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This page is for Realm, dealing with matters relating to the concept of space. For matters relating to the concept of time, see Time in the World of Danny Phantom.

A realm, or dimension, is a self-contained section of the universe—a different plane of existence. A realm can exist parallel to, within, or around other realms. Most realms exist naturally, but some are created through ghost powers.


Given the different types of realms and context, the term "realm" is largely ambiguous.

In general, it refers to one of the two main planes of existence within Danny Phantom: Earth and the Ghost Zone. Compared to the Ghost Zone, Earth is considered as the "human realm," but the term can also refer to the planet itself. The Ghost Zone runs parallel to the human realm—it is its "flip side." Outer space surrounds Earth, but can also be considered as part of the human realm.

Realms can also be created by ghost powers such as banishing, or through reality warping and can also be made to resemble locations on Earth.[1][2]

In certain contexts, a realm may also refer to a ghost's lair within the Ghost Zone, such as the Realm of the Far Frozen.

Different realms can have different laws of physics and other dimensional properties, including size.

Interdimensional travel

A dimensional portal leading to the Ghost Zone

Traveling between realms is typically only possible through various ways:

Types of dimensions


The third planet in the Solar system, home to the humans

Ghost Zone

A realm of ectoplasm inhabited by ghosts and where they can regroup to plot to attack humans.

Outer space 

The term that is mostly empty space, but also contains matter such as stars, planets, comets, and meteoroids.

Realm dimension

This dimension is used to make people experience their worst fear.

Alternate realities

Desiree used the power of wish-granting to create an alternate reality.

  • A world where Sam never met Danny. In this reality, Danny never received his ghost powers, since Sam never told Danny to enter his Fenton Portal.


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