which several clowns emerge, a scarecrow turns into another clown, a barn turns into a circus tent, the heads of Mount Rushmore all turn into Freakshow's head, the Golden Gate bridge turns into a roller coaster, the Capitol Building turns into another circus tent, and the Washington Monument turns into a hammer game.]
Freakshow VO It's all mine now. My revenge, your nightmare.
Freakshow There! A kingdom fit for a freak, and a freakdom fit for a king.
[We see the coaster rattling by again, its occupants still screaming, then pan down to Puddle!Danny. The goop reforms into a sick-looking Danny. Turning and gasping at the sound of his friends and family screaming, he bucks up and goes flying after it. When they reach the flaming Jack-in-the-Box, he manages to get there in time to put up an ectoshield to block the flames as they pass.]
Jazz Danny!
Jack He's alive!
Jazz [yelling back at Danny] He has ghost envy! Use psychology!
Danny Psychology? That's it!
[He drops his shield and we see the Jack-in-the-Box rise again behind him. Next we see its broken head crashing into the ground, and Danny flying after the coaster car again. He throws an ecto-blast at the stone hammers, destroying them right before the car passes through. Danny grins.]
Freakshow [suddenly humongous, looming up behind him] Oh, no. You do not get to leave this world with a smile.
[Giant!Freakshow tries to grab him, but Danny dodges. He continues to fly around as Freakshow tries to swat him.]
Danny Why wouldn't I smile? So what if you're the most powerful human on earth? [Freakshow traps him between his hands, but Danny phases through.] [tauntingly] No matter what you do, I'm half-ghost, and uh, you're not.
Freakshow I am the master of all reality! [He fires a red blast at Danny]
Danny Oh sure, but can you do this? [Danny stretches and bends unnaturally and easily around the ray. Below, the clowns cheer.]
Freakshow [to the audience, angrily] What? No! [pointing] He's not the star of this circus! I am! Me!
Danny [cartwheeling through the air] Ghost powers...[vanishing and reappearing] ghost energy... [flinging several balls of ecto-energy around] ghost, ghost, ghost!
[The ectoblasts burn a smiley face into Freakshow's hat. On the monitors, we see Danny waving cheerfully to the cheering crowd.]
Freakshow [looming furiously over the audience] I will not be upstaged by a ghost!
[The crowd boos, throwing drinks and popcorn at him.]
Danny Ah, half-ghost, technically, but still way cooler than you.
Freakshow [slapping Danny out of the air] Enough! [Danny crashes to the ground, dazed.] I may be losing control of the crowd, [kneeling down threateningly] but I control all reality.
[Danny, attempting shakily to get up, sees the Fenton Thermos Freakshow had thrown aside earlier not two paces from where he's lying.]
Freakshow And if you think being a half-ghost is so cool....[He raises the Gauntlet, and all four gems blaze white. when the light clears, we see that Freakshow has transformed into some crazy thing with four arms, wings, and a face on its chest] What do you think of me now that I'm all ghost? [roaring]
Danny I think this just got a lot easier. [picking up the thermos, he sucks Freakshow inside.]
Freakshow What? No! Nooo!
[As he is pulled in, the Gauntlet pops off and shrinks down to its normal size, landing on the ground.]
Danny [putting the lid on the thermos] Sucker.
[We hear our roller coaster riders screaming and Danny looks up, remembering. They're almost to the end of the track. Gasping, Danny puts on the Gauntlet and flies back toward them. Just as they fly off the end of the track, he blasts a beam of yellow light at the vat of acid (or whatever???), turning it into a giant inflatable pool shaped like a duck. The car lands in it with a giant splash, and everyone surfaces.]
Danny [landing on the side of the pool] Are you guys ok?! Oh, [waving] Hi Mr. and Mrs. Manson, Mr. and Mrs. Foley.
[Behind him, a wall of green tattoo monsters led by Lydia rises up, Lydia growling furiously.]
[Lydia is turned into a fish, a mallet, an apple, a teddy bear, and then herself again. Screaming, she flies away. Danny flies to the center of the ring, raising the Gauntlet. All of the transformations Freakshow made to reality are reversed and the sun comes out again. Danny lands and reverts to his human form, still wearing the Gauntlet.]
Jack Danny!
[He turns to find both his parents approaching with stern expressions.]
Maddie Young man?
Danny I...I'm sorry. Gah! [Jack crushes him in a bear hug]
Jack We're very proud of you, son.
[As soon as Jack lets him go, Maddie flings her arms around him.]
Maddie Oh! Oh, my baby boy! [Kissing his cheek]
Danny [nonplussed] But I lied to you. Over and over for a really long time. If I were you guys, I'd be furious.
Maddie Well, of course you lied to us. We never gave you a reason not to.
Jack All this time we've been yammering on destroying and dissecting ghosts. [putting a hand on Danny's shoulder] I'd have been terrified too, if I were you.
Maddie We love you, sweetie. You.
Jack Whether you're ghost, boy, or something in between.
Danny And I appreciate that. [hugging Jack] More than you guys will ever know. [Maddie hugs both of them, then Danny pulls back, looking at the Gauntlet.] Or will ever remember.
[He raises the Gauntlet and there's a flash of blue light, leaving sparks around Jack and Maddie. They look momentarily confused, and then suddenly we see the Guys in White headquarters. Agents K and O are sitting across from each other at a table, working on laptops. A siren goes off and they both stand, looking around in alarm. A screen flashes the
Agent K What is it?
Agent O A massive spike in ecto-energy.
[They look up and see Danny Phantom, hovering above them wearing the Reality Gauntlet.]
Danny That would be me.
[The agents pull out their ecto-weapons and start to charge up.]
Danny Ah-ah-ahh...
[He raises the Gauntlet, turning their guns into a tuba and a chicken.]
Danny Here,[holding up the Fenton Thermos] a gift.
[He tosses it down to them. It clatters to the floor and shatters, releasing Ghost!Freakshow. Danny uses the Gauntlet to change him back into his human form. Immediately Agents K and O seize him. Danny starts to leave, then pauses.]
Danny Oh, and from now on, [sternly] you're gonna leave Danny Fenton and his family alone.
Agent K Why would we do that?
Danny [raising the Gauntlet, which glows blue] Because he's not the ghost you're looking for.
Agents O and K [mechanically] He's not the ghost we're looking for.
[Grinning, Danny goes invisible and flies through the ceiling.]
[Early evening at FentonWorks. Sam and Tucker are sitting on the front steps. Danny stands in front of them, wearing the Reality Gauntlet.]
Danny So that's it. I set everything back to the way it was before. Nobody knows I'm half-ghost except you two and Jazz. [Looking at the Gauntlet] Now it's time to destroy this thing for good.
Dash Hey, [Danny hurriedly hides the Gauntlet behind his back] Fentonio, Orlando, and Dawn! [Dash and Paulina walk up to them, dressed for the beach] What are you still doing in town?
Paulina Yeah, weren't you taking a trip to Loserville? Oh wait, [taking off her sunglasses] you're already there!
[She puts her sunglasses back on and they both walk on, laughing.]
Danny Oh, man. That's right. Everything's back to the way it was. Which means we should be getting ready for our vacation! [He turns eagerly to Sam and Tucker, who look less than thrilled.]
Sam Uh, if it's ok, Danny, pass.
Tucker Yeah. We already had one cross country trip together. I don't think we can handle another.
Danny Yeah, I guess so. All right, then, [going ghost] time to finish this.
[Flying up, he flings the Reality Gauntlet high in the air and destroys it with an ectoblast. He covers his face as the debris of the explosion rains down on him.]
Jack [from the window] Hey! [Danny turns] Yeah, you! You've got a lot of nerve, floating around like that! [He runs and gets a large ectogun.] I get my hands on you, I'll tear you apart molecule by molecule!
[He fires a shot, which Danny easily dodges.]
Danny [waving] Have a nice summer! [He flies off over the street, and gets zinged in the rear by another ecto shot] Ow!
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