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Reconstitution is the ability to pull oneself back together again after the body's total destruction. Very few ghosts are able to heal so fast that they can reconstitute themselves in a different location from where they were blown apart, allowing them to escape from an attack as well as recover, and even launch a surprise attack. It is a sub-power of Accelerated Healing.


  • Danny uses this power after Freakshow turned him into orange jelly. He reforms after a roller coaster car destroyed him.
  • Hotep RA uses this power after turning into a pile of sand when Sam and Paulina grabbed onto one of his loose bandages and unwinding him, but he rapidly regenerates himself and then commands the sphinx to attack.
  • Shadow continuously reconstitutes itself, as it is often destroyed in battle, whenever it fought Danny. However, not even his fast regeneration couldn't withstand Danny's Ghostly Wail and almost completely killed him if Danny didn't stop and run out of energy.[1]
  • Technus uses this power, before transforming into his battle suit, after Danny blew him up. After Danny blew him up, Technus's ectoplasm was splattered on much of his dad's stuff in the lab, which Danny sold in garage sale. Unknown to Danny, Technus had infused his consciousness into these machines and later manifests himself inside Dash's computer, summoning the garage sale items to form a giant robotic battlesuit.
  • Undergrowth is known by most ghost to easily regenerate lost body parts and reform after being blown or shattered into pieces. After being blown up by Danny's explosive snowball, he shrank into the Earth, and then regrow in a different place, thus giving him a sort of teleportation. This lead Undergrowth to be reverted to a root and was finished off when Tucker rode his lawn mower over his weed form and mulch him to death.
  • When Nocturn was powered by the dream energy he harvest, he was able to use this power after Danny used his Cryokinesis to freeze and shatter him. After Danny left, Nocturn just regenerated from thin air by turning the shattered ice remains of his body into to dust and steam before transforming back into his natural form.

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